Aussie Day Party Leads to Foursome

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How the Four of us ended up in the pool together is a little bit blurry but my mind certainly cleared after that.

Julie my wife and I attended a “Stralia” day party at a friend’s house. These days were always great fun around the pool with a late lunch with games and plenty of drinks.

The usual crowd was there with their kids plus other friends we saw fairly regularly.

It was an Australian theme so I purchased a small string Australian flag bikini for Julie to wear from one of the cheap shops in town and an Australia day singlet. The bikini was small with only triangles covering her boobs and a small bottom. Being so cheap it was thin. Julie normally wouldn’t wear it but she was in a partying mood and wore it in good humour.

Julie looked great her 5 foot 10 body with mid length Sandy hair, great boobs and nice summer tan she really suiting her.

We drank and swam and Julie received many compliments from both ladies and men. Julie did not notice but her cheap suit was showing off both her nipples and her camel toe.

After it was dark and we had eaten, most of the people had left and children went to other parties and home. We continued to party. There was about ten of us left.

The home owners a couple of others , Tommo was on his own as his wife was on shift work and Ann was also on her own as her husband is in a band and was playing at a pub.

Tommo, Julie and I actually had a threesome some months earlier it was totally unplanned and we all had a great time and no one ever knew anything about it except us three. Tommo was about 5 foot 10 inches slim build thinning hair and a real wag of a bloke.

Ann was also tall about the same height as Julie, long dark hair very tight body with big natural boobs.

The four of us all had children about the same age and were always doing volunteer work for their sporting clubs together. Working behind the bar at footy together we were always bumping in to each other, flirting and carrying on.

The four of us were on one end of the large table on the deck. We had heaps of beers and the girls were smashing vodka lime and sodas like they were soft drinks .Ann the selfie and snapshot queen was wanting photos of Julie in her Australia day gear. She wanted a side shot of Julie with her singlet over her bikini top. Ann was continually adjusting Julie’s top to get the right shot. Tommo and I just laughed along thinking Ann was trying to cop a feel of Julie’s boobs. By this stage Julie’s nipples was protruding like bullets. From there the conversation changed to Ann telling us how she and her husband have starting watching lesbian action on Netflix starting with the movie called “Below her mouth”.

Ann went on to describe some scenes and how it made her hot for it and they have been having heaps of sex. We had heard stories about Ann and her husband having a fairly open marriage.

Tommo and I watched on, Julie as usual when she has a lot of vodka on board told us how she thinks she is bisexual and why she thinks this. It’s always a great story but never really goes anywhere.

Ann then started talking about Julies boobs again. Julie told her how she had them enlarged years ago once the kids were done. Ann didn’t believe they were fake as the look so real. This went on for a while until Ann asked if she could feel Julie’s boobs. To which Julie replied yep go ahead. Ann reached out and felt Julies left boob through her singlet and bikini. I still think they are natural she giggled. Well they aren’t Julie replied whilst Ann kept feeling her boob. Julie then reached out and felt Ann’s massive boobs, yours are much bigger she decided. Yeah but floppy Ann replied.

After some more touching and feeling Julie told me to feel Ann’s boobs to see how they felt.

I looked around the rest of the people were up the other end of the deck and only Tommo and Julie were watching. Ann presented her boob for me to feel through her blouse and bikini. They were big and felt great. I agree with Julie yours are bigger. Again Ann said yeah but saggy. Then Ann stated I do have a wonderful vagina though.

The mood changed Ann looked at Julie and stated we need to take casino şirketleri this discussion to the pool.

Julie agreed, the girls quickly filled their drinks and took off. Tommo and I grabbed beers and followed. We asked if anyone else wanted a night swim but they were all happy discussing the world where they were on the deck.

The resort style pool was around 30 metres from the deck down the hill partially behind a hedge. The pool had a beach entry and then got deeper as you moved in. Julie and Ann were already in the pool by the time we arrived, they were in conversation. I turned the large lights off and dimmed the pool lights. Julie told me that was a great move, it was now private no one from the deck could see us in the semi darkness.

As Tommo and I threw our shirts off and entered Julie’s bikini top went flying past. Don’t need that she yelled. Tommo and I clapped and Ann laughed a little embarrassed. We moved a little deeper and gathered around Julies fantastic tits on display her pink nipples as stiff as could be glittering in the pool light. She loved the comments from both Ann and Tommo on how great they looked. Shortly Ann removed her bikini stating it wasn’t fair that she still had her top on if Julie didn’t. Her massive boobs sprang free, we all clapped. They did sag a little but they had too because of their size. Ann had dark brown nipples that were also on high beam. As the girls continued to flirt with each other inhibitions were lost and they were both proudly pushing their chests out.

