Beach House Sleepover 3

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As I lay there on top of Alex, my dick still dripping inside of him, I thought I heard a sound. Alex was already fast asleep, obviously comfortable with my semi-hard dick still hilt-deep in his ass. I listened harder. Sure enough, there was the unmistakable sound of footsteps crunching on the driveway gravel outside the cottage. I froze, controlling my breathing, hoping they would pass by.

I stretched my neck to put my lips by his ear, my torso slipping like oil over his sweaty back.

“Alex,” I whispered.

“Hm?” came his sleepy reply.

“I think someone’s coming.”

In the dark, I could just see his puffy lips form a smile. “I think someone already came,” he said, not even opening his eyes. He arched his back playfully, taking the last inch of my dick into his slippery hole. I watched his smug, victorious smile broaden as my dick began to thicken inside him again, and I had to fight my own animal brain to not give in to the pleasure and start fucking him again.

“Alex, I’m serious,” I hissed. “We’re going to get caught.”

Just then, the handle to the front door of the cottage could be heard, the spring giving a series of squeaky clicks as someone tried quite obviously to sneak in undetected.

Alex’s eyes shot open, twisting his neck to look me in the dim light.

“You didn’t lock the door?!”

“Well I didn’t know we—” I stopped myself short. This wasn’t the time to argue.

I put both my hands on his hips, pushing him down into the mattress as I unweighted my hips from his bubble butt, carefully retracting my now-hard dick from out of his anus. As I did gradually so, I could feel him writhe beneath me. With my last inch, my tip flicked up out of his ass like I was ticking his box.

A quick groan from him broke the silence, and my heart almost stopped. A light turned on under the door, and I knew I had only seconds before someone was at the door. With my best side roll, my feet found the carpet. Silent as a snake over sand, I slipped into the sheets of the other bed, just as the shadows of feet reached the gap beneath the door. I lay in bed, doing my best to disguise my panting as deep sleep breaths.

Another shadow, beside the feet. I watched, feeling marginally safer I was in a separate bed.

Did they hear me? Did they hear Alex?

My mind was racing.

But the footsteps faded over the carpet. The light went out, and the door closed behind them.

I let out my breath, and faded into a dreamless sleep.


I woke in the morning to an empty bed beside me, Alex nowhere in sight. I rubbed my eyes, seeing the door ajar with a towel and two face cloths by the entrance. I figured it must have been Mum last night, dropping them off for us.

I tried to get the thought out of my head that she would have heard anything. At the very least she didn’t see anything, but maybe she didn’t have to…

Untangling my legs from the sheets and donning my dressing gown, I made my way drowsily through the cottage, to the bathroom off the short hallway. I could hear the shower running. The door was ajar.

Edging my way inside, Alex’s back was to me, de-soaping his chest with both his hands. Seeing his perfectly rounded ass in the light was enough to twitch my dick into action, and I stood leaning on the doorframe, enjoying the show.

When he was finished with his chest, he bent down, his ass cheeks pressing for a moment against the glass. He took a handful of shampoo, bobbing down with every push of the dispenser. With every squirt, his glutes rounded into a perfect peach, and I even caught a glimpse of his stalk hole.

Coming back up, he slicked the shampoo through his hair, turning away from the water to protect it with his eyes closed. I smiled, silently making my way to the shower door, rolling up my sleeve en route. I waited until he stuck his head under the blast of water before clicking open the door, making as little noise as possible.

He didn’t seem to hear me as I reached down and pumped some shower gel into my hand. God bless squirty bottles…

Lathering my hands together, I gave his wet body another moment of study before reaching around, still crouched, taking his balls and shaft in both my hands. He gave a slight jump as I touched him, before relaxing in the water spray. My hands took turns, milking his slippery meat in an upwards massage, feeling him grow with every passing stroke.

“I was wondering when you’d join me,” he finally said.

For a good few minutes I stroked his dick, feeling every ridge and contour with soft gasps and gyrations until the shower washed away our makeshift lube. He turned the water off. It had gotten over the floor around me and wet the ends of my rolled-up sleeves, but I didn’t mind.

He swept his dripping hair back, finally looking down at me. His dick was fully primed, and pointing at my nose. I bit my lip submissively, staring him in the eye as my mouth slowly engulfed his clean, wet dick. His hard eyes faltered as my cheeks inverted in a hard suck, teasing the tip on the back of my throat before slowly extracting it from that same tight vacuum. I kept eyes with him the whole way, watching his mouth open up a little. I twisted my lips twenty degrees, grinding the length of my tongue against the underside of his fat head as I took his dick in again. This time his abs tensed in a short whimper, and I could see a vein already beginning to form on his forehead.

