Bach , Elgar’s Happy Ending Ch. 04

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Welcome to Part 4 of Jack and Lena’s story. Carl Orff wrote an incredibly sexy choral work, which has helped get a threesome going. Thanks in advance for any votes or comments.


Carl Orff gets a mixed reaction from most musicians.

He wrote one of the great works of the 20th Century, but today very few of his other works are ever performed. Some critics call them very thin and derivative of his main work. To make matters worse for him, most of them are theatre pieces, often incorporating speech and dance, meant to be staged as well as sung and played. In a sense they are “too hard” for choirs and “too odd” for opera companies.

His connection to the Nazis may be significant as well. At first he was rejected as a degenerate modernist, but his popularity pushed them to adopt him and require him to write for them. There were always questions about how willing or unwilling he was to collaborate.

And much worse is the story of his friend Kurt Huber. Huber was arrested for being part of a German Resistance movement, called The White Rose. His wife pleaded with Orff to use his influence to get him free. He refused, and his friend was executed. Orff felt a heavy remorse for that, and perhaps couldn’t write as well afterwards.

His best work is Carmina Burana, Songs of Beuren (a mediaeval monastery, of all things). It is a huge song and dance cycle, opening with an enormous overture dedicated to Luck, then going to Spring, love, drink, straight and gay sex, dreams… a kaleidoscope of ideas and tunes.

Orff’s final indignity is that the first song of this one work is so popular it keeps appearing in movies, cartoons and TV ads, so often that many people are just sick of it. Called Fortune, Empress of the World (or the first two words: O Fortuna), it turns up in some ridiculous scenes. “Lady Luck, you are changeable as the moon”, used to sell coffee? After-shave? Beer??


George had talked us into joining her production, somehow. She’d been coming home very lively and animated, and this had affected us.

“You should hear the orchestration!” she said one evening. “Just two pianos and about twenty percussionists!” That didn’t sound appealing.

“It’s called The Songs of Catullus. Apparently he was madly in love with this married woman, and wrote lots of sexy poetry to her.” This gave me a tingling. I smiled and shook my head at myself.

“We’d be in the chorus, and it’s an easy sing. Very easy melodies, a few tricky rhythms and words in Latin. You both could manage it. Tonight, we’re doing the first part, with just pianos. You have to hear this. You really do. You’ve heard of love songs, right? This is a sex song, trust me!”

Now we had to see what the fuss was about.

In the rehearsal hall there were two interlocked grand pianos, with their curved ends pushed together. The conductor stood in the middle and opposite him, across the pianos the choir was arranged in a semi-circle. A small group of men sat to one side.

The Prelude is simply scored for “young men” and “young women”, with no special divisions, which was convenient. We had done a few short practices to get the more complex words out with Orff’s rapid-fire rhythms, then we put everything together.

It was totally exhilarating. The choir shouts together at the beginning, “Forever! Forever and ever and ever!” The Latin words, Eis aiona seem to stumble as we fall on each other. The pianos start an urgent, jazzy rhythm while the boys… start panting! They sing about the girls’ shining eyes, their lips, their tongues. The girls innocently start with, “Tell me, do you love me?” then breathlessly sing, “Look out, look out!” The music races on, stopping suddenly as if to gasp and catch its breath, then driving on, encouraging the singers/lovers to kiss and bite each other then hold and stroke her breasts.

The effect on me was startling. I felt my face redden and my own breathing rise. The actions described in the music seemed to match mine exactly, even wanting to hold his penis. I felt dizzy surrounded by so many women (mostly my own student-ish age) singing with me. I caught George’s eye and I knew she knew what I was feeling. The music charged on.

As we sang of his penis longing for my little pond I wasn’t sure if I could stand. There was almost no melody but a driving beat which reminded me too strongly of Jack’s thrusts into me. I needed to see Jack and see if he was affected the same way but I couldn’t focus to find his face in the men’s chorus. The pianos hammered away, the boys cried out, the girls cried out.

There was a brief pause. Then the pianos soared up their registers and trembled in their top range. The men sighed, “Every joy lives in you!” at the top of their range, “My whole life in your arms!” The girls whimpered, “Oh happy me!” It was an orgasm, set to music. George knew exactly what I was thinking.

There was a break soon after, and I had a need. I found Jack and dragged him away from the tea and biscuits. We were in a college building and it wasn’t hard to casino şirketleri find a doorway off a dimly-lit corridor.

