Away From The Home: The Holiday

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This is the 4th part of the ‘Away From The Home’ series, I have tried to write them so they can be read alone or as a group, if you wish to do that then the order is ‘Away From The Home’, ‘Away From The Home again’, ‘Away From The Home: The Weekend’ and then this one. I wish to thank Sharon once again for telling me the stories of her and Harry and allowing me to write them for you all to read.

“Well I didn’t get treatment that good in the hospital!” Sharon giggled as she pulled her naked body closer to Harry’s, her firm breasts pressed against his arm as her leg sneaked across his, a glow of satisfaction emanating from both of them after their most recent love making session.

“I should hope not!” Sharon giggled again as she kissed his cheek and snuggled up closer to him, the heat of their sweaty bodies rising the closer they got together “That was MY late birthday present, not some nurse’s” she said with a cheeky grin.

It had been over 10 months since Sharon had last had sex with Harry. The reason was that Harry had been taken into hospital due to an infection that had left him very weak which was not uncommon for a man of 75 years old. Sharon had missed his last birthday and he had missed her turning 26, which is what they were making up for now in this hotel room near the home where he lived.

Before Harry had gotten ill they had been meeting on a semi-regular basis for sex but that had changed when Wendy, Harry’s grown up daughter, had rang Sharon to inform her of his illness. As far as Wendy knew Sharon was just a nice girl who was friendly with her elderly father, the reality was of course that Harry was the best lover Sharon had ever had, as you will know if you have read the other stories in this series.

During his time in hospital, Sharon had been seeing a few men her own age. He had always told her if she found someone, she liked to go for it but none of them had ever been able to satisfy her in bed as Harry could. She did not know if it was his technique or the size of his cock but he just made her orgasm and feel satisfied more then anyone else she had taken to bed.

“So, you sure you’re ok now?” Sharon asked running her hand through the soft grey hairs on Harry’s belly and chest, her head resting on his shoulder as they lay together naked

“I’m fit as a fiddle” he said with a smile, loving the feeling of the soft young hand caressing his body, his cock finally satisfied after nearly a year of pent up frustration.

“Well you’re time in hospital sure didn’t dent your performance! I won’t be able to walk properly for a week and I thought you were going to fill me forever!” she said with a little laugh, Harry chucking too.

“You can’t blame me, it had been nearly a year,” he said kissing Sharon’s forehead lovingly as she pressed herself against his body a little more

“Don’t I know it too, I’m going to need to change panties 5 times just so I don’t fill my car up!” she laughed and kissed Harry’s lips before the pair began to get ready to leave the hotel room.

“Hello?” Sharon picked up the phone, it was a week since she had met Harry at the hotel where they had spent most of the day in bed together making up for the time they had been apart and she had not heard from him since until now.

“Hello Sharon, it’s me,” Harry said in his usual cheery way

“Hi you, how are you?” Sharon asked as she felt the usual tingle of excitement when she spoke to him, all the times he had taken her and she still felt the same excitement as that first time.

“I’m very well thank you, hope you are too” he replied

“Yes I’m fine, only took me 3 changes of panties on the way home not 5!” she giggled “So, not that I don’t like hearing from you but did you call for any specific reason?” she enquired curiously, it was normally her calling Harry to arrange a meet up.

“Well the reason I rang was to ask if you had any time off work coming up.” Harry asked sure that Sharon had said something when they were in the hotel about a break.

“I have a week paid leave if I want it, just don’t have any plans to go anywhere, why?” Sharon said wondering where this was all headed

“Well you know it’s my birthday coming up in a few weeks?”

“Yes, the big 76 if I remember rightly, you still have to tell me what you want, although I’m fairly sure I know already and the day can’t come soon enough” Sharon giggled, knowing that they would be spending some quality time fucking each other’s brains out no doubt.

“Oh I’m sure you do know” Harry laughed, hearing his young lover giggle always made him feel happy

“So what was with the question about the time off work then?” Sharon asked genuinely confused.

“Well, I was wondering if you would like to take a trip.” Harry replied

“A trip? What do you mean?” Sharon was not sure “You mean another weekend away like last year?” Just the thought of the time they had spent a full weekend together having sex in the cottage made her legs feel weak and her pussy ache.

