Bedtime Blow Ch. 02

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[Thanks to the readers of my first story for your positive response. Here goes the second chapter. Apologies for not numbering the first story. Please refer the first story, “Bedtime Blow” by Gunvor, if you haven’t already]

Recap: Siblings Nidhi (26) and Raj (23) are stuck at home in Covid lockdown. Since Nidhi’s wedding is delayed, she looks for carnal satisfaction with her usually subservient brother Raj (with whom she shares the bed) while he sleeps. Before long, Raj finds out and she ends up blowing him in the night. This story follows the events of the next day.

The display on Raj’s cell phone lit up as he punched in his password to unlock it. He turned off the alarm which still had a couple of minutes to go off.

Excited by the events of last night, Raj’s sleep had been light. His eyes opened up to find his sister still dozing off with her back turned towards him. Wishing to not wake her up, Raj switched off his alarm and allowed his hands to rest on Nidhi’s big booty. Like her chest, Nidhi was bestowed with a stout junk, which was pressed tightly against her pyjamas with her legs stretched out.

Raj’s hand fell short to capture her ass all at once. His palm caressed her ample bottom, his thumb tracing the visible panty line. With light movements, Raj pulled over the panty from underneath her pants. Now with just her pyjamas in between, Raj felt his dick twitch and momentarily closed his eyes, as he groped her right butt cheek and squeezed it slowly. As he opened his eyes, they fell on the cell Nidhi phone watch and realized that only a minute was left for her alarm. Not fully satisfied and highly impatient, Raj pulled down Nidhi’s pants.

A tugging sensation abruptly disturbed Nidhi’s slumber and she awoke to feel a hand on her bare butt. Still drowsy, Nidhi felt suddenly aroused as one of the fingers lingered around her private parts. Turning her head, she witnessed his baby brother’s face lost in pleasure with his hands kneading her naked ass.

With the sound of Nidhi’s alarm ringing in his ears, Raj felt a strong push and was thrown back. He saw Nidhi looking at him with mild anger and surprise, as she pulled up her pants. Dumbfounded, he sat on his bed not knowing what he did wrong. Nidhi got up too, wrapping the blanket around her. At that very moment, the door swung open and their father entered chanting his prayers. Looking at their stunned and weird facial expressions, he thought they were still bleary. He gave them a smile, unaware that his elder offspring had sucked off the younger one last night.

When he left the room, a flood of relief swept across the siblings. Nidhi scorned at Raj as she got up from the bed to begin her morning chores.


The day went on with Raj being totally ignored by Nidhi. Of all the things Raj expected to happen, getting the cold shoulder from Nidhi was the last one. When their eyes met around the house while crossing each other, Nidhi just kept her head down and walked away. He couldn’t understand how the girl who was getting him off for nights while he slept, wasn’t accepting of what she had done. When she didn’t have their usual afternoon chat, he wondered how a woman who was eagerly wanting to choke on his cock the previous night, was now reluctant to even open up her mouth to speak with him. In the evening, he took the initiative and went to talk to her. As she left the room, Raj found it difficult to digest the fact that her sister, who had swallowed his cum the previous night without a second thought, was acting so distant. It made him feel as if he had committed some wrongs, which was totally opposite of what actually transpired.

At nightfall, as the family sat together to watch the TV, with the siblings on the sofa. Nidhi was regretful for her bahis firmaları cold attitude during the day. She was a little taken back with the events of the night and the morning, when she woke up to her naked bum being squeezed by her little brother. She knew she had set this off and Raj wasn’t at fault, but it was still a new and weird experience for her. It wasn’t only that her sexual desires were finally being fulfilled; it was being fulfilled by her shy younger brother, an act of incest. Mixed up in feelings of arousal and apology, she didn’t know how to move forward. Thinking whether it was too late now to act, she found a lucky break at the ring of her father’s cell phone.

Covid had bought people close on calls. The siblings’ aunt had called again that night to have a chat. Lowering the volume, their father answered the call and the family chatted with her for a while. Knowing that her chatty aunt won’t end the call soon, Nidhi asked her parents to go to another room and let them watch their show. Busy on the call, both of them went to the bedroom and closed the door slightly so as not to disturb Nidhi & Raj. Left alone, Nidhi felt nervousness and excitement rush through her. She saw Raj on her right looking at his phone, probably on another of his late-night urgent work message. Without wasting a single moment, Nidhi took Raj’s hand in hers. She saw an annoyed and puzzled face looking back at her. Quickly, she pulled his hand and placed it on her right tit.