I felt his urgency as he felt mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed and kissed him, almost hearing the song in my ears. He responded hungrily, our lips and tongues around and over each other. I felt the strength of his arms around me. I took his hand and pulled it under my shirt. I was very happy to be so flat-chested I didn’t have to bother with a bra.

I gasped as I felt his fingertips brush my nipples. He could just reach both at once with his hand stretched wide. I couldn’t kiss, I could only take his tongue into me. When he scratched the skin between my breasts I nearly squealed. I ground my crotch against his leg – I could feel his erection straining for me.

The announcement came to go back to rehearsal. I stared into his eyes as he untangled himself. I could feel the fire in my eyes.

“Tonight!” I whispered and kissed him. “A te me amari?”

“Eis aiona!”

I couldn’t take my eyes off him as we drove home. I watched his eyes under those beautiful eyelashes as he scanned the road. Occasionally he would glance at me. I felt something melt inside me whenever he did.

I lost track of the time. The next thing I remembered was him kneeling in front of me in my bedroom, kissing my bare nipples and looking up into my eyes. I unbuttoned his shirt with shaking fingers.

Naked, he laid me gently on the bed. The scent of him, the warmth of him, the feel of his arms around my shoulders, filled my senses. I felt my legs brushing against his and wrapping themselves around him. His cock was already hard and rubbing on my pubic bone. I wanted to wallow in this delicious feeling, But also I wanted to feel him enter me, push against me. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He reached for my bedside drawer, where we kept the condoms, But I put my hand on his arm.

“I have a surprise for you.”

“Another one?”

“I’ve been on the Pill for a month now. No condoms. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your cum everywhere.” I couldn’t believe I was saying all this, but I knew my words were arousing me further.

Jack was dubious. “Shouldn’t we be careful, still? Stay safe? I don’t want to get you pregnant…”

“‘Get me pregnant’? That’s a bit old-fashioned, as if I don’t get a say in it! Sorry, I shouldn’t tease – I’m pleased you’re thinking about safe sex. But it is a month on the little pink things, and I feel… a bit different in my cycle. Now, make love to me! Before we start choosing nursery colours!” As I kissed him I ran my hand down his back, around and between us. His cock needed some encouragement. He lifted himself up to give me more room to play with him.

“It’s getting bigger!” I purred. “I want all of it. You want you to give it all to me. You want to fill me up!” Jack growled with pleasure as I stretched his foreskin up and pulled it back. He started to push his hips against me.

As he moved more and more I held his cock and rubbed it between my outer lips. I dabbed the head against my clitoris and felt a little spark each time. With my other hand I opened myself and felt that familiar soft/hard thrust. I rolled my hips and buried his pole deep inside me, almost in one stroke.

We made love. We held each other as he moved in me. I felt his skin heating up as he worked my pussy. We gave each other little lovers’ kisses and I played with his hair around his ears. I felt myself building up… then staying, warm and close to him, not quite wanting to cum, but wanting to send him over. I wanted to feel the little movements of his skin on mine. I wanted to feel my sex capture him and take control of him.

“Cum in me!” I whispered. “Fill me up! I want to empty you! Cum!!”

He came. Hot and shaking, he paused deep inside me. A growl came from deep inside him, becoming a hoarse cry as it came out. I held him tight. I felt tiny twitches from him, which I could answer with my own little squeezes. I felt the extra fluid in my cunt. I felt full of something good. A tiny worry flitted past, “what if I get pregnant?” followed by another, “that would be wonderful!” Then they both left me. Jack was breathing heavily, but slowing down gradually.

He panted out, “Lena I love you!”

“I can tell. As much as I love you. You feel so good inside. Just stay there a minute, I want to feel you there a bit longer.” I stroked his damp hair. “And by the way, big boy, if there is a baby coming, it’s OUR baby, not just mine! Eis aiona!”

I felt him smile.

The next day, I had to laugh at myself. To be so carried away by a song now seemed ridiculous. But, music had a power over me; and making love with Jack had been… different, special. I could feel a different stickiness leaking out of me and I couldn’t decide if it was mildly annoying, or a wonderful reminder of the night before.

The next rehearsal for the Prelude came around, and I was ready. I had listened to some recordings casino firmaları and had also heard the very next section: a chorus of ‘old men’ scoffing at the madly-in-love youngsters. “A ridiculous thing! Massive stupidity!” they chanted.

