Bachelorette Club Ch. 01

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The sunlight pierced the panels left open the night before and traced their rays across Sara’s face. With the covers kicked down on the bottom of the bed, her petite frame, exposed by the silk nightshirt riding up her tan skin showed the body her fiancé craved. At 25, she was the object of desire of every able bodied man in the office, and a few not so able bodied. At a little over 5 feet, 4 inches, her breasts were awesome a C cup, but to everyone that watched them bouncing as she walked, they were sure they were a D. Her ass was so tight, even the women talked about it as she bent over to pick up this or that in the office.

Gentle fingers ran down her sides, as she stretched on the verge of awareness. Fingers that found their way to her inner thighs. A yellow triangle was all that was visible beneath the material. Sara was a natural blond and loved the looks her mid-back length hair got as it swayed as she walked. Or was it her ass they were watching? She rubbed the soreness of her clit, moaning at the memory of what Chuck, hr fiancé’ had done to her the night before. A memory that caused her to stroke herself, feeling the pleasure his tongue had given her not that many hours before. A soft moan escaped her closed mouth as she quickly found a rhythm, fingers slipping under her thong panties. She could make herself cum so quickly that it took only moments for her back to arch and juices to flow from parted pussy lips. The wave of pleasure moved over her body quickly and she laid flat on the bed, quickly relaxing.

The Bachelorette Club popped into her head and she sprang upright on the bed. Damn she thought I’ve got to get going. The phone rang and Sara was sure it was either Julie or Karen. Her Maids of Honor had agreed to go on her Bachelorette trip with her and they had to be ready and at her house in two hours. Sara picked up the phone and could hear Julie squealing in the background. Karen shushed her as she asked Sara if she was up yet. “Yes, I’m up and it seems so are your guys!” “Well, Karen said, for $1,500 a piece, I want to make sure we don’t miss it.” “I’ll be ready, you two need to get you asses over her in 60 minutes, ok?” Sara could hear Julie yell again in the background and wondered just what the two of them were doing as the phone went dead. They had all played around with each other, nothing “gay,” but in the Jacuzzi and with a little weed, they had explored each other’s bodies and enjoyed it a few times.

Sara’s mind clicked over to the Bachelorette Club. She had heard about it from a friend of a friend just after announcing her engagement. The girl was vague, but swore it was the best money she had ever spent. Her friends had gone with her and all came back with smiles that lasted for months. What she had not said was that she had called off the engagement days later.

Sara’s meeting with the club receptionist was interesting. Daniyel was almost 6 feet tall and had the best tits, she had ever seen. Daniyel told her that they were solid double D’s and even offered to show Sara. Sara declined sure she was blushing. The interview covered a variety of things; Sara was surprised at the sexual questions. Daniyel asked if she had given her fiancé head, did she swallow, had she ever gone down on a girl and even if she had ever had group sex. Her taste in clothing was covered, as was her food preferences. Daniyel was interested in what Sara, Karen and Julie had done together. Sara was sure that the champagne that Daniyel had given her was loosening her lips, a bit too much. Daniyel explored Sara’s sexual fantasies and she felt shy but she was memorized by Daniyel’s boobs sticking out of her thin silk top and just kept talking.

The $1,500 per person charge seemed huge, but Daniyel said that it would include a limos, at all locations, a private jet, a suite at her destination and all meals, drink and activities. Sara asked about the destination and was quickly cut off. “We pick everything, based on your profile and interview,” Daniyel said.

Daniyel asked Sara to stand up so she could get her measurements. Sara wobbled a bit as she stood and attempted to step towards Daniyel. A firm arm reached out and caught Sara by the side, her left tit landed partly in Daniyel’s hand. Daniyel pulled out a tape measure and wrapped it around Sara’s chest. “Wow, 38 inches, they really look bigger” Daniyel said. “Ya, most people think their D’s, but they’re really a C cup. Daniyel smiled and asked Sara, “Can I see them, it’s just us girls?” Sara was not sure what to make of it, but reached behind her back, pulling down the zipper of her dress. The blue satin slid off her frame in one fluid motion, exposing a silk bra that was just a thread more then a half-cup. The redness of areola was visible above the material and her nipples jumped to attention as the coolness of the air reached them.

