Bad Behaviour Allowed

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The phone rang.

“Do you want to get that, dear?” Sally said to her husband. She was sitting at the kitchen table, chatting with Katya over breakfast.

Her husband, Alex, put down the spoon he was using to make coffee, and scratched his sleep-mussed hair. He yawned. “Not really…”

Sally made a show of straining to get up, “Fine, fine, grumpy-head.” She picked up the phone.

“Hello?…Oh, hey there. How are things? Oh? You know I’m on vacation right? Until Monday? But…hmm. Call him, eh? Alright, I’ll do that. Yeah, I’ve got his cell number.”

Sally put down the phone. “Crap!” She looked at the other two people in the room. “I gotta go make a call. Be right back.”

Alex and Katya raised their eyebrows at each other, but didn’t say anything and busied themselves with small things

Katya looked over at Alex reading the newspaper while standing up at the kitchen counter. “You can sit beside me at the table here, you know. I won’t bite.” She grinned.

Alex looked up at Katya. She had straight black hair down to her shoulders, which she was always trying to pin behind her ears though strands would always coming loose and dangle in front of her face. She displayed her usual happy grin, on the edge of breaking out into laughter, and her bathrobe concealed, but did not completely hide, the voluptuous curves of her body.

“You might not, but you know I’m not a morning person…no telling what I’ll do,” he deadpanned.

They were quiet until Sally came back into the room a few minutes later. Gone was her amicable morning mood, and her face displayed the strong lines of the determined businesswoman.

“I promised I’d call back in a few minutes,” she began. “They just handed me a load of crap and I feel like I’m being forced to take it.

“Donald – uh, a guy I work with, Katya – was at a conference at this resort on the east coast, but he’s come down with appendicitis. They say he needs to get into the hospital now, he’ll be out of commission for at least a week. They’ve scrambled around the schedule, but they still need somebody to be there. And that somebody seems to be me. They want me to leave on a flight at about noon.” Sally frowned.

“The worst part of this,” Sally continued, “is I don’t want to abandon you, Katya. I mean, first Matt, your own husband, backs out of this visit at the last minute, and now your best friend is gettin her arm twisted to abandon you too!”

Katya said, “And I guess Alex is just chopped liver?” She smiled.

“Hehe, no, I just mean…well, I don’t even know when I’ll be back. It’d suck if this is the last that we see each other for who knows how long. Oh! But they did say if I agree, I get another two weeks paid vacation this year! And they’re paying me crazy overtime for this.”

“Well, that’s settled then,” Katya said “You go take care of business, and then you and Alex can return the favour by visiting me and Matt sometime soon.”

Sally turned to Alex. “Can you take a few days off and show Katya around town?”

“Pfft. I could miss a month and they wouldn’t even notice anything until the end of the year.” Alex walked up to his wife and gave her a tight hug, and spoke in her ear, “You go play hero, and we’ll have fun and try to behave.”

Sally drew back, putting her hand on Alex’s chest. “I don’t want you to behave, I want you to show her a good time!” They all laughed.

“Just remember,” Sally continued, “Katya flies out two days from now, Sunday. I don’t want to come back and find you’ve married her and kicked me out of the house. I’d have to switch off to Matt, and I’d get the bad end of that trade, let me tell you.” She winked at Katya and then tilted her head up and kissed her husband on the lips.


“So, what were you guys going to do today, anyway?” Alex asked Katya. The two of them were in a car, driving away from the airport after having said their goodbyes to Sally.

“Um. Art Gallery.”

“Oh.” Alex looked at the time. “If we head down there now, I don’t know how much time we’ll have. It’s the sort of thing you’d want to spend the whole day at. Did you really want to see it?”

“No, not really. Sally wanted to show me some stuff, but I’m not hung up on it.”

“Hey,” Alex said, “in all the stories that you guys told me about what you’d done over the week, I never heard you say once that you just walked around. Do you want to do that? You know, we’ll walk around downtown, look at store windows, walk in a park, eat somewhere…get a real taste of the city, you know?”

“Sounds very neat. But, can we do more than look in the windows, and actually go inside some stores?” Katya chuckled.

“Interesting concept…I’ll consider it.”


They’d been walking around in the warm weather for a few hours when Katya tugged Alex and said with a laugh, “Lookit that store! ‘Female customers get 10% off all dildoes!’ Oh dear, who can resist a bargain!”

Alex began walking towards the adult store. He noticed Katya was following him in small, reluctant steps. He turned back to her, “C’mon, you said you wanted casino şirketleri to take a look.”

