Ben’s Party Ch. 02

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Following the party on the Saturday, I felt very nervous going to work on the Monday. Or course none of the other works knew, but our boss – Margaret Bryant did – she was the one who had set me up for the evening, and taken me to places I had never dreamt of. And I knew it was only the start…

The reality was, she simply ignored what had happened, treated me exactly as if nothing had happened. Again there were anxious moments as Tony, Margaret’s husband, came into the office on the Wednesday, but again, after 10 minutes stilted conversation we silently entered a mutual conspiracy to pretend nothing had happened, that we were friends just as before the party. Life at the office continued as if nothing had happened.

It continued through the next two parties, where again it was very similar – we served dressed as waitresses, we held hands when not busy. At the first party this time Tony sucked me off as I had to hold the eyes of my former primary school head teacher who was part of the “club.” At the second party we both had to kneel on hands and knees as the other rubbed themselves off from behind, although there was no hint of anal penetration required. I wondered if one day we would have to…

Meanwhile at work things continued as normal. Margaret Bryant continued as if nothing had happened, and Tony and I kept our conspiracy of silence with each other. The other people in the office weren’t even aware I had been to their parties. It was as I arrived at the fourth party that things felt a bit different…

On the Wednesday before the party Margaret was having coffee with Jean. Both liked the other, and even in the few minutes together they had developed a respect for each other. Margaret was explaining. “Barbara suggested you might be a good person to join our club, and has, I believe, at my suggestion, told you a little about our parties. Are you still interested? We would love you to join us.” Margaret smiled naturally.

Jean was rather nervous. Since her divorce when her swine of a husband drank too much, beat her up and told her he was leaving for another woman (he was still doing probation for the incident, was with the girl friend and was history) Jean had been rather nervous of any deep or personal relationships. Barbara had thought that joining the “club” would be good for her.

Jean was quiet, her mind still churning everything around. Margaret talked further about the friendship, about the fun, chatter, entertainment. At last she asked Jean if there were things she wanted to ask.

Jean was hesitant. “Yes, I think I, might, perhaps, um… want to join, please?”

Margaret smile. “Let’s make sure you know what we are about,” she paused. “The group is erotic. Sexual. We do exploit men – in a nice way so they enjoy it as well. And we are not inhibited with each other, although there is no pressure to make any relationships physical…” Again she paused, before speaking gently: “You know what I am saying?”

“Yes” said Jean, quietly.

“There is one further thing.” Margaret again spoke gently. She really liked this lady in front of her. She really wanted her as a friend. “We do have an initiation. It’s very difficult, and very easy. It makes you one of us. It allows us to be sure you will be un-inhibited with us. And it also, I hope, allows you to walk out if it is not for you. But it is very embarrassing. And asks you to be…well, not sure how to put it…”

Jean looked uncertain again, and spoke hesitatingly. “What do I have to do?”

Margaret spoke very slowly, so as not to frighten Jean. “We have a couple of men who serve us. Tony – my husband, and another who is good friend of ours.” Jean jumped at the mention of men, so Margaret continued reassuringly. “Don’t worry, they are good men, and they will not do anything to harm us. They serve us at the parties.”

Margaret paused. “Towards the end of the evening I will ask you if you want to go through with the initiation. You are free to say no and leave. If you stay we will turn all the lights out before we bring our friend in. It will be your task to, um, bring him off. Using just your mouth. Let him cum all over you. We will know by the sound whether, whether…” she paused, “Whether anything is happening…”

Jean looked startled. “Why? Why do that? Don’t we control the men?”

Margaret smiled. “Of course we do. But this only happens once, at the beginning. It’s a sort of sign that you want to be part, that you are prepared to be uninhibited. It’s a sort of gesture that you want to give yourself to our group and our, um, our ethos. “

After a pause, Margaret continued. “Afterwards we will get someone to give you a lift home, and when you get home you are free to clean up…” You may as well do it at home because a lot of your clothes as well as your face may be covered with…, well, you know…” Margaret concluded, hesitatingly.

After bahis firmaları a pause she finished her thoughts. “After that, you will be part of the club, and free to get involved as much or as little as you want.”