Sara was sure that the champagne was in control as casino şirketleri she felt a touch of wetness reach the black silk thong. Daniyel touched Sara’s right breast and allowed her finger to gently trace the mound of flesh pushing out of the wired bra. Sara swayed at the pleasure she felt from the touch. Her breasts were almost more sensitive then her pussy and many a guy had made her cum multiple times by playing and sucking on her nipples. Daniyel had one hand cupping Sara’s left breast and the other was diving under the material of Sara’s silk thong. Sara’s head arched back as she felt the wetness of her pussy gush out on to Daniyel’s probing fingers.

Sara reached up and cupped Daniyel’s right breast in her hand, surprised at how soft and large they really were. Daniyel lowered Sara back into her chair, as she kneeled beside her. Daniyel’s fingers were working Sara’s clit as she freed the left breast from the bra. Sara gasped as Daniyel took her nipple and sucked most of her breast into her mouth. She could feel the pleasure building inside her, as a noise came from the outer office. Sara pushed herself up as her body gave in to the pleasure. She came so hard; Daniyel’s fingers just kept rubbing her as her mouth sucked her tit. Both gals suddenly detected movement in the outer office and as an intense orgasm swept over Sara, Daniyel moved up, gently kissing Sara on the lips, smiling, “your going to have a great time” was all she said.

Sara had laid there for a moment as Daniyel walked into the outer office. They had run into the time for the next appointment and jumping up Sara quickly straightened her bra and panties, working to get her dress back on. As she walked out, Daniyel was escorting a little redhead into another door, looking back, she just smiled at Sara.

The Club’s brochure was vague on what they offered; expect repeating their catch phrase “Bacholerette Party of a lifetime!”

The girls were at the door 10 minutes late, suitcases sitting in the driveway. No one wanted to miss this trip. Karen opened up a silver cigarette case, showing Julie and Sara a dozen rolled joints! “Girls, Buddy gave me these to make sure we were going to have a good time!” Buddy was Karen’s brother and had wanted on more then one occasion, not only to do Sara, but had offered to do Karen at the same time. The girls had blown him off (no pun intended) but he was always offering exotic dope or liquor to them. May be hoping to get laid.

Julie squealed again,” The limo’s here!” The girls all ran to the window to see a beautiful, white stretch Expedition pulling up. None of them had ever been in a limo before and that, plus the promise of the private jet had cinched the deal. A nice looking man got out of the front passenger door. About 5′ 10″, with sandy blond short hair, he had a nicely trimmed goatee and wore a dark, nicely tailored suit. The girls met him at the door and Sara was surprised to hear a pleasant voice introduce himself as Mr. Storm. Storm was their guide and would be with them throughout the party. Without any cue, the limo driver stepped out of the vehicle and walked over to the bags in the driveway. Each girl had packed an overnight bag only, but with makeup, etc. it looked like they had packed for a long trip. Sara, accepted Mr. Storm’s offer and handed him her bag. “Ladies, your party awaits, please follow me!”

They walked to the limo and the driver opened the back door for them. Country music was playing and Sara could see champagne glasses filled, bubbles moving to the top of the glasses, sitting on the bar. “O my God, a bar!” The girls literally dove into the back and the driver closed the door behind them. Mr. Storm did not get in the back, but walked up front and climbed into the front passenger seat.

The twenty-minute drive to the airport was fun. The girls sipped champagne and talked. They stuck their heads out the sunroof of the limo as they went down the street and Karen even flashed a couple of cowboys that had pulled up next to them. Karen had a pair of D size tits that were just starting to give into gravity, but Karen wore clothing that showed them as much as legally possible. Karen was blond, not naturally, but the guys loved her bleached, fuck me look. Julie on the other hand, had a pair of petite C boobs that had freckles on them, matching her face and bright red hair.

Mr. Storm called back on the limo phone. The girls were surprised at the gentle buzz and it took them a minute to find the phone. Please press the speaker button he said. “Ladies, per your signature that you have read and understand the agreement, that you have entered into, your party is about to begin!” “We will be leaving via the airport on a private jet for Las Vegas.” I have a second limo waiting for you there and a suite at the Palace. Our flight time will be about an hour and we have selected a theme for your party, “School girls casino firmaları gone wild!” We have party clothing on the plane for you and some videos for your viewing along with food and drink. “Sit back and enjoy the drive!”

