Augsburg Ch. 2

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Things had gone well since the gangbang, the guys were real nice and polite and never mentioned that night, and it had been over six months since it happened and three of them had shipped out back to the states. I was feeling pretty safe and secure, then in December the young black MP and his family moved into the stairwell right upstairs from us, he was real nice when he saw me and introduced his wife and daughter to me and I felt like this would not be a problem.

In late January 1977 his wife went home on a family emergency and his daughter stayed with us in the evening, then in February my husband went TDY on an inspection trip, just before Fashing (carnival). Don, the black guy still was nice and polite to me all the time, but on the day my husband left, he said I will talk to you this afternoon. Don came home for lunch and knocked on my door, I opened it and tried to be calm and collected, I ask what he wanted and he said well I have tickets to a big Fashing party and since my wife is gone and so is your husband I thought maybe we could go together and not waste the tickets. I said thanks but I don’t have a costume and it’s too late to get a sitter for the boys. Don said, his daughter could watch them and he would pick up a costume for me this afternoon when he got his! I said that’s nice but the casino şirketleri neighbors will talk if we go together, again he had the answer; I will drive down the block to the park and wait for you he said.

I used my last excuse, I can’t, and the boys would see me in a costume and want to know what I was doing and where I was going. Don smiled and said the boys and my daughter can go to the movies and you can change as soon as they leave! I stood there trying to think of another excuse but then he said you know Ralph gave me a copy of your video. I was trapped, so I said okay and he ask for my sizes for the costume, I didn’t even ask what kind he would get. After he left I put supper on for the boys and went to take a shower so I would be ready later, as the hot water cascaded against my breasts I felt my nipples harden as I remember Don taking me to the TMP motor pool the last time and how he had hammered my pussy with his large black cock until I whimpered and begged for more. He had reached places no man had reached before and had brought me to orgasm over and over again.

The boys came home from school and I fed them and told them they could go to the movies with Alicia and that she would watch them till I got home, I said I was going to a Tupperware party at friends. Shortly afterwards Alicia came casino firmaları to get the boys and Don handed me a package and said he would drive them to the movie and give them cab fare to get home, he told me to hurry up and change and that he would be waiting at the park. When he left, I opened the package and was surprised to see the costume he had picked out for me. It was gold and leopard print and was nothing more than two straps that covered my breasts and a pouch that covered my lower parts, and a pair of high leather boots. I put it on and then put on a long winter coat to both keep warm and to cover myself. I then went to the park and met him. We went on to the party and it seemed really nice, we danced a few times and I drank way more champagne than I should have.

Later we sat with some other black friends of his and as we talked I felt his arm go around me and then his hand rubbing one of my breasts, his friends just smiled and continued to talk. Then I danced with a couple of them while Don talked to the others; it had really been a fun evening so far, even if it had started out very embarrassing. Don said that one of his friends had invited us over to his place for a couple of more drinks and then we would go home, I started to protest but then thought it would be ok as two of the guys had güvenilir casino wives and one had his girlfriend with them.

We got to his friends house and then one of the wives got sick from drinking so much and the other two decided to take her home, as they left the one said be back in about and hour and a half. As I heard the car pull out of the drive, Don said show my friends what you got, and with that he exposed my right breast. I knew then that I was in for another wild and probably great night. I got up and stripped to just the boots, they all began to touch me and I felt my nipples harden, Don had his cock out and motioned me to come to him, I leaned down and began to suck it as one of the others took me from behind, his large cock slamming into me. I couldn’t believe how quickly they got hard again, one would cum in me and then the next one was fucking me, and over and over. The drinks finally took their toll and I awoke in Don’s car on the way home, he said he had kept the costume to turn in, and I realized that I was naked under my coat, then he showed me a Polaroid picture of me naked between three of his friends. When we got to the apartment Don walked me to my door and kissed me, then he said send my daughter up in a couple of minutes.

I thanked Alicia for watching the boys and then sent her home, I went to the bathroom and took a long hot bath, cum oozed from my swollen vagina, my clit was even tender to touch while washing, but when I did touch it I immediately had another orgasm. Another night to remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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