Beautiful Blindfold pt 2

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Beautiful Blindfold pt 2
Sarah grabbed for her prize and it wasn’t as if David would have resisted in any case but with her being angry just a few moments ago he knew it might not be the time for her to grab his cock. Her anger would definitely be communicated into what would only be considered a torturous blow job. Forcing her to sit on the steps, David was concentrating on relieving her stress. He quickly buried his face into Sarah’s warm wet quim. Delicious was the only word that came to mind for David, before Sarah he only performed this act in reciprocation but with Sarah her pussy was just as tasty as her lips and nearly as responsive. She didn’t fight it and he went at her lips with the abandon of a starving man on his first meal in weeks.

Sarah clamped down on his head between her thighs. They were soft and yielding so the pressure was what you’d expect from to soft pillows. Sarah tensed and had a series of small tremors that seemed to shake her body from her knees to her shoulders. But what he looked forward to was next, she started trying to push his head away, repeating, “please, please, please…..”. He knew she wanted him to stop his relentless tongue assault. “Just tell me what you want me to do,” David whispered enough she could hear.The build up was there, he had one finger in her ass, his mouth and chin in her pussy and the other hand reaching up and alternating from one breast to another. Sarah didn’t have the strength to resist or say nothing more than “please”. Every portion of her body went stiff, her legs went straight and her hands grabbed what little hair David had left on his head to hold on for dear life. Sarah was a squirter. She let loose with the force of a 20 foot waterfall. Dousing Davids face, shirt, floor and the remains of her night gown.

Sarah’s tension completed a seal over Davids face, he swallowed and closed off his nasal passages to avoid aspirating on her release. She was tense for what seemed like a good 30 seconds, but David had already been holding his breath knowing she was going to cum soon. A little panic ran through his mind wondering if he would pass out or start choking before she was finished. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri If she even had a hint that he was uncomfortable, Sarah had said it would be the last time she would allow him to do it. Just as quickly as she clamped down on his head she released. She didn’t move. David was again able to breathe. Sarah was breathing which was good, she was flush red from her orgasm but laying limp on the bottom tier of the stair well in front of the door. David looked out the door and saw the neighbors swinging on their front porch with sweet tea and a neighbor kindly picking up after the mess his dog had made on Sarah’s front lawn. The neighbors from across the street gave no indication they heard or saw anything. David feeling a bit brazen started his own satisfaction.

Moving up slightly he played his dick along her wet and well lubricated vaginal opening. Knowing she liked this he played this way a little as she started to breathe more evenly. Without opening up her eyes her arms wrapped around David and she pulled him in close for a deep kiss. She loved the feeling of being entered as she woke. She stated on more than one occasion she loved to taste herself on David lips. David may have only been 6 inches, and with some coaxing from Sarah could reach a bit longer but his girth is the part that she loved best. It stretched her nicely and she could feel every bulging vein and said she could feel its pulse as well in her pussy as with her mouth. It took a few tries but given her lubricated status he slipped in rather easily and proceeded to build rhythm and angle. She was extremely sensitive and receptive. David knew she wouldn’t last, Sarah had a hair trigger and loved using it to her advantage. David on the other hand suffered from retarded ejaculation and regretted not working on his dick while he was eating her pudding. She was building up quickly and he started pounding her hard, the only draw back was trying to meet up with her or hope to come soon after.

Davids fears were realized, she came quickly but instead of being done she repeated, “please”. David was nothing if not a gentleman güvenilir bahis şirketleri and kept up the pace to fulfill her request. Spurred on by her request he resumed the plunging motion into her pussy. She tensed and came yet again. He went to pull it out but she locked her legs and told him “no, inside. I want you to cum inside me. I want you to fill me up.” This was a problem, he didn’t want to get her pregnant. Not just yet, although it was one of his daydreams to see her belly filled with his c***d he was afraid it was too soon. He wasn’t wearing protection, she knew it. Not enough time to think about it before. He looked into her soft green eyes and he couldn’t resist. It spurred on his pace and he could feel the pressure build. Sarah started repeating, “please, yes. Please, please…” Sarah’s request and his thrusts were beginning to match in rhythm bringing him close. Her legs locked on his lower back as he released. Stars. He saw stars. It feel amazing to release in her. Sarah would be the first woman he ever delivered his seed into without a condom to catch it. It felt right, it felt natural and it felt welcomed by the woman he was admittedly in love with.

David and Sarah laid there in the pool of their combined juices, panting and feeling satisfied, for what seemed to be the first time ever. The veil of satisfaction slowly lifted as the warm southern breeze caressed their skin from the front door. Sarah, however quickly stiffened. “What time is it?” With a rush of reality they realized they were distracted and would be expected more than an hour ago at the family farm. Sarah barely said a word and darted the stairs naked and jiggling all the way. David just loved to watch her naked, even more thrilled that she was running and caring less if she was showing all of her sexual benefits as she ran.

David had barely cleaned up the pool of juices on the floor with Sarah’s ruined night shirt and some towels he pulled from under the kitchen sink when Sarah descended the stairs in a loosely fitted shirt and skirt that went to just below her knees. He was impressed that she could be dressed so quickly and even get canlı bahis şirketleri a bra on over her abundant breasts.

“We gotta go”, Sarah was breathless, “we still have to pick up the salads from Mimmaw’s house.” It was after 12 and the sun was high, the cicadas were chirping away. It was hot, humid and stagnant. The breeze of a few minutes ago was already gone and David was already missing the cool air from inside the house. “Did you count the chirps,” Sarah asked breathlessly. “No, why?”, its an old natural way to get an idea on how high the temperature is during the day.” David really didn’t care at this point the sweat was already dripping down his back. He could see Sarah thinking as he heard the chirping in the trees. “96, give or take”, Sarah finally felt confident. This was not going to be a pleasant experience in the field or the barn, David enthusiastic to help was quickly loosing his resolve.

Pulling up to Mimmaw’s apartment Sarah stepped out of the car only to jump right back in, “We should go on”, she said, “Mimmaw has her plastic canvas on the door.” David was a bit dumb struck, rushing to get here to get the salads for the family picnic and knowing there would be some hungry people already working. “Oh, family code, when Mimmaw has her plastic canvas on the door she’s entertaining. It helps avoid embarrassing situations.”  David was both repulsed and strangely curious at the same time. “Isn’t your Mimmaw near 90?”

“No, she’s 85. Her latest boyfriend is 57. He’s a farmer from the next town, Jack. They were sweet on each other since he was in his 20’s. It was so cute. But now he can get what he’s lusted after and she gets a man who can keep up, with a little help from a blue pill.” Sarah, was both laughing and matter of fact about the whole thing, “They’re both a widow and a widower, finding each other just after his wife of 22 years passed”. Having met Mimmaw at nearly every event and Holiday since he and Sarah met, he found it difficult to picture the attraction. But as he grows older he’s realizing sexual needs don’t really go away, they change and slow to a certain extent but most of the time he even feels more sexual tension now than when he was a teen, it’s just now he knows what he can do and what takes a little creative effort.

With the sun near the height of the day, there was little time but to take the lunch they had to the barn and help the harvest. David was sure tongues would wag since they were so late.

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