“No I mean a week long holiday abroad, bahis firmaları just you and me” Harry said excitedly, there was a pause on the other end of the phone “Sharon are you there?”

“Oh yes I’m here, I just, well I can’t believe you would ask me that, Harry that’s so sweet” Sharon said getting slightly emotional and even more excited.

“So do you want to go?” Harry pushed her for an answer

“I’d love to!” Sharon said like a schoolgirl, she felt like she was going to pop “But where will we go?”

“I was thinking Italy,” Harry said not letting Sharon know he had already booked their tickets and a hotel room

“That sounds wonderful! I can’t believe it, are you serious?” Sharon was sure that this was all a dream or a big joke being played on her, she had wanted to go to Italy for some years but never had the money or time

“Yes I’m serious,” Harry said chucking “I have it all booked, just you and me for a full week, now that’s a birthday present!” he laughed.

“You can expect more then just one present for this!” Sharon said in a sexy tone, “Just you make sure you rest up before hand! I want you full of energy!” she added making Harry smile

The next day Harry called again to tell Sharon all the details of the trip. He was to spend his birthday with his wife and daughter; there was some sort of party arranged for him so he had to attend. Sharon was a little disappointed she wouldn’t be able to see him on his birthday but on their week together she would more then make up for that to him.

All Sharon thought about for the next few weeks was the trip. She went to the shops and bought a whole bunch of sexy clothing, silk underwear sets and revealing nightwear she knew would drive Harry mad with desire when he saw it. The night before they flew out to Italy all she could do was rub herself to orgasm after orgasm thinking about Harry.

“Ok we’re here,” Harry said as he and Sharon got to the hotel room door. He had booked them into a big and fancy room in one of the best hotels in Rome; he wanted this week to be special. He had told his daughter he was going to see an old friend who was not well and asked her to look after her mother for him while he was away; she had readily agreed and said it would do him good to get away after his health scare. Harry agreed with that, a nice week of being with his young lover was just the recovery he needed!

“Oh my god!” Sharon could not believe the size of the room that Harry had booked them. She looked around wide-eyed taking it all in. Her mouth was open in shock at just how expensive it must have been for a week there.

“You like it?” Harry asked as he closed the door behind them and began to look around himself.

“Like it? Come here you!” Sharon hurried over and wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck giving him a deep kiss, her tongue sliding into his mouth as she pressed her body against his

“I’ll take that as a yes then” Harry said as they broke the kiss and just held each other; Sharon just looked into his eyes and took him by the hand leading him to the bed.

“Go to the bathroom and get ready” Sharon said in a sexy whisper as she sat on the bed looking up at Harry, lust filling her eyes “I’ll be ready when you get back”

Harry smiled and walked off into the bathroom that joined to the bedroom, quickly he got out of his clothes and took out a Viagra pill, swallowing it with a sip of water he took a deep breath and sighed. He waited for a moment or two then made his way back to the bed; he had brought a few Viagra pills for the stay and was planning on using as many as possible during this week.

“So gonna unwrap your present?” Sharon asked as Harry opened the bathroom door. He was taken aback by surprise, Sharon was laid on the bed with just a pair of white satin panties on and a red bow stuck on the front, her breasts heaved as she breathed and her legs were spread invitingly.

“Now that’s a present worth unwrapping” he said as he felt his cock begin to harden, the Viagra taking effect as well as the pure arousal he felt at that moment for Sharon as she presented herself for him. He had been inside her quite a few times and seen her naked a lot but for some reason here in this foreign country, in this hotel room he felt more aroused then ever before.

“Well come on and unwrap it then” she said beckoning him over with a sultry swivel of her finger, her legs widening a little more “And you can play with your present any time you want for this whole week” she said putting emphasis on the any time with a lick of her lips.

Harry walked over to the bed, his eyes never leaving Sharon’s crotch as his cock throbbed and swelled the closer he got. He could smell her aroused scent in the air, she was already wet and he had not even touched her yet he thought to himself.

Sharon smiled as she saw Harry standing over her, his cock now thrusting out from his crotch and pointing right at her. She could see just how swelled the head was and knew he had taken a Viagra; he was always harder when he took kaçak iddaa those and she always got the benefits of it in the bedroom.

