Away Ch. 02

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Neil stood up shakily and climbed over into the cockpit. He was totally spent, and Ros sat up and smiled at him. “Thanks for that.” She said, quietly. Nail stared at her slim body and her face framed by her wild hair. She looked beautiful in the candle-light. Around them the African darkness shrouded the boat, while along the shore the fishermen’s kerosene lanterns glowed like cigarette-ends. Ros stood up: “I really don’t know why I did that…” she said, as her low voice trailed off.

“Doesn’t matter- I had fun. I hope you didn’t mind me being so forward, but I think you’re really sexy.” said Neil. “I just couldn’t resist you. I didn’t know what you’d be like as crew, but you’re welcome to share my pit as my girlfriend, if you like? I’d like to do that again, sometime.”

Ros laughed.

“I’ve been sailing since I was a little girl, and no-one’s ever been like that to me. Most yachties are slobs who just want a blonde bikini chick with big tits and no brains, but you’re different,” she said as she sat beside him on the bulwark.

Neil walked over to the galley and drew a pot of seawater for the crayfish.

“I’ve been round the world three times and I’ve had crew come and go, but I dunno- they’re just different to you- it’s like they’re distant. Sailing girls are either trash or dykes. You’re different…” Neil said pensively as he put the pot on the range. Ros crossed her long legs and bent down to pick up her discarded dress. She slipped it on and tied the ties. She picked up Neil’s kikoyi and walked over to him and wrapped it round him.

“I guess, Ja. I came up here to get away from Sean and that stuff… He was my first boyfriend, and he and I had a lot of history. He basically raped me when we were eighteen, and I didn’t know that sex was supposed to be fun. I thought I’d get over that stuff, do a few deliveries or something and then settle down. Now all I want to do is stay with you and get close to you. I’ve never felt like this and it’s been a whole ten hours!”

Neil nodded and walked into the cockpit.

“I need a fag,” he said, looking for his half-pack of rough Mozambique-made Palmar 20’s. “Smoke?” he offered her the packet.

“Yeah- okay.” She lit her cigarette from his lighter casino şirketleri and they sat watching the steam starting to rise from the water.

“What about you?” Ros asked, blowing a choke of smoke at the stars.


“Why’d you end up here? Why no girlfriend- you’re a helluva lover.”

Neil stared at the smoking end of his Palmar, and took a long draw. His voice spoke slowly through the smoke: “I’ve just left a wonderful girl in East London who disappeared off the face of the earth. Week before we were supposed to come up here, her sister phones me and tells me Jane’s left me. We were meant to be the calendar-kids of domestic bliss. I would have proposed to her up here on this trip, and then been locked into a loveless marriage from hell… I guess I’m lucky…”

Ros nodded. “Over her yet?”

Neil spoke quietly to the floor and then looked at Ros “It’s taken me a while alone with my headspace to come right, but at the end of it, I guess I was lucky to be alive without her. Now you’ve come along to mess with me!” he finished with a broad grin.

“Get lost! You’ve messed with me!”

“Okay- we’ll be messed up together, then. Come cook with me.” said Neil, playfully pulling Ros into the galley.

She watched as he prepared a sumptuous seafood feast. Back down south, their dinner would have cost more than a night in a five-star hotel, but Neil was reckless in his cooking.

They chatted as he worked, and Ros asked questions about the boat and her owners. The conversation flowed, as if Neil and Ros had known each other for ever.

“There’s this bloke down by the boats who gets me anything- Seafood, booze, you name it. I saved his ass last season when his boat sank, now he reckons I’m his Comrade. He was one of the commie bosses during the bush war, and now he’s a fisherman. Dunno if he shakes people down, but if you want it he can get it! This lot cost me Eighty-thousand Meticals (five dollars), and Joao can always negotiate for me to get fresh fish.”

“Tell me about Jane.” Ros asked, as Neil closed the dishwasher.

“Naah. I’ll show you a photo downstairs. Let’s go to bed. Shower?” asked Neil as they went down the stairs to their cabin.