But it happened again. We all cried, “Forever!” The men sang urgently about our beautiful eyes, we offered our breasts and tiny nipples for them to sweetly touch. We longed to hold his penis as the pianos rushed us to the climax. And we came, soaring and shimmering in the topmost notes of the two pianos. “In your arms, in your wide embrace, is everything.” I could almost hear Jack hot and panting in my ear as I held his shuddering body. I needed him again.

We found our way to the quiet corridor. In the doorway I locked my arms around his neck and pushed against him as I kissed his soft lips.

The door gave slightly.

We froze. Looking into each others eyes, we knew what the other one was thinking. Jack carefully reached behind his back and tried the handle. It moved easily. The door swung open to a large, dim lecture theatre. There was the familiar smell of polished lino and concrete walls. In the gloom we could see the rows of seats with their little folding tables. Exit signs at the back peered down at us.

We were still clutched together, down the front, next to the lecturer’s long counter. Jack easily lifted me up and put me on the counter. I could bend down and kiss and hold his head, but it seemed I was too high up for him to reach me.

Jack had the brainwave of walking around the bench. The lecturer’s side was raised slightly and now it was perfect. He spun me on my bottom towards him and started to undo my jeans.

“Hurry! The class is coming in soon!” he hissed. Suddenly I was in a fantasy. I could almost see notes in the whiteboards above us and hear footsteps in the corridor. Jack tugged at my clothes and I lifted myself up to let him strip me.

In the dim light my pale legs seemed to shine. I urgently rubbed my clit while Jack undid his own clothes. I felt so wet and ready to cum.

He slid into me. My stretched open vagina took his length in one smooth action. No fiddling with condoms, he started fucking me urgently. I squeezed my hand in and rubbed my button while feeling his wet shaft driving into me.

It must have been my fastest climax. All of a sudden my legs were shaking and my cunt sent tingling sparks through me. I couldn’t breathe. My hands around his shoulders became warm and damp as I sat and took Jack’s pounding cock. I held him tight as he hurriedly finished and came inside me.

For the moment he stood, I sat. Arms locked together, both of us panting, hearing the other one’s breath in our ears. I could smell our sex mingling with the concrete and floor polish smells. I could feel each of his fingers playing on my bra-less back. I rested my head on his shoulder and faced the door.

The hairline crack letting in the corridor light changed slightly. Widening or closing, I couldn’t tell, but I had a faint sense of a movement. Was it a draught? I couldn’t make myself care in my post-orgasm state.

“We should get back soon.” Jack said. “We might be missed!”

He found my pants where he’d flung them, and got his own sorted out. We tidied each other’s hair, suppressed our giggles and walked out.

Back in the foyer of the rehearsal hall, George was waiting, too close to where we came in. She had a knowing smile. I tried to look innocent (which was probably a bad idea).

“You two! I thought so! Right here in the college. Wow. Can’t say I blame you, though. When I sing that stuff and look across at some of the boys I start getting a bit hot and bothered myself.” George smiled warmly. “Mmm but your Jack… nice eyes. I reckon you’ve pulled the best one.” There was a pause And a cheeky wink. “Any chance of sharing?”

George’s timing was perfect. I was still tingling from Jack’s thrusting and my climax, seeing George’s smile and recalling Jack’s eyes; the fantasy of sucking and fucking came back. At the exact moment she talked about sharing.

“Ummm, we could…”

Did I actually say that? What was happening to me? Of course I had seen the internet videos. I had gorged myself on girl-girl, girl-girl-boy, boy-boy-girl, boy-boy stories, all sorts of stories, but none of them had looked real. They were fantasies, almost all made for men, I had decided. Now I was suggesting one.

George smiled shrewdly this time. “You could, eh? Careful child, I might call you on that! I wonder what Mr Field would say?”

What would Jack say? Although we’d had lots of sex, it had all been face to face, mostly classic missionary style (we always wanted to be in each other’s arms and looking at each other). We had barely tried any new positions. Jack would do what I asked him to, but would he like it?

Jack came back to us. He had found a cold drink for the two of us. As we toasted with the plastic cups he whispered over their rims, “Incredible boobs!” This was a private joke of ours, to say that when the güvenilir casino other one was least expecting it. He caught me this time and I laughed, and that seemed to settle it in a mad way. I glanced at George and nodded. She was clearly surprised – she had thought it was all just talk. She recovered well however, and blew me a kiss as if to seal the deal.