Raj was left perplexed as he found his right hand placed on one of Nidhi’s milky tits. Nevertheless, Raj began to fondle it. His other hand left the phone and grabbed the other breast. Nidhi’s lips parted as she released her moan. She put her hands on his, making him squeeze them harder. As Raj kept kneading her sister’s breasts, his thumb slid over the part of the tits which the bra couldn’t cover. He moved them in circular motions and slowly started inserting his thumbs inside her bra. As soon as her was about to reach her hard nipples, a loud laughter captured their attention. They understood that their parents had opened the door and both of them pulled back in a swift motion.

Nidhi felt a warm sensation in her snatch which was not going to stop anytime soon. She announced that she was going to bed as she felt a little off, expecting Raj to follow. She anticipated Raj to join her in the bed and stayed awake for his arrival. When the clock kept ticking away and still there was no sign of Raj, her lust waned and slowly sleep took her over.

Raj, sitting alone at the sofa, felt his boner pulse with what had just happened. She cursed his aunt for ending the call so soon. Nidhi had just gone to bed and expected him to follow. However, he had just received a text from work which had to be submitted straight away. Displeased, he set to work and finish it at the earliest. Before he knew, an hour had passed and everyone except him was sleeping already.

He came into the bedroom to find Nidhi fast asleep. He took his side of the bed and wondered what should he do now. The morning’s incident had left him a little anxious. Still, his hands craved for her soft and fluffy breasts. As always, Nidhi slept with her back towards him. Her ass still stuck out, inviting him to give a nice spank. However, Raj went the other way; he decided to finish what he had started on the couch. His arms extended to the base of Nidhi’s shirt and lifted it up halfway. Touching her smooth skin, Raj marvelled at her sibling’s stunning back. He lowered his face and landed a kiss on her back. Looking up to see if this disturbed her slumber, he found her shut-eyed. Taken over by the sweet taste of her skin, Raj renewed giving wet pecks all over her lower back. His lips started kissing from the base of her spine and continued kaçak iddaa upwards as his hand kept pulling her shirt over. The lips soon found a hurdle on their journey of Nidhi’s skin when they reached the strap of her bra.

Fingers lingered over the piece of lingerie, as Raj placed her nose at Nidhi’s back. He came to know not only did she taste exquisite but smelt pleasant too. He bit the strap and pulled the shirt as far as it could reach. He paused to look at this wonderful view. He couldn’t fathom that he was undressing her own sister and admiring her lovely semi-nude back. Raj’s face touched her back again as it was showered with kisses, which now went further up her spine till the neck. He paused and unhooked the bra. Pushing away the straps, it was now stark naked. Raj caressed it all over.

Hugging her, Raj gently put his hand upon Nidhi’s breasts. Cupping her right tit, Raj was amazed how big her older sister really was. Kissing her neck, Raj kept groping the breast. Moving over his hand to the uncovered part of her boob again, his dick went fully erect with the silkiness of her skin. The shoulder-straps of the bra held their place as Raj pulled it down from underneath her shirt. On reaching her nipple, his carnal desires took control and he opened his mouth.

Nidhi’s hot dream was abruptly shattered as she felt her nipple being pinched while being bitten on the back. On this cold night, she looked down to see a warm hand fondling her tit from over her shirt with her bra missing, coupled with the feeling of a wet tongue licking her back. Life came back a full circle in only a couple of days as now his brother was giving sexual pleasures to her in her sleep.

Nidhi placed her hand on Raj’s, which was busy squeezing her nipple. Meanwhile, he was lost in his lust and nibbled on her ears. Nidhi’s extended her hand and moved it around till she found Raj’s crotch. She placed a firm grip on his boner and squeezed it tightly. Raj winced a and regained his senses. As he stopped, Nidhi turned around to face him.

Raj’s brain had already stopped thinking for him as his dick took over total control. He rose and came over Nidhi. Going down, he now pulled over her shirt and place his hands on her hips. His lusty eyes met Nidhi’s expectant ones and he started kissing her belly. His tongue licked every inch of her skin and explored her navel. Nidhi giggled over his touch in-between her moans. He pulled her shirt further up and came across one naked tit while the other hid underneath the bra. Raj paused a while as Nidhi slid the bra beneath her breasts.

