Bachelor Party Ch. 01

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We are sitting together on your couch, making out with quite a fervor when I hear the knock on your door. “Ugh,” I groan in frustration, upset at being interrupted, and extremely horny, as I am sure you are.

“Now who could that be?” you ask, though I think I detect a hint of knowing in your voice, and wonder what is going on.

“Could you get it, hon?” you ask me, and calling you lazy, I oblige.

I turn the handle and pull open the door, seeing a familiar face that I can’t quite place. “Oh hi, Don,” you call out, “come on in.” He says hi to me, then goes over to the couch and sits down beside you.

You two begin to chat, and I wonder if you knew he was coming and forgot to tell me. When I have made it just about to the couch again, the door is knocked on once again. “What in the hell now,” I think as I head back to the door.

I turn the knob and in walks another guy. “Mark!” you say, and he joins you and Don on the couch. By now I know something must be up, I just have no idea what.

I make it to the back of the couch, and stand behind you, when another knock is heard. “Damn!” I say, before I realize what I’ve said, and blush and turn to get the door again.

In walk two more guys, apparently Tim and Jake from your greetings. It suddenly dawns on me that your entire set of groomsmen is here. This is definnitely not a coincidence, and I glare at you hoping for answers. However, the answer you give me is not really one I was expecting.

“Allysa, hon, come over here, in front of the couch,” you tell me, as the five of you are seated on the couch and chairs, forming quite an audience as I stand confusedly in front of you all.

“I suppose I owe you some sort of explanation,” you say to me, with a hint of sarcastic pleasure in your voice. I just nod at you, both confused, embarrassed, and slightly angry at your suprises.

“Well, as you may have noticed, all my groomsmen are here. This, my dear, is to be my bachelor party, which I, in contradiction to tradition, have planned for myself. And you, dear, are to be the, shall we say, entertainment?” You laugh, along with the guys, slightly sadistically as I turn red from humiliation.

“Wh…what do you mean, exactly?” I ask you.

“Hehe, you will see as we go along. First things first. Would you please be so kind and remove your shirt?”

Completely mortified, but not willing to disobey, I hook my hands under the bottom of my and slowly pull it over my head, letting it drop to the ground, and instinctively bringing my hands up to cover myself. Only you have ever seen me like this. I hear a few excited sounds coming from your friends as you tell me to drop my hands, and I do so.

“Very nice hon, now your pants, please.” You grin in pleasure at my display for you all, as I unbutton then unzip my pants. I lower them down over my ass and off my legs, stepping casino oyna out and leaving them on my shirt. More approving thoughts are uttered from your friends, along with a clap or two.

“Good, good, honey, now go see if Don would be so kind as to help you out of that bra. I’m sure it must be an annoyance to have it on,” you say, winking at me, as I nearly die of embarrassment. Cautiously and timidly I walk towards Don, noting that the grin on his face is only slightly smaller than the growing bulge in his pants. He reaches around behind me and releases the clasp on my bra, pulling the straps down and off my shoulders, and tossing the bra ceremoniously towards my growing pile of clothing.

Much louder cheers are heard this time, and Tim, sitting beside Don and near enough to reach me, tweaks my nipple. I draw back, more from embarrassment than pain, and you laugh again.

“Get used to it, honey,” you say teasingly to me. “Now please, would you ask if Mark would kindly remove your lovely pink thong?” With much dread, I step over to Mark as he grabs my hips and pulls me closer. Then, using his teeth, he grasps the side of my thong and pulls it down and off.

Jake takes it from him, and sniffs it, then says “Mmm, damn girl, it is going to be nice to taste you later.” I shudder nervously at the thought, and you pat your lap, motioning for me to come sit there.

I do so, and you begin to fondle my breasts. “So here is how the first part of the evening is going to work,” you begin to explain to me. “We are gonna play a few games on my Gamecube. Now, there are only 4 controllers, and there are 5 people, so it will be your duty to keep the person not playing occupied. You will sit in their lap, and they know the rules from there. I’ll take the first turn at sitting out. Start the game, boys.”

The game begins, as you continue to play with my breasts, getting more aggressive in your groping. “I know you like this, this being on display, this humiliation,” you whisper in my ear, and get your confirmation of that fact when you run your fingers along my pussy lips.

“Mmmm, just as I thought, quite wet,” you coo. I blush even more, and cover my face in my hands. You laugh again, and twist my nipples hard, causing me to cry out slightly. “Shhh, don’t disrupt the game play,” you say, and I bite my lip to stifle my noises as you continue to pleasurably torture my nipples. You play with my breasts until the round ends, kissing my neck from behind all the while, until you reluctantly tell me that Tim has the next turn with me.

I go over, and sit on his lap as I have been ordered, feeling very ashamed when he begins to feel my breasts where your hands so recently were. “Oh, very nice tits,” he exclaims, then tells me to open my legs wider. I do so, completely ashamed, and his fingers begin to explore that hot, wet region.

