Belinda Ch. 03

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It had been a while since our last meet, we had both been working hard and Belinda had been having some difficulties with an ex-boyfriend who had reappeared since his wife had died suddenly and he’d been very down since but recently he had started confessing his undying love for her. Finally we managed to meet at our usual hotel and decided to have a drink to relax before going up to our room. As usual Belinda looked stunning; this time wearing knee length black leather boots and a low cut figure hugging blue dress which showed off her curves perfectly. As we sipped our drinks she explained how she had dumped her ex years ago when they were younger, as he was too clingy and wasn’t very good in bed; however he was a nice guy and had gone on and married one of her friends who had recently died. It had been a very traumatic time for them all and she had tried to support him but it had just brought back repressed feelings he had for her. She was genuinely concerned for the guy as although they had had their issues originally, he was deep down a decent bloke and obviously upset but she didn’t need the attention he was giving her and she didn’t know how to deal with it without hurting him.

I leant forward and gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek but as I did she stiffened in my arms,

‘Oh no!’ she whispered, ‘he’s here; he’s followed me all the way here’. I took her hand in mine to reassure her and looked over my shoulder to see a very nervous looking guy approaching us slowly. He was slightly taller than me, but very gaunt looking and skinny.

‘Please Andrew, don’t make a scene, just go away, I’ve tried to explain to you that we can’t be together and I don’t want to be with you in that way but I don’t want to hurt you either,’ Belinda spoke softly over my shoulder to him. He looked downcast,

‘But I love you!’ he replied, ‘I always have, even when I was with Wendy, I often thought of you.’

‘Andrew! Stop this please,’ she replied. I squeezed her hand softly and looked at her face; she was getting a little distressed by now.

‘I love you, I’ll do anything to be with you again, even just once’ he begged.

Ok; it was time I took control of this situation. I kissed her on the neck softly and told her ‘go up to the room, I’ll deal with this and come and join you in a while, relax, I’m not going to hurt him, trust me’ I said firmly, looking her in the eye.

‘Ok’ she replied nervously before slowly getting up off the bar stool. ‘I’m sorry Andrew, really sorry,’ she said before leaving, her hips and ass swaying seductively as we both watched her walk to the door.

‘Fabulous isn’t she?’ I said quietly.

‘Um, yes’ he nervously replied.

‘Yeah, I can see how you are so hung up on her, that arse is lovely and tight and her pussy so hot and her cum so sweet.’

‘I, I, err,’ he stammered.

‘Yes Andrew; what?’

‘I never made her cum’ he whispered, looking down at his feet, ‘well not with my cock anyway.’

‘So what makes you think she’ll want you now then; she’s got her husband and me to pleasure her, why would she need you?’

‘I have money, I can look after her well and care for her lots’ he almost sobbed.

‘RIGHT’, I nodded knowingly; ‘so did you mean what you said? You’ll do anything to be with her again? Even, if it’s just the once?’

‘Yes’ he sobbed ‘anything!’

‘Are you positive, anything?’ I asked; he nodded,

‘Yes, anything.’

My thought processes went into overdrive, remembering a conversation Belinda I’ll have to run it by her, but maybe we can arrange something; BUT, you’ll have to do exactly as we tell you or the deals off and you’re out of here and never to contact her again, understand?’

‘Yes, OK, Yes’ he pleaded.

‘OK then, come with me’ I said, ‘but I can’t guarantee she’ll go for it’ and strolled out of the bar towards the stairs and bounded up the 4 flights to our floor bahis firmaları and along to our room. Andrew caught me up 30 seconds or so later. ‘Wait here till I call you’ I said and slipped in through the door.

Belinda was sat on the bed, her long legs crossed, and her dress riding up her sweet, soft thighs. She quickly got up when I entered, ‘has he gone? Please tell me he’s gone and you didn’t hurt him?’

‘No, I promised not to hurt him didn’t I?’ I smiled and took her in my arms holding her close to me. ‘It’s OK, he won’t be any trouble, he promised.’ I looked her in the eyes, ‘do you remember our conversation about submissive men and having one watch you?’

‘Um, yes’ she replied slowly,

‘Well, you have one very submissive guy waiting outside this door, who says he’ll do anything to be with you once more then he’ll leave you alone’ I grinned.

‘Andrew?’ her eyes widened, ‘no way? Are you kidding?’ then as the realisation struck her, ‘Oh my god! I never thought of him in that way before, we were so young, but yes it fits he’s so totally submissive.’

‘Yes’ I replied, ‘and besotted by you, trust me, he’ll do anything for you, I don’t think this is quite what he had in mind but if we allow him the reward of pleasuring you at some stage he’ll be fine don’t you agree?’