“I see you came prepared,” she said smiling as she reaching out a hand and sliding it down the long, thick shaft of Harry’s cock. Feeling it throb as she wrapped her fingers around it.

“A week’s supply” he replied with a grin, enjoying the feel of a warm hand on his cock once again.

Sharon leaned up as Harry slid his fingers into the waistband of her newly bought panties. She sighed as they slid down then lifted her legs up in the air so Harry could fully remove them. Once off she parted her knees. Harry looked down at the neatly shaved young pussy he loved to be in so much.

Harry leaned his head and kissed Sharon’s foot, which made her jump and giggle. She had always been ticklish under her feet and she was not ready for his tongue to lick it. The giggles turned to a groan of pleasure when she next felt his tongue slide down her calf and continue down to her inner right thigh. She could feel his breath on her wet pussy, as he got closer until he finally rested his lips on those of her pussy.

Another groan escaped Sharon’s lips and she opened her legs wider as Harry began to flick his tongue along her tight opening, focusing on her slit before he poked his tongue slightly between the lips getting a taste of her juice.

“Wow!” Sharon exclaimed as she felt Harry’s tongue push into her and wiggle, her pussy getting more wet by the second as the skilled tongue did its work.

Sharon had received oral from a few boyfriends before but never Harry. He was easily the best however. Maybe it was from so many years of practice, she was sure that by the age of 76 he had done it on many occasions. Whatever the answer he was giving her pleasure with his tongue as no man ever had before.

Harry worked his tongue around the warm hole. He just loved the feel of Sharon’s thighs around his head, holding her with his hands just so she could not move them as he flicked and licked up her juice with vigor.

Sharon arched her back as she moan and groaned. Her eyes rolled back as she focused on the pure pleasure emanating from her pussy. Each time Harry moved his tongue she felt like fireworks were exploding inside her. Harry moved his attention to her clit, sliding his tongue along it then wrapping his lips around, sucking it lightly driving Sharon towards an orgasm.

“Fuck!” she cried out as she felt her muscles tighten. Harry never let up, all the time he continued to suck and lick at her engorged pussy, her cries muffled to him by her thighs, which gripped his head tightly. Harry held her tightly as he felt the extra juice. His tongue lapping it up as fast as it could be produced, the tangy taste like ambrosia to his taste buds.

Sharon’s muscles finally relaxed and she released her grip on Harry’s head. A sheen of sweat covered her body as she lay panting hard, her breasts bouncing with every breath she took as she looked down to see Harry’s thinning grey hair still hovering over her crotch.

“God, just as good with the tongue as with the cock” she said reaching down and rubbing her hands through his hair “Speaking of which” she smiled as she saw it come into view.

Harry smiled back as he slid his body between her open thighs and maneuvered his cock until the throbbing head was at the entrance of her pussy, the lips already open and inviting him in. Harry grunted as he slid the head inside, the extra wetness making it easier to slide in deeply with one thrust where as normally he would have taken it more slowly.

Sharon grabbed Harry’s arms and let out a long contented sigh as she felt his cock slide into her. The inner walls parting to accommodate the thickness, she had grown to love this feeling of fullness more every time Harry had been inside her.

Harry smiled as he felt Sharon squeeze his cock in her pussy. She always did this when he first entered her, just a little signal she was comfortable with him. Both just looked at each other for a few moments, content feelings filled them, as their bodies were one.

Sharon bit her lip and closed her eyes as she felt Harry pull back, his cock sliding out leaving just the head and a little of the shaft inside before he thrust back in with a long slow movement.

A whimper came from Sharon as she closed her legs around Harry’s body, his cock beginning to sink into her pussy faster as his thrusts sped up. The bed springs creaking as she met his thrusts with little ones of her own.

“That’s so nice,” Sharon groaned as she felt the hard cock thrust deeply into her. The unfamiliar settings seemed to excite her more then normal, it had been the same when Harry had taken her to the cottage for the weekend.

Harry grunted as he thrust his hips, the tightness of his young lover’s pussy driving him crazy, as was her wetness. Every time his cock slid in it would get a new coat of her juice and make it that much easier to sink in deeper until he was all the way inside.