Holding one of them, Raj encircled his tongue over the areola while his other hand squeezed the other globe. Nidhi’s breath grew heavier and her moans louder, as her brother kept teasing him. Kissing and licking her breasts one by one but refraining from taking it all in. She entangled her fingers in his hair persuading him to go all the way. She felt a rush of excitement flow through her as Raj’s flat tongue licked her hard and erect nipple, followed by her breasts enveloped by Raj’s lips. Raj kept sucking away and kneading at her breasts, biting her nipples once in a while. As Nidhi grew hotter, her grip tightened on his hair making him wince and stopped his actions midway.

Raj rose and looked at her sister. Both of them were heaving with excitement and smiling in the darkness. Suddenly, Nidhi pushed Raj on his side of the bed. To his pleasant surprise, she got over him. Nidhi removed her shirt and bra to Raj’s delight. He witnessed her voluptuous breasts hanging naked for the first time. Taking his hand, she made them squeeze her breasts for a while. Raj, knowing he might not get another chance, slapped her left tit, making it jiggle. Nidhi scowled and put his hands away. Examining her kaçak bahis breast for a second, she looked down at him and pushed a finger in his mouth. As he began to suck on it, he felt a hard push making him open his mouth to let out a squeal. Nidhi lowered herself and placed her reddish left tit over his mouth. Raj opened wider, welcoming the hanging tit and suckled on it like an infant. Nidhi’s moaning grew louder than the clock’s ticking. Raj soon took both the breasts and placed them together. Tucking her hair behind her ear, Nidhi saw both her nipples being tenderly licked and kissed together.

A twitch near her pussy diverted her attention. Ever the older sister Nidhi is, she knew her little brother ached for relief as well and she can’t just keep having all the fun alone. Nidhi patted her brother’s head lovingly, signalling that him to let her go. Raj’s hands never left his sister’s breasts as she straightened up. His shorts were pulled down and the raging erection came in full view for Nidhi to relish. Both of them got their hands busy as Nidhi started stroking Raj’s pole while her globes were being affectionately fondled by his palms.

Knowing he was edging closer; Raj enveloped his hands around Nidhi and sat up, which left Nidhi bemused. Gently, Raj pushed her down, asking her to lie down. Nidhi laid on her back to watch his towering brother sit up and hold her hands. He took them and made her squeeze her own bosom. On the verge anyway, Raj rubbed his erection vigorously to Nidhi’s awaiting gaze. Holding her breasts in place, Nidhi felt the first load of his brother’s warm cum being showered on her tits and the fingers holding them. Subsequent loads spurted all over her chest, neck and chin.

As Raj sat down, exhausted, Nidhi felt a trail of jizz travelling down her neck and over the cleavage. She was a little unhappy to see him get up from the bed and go towards the closet, wondering why was he walking away. She was proved wrong and felt happy as his caring brother bought over a napkin to help her clean herself. It was now Raj’s turn to feel the same conflicting emotions as she refused the napkin; instead, proceeded to lick the cum spread all over her. In the moonlight, he saw her fingers wipe away the cum on her body and lick it. Next, she gave a truly stunning example of how big her breasts were as she lifted each of them, one after the other, and licked off her nipples. Done with her cleaning, she bent down to take his flaccid penis to suck and lick it clean.

Raj gave one last look at his sister’s tits in the moon’s glow and brought back her bra and shirt. He hooked her bra and helped her wear the shirt. Sitting on the bed, they looked at each other for a while. Raj leaned in for a kiss which was blocked by Nidhi midway. She didn’t know why but wasn’t ready for one as of now. So, as an alternative she gave him pecks on both his cheeks. This left Raj a little dejected, but he wasn’t complaining after tonight’s action. Still, as they took their respective places on the bed, Raj bent again to kiss her on her forehead like the previous night. However, this time as he kissed, he caressed her butt before giving it a spank.

He heard her squeal as she turned back to look at him. A smiling Raj looked at a surprised Nidhi for a while before he noticed a sly smile on her. He was unaware that she was waiting for this since morning. He saw her pull down her pants revealing her naked ass and heard the only word spoken during the night, “Harder”. Exalted, Raj pulled his hand back as he saw Nidhi biting her lips. A hard spank made her scream loudly. Both of them, realizing the sound might cause their parents to wake up, took their places and covered up themselves.

After a while, when no one arrived, Raj closed his eyes to finally rest easy. Nidhi, on the other hand, unlocked her cell-phone. She sat an alarm half an hour earlier than her usual time. It was only fair that the next morning, she should be waking up his excited little brother…

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