Ann was still saying that she couldn’t believe that Julie had implants. Julie invited Ann to have a feel. Julie pulled me in behind her and leant a little back on me. Ann gladly reached out and started to feel Julie’s tits. They are so soft she was saying as she explored and played with them. Tommo asked if he could fell and Julie told him he could also feel them if he wanted. He too quickly grabbed hold of Julie’s boob. He was soon saying how amazing they were. No one mentioned that around two months ago that Tommo Julie and I had a threesome at another party. He played, licked and bit them plenty that night. We kept that between ourselves. It was a great night though and didn’t affect our friendship at all.

With the two of the playing with my wives tits I was soon rock hard. Julie felt this and pulled me closer to her, my erection pushing between her bum cheeks. Julie reached out and felt Ann’s boobs after playing with them and flicking her nipples Julie told us boys we should feel them they were fantastic.

We quickly reached out and caressed her massive tits. I was in heaven my wife leaning on me getting her tits felt and me feeling Ann’s wonderful boobs. Tommo had one hand on each of the girl’s boobs. Julie and I were sharing Ann’s right boob whilst Tommo had free reign on Ann’s left boob and Julies right one.

Then Tommo suggested they should push their boobies together. The girls moved closer and rubbed their tits against each other. Then they started kissing, a deep passionate kiss. The kissing continued as their hands wondered all over each other’s bodies. Tommo and I were both happy to watch as these two beautiful milf’s made out. I slowly moved Julie and Ann towards the shallower end so the water was below our crotches. The girl’s continued to kiss and feel. Ann was also licking Julie’s nipples between kissing. Her hands moving around Julie’s body, even between me and Julie’s ass. I’m sure she felt my erection through my shorts as it was still nestled between Julie’s bum cheeks.

I reached for each side of Julie’s bikini bottom and started to pull it downwards. Seeing if she would protest. Julie didn’t protest and just kept playing with Ann. I pushed them all the way down and Julie stepped out of them.

Now she was naked. Ann’s hand went straight between her legs. A moan escaped from Julie as Ann felt her up. I couldn’t see but knew Ann would have found Julie’s little landing strip of pubes she keeps above her bare pussy. I motioned for Tommo to move in behind Ann. She also didn’t stop him from pulling her bikini off. Julie told me to get my shorts off. I quickly complied. Julie pulled me back in behind her. My casino firmaları cock was so hard. Julie moved her legs apart further and my cock ran along the bottom of her pussy flaps. Tommo was now behind Ann and I’m sure was doing the same thing. The girls were still kissing, their breathing was heavy.

Then I jumped as Ann was grabbed my cock with her hand, the feeling was fantastic. I could feel her finger Julie and then rub her pussy juice along my cock. Fuck it felt great. I could hear the others on the deck laughing and carrying on the deck unaware that us four in the pool were having the times of our lives, their loss I thought. Ann continued to rub my cock and play with Julie’s pussy. I was in heaven, Julie and I discussed a while ago we had to explore our options to liven up our sex life, well we were certainly doing that.

I’m sure Julie was doing the same with Tommo as Ann was to me.

Her right hand was moving between Ann’s legs and Tommo was behind Ann, lucky bastard. He’s always sad because his wife is on rooster when parties are on but during the last few months he got to shag Julie and now looks like he will get to feel Ann’s pussy.

Julie and Ann continued to rub each other as they hugged and Ann’s right hand kept rubbing my cock. I was so excited I knew I had to do something or I would come and I didn’t want to do that, yet.

I suggested we move to the edge of the pool, the girls moved hand in hand to the side of the pool but they had their own plan on what was going to happen next. They bent over the edge of the pool, side by side and held their bum cheeks apart. Come and get us boys they laughed. What a sight, two sensational pussies and asses on display. Tommo and I cheered as we took in this amazing sight. We moved towards them, I think Tommo was aiming for Julie, but I didn’t know what she wanted so I moved in behind her, she quickly found my cock with her hand and directed it in to her warm hot snatch. I slid straight in full length, Julie’s snatch was so wet. I wasted no time and just starting pumping into her.

Tommo beside me did the same. He had lost his shorts and his long thin cock was pushing between Ann’s bum cheeks. Ann moaned as he found her pussy. I held Julie by the hips as I fucked her but was watching Tommo fuck Ann beside me, then I noticed Ann watching me over her left shoulder, fucking Julie and Julie watching Tommo fuck Ann over right shoulder and Tommo was watching me with Julie. This made it even hotter. I started to fuck Julie even harder, my balls were just splashing the top of the water as my cock slid in and out of my wife. I felt the familiar urge of my balls tightening, I tried to last longer, even tried to think of other things, when I thought that if the others from the deck came down we would all be caught, that made me even more excited. Watching Ann’s big tits scrape forwards and backwards on the pool edge as Tommo fucked her put me over the edge and I started to come. Julie felt me erupt deep in her pussy and squealed in delight. I didn’t pull out of Julie, I left my cock in her warm pussy as we rested and watched as Tommo continued to fuck Ann from behind. Soon he convulsed and pushed his cock deep in to Ann as he came.

