Ben and Katie’s Story Ch. 05

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Marian arose early the next morning. She was relieved that it was Friday. She didn’t think that she had recovered yet from last week’s conference. She would be glad when this day’s work was over and she would have the entire weekend to rest.

After doing her makeup, brushing her teeth and dressing she descended the stairs to the first floor and was startled to see Ben at the kitchen table reading the morning paper.

“Ben, what’s wrong,” Marian asked, ” why aren’t you at work.”

“Relax Mom, everything is fine,” Ben said, ” remember, I told you they are re-tooling at the factory today and over the weekend. We’ve all got the day off. Of course we don’t get paid but we don’t have to work.”

“Oh yes, I remember now,” Marian said, ” well don’t forget that Katie has company and knowing them they may have sat up half the night talking so be a little quiet, OK?”

“Sure Mom, I’ll be as quiet as a mouse. I don’t know, I may eat and go back to bed myself.”

Marian quickly finished her breakfast, bid her son goodbye and left for work.

Ben went back to his newspaper.

Debby stirred, opening her eyes, aware that she had heard some kind of noise. She realized then that it was the garage door going up. The garage was immediately below Katie’s room. That meant that Ben was gone too since he went to work even earlier. Damn! She would love to fuck him. She decided that she needed to pee and that she might just as well wash her face and brush her teeth. Katie had shown her an el cheapo toothbrush last night that she could use. Marian had gotten it in the hotel at her conference.

As Debby left the bed Katie had also awakened. Her first realization was that she was horny as hell! She had been having a dream but sadly she couldn’t remember what the dream was about. She reached down and touched herself and was surprised to see that she was wet. It must have been one hell of a dream!

Katie decided to go quietly downstairs to the other bathroom to wash up and use some mouthwash since she had no toothbrush down there. It wouldn’t do for her breath to knock people down.

Ben could hear her coming and decided to play the same game that she had played on him the day before. He slid around the corner into the laundry room area as she went by toward the bathroom. He peered around the corner in time to see that beautiful rolling ass clad in her light blue panties. He was starting to realize that he was hopelessly lost in his sister’s spell.

Katie got back to the room just before Debby and jumped back in bed. Who knows, she thought, maybe she had enough time to rub one off. Just then, however, she heard the bathroom door open and Debby’s approaching footsteps.

Katie rolled to her side, away from where Debby would lay down.

She could feel Debby get back in the bed carefully so as not to disturb Katie.

Katie lay there quietly, trying to decide if she wanted to attempt to go back to sleep.

Suddenly she felt the covers move right next to her. She held her breath as she felt Debby’s fingers lightly brush her hip through her panties. Was Debby just getting her kicks or trying to seduce Katie into a girl-girl session of sex. Katie mumbled lightly and squirmed a little, trying to stop Debby’s exploration. For a moment Debby stopped ,then, however, resumed her actions. Katie wasn’t sure what to do. She had never done anything at all with another girl, never even kissed one, except on the cheek. The problem was, Katie was beginning to get turned on. She could feel her nipples begin to harden. Her crotch was already soaking wet. She had also begun to breathe in a ragged manner.

Debby was lightly moving her finger up between Katie’s ass cheeks, coming perilously close to her pussy. She had to feel the wetness Katie thought.

“You little shit, you’re wide awake aren’t you,” Debby asked, grabbing Katie by the shoulder and turning her back toward her. Katie began to laugh, then they both were laughing. Suddenly they stopped and looked directly at each other.

“Kiss me Debby, kiss me hard,” Katie said, unable to believe that she had really said that to her friend.

They kissed tenderly at first and then with more vigor. They would kiss softly, then one or the other would suck on the others tongue and they would be off to the races. Both were breathing heavily now.

“Debby,” Katie said seriously, ” I have never done anything like this before, I don’t have any idea what to do or not do.”

“Relax Katie,” Debby replied, ” you won’t do anything wrong. Just relax and let things flow.

“Do you, you know, lick down there?” Katie asked.

Debby chuckled. “Well, I sure was planning on licking you. You know I’ve wanted to for ages. If you decide you don’t want to do me it’s OK. “

With that said, Katie’s friend pulled Katie’s shirt up and began tonguing Katie’s nipples. This elicited a loud groan from Ben’s little sister. She brought her hand up and began playing with Katie’s other big breast.

“Katie, bahis firmaları I’ve wanted to get my hands on these for years. These are the most gorgeous tits I have ever seen.”