“Oh my god, that feels so good,” he whispered down at me. My mouth was too busy to smile, instead giving him a stare from my predator eyes as I dared him to fuck my mouth. My tongue slipped down his length once more, taking my time as the whole of it pushed deeper into my throat. I gulped at it a couple of times, using my hand to gently milk the base of his cock. One side of my dressing gown slipped from my naked shoulder as I worked up and down his length. I could hear his breathing tighten, little puffs of air escaping his mouth with a hint of a groan. He grabbed a handful of my hair while I grabbed a handful of ass, pulling apart his cheeks as he pumped his sausage through my O-shaped lips.

“I’m gonna cum,” he whined.

I looked up at his eyes, so weak in his pleasure he looked almost sorrowful. The game was mine. His member was inflated to its maximum in my mouth, and I could feel every curve, every ridge, every vein. I let my tongue give one smooth, slow run up the underside of his shaft, pressurising the wet neck of his glans with the tip of my tongue, and lapping the precum out of his hole.

Then I stopped. I let go of his ass, releasing his dick from my mouth with an eyebrow raised in sassy defiance. He glared down at me, disbelieving.

“Nooo,” he complained, his blue eyes pained and desperate. “Pleeeease, Chris.”

I licked my smug lips, raising him another eyebrow. “Please what?”

“Pleeeease suck my dick, Chrissy. Make me cum.” He ran his fingers gently through my hair. “I want you to swallow it all.”

I rolled my eyes diagonally upwards, pretending to consider it. “Hmmm, and what do I get in return?”

“Mmm, I’m gonna suck your dick for hours. Milk every last drop of cum from you, then roll you over and fuck you — so deep the neighbours will hear it.”

“Ooh, we can’t have that,” I teased, my lips slowly gravitating towards his erection.

“I’ll eat your ass, jerking your fat dick while I tongue-fuck you.” His voice was a low purr, his eyes somewhere between fighting and fucking.

“Oh yeah?”

My mouth was mere millimetres from his twitching, glistening glans. I breathed it in through my nose, my bottom lip casino şirketleri dropping slowly open, my tongue perched visibly inside on the rim. He could barely keep his eyes open as I breathed over it.

“Take it,” he whispered.

I let a few seconds pass, my tongue teetering on his tip. “You’re gonna have to wait,” I whispered back. I gave it a quick kiss and hitched up my dressing gown, sending him a wink over my shoulder as I catwalked out the bathroom.


The whole of breakfast Alex was giving me glances. My parents had brought out the bacon and eggs for our guest, and were happily munching away, talking of news and weather and things that didn’t concern a couple of horny teenagers. I didn’t need to look at him to know he was watching me, tortured. Every mouthful I teased my food, licking the sauce from my lips as I pretended to listen to what my parents were saying, giving a quick “mmhmm” every now and then.

It was only when we were nearly finished that I finally caught his eyes. They looked bluer than ever in the morning light, and glistened with desire. We maintained eye contact for a while, staring each other down as I granted my tongue an especially saucy forkful.

“I don’t know what the fuck she’s talking about,” Dad ranted, shaking the newspaper.

“Don, language!” Mum always wanted to make a good impression in front of the guests. “Sorry, Alex, I bet your family is far less crude around the breakfast table.”

“It’s fine,” he shrugged. “We’re not exactly the best behaved either.”

Certainly not, I thought, smiling at his foot rubbing my crotch under the table.


It was late morning by the time we decided we were going to spend the day exploring — whatever dirty deeds that insinuated. We only had till mid-afternoon before Alex’s mum came to pick him up, so we figured we’d try to make the most of the farmland and good weather before he had to leave.

But as he didn’t have gumboots, we went to my room to see if I could find him a pair of old shoes I didn’t mind getting mucky. As we went in, I could a glimpse of him closing the door behind him. I smiled, ready to tell him that he had to wait. But, he sat down on the bed, giving a couple of bounces and tucking his legs up into a classroom fold. Slightly surprised, I began digging through the pile of shoes in my closet. Dragging out an old pair of work boots, I placed them on the ground before Alex, feeling a vibration in my pocket.

“Try these on for size,” I told him. Feeling the vibrations continue, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see who was calling. It was Lucy, the neighbour. We had been close family friends since we moved into the area. I stood from my squat to accept the call.

