Babysitting steven part 3

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Babysitting Steven Part 3


Also as im new to this sort of thing i don’t know what everything is on this page, im younger than you might think and im doing this whilst juggling work and other things in between a teenagers life. Anyway rant over, hope you enjoy this as im wondering if i should end this story. And stop this kind of righting all together. (Send me a PM and tell me what you think.)
Now to the story…

As me fingers slipped in and out of Stevens tight little virgin butt i couldn’t help but think that i am going to fuck this arse. I tried to control my dick and as i began to take control Steven moved my hand and got out the shower to dry off.

I stepped out after him and began to get dry, within seconds Steven was out the door and into his bed room. I thought i did something wrong, maybe hurt him. I felt so bad so i want to investigate…

It turns out that i didn’t hurt him i made him extremely horny. I learnt this as i walked through his door and seen him lay on his back with his legs in the air asking me to punish his little hole.

I didn’t know what to do, it was like a dream. Without thinking i walked over to him putting my hand into my bag to get my tube of lube before getting onto the bed. He looked nervous but excited at the same time, i lay on the bed and my head was against his belly, i went down slowly licking from his belly button all the way round his swollen cock and down his balls to where i would rest my tongue against his tight puckered hole.

Lapping my tongue slowly around his tight moist hole was the best feeling for me. From where i was it was a good place for him to as he began to moan and whimper. i started off doing small circles around his hole and then became more adventurous as i slipped my tongue against his tight virgin hole and began to push, my tongue fit into his tight hole like a key into a lock, as i slowly inched my way into his body Steven began to clench up. He was loving it, his moans louder than ever, his breathing increasing and becoming heavier.

His soft little hands rubbed through my hair. As he grabbed my head and began to slip my tongue deeper into his arse. I was eating his tight virgin hairless pink hole. It tasted so good and felt even better.

“Eat my arse you dirty twat, i knew you would be good at this! Steven hissed.

It took a whilst before it set in that an 11 year old little boy was telling me what to do, giving me dirty talk. I let this set in before i slipped my tongue out of his arse and made my way back up to his face. Kissing his soft pink lips that he had waiting i sneakily lubed up my dick and pressed it against his unsuspecting hole.

I began to kiss him as at the same time i thrusted the thick head off my dick into his tight hole, he screamed in pain. His mouth now open i slipped my tongue into his mouth and began to lap my tongue around his mouth stopping the loud cries he was giving out. casino şirketleri

I took my time as i slipped my dick deeper and deeper into the depths of his butt, slowly inching my thick cock into his hole until my hips made contact with his soft butt cheeks. I held this position to allow him to get his breath at the same time removing my tongue from his warm little mouth. He lay back, his eyes shut tightly as he breathed deeply.

He began pleading with me to remove my dick, my only reaction to this was to slip half of my swelling dick out to slip it back into his tight hole he began to moan as i pinned his back to the bed. The entire of my cock was inside his young body the heat in which i could feel from the depth in which my thick bellend was waiting for its message to begin to plunge.

The message was given i began to thrust, slowly but as i got deep into him i pushed my hips quickly and sharply thrusting the tip of my dick as deep as possible into Stevens defenseless arse. My thrusts began to get faster and sharper as his moans got louder and deeper. Slipping now half of my dick in and out of his tight hole i could now understand why so many porn stars loved being on top.

As i let my hips pull out further to push in deeper i noticed Steven had become quite as though it didnt hurt him anymore. I took this as a Que to begin his pounding, pulling my shaft out of his hole until my underside of my bellend was visible and then full steam ahead plowing his tight hole, ive been fucking him around 10 minuets now. I could tell i wasn’t going to last long. Stevens dick was rock hard pointing up at my face. I was pounding his little not so innocent arse he was now screaming louder than ever.

I began my left hands decent to his cock. It looked bigger from up here as it was in a shadow. I grasped the shaft of his dick completely covering the erect cock. Slipping back the tight foreskin off the head of his dick revealing all the now creamy pre-cum in which has been brewing for me. Slowly slipping my fingers up and down the shaft ensuring i stayed from the head of his dick.

I began to pull my dick out of his arse i did this quite fast and my dick quickly fell out of his tight hole. His legs still in the air . dropped my head down to my milky treat as i slowly licked the entire of his belled almost swallowing the head of his cock. Before swallowing i came up to his mouth and kissed, my tongue saturated in pre-cum i pushed my tongue through his lips, his tongue met me just behind where i smeared his thin but tasty pre cum all over the tip of his unsuspecting tongue.

I loved the taste, nice and sweet as he still wasn’t developed yet just salty enough to tell what fluid it was.

My dick and his arse was saturated in his anal juices, gleaming like a freshly cleaned window. Attracted to the gleam, i put my head between his legs to lick his tight hole clean of this seeping liquid. It tasted so good, it was a much more defined taste of young arse. My dick began to throb and i felt Stevens small hand rub across.

Quickly his head followed, he was beginning to like his experience. Swallowing half of my shaft into his hole and only coming for air when he was gagging he casino firmalari began to furiously suck my dick, he slipped it out.

“I regret sucking this dick.” speaking with a slur as thought he had no teeth.