“Oh fuck Harry!” Sharon kaçak bahis shouted as she felt his cock throb inside her. Raising her arms, she wrapped them around his neck and arched her back giving him more access as her legs pulled his body closer to her own.

Harry slowed his thrusts a little, taking more time to enjoy just letting his cock throb inside Sharon’s writhing body. The heat and tightness making him shudder as she would squeeze down on his thick cock and groan out when he responded with a thrust.

Sharon held on tightly to her lover’s body as he began to thrust faster again, each one sending waves of pleasure through her body and making her grunt and groan loudly, this being a hotel in a foreign country she did not feel the need to be quite at all.

Harry loved hearing his young lover moan, knowing it was all from the attention he was giving her tight pussy with his cock gave him an enormous feeling of pleasure, one only matched by the feeling of his cock buried deep inside her.

Sharon called out over and over, her teeth clenched as she felt an orgasm building, her old lover encouraging her on with his hard cock and now a hand which was squeezing her right nipple adding just one more source of ecstasy for her.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” she called out loudly as she couldn’t hold back any longer and shook as her body was washed over by her release. Harry felt every movement with her, his cock drenched with her juice as she orgasmed, his own just moments away.

Sharon’s muscles loosened just as Harry’s muscles tightened and his cock spewed out its hot liquid content. Sharon groaned as she felt herself being filled up with the hot cum, each squirt making her smile more as she held Harry tightly until he had finished giving her every drop he had.

“Why is holiday sex all way better?” Sharon asked with a grin as Harry rolled off her and her hot, wet pussy began to ooze a little of his cum which she quickly scooped up and licked off her fingers.

“Don’t know but you are not wrong about it” Harry said grinning back making Sharon laugh and nod her agreement

“And as I said before you have all week to play with your present” she said before giving him a kiss on the cheek as they both settled down in the bed for a nap.

Sharon had woken up the next morning to Harry’s hard cock pressing against her leg, she smiled and slowly took it in her hand squeezing and caressing it until Harry woke up and with little encouragement made love to her again just as they had the previous day.

They had, had some plans for each day but they all went out of the window and the two decided to just stay in the hotel, or more to the point in their hotel room bed most of the next few days. Harry was feeling horny and all he could think about was having his young lover wrapped around him, something that Sharon was very happy to do. Between their sex sessions, they would lay in bed naked, Sharon just putting on a robe to greet the room service people as they delivered the food and drinks they had ordered.

After the amount of times, that Harry had fucked her those previous few days Sharon was a little relived that the last day of their holiday was spent doing a bit of sight seeing. Harry had said after a very early morning fumble that he was feeling a little tired and wanted to save his energy so they had showered and dressed and gone to see what the city they were in had to offer after they had slept and rejuvenated a little.

Sharon could feel his cum dripping into her panties all the time they walked but that did make her feel quite naughty, knowing that if anyone could see up her skirt they would see the obvious wet mark it had made in the gusset. She had showered but obviously Harry had deposited some deeper then she had thought.

“You’ve done it again,” she whispered in his ear as they waited in a restaurant for a waiter to take their order.

“Done what?” Harry asked unsure

“My panties are soaked thanks to you, you naughty old devil” she said giggling Harry smiled too.

“It’s not me who is the naughty one, you are the naughty girl walking around in public with their panties filled with an old man’s seed,” he whispered back jokingly. Sharon felt very hot as she heard Harry call her naughty, she did feel like a bad girl, and that aroused her very much at that moment.

“Good job we are in public or I’d be scared you’d spank me for being naughty,” she cooed half jokingly and half as an invitation.

Harry smiled but did not answer because the waiter came by the table asking if they were ready to order. They sat and ate their meal’s with little talk of much other then how nice it was in Italy that time of year as well as flirting and joking around a little but not mentioning much of their activities the previous few days or before their order had been taken.

As soon as they got back to the hotel that evening, Sharon ran to the bathroom and stripped off her clothes. She inspected her panties and saw the cum she had been walking around with most of the day, it made her smile. Harry was already on the bed when she came out of the bathroom after getting a wash and cleaning herself up, still naked, as there was little need for clothes when they were here, Sharon joined him on the bed.

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