Beverly Needs A Plumber Ch. 03

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Brian was having his morning coffee before it was time to leave for work and his mind was a jumble of the events of the previous day. He just couldn’t grasp how Laura, his wife of 22 years, could allow, no, encourage her sister in law to suck his dick. After all, Beverly is his own sister. And what about his own children, Bobbie and Katy. She has known they were having sex for months and kept it secret from him. Katy is almost 22 and Bobbie is 18 so he guessed they were old enough to make their own decisions but he just couldn’t believe Laura has watched them fuck and never said a word. He couldn’t even understand his own actions. His cock had stayed hard as stone after Bev had swallowed his load and he and Laura had a fantastic session on the floor of the living room while Bobbie fucked his aunt on the sofa beside them for a second time. Later at bed time he fucked Laura again. Brian couldn’t remember the last time he got off 3 times in so little time.

Brian looked up as Laura entered the room and poured herself a cup of coffee. She walked over and freshened his cup and he couldn’t help but notice her robe was untied with nothing under it. Even after 22 years the glimpse of a nipple could cause a stir in his loins.

Laura smiled and said, “A penny for your thoughts.”

“I don’t even know where to begin”, he replied.

“Well, let’s start with the obvious. It’s clear that Bev and you both enjoyed that bit of oral sex so sibling sex must not be too objectionable to you”.

Brian took a sip of coffee and looked at Laura. “Bev is a great cock sucker and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it.”

“Which brings us to Bobbie and Katy. I’m sorry I never said anything but I just didn’t know how you’d take it. I didn’t want to do anything to spoil their fun. They are so beautiful together and there is no doubt that Katy and Bobbie love to fuck. I’ve never seen anything wrong with a little family fun.”

Brian looked up from his coffee. “So you approve of incest?”

Laura took a deep breath and said, “Yes honey I do. I think it’s a lot more common among siblings than most people think. I’ve never told you about how my brothers, Larry and Lonnie, used to fuck me when we were younger and Sandy, Larry’s wife, fucked her own brother even after she and Larry were married. I wouldn’t be surprised if their four sons keep both of their sister’s pussies pretty busy too.”

“Wow, I had no idea any of that was happening.”

Laura glanced down at Brian’s lap and giggled, “By the looks of that lump in your pants I suppose you aren’t exactly opposed to the idea. Maybe I should fix that before you leave.”

Laura kneeled down in front of her husband and unbuckled his belt. Brian raised up in his chair so that Laura could slip his pants down past his knees. She took his cock in her hand and ran her tongue up and down the underside and then licked his heavy balls. Her robe hung open and her hard nipples pressed against his thigh. She sucked the fat head in the mouth and slid her lips over his dick. Laura loved to deep throat a cock casino şirketleri and she was good at it. Brian knew he wouldn’t last long this morning.

“Well, aren’t you two frisky this morning?” Both Laura and Brian looked up at Bobbie as he entered the kitchen. Bobbie just smiled and said, “Don’t let me interrupt you.”

Bobbie’s mother stopped sucking the cock in her hand and said, “I’ll fix your breakfast as soon as I finish here.”

“No need, mom, I’ll just pick something up later because I’m already late for practice.” With that Bobbie rushed out the door.

Laura resumed the blow job and Brian began to thrust his hips, trying to fuck her mouth the was he knew she liked. He soon erupted and Laura sucked his cum down her throat and licked her lips.

“Sorry, but I’ve got to get going so I’m not late for work”, Brian said as he pulled his pants back up and took a last swig of coffee.

“No problem”, Laura said as she kissed his cheek, leaving a small smear of cum.

Brian hurried out the door and Laura decided she should drop by and see how Beverly is feeling after the exciting afternoon they all had yesterday. Little did she know just how exciting it had been for Beverly.


Katy woke up and stretched. She had been out late on a date with a guy she’d been seeing for a while. He had driven her out by the lake and she allowed him to entice her into the back seat of his car. She had been looking forward to a hot time because of the promising bulge in his trousers. The reality of it was that even though he had a nice package he was finished after about six thrusts. She had came home hotter than a fox in a forest fire and was disappointed to find Bobbie in a deep sleep. In fact he was so sound asleep she couldn’t even wake him. She thought back to their first encounter many months ago. She had been on a date and had an experience similar to last night. She was in her bed reading a magazine when Bobbie came home from a date which was equally disappointing. After he showered and dressed for bed he had came in to visit with his older sis. They had always gotten along well and Katy was always there for Bobbie. She was propped up by three pillows and Bobbie flopped on the bed in the opposite direction laying on his side.

“Hi sis, it’s early so I guess your date didn’t go much better than mine.”

Katy tried to smile saying, “Oh, some aren’t as good as others but this guy should be in the loser hall of fame.”

“That bad, huh?”

“Or worse! He was finished before we started. I sure hope you don’t do that to the girls.”

Bobbie laughed and said, “That’s never been a problem so far. My problem is getting to that point.”

Now it was Katy’s turn to laugh, “You mean those tiny boppers that you date won’t put out?”

“Now you’ve got the picture. They get me all worked up and send me home to deal with it.”

This conversation was getting Bobbie worked up again. He didn’t realize it but it didn’t go unnoticed by Katy. The head of his stiffening casino firmaları cock was beginning to peek out of his shorts.

“Bobbie! Is that what I think it is?”