‘Um, yeah!’ as a broad grin appeared on her face.

I kissed her deeply, feeling her arse up and slid my hand up her dress; she was hot as hell under her panties and damp too. I tore myself reluctantly away from her and went to the corner of the room where I had left my bag; this wasn’t quite what I’d planned for the weekend but all the same I’d brought plenty of things which would be of use. ‘Call him in’ I said to Belinda but make him stay by the door until you have asked him he’s sure he wants this & he’ll do exactly as he’s told.’

She called out ‘Andrew! Come in here now!’ He nervously opened the door, and stepped through it. ‘Close the door’ she ordered and he did so quietly. ‘Now Andrew, David here tells me you begged to be with me one more time and promised to leave me alone if we let you; is that right Andrew?’

‘Yes’ he mumbled,

‘I can’t hear you Andrew, did you promise that?’

‘Yes’ he said louder with an embarrassed look on his face ‘yes I did.’

She smiled ‘and did you also promise to do everything we tell you to do as well Andrew, did you?’

Yes Belinda’ he replied looking down at his feet.

‘Look at me when you speak to me!’ she yelled at him.

He raised his head and replied, ‘Yes Belinda’.

I placed the chair from the corner of the room towards the end of the bed, facing it then unzipped my bag and placed it on the bed. She walked slowly towards him and let fly with a slap across his face. Before he could even cry out she told him ‘that’s for making my life hell for the last 2 months you little shit, now get your sorry little arse naked and be quick about it!’ He looked totally stunned, his cheek pink from the force of her slap, ‘what are you waiting for?’ she demanded and he hurried to kick off his shoes and started to clumsily unbutton his shirt. I moved behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist, pushed the hair aside from her neck and kissed it gently making her gasp in surprise. Her heart was pounding, she was tense.

I whispered in her ear ‘control, stay in control’ and moved one hand up to fondle her breasts and the other down under her dress and between her legs. She relaxed in my grasp and shuddered as my fingers found her pussy as they slid beneath her panties. She let out a moan as I slid two fingers inside her now soaking wet snatch. ‘OK now?’ I spoke gently in her ear,

‘Yes’ she sighed ‘thank you.’

‘Good’ I replied, ‘now he’s naked, let’s get those clothes folded and him sat on the chair, OK?’

‘Yes’ she purred as I moved my fingers inside her and sucked on her ear lobe.

‘Andrew, kaçak iddaa fold your clothes up neatly and place them and your shoes in the corner over there boy’ she spoke firmly to him, ‘then go sit on the chair there.’

‘I, I, I, yes’ he stammered as she focused her gaze on him and he hurried to do as he was told. I slid my fingers out of her and rubbed them over her panties, soaking them in her juices as they were pushed against her lips. She moved to stand in front of him as he sat on the chair. At the same time I went to the bed and took some things out of my bag; rope, nipple clamps and a riding crop. Belinda started to slowly sway I took my chance pinning him down to the chair enabling me to tie his torso tightly to it, trapping him, then down around his legs and ankles tying him completely to the chair.

Belinda stood up; smiling at me, placing her sticky wet fingers under his nose before licking them clean herself. ‘Mmmmm’ she drooled, ‘lovely’ as he strained at his bonds trying to taste her fingers himself.

‘Please’ he pleaded, ‘let me taste you again.’

She smiled ‘If that’s what you really want Andrew?’

‘Yes!’ he begged, ‘Please, Please!’

That’s ‘Please Mistress’ she scornfully replied.

‘Please Mistress, Please may I taste you again?’ he almost sobbed. I circled around behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist, and kissed her neck, she shivered in excitement, really starting to enjoy this. She pulled up the hem on her tight dress, slowly sliding it up to her hips showing him her panties then rubbed her fingers roughly over them, soaking them in her juices before slowly wriggling them down over her smooth thighs and stepped out of them. I let go of her waist as she bent down to pick them up, exposing her glistening pussy to me making me hornier all the time. I quickly removed my shirt & trousers, kicking off my shoes and removed my socks as she slowly and purposefully picked up her white undies and without taking her eyes off him, stuffed them into his mouth,

‘There, taste those’ she taunted him.

