Belly Dance Show (rework of another story)

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Belly Dance Show (rework of another story)
My wife started belly dancing a year ago and was getting really good at it. She is voluptuous, curvy and hot. I thought it would be nice to get her a new outfit so we went to some specialty shops to find her new costume.

After a drive we found a middle eastern shop with all sorts of dancing stuff. We walked in it was a little dark and dingy but smelled a little like cigars. The owner greeted us, an older Arab man wearing what looked like middle eastern clothing, he introduced himself as Mustafa. He was friendly enough and urged us to look around.

My Emily asked him about belly dancing outfits and he lit up. He led us towards the back of the store. There had to be over a hundred different belly dancing outfits. My wife rifled through the outfits finding a white sheer outfit accented with gold rings around the top

The shop keeper pointed to a changing room and my wife went in and changed. After a few minutes rustling around she came out and looked stunning, like an Arabian princess. She turned around for us and I could see her tits and pink nipples through her top, it was then I realized she was not wearing a bra. The shop owner was thrilled at the free boob show.

I looked down at her waist and I realized I could clearly see her bush through the material. I was getting hard, I looked at the shop keeper, I could see he was in his glory.

“These gold rings are cutting into my breasts” said my wife, pulling at her top.

“My dear, those rings decorate your nipples” said the shop keep. “Allow me to help you with that”, he said as pulled down the top exposing my wife’s breasts. He grabbed her tits, squeezing and caressing them. I was too stunned to do anything but watch. My wife looked at canlı kaçak bahis me, and since I gave no objection, she let him continue.

“Your nipples have to be erect” he said. My wife closed her eyes clearly enjoying the attention. He grabbed her breast and popped a nipple into his mouth, sucking, biting and pulling on it. In no time my wife’s nipples were hard as bullets. The shop keep slid the rings over her nipples and pressed on the rings clamping then down on her nipples. My wife closed her eyes and let out a deep horny moan.

“OK, let’s see your dance young lady!” said the shop keep as he moved back to give her room.

My wife looked at me for approval and I nodded my ok. She then began her dance, slowly gyrating her waist, moving her belly rhythmically, soon we were mesmerized by the dance.

She backed up to the shop keep, pushing her gyrating ass right into his crotch. She was facing me, our eyes were locked, I nodded encouragingly. He placed his hands on her hips sliding them upwards towards her engorged tits. I saw her hand disappear behind her feeling the area between her ass and his crotch. Suddenly she opened her eyes, seemingly shocked at what she discovered. She froze, then his hands went back to her waist. With his left hand he reached in front of her lifting the shawl and exposing her pussy, I could see her pussy was wet, dripping between her legs.

He dropped his pants to the floor, stepping out of them. I moved to the side of them so I could get a better view. The shop keep hiked her shawl up around her waist totally exposing her bare ass and pussy. Emily was now gyrating her bare ass into this man’s crotch.

He reached down and grabbed his cock, stroking it, it was the biggest, fattest cock I had ever pinbahis giriş seen. He then slid his cock between the tops of her thighs to rub against her pussy lips and pulled her into him. He was now getting a thigh job from my sexy belly dancing wife.

She had a good rhythm going, his shaft was slick with her pussy juices. I was too horny to stop her. The room smelled of her sex. She continued sliding back and forth keeping his cock trapped between her thighs and pussy. He suddenly stopped and changed the angle of his shaft causing it to enter her pussy. Emily’s gyrations from her dancing had not stopped and I watched as slowly inch after inch of this stranger’s cock disappeared into her pussy her gyrations aiding in the invasion. Eventually his entire cock was buried deep inside her and he reached his hands around her body, one he placed on her stomach, the other on her breasts. The hand at her breasts continued to tease and pull at the top and her nipples bringing forth moans from my wife. While the hand at her stomach pulled her backward into him as he started to piston his hips fucking my wife.

“Good girl” he sighed. “I am deep in your belly!”’ As if to emphasize he massaged a section of her stomach and my wife sighed and closed her eyes. “Now I am going to fill your belly with my seed and give you my blessing.” His long slow thrusts into and out of my wife were rhythmic, almost dancing itself as he slowly fucked her. My wife ground her ass back into him placing one hand on her own stomach and pushing while the other reached back to grab his cock by the base.

As she pushed her hand into her stomach she moaned, “I can feel your cock, here.” She gestured with her hand and together he and she pushed pinbahis güvenilir mi on that spot and she sighed again.

As he started to speed up my wife yelped and he simply grunted, “Your cervix is tight, girl.” He did not seem to care about her discomfort and continued his assault on her pussy. Her nipples were very large now, they normally grew during sex but the clamps were cutting off blood flow causing them to swell more and even a slight touch from the shop keep would bring gasps of pleasure from my wife.

His breathing became more erratic as he moaned, “I am going to fill your belly girl.” He gasped for breath while speeding up again. “Your womb will welcome my blessing in your tight belly.”

“Oh God yes, fill my belly with your cum!” Emily screamed back as his long deep strokes brought her close to orgasm. Her tits were shaking almost violently now and her nipples were very hard, my wife was enjoying every minute as I watched her eyes roll up in her head.

“You get my bastard in your white belly!” He moaned. “Everyone know you fuck me.” His breathing was rapid and short and I knew he was trying not to cum. “You tell me you want my brown bastard in your belly and I fill you up good.”

My wife couldn’t resist taking the bait, not when she was shaking with pleasure and dripping sweat, “Yes, knock me up, give me your bastard!” She screamed at him before her eyes snapped open and her pupils dilated as she orgasmed and he erupted deep in her tight pussy. “Yes, fill my white pussy, fill my belly. Gooooood yeeeees! I am cuuuummiiiing!!! ” She screamed as the shop keep tensed all over pumping his cum into my wife’s pussy.

Still shaking from pleasure, she moved into my arms, I laid her down on the floor, she spread her legs. I crawled between her legs smelling her swollen pussy. Cum was flowing out of her pussy, I pushed my tongue into it lapping up the creamy load, I then moved up sinking my dick into her loose wet pussy, lasting only a few seconds, I erupted deep into my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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