“Hey Lucy, what’s up?”

“Hi Chrissy, are you busy today?”

I stole a glance at Alex. He was pushing his heels into the boots, perhaps a little too easily.

A bit big, he mouthed at me. I winked back.

“Uhmm, kind of yes, kind of no. I have a friend over at the moment.”

“Well that’s perfect,” she said, surprisingly elated. Her cheery disposition always seemed to take me by surprise. “We could use a couple of strong lads here today. Jake’s gone and hurt himself, and we could use your big muscles to fork some hay for the horses.”

Jake was her husband. A real farmer boy, with the stubble and plaid to match. They were a young, attractive couple who managed her parents’ farm for them while the pensioners sat inside with cups of tea and a landscape view.

Alex leaned forward, tying the boots, but paying more attention to the crotch that was at his eye level.

“Hmm, I dunno Lucy. We don’t have a huge amount of time today…”

Alex’s hand had found its way to my jeans, smoothing down my upper thigh, ironing the wrinkles right up to the outline of my enlarging, twitching bulge.

“Come on,” she encouraged, a country playfulness in her voice. “You know you want to.”

Alex had unzipped my fly with a ‘whoops’ on his lips. His fingers reached inside, locating my hardening dick with a practised ease, and began to give it some slow, firm rubbing.

“Uh, yeah I want to…” I said, distractedly, only realising my words after I said them. “I mean, I want to, but I don’t know if we can.”

He pulled my dick out through the hole in my jeans, jerking it slowly without even looking up at me.

“It won’t take long. You boys will be in and out in no time. Good exercise for a couple of young, strapping lads like yourselves.”

Alex didn’t hesitate long before lowering my member and taking it in one. My mouth dropped open, and I clenched my teeth to stop myself from moaning.

“Won’t take long. I promise. How about you come and work for half an hour — that’s all — and I’ll bring you boys some of Pappa’s famous homebrew as a reward. If you don’t tell yer Mum, o’course.” There was a wink in her voice, and I knew the face she’d be making. But I was making faces of my own, watching Alex’s puffy lips slide up and down my hard cock, grunting through a full mouth every second pump.

“…That doesn’t sound too bad, does it Chris? What do you say?”

“…Half an hour,” I repeated, my brain spewing out the only piece of information I took in. “Mmm.”

Alex pulled my dick out, biting his lip at me as he jerked my wet dick. He bent down, going from underneath, giving my sack a strong lick before suckling on the lower of my balls.

“Who’s this friend anyway?” I had momentarily forgotten she was on the other end of the line.


“Your friend. City boy, I take it?”

“Something like that.”

“Well then, I’m sure it would be a new experience for him. Not many city folk get to play around in the stables…”

Alex was hungry for it. He licked at the underside of my tip like he was angry at his ice cream, his blue eyes locking into mine like he was snake-charming me. Then he stuffed it deep into his throat.

I grunted, which probably sounded like an affirmation to Lucy.

“Is he okay around horses?” she asked.

“I think he’s just fine,” I murmured back, loving the way he was working his lips right down to the base of my shaft.

“Perfect,” she chirped. “So are you going to come?”

I held back a groan.

“I think I just might.”

“Great! I’ll see you here soon then. Don’t take too long, okay?”

“Oh I won’t…”

“Alright then, catch you in a bit.”

As soon as the line clicked off, I tossed my phone onto the bed and grabbed Alex’s head with both my hands, working my dick in and out of his mouth. His lips wrapped tighter around me, and I whimpered like I was close to crying. With one hand fondling my balls and the other pumping hard against my pelvis, I let slip a high moan. My dick was at full inflation and I knew what would happen soon. But Alex did too. He heard the increasing urgency in my whimpers, the contorted look on my face, the uncontrolled thrusting of my hips… and let go my dick with an exhale, a string of saliva still joining us.

He gave a low, maniacal chuckle, letting the spit string droop till it snapped and clung to his chin.

I whimpered pleadingly, pushing my dick back at his face.

“I got a taste of your own medicine,” he whispered, refusing it, collecting the spit with his finger and wiping it clean on his tongue. I bared my teeth at him, hating him and loving him at he same time. I shoved him back against the bed, my frustrated boner waggling in the breeze.

With a surrendering sigh, I tucked it back into my jeans, and told him the plan with Lucy.

He casino firmaları just shrugged, indifferent. “Okay,” was all he said.


