Beverly Rising

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Betty awakened to the sound of water running in her bathroom. It took her a moment to remember that she hadn’t fallen asleep alone. Bill had come to see her that morning.

She was laying on her side, facing away from the bathroom door. Looking out the window, she could see, across the Intracoastal Waterway, the cement tile roofs of Ft. Lauderdale as it stretched all the way to the Everglades.

Bill emerged naked from the bathroom and slid back into bed with her. He pressed his lean, smoothly muscled body along the length of hers and wrapped an arm around her waist. She savored the silken sensation of his skin against hers.

A glance at the clock at her bedside told her they’d only slept for a half hour. It was barely after Noon and Bill had already cum for her twice. Yet, as his hand roamed across the tiny blonde hairs of her belly to cup her left breast, she could feel his cock begin to harden once more. Could feel it begin to press against the cheek of her exquisite ass and along the back of her right thigh.

She rolled over to face Bill and kissed him on the lips. “Before we get too far along, I need to powder my nose.” She crawled across Bill and started for the bathroom, then stopped and turned. “Oh Bill, I hate to ask you this, but I just remembered something. I need a newspaper. Could you please throw on your shorts and get me one?”

“But the store’s three blocks….”

“No, no there’s a machine downstairs. Get a quarter from the dresser, and hurry back” she smiled as she turned the knob on the bathroom door.

Reluctantly, Bill pulled on his cutoffs, grabbed a quarter off the dresser and let himself out the front door of Betty’s condo. As he started down the breeze way to the elevator he noticed a familiar figure closing the door to her condo at the other end of the building. It was Beverly. She had a fresh drink in he hand. She was probably headed back down to the pool. Bill felt a familiar tingle. It was the tingle a man gets when he encounters a desirable woman. One that he’s sure he can have. And it registered on him in several places, including along the length of the semi hard on that Betty had sent him out with.

His eyes devoured her. Despite her petite figure, she emitted an intense appeal. The way she held herself conveyed a supreme confidence in her knowledge that she had everything a man could want.

Her earlier encounter with Bill had left Beverly shaken. He was a very tall and handsome young man. But his easy self effacing confidence was what got to her. His eyes seemed to look into her soul to read her deepest, darkest desires. Looking back into those eyes, her nipples had stiffened, her pussy dampened and her mouth watered. She’d been about to throw herself on him in the elevator when they were interrupted by the door opening at their floor. Betty had been there to intercept Bill and she’d made it clear that she didn’t appreciate Beverly’s advances toward him.

That had made Bill all the more desirable to her. Forbidden, clandestine sexual encounters with other women’s lovers and husbands were what stimulated Beverly most. She had ruminated over how to precipitate just such and encounter with Betty’s newest acquisition since Betty had whisked him off earlier.

Now, seeing Bill exiting Betty’s condo, Beverly couldn’t believe her good luck. The elevator was at the center of the building. With an equal amount of distance to cover, both Beverly’s and Bill’s minds were racing. Each of them sure of what they wanted. Neither questioned that the other wanted the same thing.

Their eyes were locked on each other as they closed the distance between them. Beverly took a long pull on her fresh Seven and Seven, and slowed her pace, letting Bill close on her. She stopped and took another sip, then half turned, her eyes still fixed on Bill’s.

As Bill’s progress propelled him past the elevator doors Beverly’s pussy melted in her bikini. The certainty that she was very close to seeing, holding, tasting and fucking the cock she’d wanted so badly earlier was almost too much.

Beverly turned and, with a telling glance back over her shoulder, started back toward her condo. She was slightly ahead of Bill which afforded him a display of her perfectly sculpted, bikini clad little ass. In fact, although she wasn’t more than a couple of inches over five feet, her slim figure was perfectly proportioned.

Bill casino şirketleri watched her taut ass cheeks clench and unclench as she walked. The perfect rhythm of her movement made his stiffening prick twitch. An image of that ass, and her looking back over her shoulder as he guided his swollen prick into her dripping wet little quim swam in his mind’s eye.

He watched her slim fingers twisted the door knob to her condo. Even her hands were sexy. She stood aside to let Bill in. Still, they exchanged no words. Inside, Beverly pushed the door to. It closed with a thunk. They were safe from interruption. Just inside the foyer, they faced each other. Eyes hungry, filled with passion, lust. Beverly reached to touch Bill’s naked chest, her touch electric. She looked up into Bill’s eyes and canted her head to the side, lips parted in unmistakable invitation.