On the way to my flat, Jack looked across at me. “So what’s going on with you and George? You’re planning something, I can tell.”

I sighed inwardly. I wished that sometimes I could hide things better. I hadn’t got myself ready to bring up the subject, nor was I sure how I would do it. But dear Jack solved the problem for me.

“Let me guess. You’re going to rent me out as a gigolo.”

“Well, not rent you out, more, sort of lend you.”

“On a thirty-day trial! If not completely satisfied just return him and no more to pay! Call the number on your screen now!”

“It would be just for one night…”

Jack stopped joking. “What? One night? What do you mean?”

“How would you like to be… with me and George… The three of us?” It was ridiculous. I couldn’t even say ‘threesome’. But at least I was talking, which emboldened me.

Jack was unsure. “The three of us? At night… in your bed? Really?” The dear boy, was he being loyal, or timid, or just disbelieving?

I surprised myself by playing the seductress (which might have been another bad idea). I kissed his shoulder with pouting lips and looked up into his eyes. I stroked his hand as it rested on the steering wheel. The more I put myself out, the more Jack seemed to resist, and the more I wanted to go through with the whole crazy thing.

Jack was very uncomfortable. “I don’t know. I love only you. I only want you. I hope that doesn’t sound lame. I know most guys’d jump at the chance to… but you’re, I dunno, too precious.” Jack kept saying things that attracted me to him.

It was inconclusive when we arrived at my flat. George had squeezed my hand at the end of rehearsal and whispered, “See you tonight!” and in my head it had seemed simple. After all, the videos made it look simple.

In the quiet flat I hugged Jack and we kissed, but it was easy to feel he was not relaxed. My own head was in a spin. I didn’t know what to think. The idea of George and her soft breasts and honeyed words excited me. I knew she could kiss, and make the whole experience exciting. I’d never had sex with a girl, but I wasn’t put off. But my feelings with Jack were confused. His loyalty was attractive. Almost everything about him aroused me easily and made me adventurous, even demanding. But I wanted to respect his faithfulness as well. I felt the evening start to sag.

The door clicked, paused then swung wide open and George swept in. She had the perfect solution. Alcohol. And cakes. As she put down the late-night shopping she guessed the mood in an instant. She wisely decided to change the subject.

She found some little glasses and a plate. She loaded it with beautifully made mini custard flans, little tarts with a piece of glazed fruit on top. Each one was different, with mandarin, cherry, strawberry, kiwi, mango and other delights under shiny glazes. The bottle was squat and very dark.

“Cherry Heering. Denmark’s gift to the world.” George poured little serves to us. “You normally only put it in cocktails, but stay with me on this. A glass each. Don’t drink it yet! Take a cake. OK, I suggest you just bite the pastry and custard, or it’s a bit weird. Now, swish the drink around. Can you see the alcohol sticking to the glass?”

There were beads of liquid gleaming around the rim of the glass.

“Just lightly, sniff the drink.”

We sniffed. It was real cherry, sweet and fresh, with the tingle of sugar and strong alcohol wafting in. The effect was surprising.

“When I say, we take a little bite, then a sip, then I’ll leave it with you. OK, 1, 2, 3 together!”

It was amazing. The custard, the cherry, the alcohol made a glorious mixture in my mouth. The crumbly pastry contrasted and mingled with the velvet-smooth alcohol. The sweet custard matched the sweet drink. The textures of the fruit, the custard and the pastry cascaded across my tongue. It was like hearing the parts of a song at the same time as hearing the song as a whole, an enchantment. I could see the surprise on Jack’s face and the bliss on George’s. We all smiled and made approving noises; the mood lifted.

I topped up the glasses and we toasted each other. But without the tarts, the liqueur tasted too much like cough medicine. We all made faces, then burst out laughing at each other. I was so grateful to George.

With the cakes eaten, and some amaretti biscuits I remembered were in the cupboard, we sat contentedly in the kitchen. George took both of Jack’s hands.

“I think I know what’s going on in Lena’s sweet little head. And you do too, I’m guessing; you’re too clever not to pick up we were plotting something. I suppose I have to take some responsibility – me and Carl Orff. I blame him for making me stalk you two in the college in the first place. But when Lena and I got talking, we found we were thinking together! Now, I’m trying to guess what’s going on in your head, and it’s probably not quite the same.”

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