Crossing the paddocks and fences, we finally reached the stables. It was a big, wooden building with huge double doors. The floor was strawed, and had a particularly farmy smell about it, but not unpleasant to my nose. A chain of chest-high stalls extended right down the inside wall. Most were empty, but there was about half a dozen horse heads peeking over the fencing. We found Lucy by one of them, caressing a large, black stallion.

Hearing the sound of our steps, she turned to us with a smile already set. The early 30s woman wore her curly blonde hair down, greeting the tops of her exceptional breasts — the infamous pair tucked inside a stringed tank top. Like most of the horsey girls this side of town, Lucy rocked her usual tight-fitting pair of jeans with high cowgirl boots that must have made for more than just walkin’.

I couldn’t count the number of times I had knocked one out over Lucy.

“Hey boys,” he said, giving us a big ol’ welcoming grin like only a farm lass could. “This is Dingo.”

She only just came up to the top of the horse’s back, stroking his face with a loving look.

“Come say hi.”

We approached cautiously, hoping not to scare it, and hoping it wouldn’t scare us. We reached out together, touching the big guy’s nose with delicate hands.

“Would ya look at that,” Lucy cooed. “Meant to be friends.” She walked over to the empty stall adjacent, swinging open the gate with the flair of an actress.

“And in here is where you’ll be trapped for the next hour.” She winked at me; I could feel my face redden slightly. “I’ve left a couple forks in there for you. Jake’s just bringin’ in a couple bales that just need breaking up, and if you could fork some over the fence into Dino’s pen, well that’d just be lovely.”

We could hear a vehicle of some kind approaching the double doors, and Lucy immediately began making her way over.

“That’ll be him now.”

Tugging one of the doors over the hay, a hatchback-length farm buggy began reversing in, a half dozen small haybales on the back tray. Lucy gave him the signal to stop, and off switched the engine. A handsome, stubbled man of Lucy’s age eased his way off the driver’s seat and onto one leg.

“Hi, boys,” he nodded at us, oozing macho charm that I could only dream of emulating. As expected, he was donned in plaid and denim, but only one shoe. He hopped his way around to extract a couple of crutches that had been tucked in beside the bales.

“Hey,” Alex and I said together.

I took the lead. “What happened to you?”

“Old girl Betsie threw me,” he said, nodding in the direction of the paddocks. “Then stomped on me.”

We must’ve had a look of shock on our faces, because he laughed right at us. “Ah, it wasn’t her fault. Bloody tractor backfired. Didn’t even know she stood on me.”

I grimaced, trying to picture it.

“Anyway, we’ll leave you boys to it,” he said, handing a couple of dark-glassed crate bottles to Lucy, who walked over to put them by the stall. “That’s eight percent of pure appreciation.” He winked, just as Lucy had done, and I had wondered who had copied whom. “Be careful of those ones — they’re elephant beers. Drink ’em slow, m’kay?”

We nodded our thanks, and Lucy shut the door behind them as they left.


The half hour passed quickly. The forking was hard work, but the beer was harder. I was still too new to beer to enjoy it as a beverage, and with the bitter taste it didn’t seem like that much of a reward. But by half a bottle down I could certainly feel it. It was apparent Alex could too. We had both worked up a sweat in the humid barn, and I had pulled off my shirt for the final bale. He was sitting back in a corner pile of hay, watching me with a smile.

“You should be a farmer,” he said, taking a swig from his bottle. “Topless forking suits you.”

“Trust you to be into a bit of topless forking,” I replied, working my back with the next lift. “How come you get to sit down?”

“Because I’m finished.” The last word came out with a bit of a slur.

“Oh are you now?”


“Well I’m not finished, which means you’re not finished.” I kept forking. Dingo had his head over the stall fence, eyeing us curiously.

“We could finish together,” Alex said, then gave a little giggle at his own joke. I shot him an amused eyebrow, watching him as he found a slight struggle in rocking forward onto his feet. He came up to Dingo, stroking his cheek and giving him a sniff of his beer. Dingo flared his lips, trying to grip at the opening for a taste.

“Nuh uh, not for you big boy,” said Alex, putting his face right up to the animal, and making noises at it like he was squeezing a baby’s cheeks.

“You love it, huh? You want a taste of my beer?” he licked around the rim sensually, tilting the bottle up for another gulp. I rested on my fork, unable to shovel any more due to the two party animals in my way.

Suddenly Alex gave a hoot of laughter, scaring the horse to the other side of its stable.

“Hey Chris, check this out.”

