Bear Women – Pam

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This is a series of stories about the women of a company that uses a paw print as its logo. I make no representation as to the truth of these stories or who they may or may not represent. Chronologically, this appears between “Anna” and “Anna and her daughter” but stands alone as well. Medically, it is a precursor to “Caroline.”

I returned to work on Monday morning and found an e-mail from the company nurse asking me to come to her office for some medical screening and lab work at 5:15. I was surprised about how late the appointment was, but when I called to ask about that, I got her voice mail and figured it was just a busy day and that was when she could get me in.

I first met Pam when I was hired and she was easy to remember. Although she was only about 5-4 or so, she always wore heels which made her appear taller and, of course, tightened and raised her butt. She had medium length dark hair, and was not skinny, but not yet fat either; maybe sort of full figured in a shorter body. Of course, with that fuller figure came a set of large breasts, which she held quite secure in bras that were very firm, but also gave her impressive cleavage that she was not reluctant to show in her choice of clothing.

I walked into Pam’s office right at 5:15. She rose from her desk wearing tan tactical pants and a button-down blouse that was struggling to contain her breasts. The buttons were strained to the point of either popping off or popping out of the button holes.

“Thank you for coming in so late.” She said pleasantly as she reached over to the counter and picked up a container and one of those hospital gowns. “Why don’t go to the bathroom across the hall, take off your clothes and put on this gown. While you are in there, give me a urine sample too. I’ll get set for the rest of the exam.” I said ok and went to the bathroom. I had no idea why I would need to get undressed for the exam, but I figured there was some purpose in it. I fought to find a way to tie the gown around me to provide some coverage.

I returned with the gown wrapped tight around me and the container full in just a few minutes. Pam was now dressed in a lab coat that was absolutely tight on her entire body and forced her breasts up and out so that her areola’s had to be just below the white fabric. I was used to seeing the tops of her breasts in her normal clothes but this made them almost scream at me.

“Please step up on the scale,” she directed. I walked over and stepped onto one of those gym scales where you had to balance the weights. I moved them myself while she looked and wrote the results on the “Physical Exam” document on her clipboard.

“Please sit at on the end of the exam table,” she said sweetly. Pam took her little flashlight and checked my eyes while I looked straight ahead. She checked my ears, then held down my tongue with a depressor while she looked down my throat. She pulled her stethoscope out and listened to my heart and lungs. When she was listening to my chest, her hand brushed one of my nipples, causing further stirring in my crotch. That was followed with blood pressure and she wrote all the results down on her form.

She came back with the blood sample tray and pulled my arm out to prep for a blood sample. After she wiped the area with the prep pad, she tucked my wrist up under her arm to hold it firm while she stuck me with the needle. That pushed her breasts up even more and also placed them just inches from my face. I felt movement in my crotch and glanced down to confirm what I felt: my cock was now fully hard and clearly tenting the stupid hospital gown.

When she completed filling two tubes, she released my arm. I thought I caught her looking down at my crotch and smiling, but she turned away quickly.

“OK, Steve,” Pam said with her back to me. “Could you please stand up straight in front of the table?” I hopped off casino şirketleri the table stood there as she turned towards me. With her heels, she was about six inches shorter than me, but firm and fully packed.

“I’ll need you to pull up your gown for me,” Pam told me. That was not something I really wanted to do in my present state, and I did not see any need for it

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Pull pull up your gown for me,” she said slowly. “I need to inspect and take some samples in your genital area.” She held up some swabs to illustrate her point. “This is a standard part of the exam that has been requested for you. And it’s not like I have not seen this stuff before. But if you really want, I can reschedule you for next week when the doctor is in.” The part-time company doctor was a 50-something, very obese woman. Given the choice, I would rather expose myself to Pam.

I slowly pulled my light blue gown up and exposed my hard dick pointing straight up and my ball hanging underneath. I watched Pam’s eyes as they took the sight in and heard her inhale as her eyes widened.

“You are circumcised,” Pam noted. “That is a real good thing as it reduces the chances of diseases and other problems. If you were uncircumcised, I would need to check under your foreskin in a couple of places.” She took my shaft in her cool hand and quickly swiped one of her swabs in the crease just behind the head of my cock. By the time I realized she had done it, she was capping the swab and setting it aside.