“Mmmm, oh Debby that feels so good. My boobs are so sensitive this morning.”

Debby got between Katie’s legs now and continued to minister to her friend’s now sensitive tits

Katie reached down pulling up Debby’s shirt, freeing her beautiful breasts. She began pulling on her friend’s long nipples.

“Unggg, oh Katie, pull em baby, pinch em hard, oh girl you’re doing great so far. Mmm, baby that feels so good.”

Debby moved down and began running her tongue in and out of Katie’s belly button. Katie never realized how sensitive it was. She was even getting turned on by her navel. Debby had moved beyond her range now and she could no longer play with Debby’s breasts.

Katie could feel Debby hook her fingers in her panties and begin pulling them down. She lifted her hips off the bed to assist in the removal of her soaked undies.

“Oh Katie, such a beautiful pussy. I’m not kidding honey, it is gorgeous.

Debby leaned down and inhaled the aroma of her friend’s fragrant vagina. It was obvious that Katie was soaking wet. She leaned forward and touched her tongue to Katie’s rigid clit and Katie let out a half scream, half shout. Neither of them was concerned about the noise since they had the house to themselves. But of course they didn’t.

Ben bounded up stairs. He couldn’t figure out what they were doing. He had seen Katie earlier when she came downstairs. Maybe they had gotten into a fight. Just before he opened Katie’s bedroom door he heard Katie’s voice…. Oh yes baby, lick it, lick my pussy.”

Ben froze, he absolutely could not believe what they were apparently doing. He reached for the door knob and turned it very slowly and quietly. He pushed it open no more than an inch or two and it was enough for him to see the entire scene. The two girls were apparently moving into a 69 position. He could see that Debby had a dynamite body. Her boobs were a little smaller than Katie’s but were beautiful with gigantic nipples. Katie was on the bottom staring up at Debby’s neatly trimmed pussy.

“You don’t have to do this Katie, I’m gonna lick that pretty little snatch of yours but you don’t have to do mine if you don’t want to.”

“No Debby, I don’t know exactly how to do it but I wanna taste that pussy of yours.”

Debby lowered herself a little more in order to do two things. Bring herself in close proximity to Katies waiting pussy and also lower hers at least to within reach of Katie’s tongue.

Ben’s cock was about to burst. It was so hard he could probably punch a hole in Katie’s bedroom door with it. He had begun to stroke his cock, feeling ripples of pleasure throughout his body. He wouldn’t last long at this rate.

Katie was licking and sucking on Debby’s clit and Debby was going crazy.

“Oh God Katie, you little hottie, I can’t believe you’ve never done this before. Oh baby, it feels so good. Let me get on the bottom for a little while so I can look up at that soaking wet pussy of yours.”

They reversed positions and suddenly Ben was looking at Katie’s gorgeous ass and pussy. He marveled again at that ass of hers. Suddenly he had an inspiration. What the hell, Debby already knew what he and his sister were doing anyway. He opened the door quietly and walked just as quietly across to where he was standing just a foot or so away from that familiar ass. He leaned forward lined up his cock with her soaking pussy and pushed.

“Aaaaaaa, what the,” Katie screamed and jumped away from him. Debby also screamed then started to laugh. Katie swung around and met Ben face to face.

“God Ben, what the hell were you trying to do, scare us to death and why aren’t you at work?”

“Because the plant is shut down today for re-tooling and I had the day off.”

“Well we thought we were gone Ben,” Katie said defiantly.

“OK babe cool down. I figured that Debby had already seen us in action so what the hell. If you want me to leave that’s OK,” and Ben turned to go.

“Hold it, wait a minute, ” Debby shouted. ” Katie, tell your gorgeous brother how much I’ve wanted his body for ages. We can’t let this hunk leave.”

“Bennie,” Katie said softly, ” please stay. How would you like to bed two hot young ones?”

Ben decided that he had died and gone to heaven. He had been looking and observed that Debby also had not caved in to the fad of shaving off all of her pussy hair. She was trimmed real nice but there was still plenty of hair. Her pussy was a little longer than Katie’s but still looked reasonably tight.

“Lay down Bennie,” Katie said, let us show you a good time.”

Ben stretched out on his back with the girls on each side of him. Katie leaned in and the two of them began to French kiss each other. In the meantime Debby had taken hold of his big cock and was moving kaçak iddaa her hand slowly up and down increasing Ben’s excitement.

“Oh wow Ben,” Debby said dreamily, ” I knew you’d have a big one. Can I taste it?”