Katya shook her head side to side and looked down at the sidewalk. “I…uh…seems kind of awkward.”

“Don’t worry,” Alex said. “I’m sure they get all sorts of nervous, sweaty, trembling people all the time. You’ll blend right in!”

Katya looked up at him, challenging his taunt, “I’m not a prude or anything, you know! I’ve just never been to a store like that before. A girl has a right to be a little nervous.”

Alex put a hand on her shoulder and gave a friendly smile, “C’mon.”

Once inside the store Katya lost her nervousness quickly. She looked over all sorts of merchandise, including getting into a detailed discussion about sex toys with one of the scruffy-looking employees, asking questions that even made Alex blush a little. They left without buying anything, but Katya had an extra bounce in her step as she left the store.

They had dinner on an outdoor patio, with a generous amount of wine. After the sun had set they made their way slowly back to the car. The streets were busy with the Friday night crowd.

Katya spied the flashing neon of a strip club. “Woo, a peeler bar! What a way to end a perfect evening!”

Alex raised his eyebrows but smiled, “You really want to? Okay, I guess we could…”

“No no. No, I was just kidding.”

“You know what? It sounded like one of those, ‘I really mean it’ jokes. To be honest. C’mon, it’s nothing to be scared of. Like that shop we went to earlier.”

“Um…do they usually have women in there? As customers, I mean.”

“Well,” Alex said, “I haven’t been to one in a while, and not many in all, but I don’t think it’s unusual. If anyone says anything about you we’ll kick their teeth in, huh? And then they’ll kick us out, or maybe call the cops and we get to spend the night in jail. Talk about a memorable vacation!”

“Alright, alright,” she said. “You could just give me a little word of support without making me feel like a fool, huh? Let’s go.”


As they drove home, the buildings and lights they passed created an anonymous blur. At a red light, Alex looked over and saw Katya leaning back in the passenger seat, staring out the open window, with one hand between her legs gently rubbing the crotch of her jeans.

She felt his gaze and snapped back, drawing her arm away. She looked down, then gave a sly look back at him, and a sideways smile. “Sorry.”

“Oh, no,” Alex stammered. “Um…be as comfortable as possible. Y’know.”

“It’s just,” she didn’t return her hand between her legs, but did lean back again in the way she had earlier, legs spread, “it’s just all the wine, and then the beer after that, and then the sex, and the warm night…uh, sex show! I meant sex show, of course…uh, it just all makes me…y’know.”

They drove on. The car was quiet.

“So,” Katya said, “what are you thinking about?”


“Of course.”

“Well,” Alex said, “I’m just thinking about the show. They’ve sure gotten more…um, explicit. I mean, all that pussy-on-pussy rubbing…”

“Can I ask you something about Sally?”


“Does she really say what she means, about being bi, and liking women and stuff? I know she always talks…but I always thought she was being silly. You should know, being her husband. You don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to.”

“Um…well, I’m not saying anything about any experience. But as for appreciation from afar, and thoughts and ideas…yeah, I would say she’s serious.”

“Hmm.” They didn’t speak for a while after that, but on the far side, where Katya thought Alex couldn’t see, she stroked a hand up and down the back of her thigh.


At home that evening, they ran into each other again, in the narrow hallway which led off to the bedrooms. Katya had a towel in her hand and a bag of bathroom supplies, and was wearing a bathrobe opened wide and low so that most of her cleavage and the swell of her breasts was visible, though not revealing her areole. Alex was still in his street clothes.

“I’m just going to take a shower,” Katya said, but stopped in front of him.

“Y’know,” she continued, moving closer, “tonight really reminded me of all those times, back when we used to hang out? You know how my parents, and Matt, as well as the people I knew…well, they thought it was a crime to even talk about sex. And I could always ask you about stuff, and you’d be totally honest, but caring too. Well, I mean, I had Sally too, but she couldn’t give me the guy’s viewpoint like you could.

“Thanks.” She kissed him on the cheek, then just drew away just enough that her lips left his skin. In the silent moments, their warm breaths fell on each other’s skin. “You’re a sweet guy.” Katya moved her head in front of him, and then pressed her lips to his. Neither of them moved at all, just holding their lips together.

Finally Alex broke off, and then Katya quickly moved back too.

She looked down at the floor, and said quietly. “I’ll go…I’ll go take casino firmaları that shower now. I noticed you have one of those detachable showerheads. You don’t mind if I use it…to masturbate, do you?” She tried to suppress a giggle, not succeeding completely.

“Huh?” Alex seemed dazed.