“Why.” i hastily asked.

“It taste’s of my arse, its not very nice.” he slightly said giving a small chuckle.

I laughed along, i completely disagreed with him. I loved the taste of his tight little arse.

Within moments my dick was clean of any of Stevens arse juice and so was the outside of Stevens sexy little perched arse.

He quickly stopped sucking and told me to stop licking his hole. As i did this he began to move to a new position. He got to his knees and supported himself with his hands he was on all fours, his little tight hole staring right at me as he said what you waiting for. He wanted it bad now, he had the taste of arse in his mouth and my creamy pre-cum had begin to gush from the long slit in the tip of my bellend. I got up behind him, pushing my dick against his hole. Slip, my dick plunged back into Stevens tight awaiting hole. The moans he gave. I couldn’t help but moan too. As i began to slam my swollen cock into him he synced his movements back as i thrusted forward increasing how deep i got inside him. Throbbing and covered in Stevens spit my dick had no trouble getting in Stevens now loosening hole.

Still moaning and in sync he began to rock his hips and the pleasure increased dramatically. Picture the slim and tenderness of his small tanned body. Being rammed from behind by a muscly 15 year old with a cock bigger than his forearm. I now knew i wasn’t going to last long. I sped up thrusting my dick as quickly and as deeply as possible, as i felt the gates of my balls open and the thick awaiting cream was shot into my thick long shaft awaiting to erupt into Stevens little hole clenched around my cock making a extremely snug fit.

I dint have much time to warn Steven as i gripped his little hips and pushed my dick straight into his tight hole.

“Im cumming i screeched, arrh YES, ohh YES.” My thick developed juice filled him with one shot. It kept coming. I began to feel like a broken dam my load still flooding into Stevens now broke straight arse. I felt so happy and tired as i collapsed onto Stevens back as he supported me until i caught my breath.

My dick became limp and slipped out of Stevens swamped arse. Some how his still tight hole managed to hold back the flood off my come. Steven knelt up and lay me down, fully exhausted from my first anal experience. Sack that my first experience with anyone ever before.

I pulled him down on top of me where he was now bent over. My cock right under his tight hole. As he bent right down and arched his back his tight hole gave way to a flood of hot thick creamy come, my dick was saturated in my own sperm. Steven wasted no time cleaning me up as he quickly licked up the entire of my come as though he hadn’t had a drink in forever. As he finished, he looked straight into my eyes as i grabbed him and positioned his over my face grabbing his cock and slipping it straight into my wet mouth. As Steven was very horny and really turned on at the face he had my thick come dripping güvenilir casino out off his hole he cummed quickly.

His come tasted better than his arse so sweet yet thin. Lasing my mouth and my tongue, i was about to swallow when Steven pulled his dick from my mouth and positioned himself over my head. He went for a kiss and licked his own come off my tongue leaving behind some of my own come. We had began to swap our come as thought they were cards (are fashionable among kids). The taste of my cream and his cream mixed, thick and salty and thin and sweet. The taste was amazing. We spooned each other for a couple of minuets as we told one another how we felt.

Before getting out of bed to go clean up, Steven got up first and i followed shortly after. Just long enough that i could watch my cum still dribble out of his arse, down his leg and to his foot. I felt so good, id never had a experience like that and i couldn’t wait for the next one.

Steven was walking weird as he was trying to stop my come from seeping out of his little boy butt. As we made it to the bathroom he grabbed some tissue and i took it from him and told him ill clean him up. I dropped to my knees and slipped my tongue down the crack of his arse, shocked by this Steven slowly positioned his arse to my mouth and gladly let me clean his hole. As i licked my own cream off him i savored it to share with Steven. i cleaned the entire of him and came up to share with him, he gladly opened his mouth and slurped my come from my mouth.

I dropped back to my knees bending Steven over further and made a circle with my lips, i attached my lips to the sides of Stevens hole. I began to suck the remaining cum out of Steven. He moaned as he swallowed the come he stole from my mouth. As i now had a full load of come i stopped sucking and came up where Steven quickly came in for the kiss. I gave him no chance to steal this load from he as i quickly gulped it down leaving only what was left on my tongue for him to have.

As we were both now tired from our session we went back to his room and lay in his come and arse soaked bed where he lay in front of me and asked my to hold him tight and close. We held each other me from behind him and him from in front he held my arms in place as he covered us up. What elt like seconds and we was asleep naked in each others arms. We eventually woke feeling hungry and fully recharged for the next best session of our lives.

“Steven. I think we should go and fuck in the kitchen whilst we make some food, what do you think?” i whispered into his ear as thought it was a secret only me and him could share.

“That sounds like a good idea, but your getting fucked this time too!” Steven quickly whispered back giving me a solid hard on once more.

I was okay with that he wanted to fuck me as he was only small so i knew it wouldn’t hurt much but also i wanted to know what he had felt when i fucked him.


Well i might leave the rest up to you this is unless you think i should continue writing these stories. Tell me what you think in a PM or email me on [email protected] I wait for your message. By the way, im only 16 as my email indicated by 97 being the year i was born.

Thank you for reading and i await your msgs.

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