I leaned my fork in the corner and walked over beside Alex. It was quite obvious at that point that Alex was staring at its dick. The horse had produced a sizeable erection, and actually impressed me more than anything else. The pied shaft drooped down at 45 degree angle, and if it began at my elbow, it would probably go past the tips of my fingers.

“Damn,” I said aloud. “That’s a biiiig dick.”

We stood there for a minute, just watching it. We timed an appreciative swig together.

“Makes me kind of horny,” said Alex. “Kind of want to suck it.”

I shot him an incredulous look. “Dude, it’s a horse…”

“Only a little!” he defended. “Besides, what’s so wrong about sucking horse dick? Horses need loving too…”

“Well for starters, they’re probably crawling with diseases. Anyway, how do you know the horse wants to have its dick sucked?”

“Why do you think it got a boner?”

I didn’t have a reply for his sassy, drunk logic, and we both looked back at the horse dick for a moment.

“Dingo ding dong,” I mused, appreciating my own wit. I went for another swig, almost spitting it out as I felt a hand rubbing me through my pants. By the time I had lowered the bottle my dick was already hard, my breath already shaking.

“We can’t do this here,” I said quietly. “What if they come back?”

Ignoring my words, he moved around behind me, unbuckling my belt. His breath was hot and distracting on my neck, and I didn’t stop him.

Without hesitating, he yanked my pants right down to my ankles, his hands on my hips as he rocked his boner into the soft fabric in the crack of my arse. His hand found my hard dick, webbed in my underpants. He rubbed it, a little harder than his usual delicate touch, but I had caught his horniness and embraced it with a restless gyration.

There was a sudden noise, and I threw myself at the fence closest to the door, hitching my pants halfway up my thighs. But it was nothing; maybe the windy knocking of a branch against the shed weatherboarding. I relaxed, hearing Alex laughing from behind. He had fallen or been knocked onto his back, giggling with delight. He rolled over onto his knees and crawled towards me, pushing my butt up against the fence with his hands as he ripped my pants down again. This time, he pulled my underpants down too, which made me feel extremely naked güvenilir casino in the openness of the shed. I gripped onto the railing as Alex’s hand found my boner again. Feeling it dry, he spat into his hand and used it to lube up and down my dick. I gave in to the feeling, loving the slow, slippery motion that stroked up towards my tip.

Before I knew it, Alex’s face was between my butt cheeks. I was going to protest, but as soon as his tongue touched my hole I was speechless. Waves of pleasure came over me as his tongue pressed into my anus, circling around my sensitive area before sticking the tip right in. I almost gave a squeal in surprise as the pleasure overwhelmed me. I arched back, my cheeks naturally spreading as I pushed my ass into his face. Up and down he went, lapping viciously at my hole as my whole body shuddered in bliss.

“Got hayfever?” came Lucy’s voice. My heart stopped, and I jumped to attention as Lucy picked a bridle off the floor. I just stared at her in a state of shock.

She laughed. “Sorry to startle you, hun. You just looked like you were ’bout to sneeze, that’s all.”

I realised she couldn’t see Alex behind the fence. In fact she could only see my neck, face and hands at the angle I was bent at.

“Oh… Er, yeah. I — I thought I was… going to sneeze. I think you scared it out of me though.”

I could feel Alex’s face creeping back between my arse crack. I tried to swat him away without drawing suspicion, but he just gripped me tightly and let his tongue trace the inside of my buns.

“Where’s your friend gone?” she asked, pulling a saddle off the wall.

“He… went to the bathroom,” I managed to lie, feeling his tongue inching its way inside my asshole.

She gave another laugh. “Those beers’ll do that to ya. I told him to give you something not quite as potent, but he said you fellas were old enough to handle it…”

Alex’s hand clamped around my boner, jerking it. I gave the slightest whimper. Just then, Lucy dropped one of the reins she was holding, bending over in her tight jeans to pick it up while Alex jerked away at my cock. Her ass was so perfect, so round, and I could see the bulge of her tits between her legs as she gathered up the equipment. When she came back up I think she noticed me staring — a curious look in her eye.

“Say, Chris, how old are you now?”

The question took me by surprise. So did Alex’s tongue forcing its way deeper inside. In that moment, my brain scrunched up, and I smacked my fist down on the fencepost to stop myself from moaning.

“Eighteen!” I yelped, causing her some alarm at the snappishness of my response.

“Well alright then,” she said, suppressing a smile.

I wasn’t yet eighteen, but I wasn’t far off. She didn’t need to know that.