“Y’know, use it to play with my pussy. Run the pulsing water over it ‘n’ stuff.” She breathed deeply. “I…I really like that. It gets me off.

“If you want to see another show tonight…I won’t close the door.” She walked off quickly, into the bathroom.

Alex watched her go, and saw that she didn’t close the bathroom door. He hesitated a moment, then quickly made his way to his own bedroom.

Lying in bed he stared at the ceiling. Finally, he got out of bed and walked to his bedroom door, and locked it with shaky hands.


There was a phone call the next morning.

“Sally’s flying back tomorrow,” Alex told Katya. “Trouble is, there’s only about five hours or so between when she arrives and you fly out. The way I figure it, with delays and check-in times, all we’ll be able to do is sit around a coffee shop at the airport.”

“That’s fine. At least I get to see her again,” Katya replied.

They spent the day taking in a few last sights that Katya wanted to see, and buying a few gifts. The prospect of another night on the town was suggested, but quickly dropped by the both of them, as they agreed a quiet night at home would be best.

“This is delicious,” Alex said to Katya. “You didn’t have to bake a cake on your last night here, but I appreciate it. You’re a wonderful cook.”

The dinner had been cleared off the table and there were just a few dishes and coffee cups remaining, as well as a couple of candles burning.

“Why thank you, Alex. Polite as ever!”

“So,” Alex said, “what do you want to do now? I’d suggest going for a walk, but it’s raining pretty hard outside. Hey, you haven’t checked out the home theatre we have in the basement, have you?”

“I saw it when you showed me around the house.”

“Yeah, yeah, but I mean sit down to watch a movie. I mean, I know you can do that anytime anywhere, but unless you have other suggestions?”

“No, that sounds good. Nice and relaxing before my trip tomorrow,” Katya said.

“Alright. Anything in particular you want to see? Actually, I should probably show you what we have in-“

“Actually…” Katya trailed off with a grin.


“You’ve got porno movies right?” Katya saw Alex smile and look down at the table. “C’mon, don’t lie!”

“You don’t really want to watch that, do you?” Alex said.

“Sure I do! You know I’ll never get the chance in a million years at home. Not with Matt The Prude around. I’m curious. You’ve always considered yourself such a erotica aficionado. Win me over with a masterpiece!” She laughed.

“Alright, what sort of…uh…porno do you want?”

“Whatever you think is good.”

“Do you mean what I think is good, or what I think you will think is good?”

Katya sighed with mock exasperation. “And the difference is…?”

“Well, I was thinking you might like something softer. What I like is more…well, extreme isn’t the right term…full-on?”

“Just show me your favourite one, huh? I won’t judge.

“Now, you get your…fuck-flick,” she giggled, “and I’ll just go change into my jammies.”


Alex sat in the leather recliner in the basement, the only light in the room coming from the television. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and turned his head.

Katya wore a see-through baby blue nightie, with fluffy edging around the top and bottom. As she came closer Alex could see that was all she had on. No shoes, no bra, no jewellery, no undies.

He cleared his throat and spoke quietly, “Pyjamas, huh?”

“Yeah,” she said, nothing in her voice to acknowledge how much she was revealing. “I got it from Sally, when we were trying out each other’s clothes a few days ago. She said I could have it.”

She thrust a hip in Alex’s direction, and looked over her shoulder at her back, where the lower curve of her ass was bare beneath the material. “I think it’s a little small though.”

She sat down on the couch, the nightie pulling up so that what touched the leather was mostly naked leg, ass, and pussy. She patted the spot next to her, “Not gonna join me?”

“Uh…I’m alright here.” Alex pressed play on the remote, if only to halt the conversation.

Alex stayed mostly quiet and fixed his attention on what was happening on the television. Katya would occasionally chime in with comments: “I’ve never thought of that position before – the guy holding up the girl upside-down and them 69’ing like that” “What a fuckin’ whore” “Wow, she’s really taking a pounding up the ass, huh? You like that, Alex?”

Alex looked over to Katya, and saw one hand twisting a nipple through the nightie, another between her legs, under the material. She caught his gaze and he saw her lips move, but he couldn’t make out what she said.

“What did you say?” he asked.

She güvenilir casino spoke louder, “I’m not going to raise my voice. If you want to hear me, you come sit over here.” She then leaned over and grabbed the remote for the TV, turned up the sound of the moaning, groaning, and fucking, and then winked at Alex.

Alex, delicately, raised himself up and moved, sitting down beside Katya. She gave a moan of approval and leaned into him. He paid no attention to the screen now, and instead looked down and watched her hand move between her legs.