As mortified as I am, I cannot slot oyna help but moan slightly as his fingers find my clit. He does not linger there, however, and moves down, inserting two fingers quickly into my pussy. I am again biting my lip to hold back my exclamations of pleasure, as he roughly and rapidly finger-fucks me.

He knows I am enjoying myself, and whispers as much in my ear, telling me what a little slut I must be to be enjoying being used by strangers. Before I realize what is happening, he pulls his fingers out of me, and shoves me off of his lap, telling me it is Don’s turn.

I stand and move to sit on Don’s lap, when he stops me and tells me to sit facing him. I comply, and sit down, as he eyes my body. “Do you like having your nipples sucked on, bitch?” he says to me, and I shudder at his derogatory language, while at the same time feeling strangely aroused by it. Angered by my delay in response, he slaps my breast in demand for a reply.

“Um, yes,” I mutter softly, and he wastes no time in moving his head to my left nipple and sucking hard on it. He flicks his tongue over it as he sucks it into his mouth, then pulls back until the suction is lost by distance.

“Good,” he laughs, “cuz I was gonna do it anyways.” He then brings his head back down, and sucks on my right nipple in the same manner, teasing me oh so much with his tongue. I, for the third time, have to bite my lip. All of a sudden I scream out as he bites down hard onto the nipple he had been sucking.

“Shut up bitch!” he yells at me, and once again slaps my breasts hard, both in rapid succession. He then bites down hard on my left nipple, and begins to chew on it slightly, causing me to bite my lip hard from the pain, enjoying it all the while. His teeth then move over, and he bites the side of my breast hard enough to leave teeth marks, and later bruises I am sure. He moves all around my breast, biting his way along, then moves to the other to repeat the process. I am near tears by the time he finishes, and the round has ended.

I am not sure how much more of this night I can take, but it is only beginning. I am both aroused and in pain, and my emotions do not know which way to go. Humiliated, but secretly loving it, i move over to take my place on Mark’s lap. He also makes me face him, and runs his hands all along my body.

“Your body is just so hot, Saul sure picked a good one,” he says. His hands touch every inch of my skin within reach as he explores me. He then takes my hand and moves it on top of his crotch, and moves it around so that I can feel how hard he is.

“Unzip them, please,” he tells me, and I reluctantly do so, knowing I do not really have much choice. He pulls his hard cock free from his boxers, and moves my hand back to it. Realizing my hand is dry, he sticks my fingers deep within my pussy, covering them in my juices, then rubs them on his canlı casino siteleri cock. He repeats this process three times before he is satisfied with how wet my hand and his cock now are.

“Good girl, now stroke,” he tells me, and moves my hand up and down his length in demonstration a few times. Not knowing what else to do, and being very unsure of my self, I move my hand up and down, slowly becoming more confident and adding more pressure. I can see that he is very much enjoying himself, and I am beginning to enjoy myself to.

He grabs my other hand and puts it to my pussy, and tells me to finger-fuck myself while I work on him, and I gladly agree. I cannot believe I am fingering myself in front of someone, let alone someone that isn’t you, but I am so turned on at this point that I do not much care. He reaches around and grabs my ass with both his hands while moaning quietly.

All too soon for both of us, the round ends, and I stand up to move to the last lap, Jake’s. I sit down, and he positions me as he wants me on his lap. He starts his hands at my shoulders then runs them down my sides, past my hips, to my outer thighs. He continues across my knees and up my inner thighs, just avoiding the area I want to be touches most. Then he moves up my tummy, over my breasts, just grazing my nipples, and back to my shoulders.

He then works his hands back down my chest and stomach, this time stopping, and with one of his hands he fingers my clit. He does this just long enough to hear me moan, then moves his fingers, three of them, into my pussy, fucking me slowly and sensuously. He then takes one of his now well lubricated fingers, and, to my surprise, shoves it into my asshole. I cry out slightly in surprise, then put my hand over my mouth, realizing my error.

He fucks my ass with his finger, ever faster, then inserts another of his lubricated fingers. I am completely enjoying, when his other hand finds its way to my pussy and begins, with two fingers also, to fuck me there. “Do you want another one in your pussy?” he asks me teasingly.

“Oh yes, ” I mutter breathlessly.

“Only if I can add another to your ass also”, he says. I don’t think I have ever had three fingers in my ass before, but I want his finger in my pussy so bad that I nod my compliance. He inserts the third finger into both of my holes, and I moan audibly, unaware that the round is now over and everyone is looking my way as I enjoy myself on his hands.

I begin to hump his hands slightly, anxious to get more of anything inside of me, unashamed now, like a little slut as I had been accused of earlier. His speed picks up, but before I am satisfied, he withdraws both hands, sticking the three fingers from my pussy into my mouth and telling me to suck them. I do so, only then realizing from the applause that everyone had been watching me act like such a whore.

I blush, but am so horny that I do not care nearly as much as I did earlier. Jake shoves me off his lap and I collapse in the floor, tired, and hoping that I can get dressed now. But you have other plans, many many other plans…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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