“Sure babe, have at it,” Ben replied.

Debby slowly took the head of Ben’s cock in her mouth, realizing that it was the biggest by far that she had ever had, though she had not had that many. She had managed to finally get her mouth open enough to take about half of it and had begun to work up and down Ben’s organ, moving her hand lightly along it at the same time.

Katie and Ben were continuing their open mouth kissing, swapping tongues passionately. Ben couldn’t see Debby but he sure could feel the results. He was moving his hips in rhythm to Debby’s sucking and was beginning to feel the beginning of what he hoped would be a powerful orgasm.

“I don’t want to waste it Ben,” Debby murmured, ” hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna go for a little ride.”

“Sure kid, go right ahead,” Ben replied.

Debby mounted Ben, raising up sufficiently to pull his big cock into alignment with her pussy, then slowly lowered herself down on his engorged organ.

“Mmmm, oh yes, oh God it’s so big baby, so big, unghh, I love it!”

Debby had started to fuck him and Ben marveled at how her pussy had enveloped his cock like a glove. She was more snug than tight and was getting very wet. This girl knew what she was doing. There was something about the way she was moving, as if she was throwing her ass backwards a little then grinding up, rubbing her clit occasionally against his big cock.

In the meantime, Katie had crawled back and brought her pussy against Ben’s face, glowing with ardor as her brother began to lick up the length of her pussy and toying with her clit.

“Good sweetie, oh Ben, that feels so good. Keep licking baby, make me cum.”

Katie was facing her friend as she ground her pussy on Ben’s face and she reached out, gently caressing Debby’s tits, pausing occasionally to lightly pinch her friend’s nipples.

“Oh Katie, yes baby, oh that’s really gonna make it good.”

Debby was humping Ben hard now. The combination of his big fat cock and his sister’s stimulation of her titties was really getting results. It wasn’t going to take long now. She began to hump him really hard , shaking Katie’s bed with renewed vigor.

“Oh God, oh yes guys, I’m gettin close now, really close,” Debby said breathlessly, ” oh it’s good, so good. Here it comes, here it cums,” she screamed, as her orgasm broke over her.

Just then Katie started to cum too.

“Ben, Ben, oh baby I’m cummin, I’m cummin, oh yes,” Katie moaned, oh — oh — it’s great Bennie, great.”

Ben was in heaven, two hot ladies at the same time. It couldn’t get any better.

The two girls moved down to lay on either side of him, relaxing in the afterglow of their orgasms.

“Well, there’s one of us who hasn’t cum yet ladies,” Ben said, ” it’s my turn now. Hmm, let’s see, who shall it be. “

Each of the girls raised their hands and began saying….”pick me, pick me.”

Ben chuckled at their humor.

“Well Debby ,you and I have already done the deed so I hope you don’t mind but I haven’t been in Katie for several days now. “

“Sure Ben,” Debby said, as she began to slowly stroke herself, ” I can’t wait to watch this, talk about hot!”

Ben rolled Katie over onto her back and got between her legs. Katie pulled her knees back almost to her chest opening her pussy completely to him.

“C’mon lover boy,” Katie said breathlessly, ” c’mon and fuck your little sister.”

Debby moaned, leaning close enough to take Katie’s right nipple in her mouth while at the same time massaging her own pussy.

” We’ve been waiting almost a week for this haven’t we baby?” Ben asked.

“Ungh,” Katie grunted as Ben shoved his big cock into her, ” we sure have sweetheart, and I can’t wait to cum with you.”

Ben loved the feel of Katie’s pussy, it gripped him solidly and then Katie had this way of squeezing her interior muscles in such a way that it was like a rippling effect up and down the length of his cock as he fucked her. He shoved her legs back as far as they would go and buried himself deep within her.

“Aaaagh, oh Bennie, oh baby you’re in so deep baby, Bennie I love it, love it so much,” Katie moaned as Ben pounded away at her. He wanted to push her to an orgasm before he came but she was really trying to milk his cock now. He tried to reach down and finger her clitoris but couldn’t get his hand bent under him the right way.

“Let me do that Ben,” Debby said, as she moved down and began to finger her friend’s clit.

“Oh God,” Katie gasped, ” you two are really getting it done now. Mmmm, oh don’t stop, I’m getting there fast.”

Ben was pounding the hell out of his sister now and Debby was rubbing away on Katie’s clit. She had also resumed sucking Katie’s right nipple.