In and out went Alex’s tongue. Out of Lucy’s sight, my knees were losing control, knocking together as Alex gorged himself on my back pussy. I tried my very best to control my eyebrows and mouth, but it must have looked very much like I was about to cry.

Lucy studied me curiously for a moment, then started admiring the rafters with a deep, stretching breath, exposing her chest to the room. I used the moment to soak up her big, lovely breasts with my eyes — already inside her shirt and pants in my mind, so desperately wanting to fuck something as uncontrollable pleasures from my dick being pumped and ass getting moistened were driving me to my deepest animalistic desire.

“Well, that half hour must be up soon,” she said, returning from her yawn. “You boys are free to come and go as you please.”

She took her items and headed towards the door. “Oh, and if your friend doesn’t have to leave, you’re both welcome to come up for a drink later if you want. Got things other than beer if that old brew ain’t your taste.”

“Thanks,” I managed to say, sounding relatively normal considering the tongue rotating inside my ass.

She gave one more smile before slipping out the door. I held it in for almost two minutes before giving in to the tongue-fucking pleasures.

“Ungh, yes,” I groaned, gripping the banister with white knuckles. “Fuck me like that. Unghh.”

Alex gripped my ass harder, drilling into me as I writhed and pushed back into him with every tongue punch.

I let out a louder moan, no longer contemplating noise.

Alex pulled his tongue from my ass, shuffling around behind me as I draped over the edge of the stall, panting. I glanced over my shoulder, catching him spitting into his hand. His pants and boots were already off, as was his shirt, and he wasted no time coming up behind me, sliding one hand over my sweaty chest while the other directed his cock at my hole.

“Oh fuck me, Alex. Put your big fucking dick inside me.”

My voice was high, pleading, submissive. My knees were together with my naked ass pushed back towards him, my feet cuffed together by the pants round my ankles.

“Give me your dick. I want it deep.”

I whined involuntarily as his tip began to stretch my hole open. He put his hands on my hips, his lips to my ear.

“You want me to fuck you, hmm?” His breath was hot on my ear, and his lips nibbled gently on my lobe as my body arched back to take in more of his dick.

“Please. Please fuck me.”

“Please fuck me, who?”

“Please fuck me, Al—uuungh!”

Alex shoved his dick deep into my ass with an aggressive thrust. He grunted as he did so, like a caveman fucking its prey.

“Fuck!” I cried, pushing my ass back against him as his whole member stretched out my colon. Without slowing down, he unsheathed his dick from my ass, almost entirely, then stuffed it back in.

I gasped, losing my breath entirely, then screamed out in pleasure. “Fuck! Fuck yes!”

He clamped his hand over my mouth, his other hand pulling on my shoulder to get maximum thrust. He pulled his dick out, waiting for my sphincter to close up a bit before stretching it open with another tight thrust. Muffled at the mouth, I began to weep from pleasure, his pelvis slamming against my ass cheeks as I took every inch of his dick. I moaned into his hand with every thrust, kissing and licking at his palm without thinking. He leaned over me, his sweaty chest on my slippery back, and his shoulder hand instead wrapped around my dick once again. From there, his slow, hard thrusts came quicker and quicker. Our balls collided, again and again, as he squeezed his dick upwards into my rectum. He groaned with me, grunting with my cries. His pelvis and balls slapped against me like a heartbeat, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

He removed his hand from my mouth, gripping my waist with all his fingers as he went deeper, faster, harder, and I knew his cock was inflated to the very maximum as we romped violently against the stall fence.

“Unnh, I’m gonna cum,” he groaned in my ear, tonguing it with whimpering shudders. I could feel the whole length of his dick pumping into me, and I knew I was close too.

Faster, harder, the groans between us grew louder, until finally he gave one strong, deep thrust, pulsating deep in my colon. The pleasure boiled over for me as his hard cock throbbed in my ass, and I gyrated my hips desperately back into him, my legs shaking, squirting my own cum all over the wall as he pumped spurt after spurt inside of me. Both of us moaning gently with each fading throb, I gave another couple of slow, nasal moans, squeezing the final squirts out of his hard dick as he held me around the waist. I turned, and our lips found each other’s, sucking and pressing together as his still-hard dick continued pushing in and out of me.

We broke apart, staring at each other’s lips like lazy lions after a feed.

Then I noticed it.

Someone else was in the room.

My head jerked in the direction of the door, and there stood Jake, leaning on his crutches with his mouth open.

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