The limo made a sharp turn and the girls could hear the sounds of jet engines. They opened the sunroof and gasped as they saw a sleek white Lear Jet in front of them. A man stood by the short stairs in a pilot uniform and waved to them. The limo had barely stopped, before the girls were climbing out the side door. Mr. Storm met them at the plane and introduced Captain Johnson as their pilot! “Hello ladies and welcome!”

As the climbed inside the plane, the girls all squealed. It was a dream comes true, leather seats, bar, gold trim, and twinkle lights all around. As the girls bounced up and down in the seats, a tall blond emerged from the back. “Hello Ladies, I’m your stewardess, Diana and I’m here to meet your every need!” Karen flashed a smile and in what Sara was sure was an honest response, “You can meet my needs!” Diana gave her a “I’m gonna fuck you smile, wink and went in the back. The girls peeked around the corner and say a small kitchen area, and a restroom door.

Mr. Storm’s voice turned them around, “Ladies, your bags on stored, the pilot is ready and were going to take off!” Please have a seat and we will be in the air in just a few minutes. Diana reappeared with champagne glasses and handed one to each of the girls, Mr. Storm even took one. Smiling at the gals, he raised his glass and said, “here’s to your party!”

It only took minutes for them to get in the air. Mr. Storm stood up and said, “Ladies, we have clothing for your trip, Diana will fit each of you and get you dressed!” Diana came out with a plaid schoolgirl mini skirt and half clothe top that tied in the front. She handed the outfit to Karen and asked her to stand up. As Karen held the clothing up, she looked at Sara and smiled. Diana produced a pair of black “do me” boots with 4-inch heels and a pair of white fish net stocking. “I also have half bras and garter belts for all of you, so please one at a time, change and come back out and show us!” Karen grabbed her stuff and disappeared into the bathroom.

Mr. Storm turned and exposed a flat screen TV built into the wall. “We have some videos for you, to help set the mood!” The lights went dim and the screen came on. Karen emerged in a bad, bad girl outfit that exposed the top of her fishnet stockings and an inch of garter belt hooks. The top came just below her boobs and the nipples were pointing into the material, through a paper-thin white wire bra. The affect was amazing; Julie jumped up and said, “now me!” As Karen set down, the skirt rode up instantly, exposing her a sheer white thong and a small wet spot. Julie got dressed even quicker and did not bother with the bra at all. Sara was not sure about this, but five glasses of champagne later, she was feeling to good to say anything. As she took her clothing into the bathroom, the TV showed a couple in an embrace, slowly undressing each other.

Sara was a little slower getting dressed. She played with the skirt, trying to pull it farther down. She was sure; her ass cheeks were exposed and could feel a faint breeze on her pubic hair. As she walked out, everyone was watching TV, as a redhead gave a tall cop, one hell of a blowjob. She was sucking him for all it was worth. All eyes turned to her, as she walked into view. Diana’s hand rubbed down Sara’s back and caressed her ass. Mr. Storm smiled with an approving look and told Sara to sit down and relax. The videos were each about 15 minutes long, and the third one was wild. A big party, the girls dancing and stripping for the group. Several girls were doing girls and every guy in the place was getting a blowjob. Sara could not help but notice Mr. Storm looking at her. She glanced down and saw that her skirt was around her waist; sheer thong and garter belt were completely exposed. She looked at Karen and Julie and each of their skirts were high, but not like hers. The final scene had several girls sucking and fucking a group of men and women sitting around them in a circle. In the short skirts, Storm noticed that all were wet.

The plane landed at the Las Vegas airport and taxied to a private hanger. The girls peered out and saw a black Lincoln Limo sitting on the tarmac. Mr. Storm got up and told the girls to follow him. Sara was right behind him, with Julie close behind. Karen was a little slow in getting up and wobbled a little. Diana was behind her and steadied her, with one hand under her skirt, feeling a soft bare ass. Diana’s hand rubbed Karen’s buns and gently guided her towards the door. Patting her bottom, Diana smiled and said, “Enjoy!”