In the shower, casino firmaları they took turns under the rose. Ros soaped Neil’s body, and admired his tanned physique. She washed his wide chest and soaped down his crotch. His cock stiffened slightly, and she playfully let it go. “I’m not that sort of girl!” she shrieked, laughing.

She jumped out of the spray and Neil washed his wavy dark hair. The foam ran down his torso, and she hugged herself to him. Her body was slim, and her shoulders were lightly peppered with freckles. Her small butt stuck out and curved smoothly into her slim thighs, which parted slightly at the top of her legs. Neil caressed her back, and his lethargic penis stirred against her.

“Let’s go to bed.” suggested Neil.

They towelled themselves off and moved through to their cabin. Somewhere deep in the boat the water-maker pulsed into life, filling the water-tanks.

Neil, naked, opened their hatch, and swung into bed. Ros eased herself up and snuggled in next to him. Reaching over to the locker, Neil pulled out a yellow tin of photographs and shuffled through them. He fished out a couple, one of which showed a girl of about nineteen in a bikini sitting beside a pool and handed them to Ros.

“This is Jane, just after we met.”

“Tell me about her,” Ros asked. “Is this Jane? She looks beautiful.”

Indeed Jane was beautiful. Ros examined the photo. She had light blue eyes, too, and she was shorter than Ros, with short dirty-blonde hair in a bob. She was also rounder than Ros. Jane had full breasts that showed no signs of sagging in her navy-blue bikini, while her hips were pleasantly rounded. Just below her belly-button, Ros could see a tiny roll of fat, just enough to give Jane’s tummy a curve.

“Naah- There’s nothing to tell,” said Neil. “She’s just another girl I made a mistake to be close to. She was a great lover, but cooked in the head. She was schizo, I swear.”

Ros looked at the photos for a long time, and then turned out the light. She could imagine this girl’s body naked with Neil’s, and she knew what Neil’s cock felt like. Her hand absently wandered to her mound.

Lying in the darkness, Neil could hear Ros’s fingers scratch through the short strip güvenilir casino of fur on her mound as she sought to touch herself quietly. He imagined that the thoughts going round her head ran to Jane’s lovemaking.

“Want me to tell you ’bout Jane?” asked Neil, his cock stiffening at the thought of getting Ros off again.

“Mh-Hm” she murmured.

“We met at Varsity, one day. I bumped into her through my friend Liz from school, and Jane had come to watch us row. Our Eight thrashed the rest, and we had one helluva party afterwards by the river. Jane came on to me quite strong when Liz brought her by afterwards, and she kept on staring at my cock. What do you do when you’re only wearing Lycra and a chick eyes you out?

Anyway, we ended up getting hopelessly into each other afterwards, but nothing more happened…”

Ros could imagine Neil in his lycra rowing-suit with his thick cock snaking down his thigh as Jane flirted with him. She imagined Neil’s embarrassment as his big penis told its own story to the girl. Her image changed to Neil in a navy blazer and chinos after the regatta being seduced by Jane. There was a picture of Neil and his crew with their trophies and girls in summer frocks, and she recognized Jane draped over him.

“I asked her to dinner the next weekend during Varsity vac, and we ended up at her flat…” Neil continued. “Want all the gory stories? I’m enjoying putting the saga to bed.”

“Yes, please.” said Ros, enraptured by her private fantasy.

She could imagine Neil and Jane at dinner, with Neil flirting shamelessly with her, teasing the wetness in her cunt, and Jane teasing back. The two would arrive on her doorstep slightly drunk and she would kiss him sloppily.

“We got back to her flat and she asked me in for coffee to sober up. I got inside with her and she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. She started undressing me. Man, but she was hot for me!”

Ros could imagine Jane rubbing herself on Neil’s big erection tenting the front of his jeans. Neil’s shirt would be off, and Jane would play with his nipples and kiss his broad chest. He had the lean ripped physique of a serious athlete back then, and his body was a machine…

Ros’s tired cunt was warming up enthusiastically to the story she was building in her head, and she reveled in the sore tightness of her muscles. She imagined Jane’s surprise when she pulled Neil’s big cock free of his jeans. Would he do her right there like that?

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