I was wondering what would occur now, were we finished? I didn’t have to wonder long as my cock softened and slipped out of Julie’s fanny. Ann took control, if Julie instigated the whole event by taking off her bikini top and getting Ann and Tomo to feel her boobs there was no doubt now that Ann was the boss.

She told Tommo and me to lay flat on our backs on the turf beside the pool. She then told Julie to suck Tommo and she would suck me. She said that way Julie can taste me on Tommo’s cock and she could taste Julie on mine. We quickly complied Julie didn’t flinch in getting between Tommo’s legs and taking his long cock in her mouth. Ann watched for a bit then started to rub my cock and lick the head with her tongue. I was again wondering how quickly this all happened. This was the first time in over twenty years anyone other than Julie has touched me sexually. I watched as Ann started to take more of my cock in her mouth. She played with my balls as my cock soon güvenilir casino stiffened in her mouth. I looked at Julie and Tommo and even in the dim light I could see Tommo was in serious pleasure. Julie had his cock as stiff as a board.

Ann continued to suck my cock but as she was between my legs I couldn’t reach or touch her. I asked her to move to the side and continue. Ann released my cock and moved her ass towards my shoulders, she knew that I wanted to touch her. She went back to working on my cock. I reached and grabbed at her tits as the rubbed on my side as she sucked me. Then I had to explore her pussy. I reached between her legs and found opening. She was shaved bare and I rubbed her entire sex. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and sank my thumb into her cunt. She moaned and stopped moving her head as I fucked her with my thumb. Her pussy was wet with juice and come. Ann was rocking back and forwards on my hand, I could feel juice and come running down my hand.

Noticing some movement on my left, Julie had enough of sucking Tommo’s cock and was now positioning herself over him. It made me so hot last time when we had sex together, when I saw him enter Julie’s pussy and this time was no different. To see his long cock slowly split Julie’s pussy lips as she lowered herself on him excited me so much. She started to ride him and he groaned with approval as her wonderful pussy milked his cock.

Ann seeing this pulled herself off of my hand and sat on me facing away, reverse cowgirl. She held my thick cock at her entrance and lowered herself down. It felt fantastic, her tight cunt gripped my dick as it slowly sank down my shaft.

Tommo was enjoying Julie’s pleasures as she did most of the work riding his cock, he was singing her praises as she kept riding him, Tommo lifting his pelvis meeting her thrusts. I could see he was playing with her wonderful tits and nipples.

Ann had to do all the work as I couldn’t really move. I got to look at her gorgeous ass as it moved up and down on my crotch. I reached for her butt and started caressing her bum cheeks, slowly getting closer to her freckle. She didn’t falter so I started rimming her butt hole. A sigh escaped her lips so I knew I was good to continue. I used some pussy juice to lubricate her bum and then fingered her butt as she rode my cock. I couldn’t believe my luck fucking this hot babe and fingering her ass while watching my wife ride Tommo beside me.

Tommo announced that he was coming and held Julie to him as he came. Ann had a jib at him for coming so quickly. Tommo replied that he didn’t want to but Julie’s pussy was so hot that he couldn’t help it. Ann had another idea she told Julie to sit on my face. Ann then hopped off my cock and turned round. She easily slipped back on me, with a happy groan.

Then I nearly choked Julie sat directly on my face. Her wet cunt leaking Juice and come all over me. I had no choice but to lick. The girls giggled at my coughing. Ann the dirty thing told me to clean up the mess. I licked and sucked Julie clean as Julie bucked on my face.

Then Ann and Julie started making out again, playing with each other’s tits and kissing. I felt the growing need to come and before I knew it I was shooting my load in to Ann’s snatch.

We all rested and came down off of the sexual high, we hopped in the pool to wash off and cool down. We then dressed and made our way back to the party on the deck. They didn’t seem to even miss us. We all partied hard and drank too much. Tommo and I on a high not believing out good luck. There was no bad feelings or regret we all just had great fun together.

Julie and I always stayed in a spare bedroom off of the main house when we partied to save cab fare and have a recovery at breakfast. We kept clothes and toiletries there. Way to late we stubbled to bed and passed out.

When I awoke I was wondering if I dreamt the events of last night or did it really occur. I opened my eyes and looked beside me for Julie. Julie was there stark naked but so was Ann. The beautiful girls were fast asleep hugging each other. I wondered what they got up to after I passed out, Ann must have come in to the bedroom later in the night.

I quickly grabbed my phone and took a couple of great shots of the naked girls, their magnificent boobs and their pussies, which were still swollen and red from last night’s action.

What a night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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