Jean left the coffee shop very impressed by Margaret Bryant, wanting to be part of this club, yet, to do something erotic like this – it was beyond her experience – so far beyond her experience she didn’t know if she could go through with it. Yes, she would go to the party, but she was sure she would, or should, or might, leave before the initiation. But they did seem very nice people. And yes, she would like to order a man around, perhaps a deep seated response to her treatment by her husband.

For Ben, Saturday evening came around as it had done previously. At six o-clock he found himself knocking on the door of the Bryants’ home. Tony welcomed him inside. They chatted until Margaret appeared. Margaret explained what was expected of them that evening. Ben was surprised to hear about the initiation, and his part in it. Equally surprised to hear that he had to stay in the kitchen until the initiation. He was also surprised to hear it was his task to drive the new member home. Ben agreed willingly – it was his job to agree! There was one thing that puzzled Ben – about 9.00pm one of the ladies came into the kitchen and spoke to him, telling him he might get a special bonus after tonight…

For Jean, she arrived about eight, very nervous, although she was warmly welcomed and invited to sit by her friend Barbara. In a pause, Jean pondered – it was the best night she had had since being on her own. The women were friendly. The conversation was fun. The food was good. She had arrived certain she would leave before the initiation, but now not so sure. Suddenly at 10.30 she was faced with her choice.

Barbara had moved to another part of the room, and Margaret sat beside her. She spoke kindly to her.

“Jean, we would love you to be part of our club. We would love you to join. Will you do the initiation?”

Jean thought for a few moments, her reserve fighting desperately with her desire for friendship. At last the desire won. She whispered her answer. “Yes.”

Margaret had to be convinced. “Jean, you are free to leave and we will think nothing the less of you. You sure you want to stay?”

Jean answered nervously, but with more conviction. “Yes, I want to stay.”

Margaret stood to her feet and spoke to everyone in the room. “Ladies, our friend Jean has agreed to undertake the initiation.” The rest clapped. Margaret turned to her: “Jean, you will need to kneel here on the floor, then we will turn the lights out.”

Jean knelt, very nervously. Suddenly the light was out. It wasn’t totally dark but was possible to see only the silhouettes of people, impossible to make out who people were. Jean heard a door open, saw a man being led over to where she was kneeling. He was definitely naked. She felt his warmth, then, felt him push against her – she was suddenly paralysed as she felt his already stiff cock gently pushed to her mouth.

Margaret whispered gently and encouraging. “It’s time, Jean, you know what to do.”

Tentatively Jean pushed out her tongue and let it touch the cock. She had only done this a couple of times before, and each time she moved away before the man – her former husband – came. This time she knew there was to be no pulling away. Suddenly Jean took her confidence in her own hands, and with her tongue began to run it up and down the front of the cock. She ran her tongue around, up and down, around the tip, even tasting the pre-cum. She knew she was having an effect as she felt the cock twitch against her face.

Suddenly, for Jean, the other people weren’t there. She started becoming aware of what this man – whoever he was, liked, and did it again. She became aware of what made his cock twitch, what made him moan, and was suddenly proud that she could make him respond to her. Gradually she felt him trembling, and even took his balls gently in her hand. She heard him breathing heavily, then suddenly heard him cry out, felt his body shake, then felt warm liquid on her face, in her hair, dripping down onto her dress. She was stunned how much he produced – the cum seemed to cover her but she was determined. She did want this. She did want to be part of the “club.” She did want the eroticism. With determination she didn’t turn her head away, she allowed him to cover her.

After a few moments she was aware that the man was coming down from his orgasm. She heard Margaret tell him to go and get ready…

Jean felt Margaret put her hand under her arm and gently and affectionately lift her to her feet, and lead her out of the room. Margaret spoke to her. “I’ll take you out to the car. It’s a warm evening. We have someone to drive you home, and we will leave you there to get cleaned up. I’ll kaçak iddaa call you tomorrow. Take care.” Margaret led her to the car and sat her in the passenger seat, to wait, she thought, for one of the women from the “club,” perhaps her friend Barbara, to drive her home.

After leaving the room Ben quickly cleaned up, got dressed and knew it was his task to drive the newly initiated member home. He walk out to the car, opened to door, sat in the drivers seat and looked towards his passenger.


