Back in the Saddle Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Carol

I felt the air leave my gut like a body blow delivered by the Heavyweight Champion. There I stood with the door still open and a manila envelope in my hand. It was no doubt the final divorce papers from my wife, Esther. I was glad that my boss let me have the day off whenever this long trek of a divorce finally came to an end. I called him and let him know that the day had finally come and I needed the day off.

Esther had called this morning telling me that she really needed me to sign those papers as soon as possible. I wondered what was her hurry. I thought that she must have found a reason to move on. She probably wouldn’t tell me if that was the case. But honestly, why was I going over this again in my mind? Of the 5 years of our marriage, the last 4 were headed for divorce. I slowly walked to the couch and dropped the papers on the table.

A million thoughts invaded my mind. Would Esther find someone that she is looking for? She always said that she needed more excitement than I could give her. I picked up the first paper and read out loud: “Divorce Record Report, Plaintiff: Esther Washington, Defendant, Louis Washington. Marriage Date…” I put the paper down as my hand seemed to grow weak.

I sat there for a few moments. The strength came back into my arms as I thought. I mean it ain’t like I didn’t have any prospects. I can’t tell you how many women have been throwing themselves at me since I got married. Once I signed those papers, I would have all the women I could handle. I mean I was still a good looking man even though I had just hit 32. Women say they want a tall, dark, and handsome man, well I wasn’t tall, but as a black man, I had that dark part covered. And I am probably handsome enough at least.

Let’s see, that young aerobics instructor at the gym. I Think she is in college. Talk about a body. She had been flirting with me for years. Well, I haven’t actually asked her out, but I bet I could get it if I wanted it.

And then there was Mary, my divorced co-worker. She is probably in her mid 50s, but she is still attractive. I bet she is game for the swirl. Ok, I haven’t really talked to her outside of work, but hey I have seen her smile at me.

Just last week, I saw three women checking me out.

I said, “Fuck It” and grabbed a pen with a rush of courage. I then picked up the papers and skimmed the parts my lawyer said to be sure of. It seemed that everything was in order. We would liquidate our 401K. My wife, I mean Esther, would get our house and I would get the money. I would have to leave the house in 30 days, but I haven’t been in the house for a few months anyway. I promised Esther that I would be out by today.

So, I signed the papers. Because Esther was in such a hurry, I thought I would deliver the papers to her. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t go over there, but I have to see her face when I giver her the papers. Maybe, she might want to give our marriage another chance. OK, I am living in a dream world, but the divorce had been so amicable, I would just go ahead and let her know that it is done. I probably should’ve called, but hey I do have thirty days to get out of the house so technically, I do still live there.

I left my hotel room, you know one of those executive temporary housing suites that you pay by the week. I drove over to my wife’s, well Esther’s bahis firmaları house. I felt lightheaded at moments as I realized that we would no longer be married. The drive was very surreal. Over to the side I saw the Lansing’s house. Mrs. Carol Lansing, the forty-something wife of a CEO lived there. They tried to get Esther and me to go over to their church. I remember Joe told me that if I found the Lord, it would save our marriage like it did his. I wonder if he was right? Over on the right side is the playground. I remember Esther wanted to move into this neighborhood so that our child could play there, but then Esther decided to focus on her career and we never had any children.

I drove up to the house and got out. In the driveway was Esther’s SUV and Esther’s lawyer’s car. It looked like I wouldn’t even have to mail the package, I thought. My stomach was churning with anxiety as I realized the finality of those papers in my hand.

I always thought that there would be another chance, but Esther never really followed through. I fought back a tear as I sniffled as I rang the doorbell. I waited a few moments and glanced around. I saw Ms. Lansing in a robe gliding towards her mailbox. She was so graceful. I waved, and she smiled and waved back.

I rang the doorbell again and nothing happened. I then knocked on the door and still no one came. I listened and heard what sounded like a little commotion. At that point some adrenaline hit me and I grabbed for me keys, even though I was not to use the keys except In emergencies, I reasoned that Esther must be in trouble or she would have answered the door.

Before I knew it I had unlocked the door with my key and had run into the house. When I got in, I saw Esther bent over the arm of my favorite couch. Her mahogany skin was showing as her ass was in the air. And there was her white lawyer standing behind her vigorously pumping.

I frowned. Esther’s face showed a pleasure that I can’t remember seeing in years. She was moaning softly. Everything seemed to go in slow motion at that point.

Esther’s lawyer, that 40 year old playboy, looked up. I know he saw me standing there, but he had to continue if only for a moment. For a minute he seemed to be taunting me. A smirk grew on his face as he continued to pump Esther. I then yelled, “What the hell are you doing here, get your hands off of my wife!”

Esther jumped and grabbed her robe and stated yelling just as loudly as I did, “What are you doing here, you have to knock or something.”

I then fought back tears. It appeared that I was being played. I said to Esther, “So you and this asshole were planning to take me for all I was worth.”

“No, the divorce had nothing to do with this. But the real question is, ‘What are you doing here?'”

“Well I brought the signed divorce papers, but I need to look closer at them to make sure that you are not taking me for a ride. Me and my lawyer need to go over them.” I said.

“No, come on Louis. This can be over. Just give me the papers so we can be done.”

“Hell naw, I gotta see what you and this fool have been planning.” I said. I then rushed out of the house. Esther ran out after me. She wanted to talk, I assume. I heard her say, “Hold on, don’t be mad, let’s talk about this.”