“What?” Bobbie looked to where his sister’s eyes were directed and saw the end of his dick sticking out the leg of his shorts.

“My gosh, is that as big as it looks? I’m surprised the girls let you come home at all. I’d sure know what to do with it if you were my boyfriend!” Katy was practically drooling.

“Telling me that doesn’t make me feel any better. Maybe you should tell that to the girls I date.”

Katy leaned forward and took a closer look as his cock continued to grow. “Really Bobbie, I could almost forget I’m your sister. If you know how to use that thing we could both solve our problems.”

“What do you mean? You don’t mean we could………”

“Yes, That’s just what I mean. Take off those shorts and let me have a closer look.”

Bobbie slipped his shorts off and Katy wrapped her fingers around his cock. She jacked it a few times and looked up at Bobbie. “My god, how long have you had this magnificent thing? You might have the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Do you really know what to do with it?”

Bobbie smiled at his sister. “I’m not all that experienced but I can assure you it won’t go off before you want it to.”

Katy was over come with lust. His huge cock sent chills down her spine and her pussy was dripping. “Well, you are going to get some experience now and if you’re half the fucker you should be you’ll be getting a lot more. Fuck me now, Bobbie. I’ll suck your dick some other time but right now just fuck me.”

Katy ripped her gown over her head exposing her beautiful naked body to her brother. Bobbie may not have had a lot of experience but he had enough to know a good thing when he saw it. He climbed between his sister’s open legs and pushed his cock all the way in one thrust.

“Oh fuck, I’ve never felt so full. I love your cock. Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Bobbie started slow and then they found a comfortable rhythm as he took long strokes pulling the head of his cock almost out and then pumping all the way back in. Katy was in ecstasy and babbled incoherently begging him to fuck her.

She began to shriek and moan and cry. “Fuck me, I’m cumming. Cum in me. Fill me with your hot cum, baby. Don’t ever stop fucking me.”

“Shush, quiet. You’ll wake mom and dad”

Katy fingered her pussy as she recalled her first fuck with Bobbie which was immediately followed by a second and a third. After the third time her younger brother fucked her she had told him that he owned her pussy and he could fuck her any time and as often as he wished. She wished he didn’t have ball practice this morning because she could sure use him now.

Katy was startled from her day dream by the sound of the door bell. She put on a robe and went down stairs to the front door. It was her cousins Mike and Mary. She asked them in and they followed her into the living room.

“What do you think of the new situation”, güvenilir casino Mary blurted out.

“What new situation,” Katy asked with a confused look.

“You don’t know?”

“Know what?” Katy had no idea what was going on.

“Weren’t you here yesterday?”

“No,” Katy replied. “I had a date and everyone is gone this morning. What have I missed?”

“You don’t know about Bobbie fucking our mom?”

“Aunt Beverly? My brother fucked Aunt Beverly? When?”

“Yesterday. Your mom told him to do it.”

Mary went on to explain how it had happened and how her mother gave Katy’s dad a blow job, how Mary had confessed to her mom about Mike and her fucking, about her dad fucking her and about Mike fucking their mother. She also told her about Laura knowing that Bobbie had been fucking Katy for a long time and now their dad knows too.

Katy was stunned by the flood of information. So stunned she hadn’t even noticed Mike’s cock was out and Mary was stroking it as she talked.

“So it’s great now because we don’t have to worry about getting caught and mom said we may as well sleep together and fuck when ever we want as long as she gets some too once in a while.” Mary stopped talking and leaned over and sucked her brother’s cock into her mouth.

Mike looked at Katy and said, “Ain’t this fucking great. I guess you guys won’t have to worry about getting caught either. Has Bobbie fucked your mom yet?”

Katy looked surprised. She was still absorbing all this information and she hadn’t even considered Bobbie fucking their mother. “What if he did”, she wondered “or what if dad wants to fuck me?” Her pussy tingled at the thought. She was already horny and all this plus watching Mary’s head bobbing up and down on Mike’s big cock just made it worse.

Katy moved over beside Mike and tapped Mary on the shoulder. “Let me have a taste of that thing”. As Mary leaned back Katy got a good look at what she had been sucking. “That thing is fucking huge.” Katy went right to work on Mike’s impressive tool.

Mary moved behind Katy and pulled her robe off her back. Mary reached around and caressed Katy’s ample 36C breasts. Mary leaned down and whispered, “Do you wanna feel that big thing inside of you? Do you wanna see if he can fuck you as good as Bobbie? Do you wanna feel what I’ve felt every time he fucks me? Do you want Mike to fuck you like he fucked mom yesterday?”

Katy was wild with lust as she swung herself onto Mike’s lap and impaled herself on his cock. As she bucked wildly Mary was shedding her clothes behind her. Mary began again to play with Katy’s bouncing tits and she pressed her pussy against her back.

“Fuck her good Mike. Fill her pussy and then I’m going to suck your hot cum out of her pussy while you fuck me.” Then Mary reached down and slipped a finger into Katy’s ass and began to fuck her finger in and out as Katy cried out.

The double stimulation plus the thought of her pretty cousin licking her cunt was more than Katy could take and an orgasm over took her.

As her orgasm subsided Mary pushed her off Mike and dove between Katy’s legs. As Mary buried her face in her cousin’s pussy, Mike got in position behind his sister and began to fuck her.

And that was what Bobbie saw as he stood in the doorway and said, “What the fuck?”

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