Both were stunned. There in front of him sat his mother Jean, a striking looking woman of 45, her face, hair and blouse covered with Ben’s cum!

“Ben.” Jean gasped. “Ben, what are you doing…”

Their minds gathered, and it was Jean who spoke first. “Please take me home.”

They drove the fifteen minute journey in silence. For Ben it was a confusing mix of feelings. Amazed at his mother being part of the group. Horror at what he had done to her. Disgrace at being caught serving these women. But there was just an inkling occasionally in his mind – he wished he had put his cum inside her… She was an attractive woman – slim, shoulder length dark hair, nice figure, well kept from cycling and walking. He had never thought of her in a sexual way before, thoughts that grew over the length of the journey…

For Jean the mix of feelings were similar. Horror that her son had found out. Shame that she had allowed him to cum all over her. Total and utter embarrassment at the events of the evening. Yet somehow she wanted to continue in the club – it had opened up parts of her she never knew existed. There was even a dark corner of her that wondered whether she could make love to her best friend Barbara from the club. But this – this was confusion. Unexpected. Embarrassing. So embarrassing she couldn’t speak.

At last they reached the house. They went inside. It was Ben who had pulled himself together most. He was the first to break the ice. “Mum, perhaps you should go and clean up. Come back when you have and I’ll have a mug of cocoa ready for you.”

Jean didn’t take long in the shower, then put on her nightdress and dressing gown and steeled herself to get the cocoa. They had to start talking soon, or the gulf between them would get bigger and bigger. She went back to the sitting room and Ben handed her the cup of cocoa. It was Ben who started chatting first, hesitating as he began.

“Mum, I’m really really sorry about this evening. I didn’t know it was you.”

“Sorry? But you would have done it to anyone joining? How can you be sorry?” Jean retorted.

Ben replied gently. “I’m sorry at the embarrassment I’ve caused you, the hurt I’ve caused you.” Ben began to talk – telling his mother about how he became involved with the club, and with honesty about how he enjoyed the parties. He told her how it had made his relationship with girls – sex – generally much more intense, much better. He told her some of the things he had done at the parties. Told her how much he and Tony were friends, and no, he wasn’t gay, but yes he found “making love to Tony,” while the women watched, so hot. Then told her about the run-up to the party Jean had just been at…

At last Jean felt confident to speak. She told him about her loneliness since her husband had left; told him about how much she wanted friendship, but found men difficult to cope with for what her husband had done. She told him how much she enjoyed the club, and cried as she told Ben how she knew she would now have to leave the club. How she found the initiation so hard, but desperately wanted to do it, and do it well. Ben smiled – the first smile between them, as he said in response “Mum, you did it very well, very well indeed…”

Jean went bright red, but deep somewhere there was a sense of pride that she could do it.

At last there was a silence between them. After a couple of minutes she looked up from her lap straight into the eyes of her son looking hard at her. At last Ben spoke. “Come with me.”

Ben reached out a hand, which Jean instinctively took. He led her unquestioningly to her bedroom, then faced her, stepped towards her – within seconds his mouth was pressed hard against her lips in a passionate kiss, as he pulled her body hard to him. He thrust his tongue between her lips, fenced with hers, and Jean found herself responding. Put her arms around her son, pulled him to her. After a few minutes they parted the kiss. Ben stepped back, then reached out and undid his mother’s dressing gown and she let it fall to the ground. He caught the hem of her nightie and pulled it over her head. She allowed him…Ben was staring at his mother naked, beautiful in front of him.

Ben stepped forward, lifted Jean in his arms, carried her to the bed and placed her on it. With his tongue he began to explore her body. His tongue flicked her nipples which went instantly kaçak bahis hard. His tongue encircled her beautiful breasts, he ran his tongue down her body and made her giggle as he tickled her belly button. He let his fingers tickle in her pubic hair, then whispered softly to her – “Mum, open your legs for me.”

Jean hesitated, still nervous, but then slowly allowed her legs to open, revealing her pussy to him. His tongue renewed it’s wanderings, gently running along the lips of her pussy, tasting her, then gently pushing between them, Ben noting how wet and delicious she was. He allowed his tongue to thrust deep inside her, and heard her moan in pleasure.