“This next sample may not be so comfortable,” she said softly. She again grabbed my hard shaft, this time at the head. She squeezed enough to open the tip and slid a small swab into my urethra. It burned a bit but she was gentle and it was over quickly.

“What was that for?” I asked, getting a little peeved. I have never had this kind of exam before.

“I have been requested to give you a complete physical and screening by one of the VPs,” she said defensively. “And this is all part of that protocol. That swab checks for diseases in the urethra that may not show up on the urine screening. Next we check for a hernia.” At least that was something I was familiar with, except that she was going to be pawing around my balls. She grabbed my testicles and told me to turn my head and cough. My dick twitched at her touch, which I am sure she noticed. I was starting to realize that she was doing all this for her own pleasure as much as her job. I coughed on command as she checked but sides.

“Do you periodically check your testicles for a lump?” she asked. I shook my head in the negative and she gave me a short lecture in testicular cancer as she grabbed each ball gently but firmly and rolled it around in her fingers. As she was delicately examining my nuts with her fingers, my body was reacting even more to this good looking, middle aged woman playing with my body. When she was through checking my balls, my cock was pointing straight up at her and throbbing purple.

“I don’t feel anything abnormal here,” she said, and wrote that down on the chart as well. “Two more samples required…I need a sperm sample.”

“How will we get that?” I asked, this time with a smile. I realized this exam was for her benefit as well and was starting to relax with it.

“Either you can go to the bathroom and fill the tube,” she held out a tube to make her point. “Or I can assist you.”

“I’ll let you assist me,” I said boldly, wondering how she would do this. She took an alcohol swab and wiped the entire head of my cock. Then, to my surprise, she unbuttoned the top of her lab coat, and her breasts exploded into view. They were obviously enhanced, but not overly done so they maintained just a little sag. They were beautifully soft and full, with nipples that were as erect as my cock. Keeping the tube in her hand, she squatted down in front of casino firmaları me and placed her breasts on either side of my cock. Pressing them together, she began to milk my cock with her soft breast flesh. She looked up at me brazenly.

“Warn me when you are ready,” she said huskily. I knew this would not take long because the view was great, the feeling was great, and she obviously knew what she was doing and had been doing to me since I got here. I so much wanted it to last but my body was ready in moments.

“I think…” I grunted. She quickly released her breasts and wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft and jerked me off into the tube as my body pumped out my semen. She milked out everything I could produce at the time, capturing almost all of it in her little sample tube. When I was done I leaned back against the exam table as I tried to catch my breath.

She smiled at me as she stood up. She examined the tube in her hand and noticed a little semen on her finger. She brought her hand to her mouth and licked my cum drops from her hand, then smiled at me with a dreamy look.

“Tasty,” was all she said. But the way she said would have made any man hard, with a low husky voice that seemed designed to talk to you genitals. She walked over to her desk and closed up the sample tube and labeled it. She did some more paperwork and then turned back towards me with a new bunch of stuff.

“The last exam and sample is a rectal exam & stool sample,” Pam said with a smile. Her breasts were still hanging out and I was so transfixed by how they moved and shook that her words did not register right away. By this time it didn’t matter what she asked of me as she knew I would be totally submissive to any further requests. She told me to lie down on my back on the exam table. I felt a little foolish lying there with my thick but soft dick lying on my thigh oozing the remnants of my last orgasm. I heard the sound of medical gloves being stretched over her hands.

“Steve, please put your knees up and spread your legs,” she asked softly. As I did so, Pam sat down on a rolling stool and rolled up to a spot between my legs, where she was at eye level with my hairy asshole.

“I’m going to insert my finger now,” she said breathlessly. “Try to push a little like you are having a bowel movement.” I felt the cold lubricant touch my anus and then her finger started to enter my butt. It felt different but sort of pleasurable in a way. She stuck it in until I felt the knuckles of the rest of her hand against my butt. I watched as she slowly pulled her finger out and wiped it on a white piece of cardboard. I assumed that was the stool sample but did not have time to think about it as her finger went right back in me.