The girls dove into their new limo and the driver took them all around the strip. By this time, Karen was flashing her tits to anyone willing güvenilir casino to look as they drove down the strip and a cop almost stopped them. Their first stop was at a club; Wild Man Review, is what the sign said! The doorman seemed to know Mr. Storm and the girls were escorted inside. Lights danced all around them, as the girls watched several, almost naked men dance on stage. They were led over to the VIP area, looking down on the stage.

Male waiters were dressed in various garb and they got a six-foot cowboy in chaps and Stetson to wait on them. Karen eyed the ‘rodeo man’ up and down and all gasped when her turned around and they saw that the chaps were open in the back and he had on a G String. On returning with the drinks, an up tempo techno song started playing and the cowboy started dancing for them. The girls could look over their area and watch the other dancers on stage, but this cowboy had their attention.

Sara thought that men could not move like this, watching the waiter bump, grind and swivel his hips. Karen was taking particular note of every movement and quickly pulled out $5 waving it in the air. The cowboy was on her lap in and instant, one knee between her legs and his bulging manhood sitting about boob level. Karen stuck the money under the chap’s belt and the cowboy responded by rubbing his growing bulge on her boobs and moving towards her face. Two more men moved into the VIP area and Julie giggled saying that the guys almost looked like the Village People. A hunk in a hardhat and jeans and a guy dressed as a cop came close to the girls. Sara got the cop and Julie got the construction worker.

The cowboy had backed off and dropped the chaps, G String budging and a very, very large object pushing hard against the material. He moved back towards Karen and used his knee to spread Karen’s legs apart. Her skirt rode up around her waist and her thong and a large wet spot was visible to Julie. Sara did not see anything; she was locked on her cop. The first thing Sara noticed was when the cowboy climbed up on the bench, that’s when she realized that Karen had decided to put more money into the guy’s G-String. But the string when moved had revealed a hardened cock that popped out right in her face. Karen apparently didn’t have a second though and grabbed it.

Sara was not sure what to make of her Maid of Honor, fondling the exotic dancer, but then she had her own issues. Her cop was also down to a G-String and climbing into her lap. The girls argued later, who did what first, but Karen was the one that everyone noticed sucking hard on a large 9″ shaft. Julie was a little slower, not sure of what to do with a naked construction worker/exotic dancer. The lights had dimmed in the VIP area and Sara could just make out Mr. Storm watching her in the distance.

The girls felt probing fingers in their panties as the dancers worked their cocks into each of the girl’s mouths. Karen was sucking the guy off for all it was worth. Moans of pleasure could be heard from her, even above the music. Sara was bouncing in the seat as she quickly came in wave after wave; her cop had a nice, easy to suck 6′ cock in her mouth and was stroking her from clit to ass. Julie was in no hurry and played, tickled and stroked the guy’s balls, taking her time and enjoying every moment.

Karen’s cowboy was loud and proud as his cock swelled; he cut loose in her mouth with wave after wave of cum. Karen could work a guy’s cock like an expert and the look on the guys face showed that he was enjoying the professionalism of her talents. Suddenly, Julie’s construction worker came next, surprising her. She took the second and third load on her face, chest and top. The guy put it back in her mouth and she allowed him to fuck her face the last few strokes, burying the shaft down her throat. He used the finger, removed from her throbbing cunt to wipe up the drops of cum from her chest and face and presented the creamy goo, allowed her to lick his finger clean. Karen almost leaned over to help.

Sara became the center of attention as each of the other girls looked towards her as they played with their semi-erect toys. When the cop came, Sara knew it and took him deep into her throat. She was no pro, but knew what her fiancée’ had taught her. Funny thing was, Sara was not thinking about him, just the shaft in her hands and mouth. The cop pulled it out of her mouth and rubbed the head around her lips as the final spurts of cum oozed out. She licked the head and her lips, taking in every drop, pulling him back in her mouth and licking him clean.

With fingered pussys and panties soaked, the guys jumped up and kissed the girls before turning and leaving the stage. Mr. Storm handed something to each of them as they left, looking down at the ‘wanting look’ on the girls faces. He was sure that all three would have fucked the guys right there, but that was not in the plans.

The girls were exhausted already and a little drunk, plus high from a joint they had snuck earlier in the limo. Mr. Storm collected them up and walked them back to the limo. Next stop, the hotel suite for a nap.

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