Grabbing her waist again I slid her dress up over her hips and torso, and off over her head, leaving her standing naked bar her knee high boots in front of Andrew. He mumbled something as my cock grew harder against her arse, as it almost sought out her hot welcoming pussy on its own accord. Her breathing was deep but fast, we both needed to fuck right then, so I pulled her back towards the bed and sat on the edge, pulling her back to sit on me. Her hand shifted behind her and found my now rock hard cock and guided it to her pussy as she sat back and impaled herself on me, letting out a deep moan as she did. She was so hot and wet inside, her muscles clamping around my cock

‘Fuck me, fuck me hard, I need to cum’ she whispered as she started to slide purposefully up and down my rock hard length. Her juices covering my cock, lubricating it as it slipped easily in and out of her ‘Mmmm, yes’ she moaned. Supporting herself with one hand on the bed the other playing with her clit and then gently squeezing my balls as we increased the pace and ferocity of our fucking. Damn she was so hot, her breathing increasing, her muscles tightening and her moans becoming squeals as my balls slapped harder against her pussy and she slammed down harder on me with each stroke.

Totally engrossed in each other we forgot about the show we were putting on for Andrew, ‘Fuck me, yes fuck me!’ she wailed as she came to a first shuddering orgasm, I looped an arm around her waist to steady her, she paused slightly then continued with her bouncing on my cock. I held back as long as I could, my pre-cum was already oozing out and mixing with her juices as they ran down my cock and balls, leaving a damp patch on the edge of the bed. I bit her shoulder as I finally couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my load deep inside her as she came all over my cock for a second kaçak bahis time with a wail. We collapsed back onto the bed, my arms looped around her kissing her neck and shoulder.

After a minute or so we regained some composure and she got off the bed, picking a pillow up and walking over to Andrew. I looked at him as I got up and stood beside her, he was flushed, his eyes watery, ‘Well Andrew, I hope you enjoyed the show and seeing what it takes to really fuck me’ she drooled. He tried to nod, and she walked towards him, and pushed slowly on his shoulder, holding the pillow against the back of his head and slowly pushed him back to the floor while tied to the chair. He mumbled on her panties, she straddled his chest and squatted over his face removing the panties, he gasped as his mouth was freed, but not for long as she lowered herself a little and let a big dollop of our combined cum drip into his mouth. He choked a little, ‘Don’t you dare spill any of that’ she commanded as he finally swallowed it. ‘Good’ she drooled as she let another large dollop of cum drip into his now eager mouth; he was enjoying the taste it seemed. She lowered herself further, just enough that his tongue could just touch her pussy lips. ‘That’s a good boy, lick it clean for me’ she teased. He spent a good ten minutes flicking and lapping at her lips until finally she dropped down onto him and fully smothered his mouth, ‘now finish the job properly’ she demanded, pinching his nose between her fingers, as he tried to do his duty.

Just as he was about to pass out she got up. ‘Your turn honey’ she winked and motioned to Andrew’s gaping mouth, ‘Get yourself nice and clean’ she giggled. I took her place over Andrew’s chest and knelt over him, my cock over his mouth, before he could fully regain his breath I slipped my semi flaccid cock between his lips, ‘Clean David up too Andrew’ Belinda demanded. I looked him in the eye, he tried to avoid my gaze but was unable to with my knees either side of his head, slowly he started to work on my cock with his lips and tongue, cleaning her juices and my cum from it, his eyes welling with tears as he did. As he worked on cleaning it and swallowing our combined cum my cock began to harden, slipping down into his throat making him gag as the tears now rolled down his face. I stood up not wanting to fuck his mouth and waste any of what I still had for Belinda, though his mouth did feel good.

Belinda was grinning as I stood up; ‘look, his little cock is all hard, he’s enjoying this,’ she giggled. I smiled back and picked up the riding crop and gave his little hard on a flick with the end.

‘Owww!’ he howled. We both laughed at him loudly as I handed her the crop and she flicked his cock with it as well, ‘ouch!’ he wailed again.

‘Oh stop being a baby Andrew’ she chided and gave him a harder flick across the balls this time as his cock started twitching. ‘See you’re enjoying it really!’ his face reddened and she flicked his cock again and another time in quick succession. I took it between my middle finger and thumb and gave it a stroke for him, pulling back his foreskin exposing the head which she then gave a flick with the crop again and he let out a whimper. We worked at this in time me wanking him then her flicking him until finally he let out a squeal and shot his load onto his own chest and face. ‘Lick it up! Lick it up!’ Belinda demanded and he licked what he could from his lips and face.

Belinda and I embraced and snogged deeply, our tongues seeking out each other’s. Finally we knew it was time to get on with our evening and righted the chair and untied Andrew; Belinda threw his clothes out into the corridor and told him ‘go get dressed and leave, I’ll ring you in 2 days’ time and we can discuss this and your future enslavement’

His eyes down, he answered ‘Yes mistress’ and left the room.

I couldn’t help notice the spring in his step though, ‘I told you he’ll make a good sub’ I grinned.

‘Oh why do you always have to be right’ she giggled ‘Now shut up and fuck me again’ and she pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top facing me leaning forward and kissing me as she did.

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