“Oh kaçak bahis c’mon guys, make me cum, MAKE ME CUM!” Katie demanded.

Just then her pussy started to quiver and an enormous orgasm began to wash over her.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh I’m cumming, cumming,” Katie moaned as she bounced her ass off the bed.

Ben could feel his own completion at hand. The sperm was boiling up from his balls and now shooting with enormous energy down the length of his cock as his sister’s pussy milked him and milked him.

“Oh baby, it’s so good,” Ben whispered into Katie’s ear, ” I love that pussy baby, love your hot little cunt.”

Just then Debby let out a loud moan, her hand pawing frantically at her soaking pussy.

“Oh wow, oh you two are so hot, oh this is so good,” Debby said to both of them as her rubbing began to slow and descended into a light caress.

The three of them lay for a moment catching their respective breaths. Then they all began to laugh.

“Wow, ” Ben said, ” is that what’s called an orgy?”

“I don’t think so Bennie,” Katie replied,” but whatever it is it sure is good. Now the problem, ” Katie continued, ” is what do we do now? I mean Debby or I neither one is going to give this up, are we Debby?”

“No way,” Debbie replied, ” not now, not ever.”

Ben smiled at both of them.

“Well, this just might figure in to a plan of mine,” Ben said.

“What are you talking about?” Katie asked.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about getting an apartment in town for some time now. I mean it makes sense, I could save 40 minutes each way, that’s over an hour a day.”

“Ben, I just had a thought,” Katie said enthusiastically, ” you know how Mom has been hinting that I should be out looking for a job. Well, I could say that I would be better off if I stayed with you and could then really work on this job business. “

“Hmmm, I don’t know. Think we could get along staying together like that?”

“Are you serious,” Debby interjected, ” you guys have been together all your lives and I never saw two siblings get along so well. I mean even before you were fucking each other,” she giggled.

“Of course Katie, I was just kidding. Just think, we would only have to buy one bed,” Ben joked.

“Guess what,” Debby said, ” most apartments are two bedroom units so I could stay in the second bedroom and I could start seriously looking for a job too.”

Ben and Katie looked at each other and immediately burst out laughing.

“Man, that would be a great situation,” Ben said,” and people would always figure that you two girls were in one of the other bedrooms so no one would suspect. Then when you got jobs we could all split the expenses and we would be living cheap. “

“Gee Ben, do you think we can pull this off?” Katie questioned.

“Why not,” Ben answered, ” it’s all innocent isn’t it,” and with that he winked at the girls.

“By the way, ” Ben said, ” as soon as the re-tooling is done at the plant and we begin manufacturing the new line the company is not only going to be hiring some new factory workers but the word I get is they are going to be hiring a dozen or more office people too.”

“Ben, do you think we would have a chance at those jobs,” Katie asked.

“Well I’m not sure,” Ben said, ” Josh Bennet is the guy handling it all.”

“Ben! ” Katie shouted, Josh Bennet is one of your best friends. I bet you could fix it up for us in a minute.”

Ben laughed at Katie’s enthusiasm.

“OK Katie, I’m sure I can have some influence on the situation,” Ben said.

“Just think,” Debby interjected, ” we could all ride to work together.”

All three of them laughed uproariously.

“Ben,” Katie said, ” there’s just one thing, you have to be the one to tell Mom. I don’t know how she’ll feel about both of us moving out at once.”

“Wish I could con you into telling my mom too Ben,” Debby said, ” she wants me to find a job but not move out I’m afraid. Of course, I haven’t even been invited to live with you guys. I’ve just been shoving myself into the picture.”

“Of course you’re invited silly,” Katie replied, ” look at it this way, we can all swing together and not only that but whenever it’s that time of the month for one of us Ben can have the other one available.”

That sounded like a great idea to Ben and he had intended for Debby to be a part of the picture anyway.

“While I’m thinking about this Debby,” Ben said, ” are you on the pill or something?”

“Not the pill Ben but an IUD,” Debby answered, ” so don’t worry.”

The three talked a while, solidifying their plans and then Ben jumped in the shower. The girls decided to straighten up Katie’s room before Marian got home. First, they checked everything so there were no clues as to what the three of them had been doing.

Ben, having finished his shower and dressing went downstairs and fished the morning paper out of the trash. He began to scan the ads for apartments. He decided it was time to get started on moving into his own place, something he should have done long ago.

He had a thought though that was somewhat perplexing. “Wonder what it’s like to maintain a modern day harem?” he thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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