She explored everything she could reach inside my bowel. It was becoming very pleasurable and my dick started to come back to life. She started pumping me with her finger as she intently watched my cock grow just inches from her face. When it was fully erect, she took her finger out of my ass. It left an empty feeling and I moaned as she peeled her gloves off.

“No worries,” she said in her low sultry voice. “I have something else for you now. She dropped the gloves and unbuttoned the rest of her lab coat and let it fall to the floor. Seeing her full body, I could see she was 15 to 20 pounds overweight, but it was well distributed with only a small stomach bulge. Her thighs were thicker than they should be as well but wrapped in her lace-top stocking they looked ok. She was actually quite sexy in a slightly rubinesque sort of way.

She took a foil package from the side table and tore it open. She took the condom out and started to unroll it onto my hard cock. The entire time she did this she said not a word, but looked into my eyes, watching my reactions.

I laid back and watched as climbed up on the exam güvenilir casino table and straddled my hips until her pussy was directly above my jutting penis. Reaching down between her legs, I grabbed grasped my cock and adjusted it until it was sticking straight up and pointing at Pam’s wet and swollen pussy lips. Pam adjusted herself so she was stable, then lowered her hips and sank her body down until her cunt lips were rubbing against the tip of my cock.

Her eyes closed slowly and she smiled as she settled her vagina down over my condom wrapped cock. With my cockhead filling the opening of her pussy, she clenched her eyes tighter and let her weight push down until my cock was completely buried up inside her pussy. I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of Pam’s pussy riding on my cock. I was really mesmerized by the way her full breasts moved back and forth as she moved. Sometimes she would pump herself up and down, but then she would change and grind back and fourth, using my cock to stir her pussy like a paddle stirring cake batter.

Without warning, she pressed forward hard and then froze for second. Her face screwed up like she was in major pain. Then she shuddered and fell forward onto me. I had expected much more warning from her before her orgasm! I held her while she caught her breath, feeling her breasts crushed against my chest. I caressed her back with my hand, even rubbing my hand over her firm ass. After a few moments, she raised her head and looked at me.

“Sorry I didn’t wait for you,” she said. “I guess I was a little horny.”

“It’s ok,” I answered. “I’m still ready to go.” I flexed my hips a little so she could feel that I was still hard and still inside her.

“Let’s see how long I can make this last!” Pam said with a sparkle of mischief. She pushed herself back up so she was sitting on my hips with my cock buried deep inside her soaking wet pussy. She pressed her cunt down onto my prick the head of my cock was pushing against her cervix. I saw her smile at me and then felt her pussy squeeze down on my cock. She had such control of her muscles that she was massaging my prick without moving her body!

I forced myself to maintain control and held my body perfectly still for several moments while Pam’s cunt massaged my prick. I felt tension built up between us as she worked her pussy muscles over my hard cock. The first person to move would loose, but of course I knew we would both win in the end. I tried to be still but it was like getting a hand job by her pussy. Final I could no longer be passive and reached up and pulled her hips down on me as I pushed my pelvis up. Then I lifted her upso I could thrust into her again. My prick came half way out of Pam before drive back in again. Pam was already fucking back at me. She raised her hips and lowered them, matching my rhythm so that our groins slammed together on each stroke.

We started slowly at first but our sex gradually built up speed. It was obvious that we both were experienced lovers and knew how to provide pleasure to our partners as well as ourselves. We sped up, and then we slowed again. Pam put her hand on my chest and was till, allowing her pussy muscles to give my prick another cunt massage. I paused to enjoy the feel of it and picked up a slow thrusting rhythm again.

I heard Pam moan, a long cry of desire. I forced my hips to speed up as I sensed that we were both ready for our second orgasm, this time together. The base of my cock slapped against Pam’s cunt each time as I drove my shaft into her. Pam was pumping her hips in the opposite rhythm to me, slamming down as I was pushing up.

“Oh God…..Oh God,” Pam cried softly. She obviously was not a screamer as her orgasm started. She bore down hard and a ripple sort of squeeze ran up and down my cock as I felt her orgasm occur inside her body. That was all it took to make my hips jerk up sharply as the warm flow of cum burst out of me and into the condom.

I grunted as I grabbed her and pulled her onto me, trying to shoot as far into her as possible, pure animal instinct. Pam collapsed on me again, only this time both of us were spent.

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