She began moving her hips in time with her hand. She shuddered, curled inward, and then flinched outward, pressing into Alex’s side while her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth made noise through trembling lips.

Katya opened her eyes wide and looked at Alex. She broke into a huge toothy grin. She giggled, “Oooooh, yeah! That was one good cum!”

She took the hand that was between her legs and moved it under Alex’s shirt, playing with his bellybutton. It left wet traces.

“Doesn’t your cock hurt, hard and trapped in your jeans like that?” she asked.

“A little, I guess. Katya, I’m not sure we should…”

“Shh, shh…” She had pulled his shirt up, and moved her head over his stomach. “Please, Alex. I don’t want to be good tonight. I just want to do what my pussy tells me. Can…can you do that for me?” She rimmed his belly button with her tongue, and then began to lap at his skin, moving toward his waistband. “Pretty please? We’ll just do what we feel like doing.”

It came out of Alex like he was simply exhaling air: “Ok.”

Katya quickly undid his belt, pushing down his jeans and boxers, “Can I suck your cock?” she panted. “That’s something I actually do, sometimes. I think I’m pretty good at it. Matt sometimes lets me. But he doesn’t really like it too much. I have to ask him real nice, and then only sometimes.”

She took his hard cock in her mouth. “Shit!” Alex groaned. “He’s a fucking lunatic! That’s amazing! Keep going, yeah!” He put a hand on her head and began to gently rock his hips.

She slipped her mouth off and then moved down onto the floor, kneeling in front of him.

Katya took his cock in her hand. “Tell me what you want,” she said, then lowered her mouth and swirled her tongue.

“Mmm…you, don’t need to use your hands,” Alex said. “Just put your hands on my legs, use your mouth. That’s nice suction, yeah.

“Up and down, up and down. Can you go deeper? Try to put it deep, yeah.” Alex looked down at Katya, her mouth around his cock, a foam of spittle around her lips.

“Alright,” he said, “why don’t you let it out and go down and lick my balls? Ugh, yeah. Stroke my cock at the same time! Mmm…”

Katya lapped at his scrotum, then took his balls into her mouth one at a time, sucking on them.

“Oh shit,” Alex shifted in his seat. “Ugh, why don’t you…here get your face back up there…yeah, I’m gonna shoot soon, jerk me off! Why don’t you…here, try using both hands, put one down there by the base and one up by the head…ungh”

Katya now kneeled in front of him, jerking his cock with two hands, one on top of the other.

“You wanna cum in my mouth, baby?”

“I wanna cum on your fuckin’ face! Close your eyes and your mouth, UNGH!!!”

Alex spewed cum out of his cock, spurting all over Katya’s face in white gooey streaks. It landed over her forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, and began dripping down her chin.

Alex fell back against the couch, breathing heavily. Katya had put her mouth over the cockhead again, using her tongue to play with the little slit in the head. “Oh yeah, suck every last drop of cum out!” Alex said. She moved down after a bit, slurping over the cock and her knuckles, gathering up trickles of semen with her tongue and lips.

“Is it safe to open my eyes now?” she asked.

“Hold on.” Alex leaned forward, and gathered up a drop that was hanging from her eyelash. He put the finger to her lips, and she rapidly licked it clean. “Okay, now.”

Katya opened her eyes widely, and broke into a grin. There was Alex, in front of her, sweaty, exhausted, and happy because of her. “Did I do you good, Alex? Did you cum off nice?”

In response, Alex leaned forward and, pulling her up a bit by the shoulders, kissed her. Her lips quickly gave way, and they shared a long kiss, sucking on each other’s tongues and swapping saliva. They broke apart breathing heavily.

Katya laughed, “You got cum on your face!”

“I don’t fuckin’ care,” Alex rumbled. He pulled her up into a crouch and then dove at her breasts, sucking at them through the slim material of the nightie. Grabbing and kneading one in each hand, he moved his mouth back and forth, hungrily slobbering over one then the other, sucking with his entire mouth or sometimes biting on the nipple.

Katya hissed through her teeth. “Oh baby, yeah. Mmmm, you’re gonna suck ‘em right through my little nightie. Hungry boy, hmmm?”

“Hungry’s right.” Alex leaned back and spanked Katya lightly once on the tit. “Stand up.”

She did so, and as she spread her legs, Alex, still sitting on the couch, moved his legs between hers. “Take that off,” he said, shucking off his own remaining clothing. In a single gesture she pulled the nightie off and tossed it into a far corner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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