For several minutes he let his tongue plunge into her pussy, caress the lips of her pussy till she was squirming in pleasure, moaning uninhibitedly. At last he moved his tongue to her clitoris, caressing softly and rapidly. Within seconds her body was shaking, squirming: she screamed out over and over as her orgasm took over her body. Her orgasm never seemed to end, but eventually she did come down from her high.

After she had relaxed, Ben quickly removed his clothes, and had his by now stiff cock pointing at her pussy, the tip touching the lips. He whispered to her “invite me in.”

Jean responded instantly – “please take me.”

“More” demanded Ben.

Suddenly inside Jean a dam burst. The dam of inhibition broke, years of pent up repressed feelings exploded. She spoke loudly and forcibly: “Please take me. Fuck me. Put your cock in my cunt. I want my son fucking me…”

As she spoke Ben responded, he thrust his cock deep inside her wet pussy, Jean gasping as he entered her. Jean wrapped her legs around him, holding him tight. Ben spoke again: “you are my slut. What are you?”

The dam had well and truly burst. “I am you slut. Your whore. Your fucktoy. Your cunt. Your…”

Ben didn’t hear any more, he began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy, faster and faster until they both screamed in orgasm together, Ben filling her with his cum…

Ben and Jean lay in each other’s arms, Ben thinking his mother was a fantastic fuck; Jean wishing she had discovered this before. As they lay together, sleep took them over…

As Ben woke the next morning he looked at the clock. 9.00am. His mother lay next to him still fast asleep. Naked. It hadn’t been a dream. Ben quietly left the bed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast – he often gave his mother breakfast in bed on a Sunday in any case. Just as the toaster popped the toast there was a ring on the doorbell. Ben went to answer it. Ben opened the door, there stood Barbara, looking a bit sheepish, a bit nervous.

Barbara spoke first. “Is it okay to come in?”

Ben looked severe – he put the act on very quickly. “Why would you want to come in?” he asked in a severe voice.

Barbara’s confidence seeped away instantly. She stumbled over her words. “About last night…”

Ben gave her a severe look, then said – “you had better come in.”

As they reached the kitchen, Ben spoke again. “It’s not me you have the frightened of, it’s mum. It’s her you need to apologise to.”

Barbara’s confidence had disappeared completely. Ben continued in a harsh tone. “Tell you what. I will go and wake mum and tell her you are here. Bring the breakfast up in 10 minutes. It might be okay as a peace offering…”

Ten minutes later Barbara tentatively pushed open the bedroom door. Tentatively walked in. She heard Jean’s voice speak. “Come in Barbara. Put the tray on the table. Come in and wait until we are ready.”

Barbara walked in. Her eyes popped as she saw Jean on her back, Ben on top fucking her! Both were clearly well aroused. Jean’s voice came out in gasps. “Don’t move, Barbara.”

Barbara stood transfixed as she watched Ben fuck his mother, something Jean was clearly enjoying. Transfixed as they both cried out together, reaching orgasm, Ben shooting inside her…

As they parted, they beckoned Barbara further in. It was Jean who spoke.

“There never was an initiation ceremony, was there, Barbara?” She paused. “You did this – with Margaret Bryant, deliberately. We were set up.” Jean paused, then continued.

“Barbara – it was the best thing anyone has ever done for me. Thankyou.”

Suddenly everyone was laughing. Ben was the first to speak. “So is my mum a member of the club?”

Barbara’s reply was instant. “Oh yes. Mum and son – we’ll have to see how it goes, but she certainly is a member.”

“Okay Barbara,” Ben spoke with a twinkle in his eye. “You did trick us, and a price has to be paid.” Barbara was quiet again, a worried look on her face. “Simple – lick me clean,” Ben pointed to his cock.

Barbara was stunned. Then took a tentative step forward. Then leant forward. Then slowly put her tongue to Ben’s cock. Within seconds she was cleaning the mixture of his cum and his mother’s juices from his cock.

“And when you’ve finished,” Ben continued, “You can lick my mum clean as well. I think her clit needs extra care and attention…”

“Yes,” said Jean and Barbara together…

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