Barbarian Crashes a Wedding

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Back stateside again after a particularly long 6 month contract. And like usual I stop at my favorite Airport Hilton. I check in and shower. I hit up the bar and as always is my favorite bartender, Barbara.

She sees me and comes out from behind the bar, “Hey lovey, how are you?!?” and gives me a big hug. If Babs wasn’t 10 years older than me and committed to her boyfriend of 15 years I would be balls deep in her.

The last few times I’ve stopped in here I have gotten laid in some of the greatest sexual conquests in my life. Tonight seemed like what the military calls a “dry hole”. No luck. The bar is empty and except for the wedding party going on in the same banquet room I first eyed my Madison 18 months earlier its quiet as a tomb. I know what you are thinking, weddings mean bridesmaids, I caught a glimpse of these, not worth the time, effort or load.

Babs must be able to read my mind because she tells me the brides was in here the night before with the bridesmaids. She informs me that the bride was having second thoughts, was worried about getting married and so on. After a couple Jack and Cokes I tell her I am going to call it a night as she is closing up the bar. After the past couple sexual conquests here at this hotel I have gone to a quiet, little known, back patio to smoke a cigar.

So I go to my quiet hiding spot with my mixed drink, cigar, and lighter. I sneak out the back, pull up the over sized deck chair and enjoy some peace and quiet. It rained earlier in the day so I knock the water droplets off of the chair and make myself comfortable in the quiet late summer night. I can see lightening trailing in the distance from the storm that left the puddles on the patio and water droplets on my chair. I light the cigar, take the first big puff and sit back in silent reflection and meditation when I hear the door open.

I glance over and my breath is taken away. Its the bride. Leaning her back against the door, openly crying into her hands. Strawberry blonde, 5’3″, 125, C cup tits in a strapless long white wedding dress.

I wish I would have said something more profound but I was so caught off guard all I could muster was a mumble of, “Holy fucking shit…” with a cigar sticking out of my mouth.

She didn’t know casino şirketleri that I was sitting there because I could see the look of surprise in her eyes. “Sorry.” She says as she wipes away tears and tries to square herself away. “Your cigar smells good.” She says as she tries to steer the subject away from the topic of her dismay.

She failed at that attempt, “Thank you. So as for the elephant in the room, why are you crying?”

She walks over and pulls up a seat next to me. In her emotional, drunken state she ignores the drops of water on her chair. I learn her name is Jessica. A 22 year old paralegal. She runs triathlons and is devoutly catholic. She is 99% positive her new husband, who is 10 years older than her, cheated on her at the bachelor party and may have fucked an ex of his last night. She is worried that she got married because her friends are at the stage they are getting married and worried, well, worried about everything.

As we talk her tears slowly dry and then her frown becomes a smile and then laughter. I can’t tell you how long we talked. It wasn’t long because the cigar was only about 1/4th smoked. It wasn’t until this point in time I realized she is no longer just slumped back in her chair but leaning over and glaring at me with a look even a blind man would recognize.

“Your cigar smells so good. Can I have a puff?”

“Sure.” I hand her the cigar to her and she wraps her lips around it and takes a puff or two.

“Thanks…” She hands it back and we chat longer.

I take another puff or two and she asks for another puff. But she before I hand it to her, she stands up, then nestles her athletic ass right down on my lap. I hand the cigar up to her, trying to hide the shock in my eyes. She takes a puff or two and hands it back. This is how it goes for a couple of minutes. The entire time she is rocking her hips on me.

“I’m not gonna lie, my cock almost hurts right now, you have me so fucking hard.”

“I can tell. Go ahead, pull it out. I’ll let you rub your cock on my panties. We will play ‘just the tip’. That should even the score with my piece of shit husband.”

She raises up and I release my cock. She hikes her wedding dress up and steers my cock to her mound. She starts rocking her casino firmaları hips as we continue to share the cigar. My cock and her pussy are becoming fast friends. The only thing between them are a piece of fabric of her panties. Something like that can’t stop my powerful cock and her beautiful pussy from knowing each other. Through the fabric they mix fluids. Her pussy lips become more and more defined through her panties.

She takes the initiative and slides her panties to the side. Now my cock is nestled between her lips. She removes the cigar from her mouth, looks back at me, “Just the tip, remember.”

I nod in agreement. I’m shocked this is happening and I’m just going to let nature take its course. When she has both hands free she is holding herself up with her hands on the arms of the chair. She is puffing the cigar and she is squatting over my cock.

I can tell each time she puffs, her legs are getting tired. On the this puff in particular she slips down on me just a little, between her tired legs, the heels she is wearing slipping on the puddle and her cock delirious state she loosens her position and slides down on my pole ever so slightly. Not enough that I own her channel but enough that I’m more than just the tip in her. She slides a little further down and my cock head meets a barrier.

“Holy fuck. Are you a virgin?”

She nods, pulls the cigar out of her mouth, “Yes, I was saving myself for tonight.” She hands me back the cigar and has both her hands on the arms of the chair. I expect her to push herself up, possibly off my lap completely. Instead she slides down onto my cock completely. As I rip through her virginity I see her strawberry blonde head kick back and she lets out a silent scream.

I stick the cigar in my mouth and hold her hips. I let her adjust to the feeling of a large cock in her once virgin opening. I see her lower her head and I expect her to stand up in regret. She raises up, and lowers her self again. She squeaks. She raises up and again, and drops again. She does this two or three more times until her pussy is completely used to this motion. She is no longer easing herself onto my cock. The whole time she will reach back for my cigar and take a puff.

Her pussy is tight, painfully tight. Like güvenilir casino a tight, wet vice. I wish I would keep this pace up for hours but she feels so good I know that is impossible. I know if she keeps this up I’ll be cumming very, VERY, soon. My balls are tight, I can feel the load boiling in them. I’m concentrating so intently on keeping my load I forget about the cigar, the cherry is down to my fingers and I drop it when it burns me. It hits a puddle of water under me and hisses itself dead.

I hold her hips and guide her up and down on my cock. I want her to cum, I’m not sure if that will happen though. My need to cum takes over my following actions. I stand us up and turn her around to face me. I grab her ass and raise her up, I lower us onto the wet ground.

Even though just a virgin moments earlier she knows what to do, she raises her knees, bunches her skirt up for me and directs my cock to her pussy. I run my hands over her thighs, over her ceremonial garter, and I hold her hips. My mating instinct takes over I push less than a handful of times and my boiling seed erupts through my cock and hits her fertile, never plowed before womb. All her pussy knows is its job, its job to milk me dry. It doesn’t know that this isn’t her husbands cock. Her fertile womb doesn’t know that its my seed planting inside her, not the seed of who she has committed her life to.

She runs her nails down my back and she screams. I can feel her heart beating, in the moment her top got pulled down ever so slightly and I can see her nipple playing peek-a-boo. She is panting and looking at me in total disbelief.

I stand up and resume my seat. She is on her back, staring up at the night sky. She slowly regains her composure and regroups. She walks over and kills my mixed drink.

Just as she does the door busts open. It’s a bridesmaid looking for the bride, “Jessica, we’ve been looking everywhere for you. Jim is ready to throw the garter.”

“OK, I’ll be right there.” She winks at me and mouths “thank you” and just like that, she is gone forever.

I sat there and pondered what Jim experienced as he went up her dress for the garter. Could he see or smell how I claimed his wife? No idea if she smelled like cigar smoke. No idea if you could tell she was laying on the wet pavement earlier. I never caught her new last name so I have no idea if my seed hit its mark or not. I actually wish the best for her. Maybe I’ll run into her again and we can have a round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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