That could be the title of the damn story of my life, “Hold on don’t be mad.” Why do they kaçak iddaa want to screw with your mind and then want you to be OK with that? I resolved at that point that it was time to take control.

I backed out of the driveway and began driving to my lawyers office.

It was then and there that I realized that I needed to make some changes. Esther is done and now I need to make a new life. I had the sudden urge to fuck the first woman I could see. Not sex, not making love, but to fuck. I suppressed the urge as Mrs. Lansing flagged down the vehicle. I assumed that she had seen everything happen.

I pulled over and let down the window. “Are you alright?” She asked me.

I asked her, “So I assume that you have seen this going on?”

She looked down. “Yes I saw it, I wanted to warn you, but you were too far away.”

I couldn’t help but see Mrs. Lansing’s robe barely covering up her assets. She then said, “If you need anything, let me know.”

I said, “you know what, I think I could use a cup of coffee.” I said.

“Sure, come right in.”

I parked the car and began walking into Mrs. Lansing’s home. I looked back and saw that Esther was standing at the door of our home watching. I figured if Esther could screw a white man, then I am going to screw a white woman.

Mrs. Lansing smiled, “Please sit down.” She said.

I walked over to Mrs. Lansing and said, “Esther really hurt me, and I probably should go now because I don’t want to hurt Joe.”

“No, don’g go, and why would you hurt Joe?”

“Because I resolved that I was going to screw the first woman I saw and you are the first woman.”

“I can’t let you go, we need to pray.” Mrs. Lansing said. “It is not good for you or her for you to just run around having sexual relations.”

“You want to pray?”

“Yes give me your hand and let’s bow our heads.” She said.

“Lord, I ask you to touch Brother Washington and help him to squash the urge to do that which is not best. And please heal their marriage. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” She said.

She then looked at me and said, “Now let me get this coffee.” She turned and when she did I caught a glimpse of her night gown which was under the robe.

I could almost see her small breasts as they pushed against the night gown. But it quickly covered up as she moved.

I took the cup of coffee that she gave me and took a sip. She smiled. Her slender lips formed a perfect smile on her very pretty face.

I then asked, “So how is Joe?”

I hadn’t talked to Joe in a while, but I did know he was always gone. It appeared that it was wearing heavy on Mrs. Lansing.

“He is on another business trip, like always.” She said. She then quickly changed the subject.

We talked for a few more minutes, and I couldn’t help but become more and more enamored with Mrs. Lansing. She was attractive in an understated way.

Recognizing that nothing was going to happen, I then stood up and said, “I…I probably should go.”

I then hugged her. You know one of those brotherly hugs. Carol had a look of shock on her face.

I asked her what?

She then pointed to what was a pretty large erection that was leaving an outline on my pants. I then smiled and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was showing like that.”

Carol’s face then changed to a slight smile kaçak bahis and she said, “No need to apologize, yes, you proably should go.”

I began to walk to the door and she said, “If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to call.”

There was something about the gleam in her eye I rushed to her and kissed her. She then stopped and pushed me away. She said, “No, I can’t, I won’t…”

I stood there looking at her.

Then she looked down again and pulled me to her. We kissed very briefly before she had unzipped and freed me from the confines of my pants. She licked the end as if it were an ice cream cone for a few minutes as if she was thinking about what she was going to do.

Then her indecision was gone as she took the head in. She sucked gently and it drove me wild. I looked down and saw her robe falling by the side. I could then see her night gown fully.

I took my hands down and rubbed her small breasts gently. She kind of moaned as she began to take more and more of me into her mouth.

My knees began to buckle as she continued to work her magic on my large package. I moaned and told her, I have to sit down.

She took me by the hand and led me into a bedroom. I watched her shapely bottom show through the night gown as I followed her into the room.

The room had a twin bed in it and it was made up like a teenager’s room. It must have been her old

She then pushed me down. I laid on my back. I heard her whisper, “Lord forgive me.” As she grabbed my package and guided it into herself. She moaned.

I looked in her eyes and she was no longer Mrs Lansing, the church wife, she was a woman who wanted something and would not be denied until she got it.

She then began to ride me like no one has ridden me since college. Esther was largely just about receiving, but I was now on the receiving end of some intense pleasure as she rocked herself over me.

I could feel her sweat getting more heavy and her breathing getting a little more labored. She began to slouch to the side as I felt that her moment was quickly approaching.

I felt her squeeze against me as She reached her mountaintop. She yelled and stayed there silently for a moment. I looked in her eyes and begin to say something. She had a sad but determined look on her face at that point She said, “Please don’t say anything.”

She then began to ride me again while she said it again, “Please don’t say anything.”

She rode me with abandon. A few more minutes and I was right near the level of my climax.

“I yelled, you are gonna make me cum, you don’t want me to cum do you?”

“Yes, yes….yes…”

I was shocked, but I also understood why so many brothers had so many kids with so many women. If I wanted to stop, I probably couldn’t have.

At that point a full stream gushed out of my member into her. She screeched as it happened.

She then laid down beside me. We were both looking up into the sky. She then said it one more time, “Lord forgive me.”

I looked over at her.

“Joe hasn’t been faithful, I uh…” Mrs. Lansing said.

I then understood. We were two people who just needed a little love today. I began to get up out of the bed when Mrs. Lansing said, “Do you have to go, now?”

I didn’t really have anywhere to be so I laid back down with her in the bed. She kissed me on my lips. I then felt my equipment getting back into gear.

She sensed that and she allowed her hands to explore my body. I then said, “I hope I am up for round two.”

She smiled as she went back to work on my organ.

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