Bill leaned in, his hand at her waist as he gently kissed Beverly’s upturned lips. Once, twice and each kiss lingered longer. Beverly broke their silence. “Why aren’t you with Betty?”

“She sent me out for a newspaper.” he replied.

“Looks like that’s going to turn out to be a bad move on her part.” She smiled. ” At least, if she planned on keeping you to herself.” She kissed him as the hand on his chest trailed down to his waist band. She unfastened the button of his shorts and pulled down his zipper.

Bill was by no means hard yet. He’d already cum twice that day with Betty. But as Beverly reached her hand into his shorts to grip his prick, his hot thickness was almost too much for her to get her slim fingers around. She tugged at what she judged to be the middle of his length and a loop of his massive cock came free. The head and a couple of inched were still embedded in his shorts.

“Oh Baby!” she hissed. “I think Betty is going to have to learn to share.” There was no need for her to go to her knees. At just over five feet Beverly was perfectly positioned to suck Bill’s dick. Another tug and his helmet sprang free.

Beverly was in awe of the massive member she held before her and it showed in her face. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was agape in a perfect sexy little O. The contours of her lips were so appealing that Bill’s hips thrust forward involuntarily. Beverly responded by flicking out her tongue to catch the underside of his cock . The perfect O of her lips engulfed just the tip of Bill’s cock head as her tongue flickered all over it.

She reached behind Bill to push his shorts further down. Bill pushed the shorts the rest of the way to the floor and kicked them away. Beverly held in her view the most massive and beautiful cock she’d ever seen. And it wasn’t even fully erect.

She grabbed Bill’s dick and greedily stuffed it into her mouth, cupping his balls with her free hand. Her mouth made hungry slurping noises as she struggled to get more of it in. She let it pop out noisily and looked directly into Bill’s eyes. He’d never seen a look so wanton. She dove back down on his cock and sucked it even deeper into her mouth.

As she did she reached behind her and slipped the knot that held her bikini top. It fell to the floor revealing small but perfect little tits,made more perfect by smoothly conical nipples that begged to be sucked. She cupped the left one and with her right hand around Bill’s shaft, let his cock head pop form her mouth and slapped his cock head hard on her nipple several times. Then she proceeded to rub Bill’s fat dick all over both of her breasts and nipples. His pre cum and her saliva left a shiny trail across her smoothly tanned flesh.

Bill was fully erect now and hard as he’d ever been. Beverly jacked his shaft with her right hand and wrapped her lips around his prick for more sucking. She moaned, grunted and slurped as she forced as much of him into her mouth as she could. But that wasn’t much and she knew she was just putting off the inevitable. As much as she would like to suck him to orgasm, she knew they didn’t have much time, and she needed a good fucking. Besides, she loved the idea of sending him back to Betty with the juices from her aching little pussy all over his cock.

Deftly she slipped the knots that held her bikini bottoms and let them drop to the floor. She grabbed him by the hand and led him into the living room of her condo. The room was filled with over stuffed furniture. But there was one piece that casino firmaları was particularly striking. It was one of those sweeping lounges with an arm at one end that you’d expect to see Greta Garbo stretched out on.

As she sat at the foot of the lounge she changed her grip to Bill’s cock again. She lay back and pulled him to a kneeling position above her head. Her eyes trailed over the massive fleshy monolith that waved above her. She needed just a little more cock sucking.

As she pulled him toward her mouth she said “I think you know this, but anytime, and I mean anytime you want me, all you have to do is show up at my door. Before you leave I’ll give you my phone number. Don’t hesitate to use it. Now, grab the back of my head and shove your cock in my mouth.” Bill did as he was told.

With one hand braced on the curved back of the lounge and the other at the back of Beverly’s head, he thrust his hips forward as she sucked greedily on the head of his dick. At first he was gentle, surprised at how first Betty and now Beverly was so hungry to get his cock into their mouths. But gentle wasn’t what was on Beverly’s mind. She didn’t want to be made love to. She wanted a good hard fucking. And she wasn’t going to be happy until both pairs of her lips felt sore and abused.

Beverly pulled Bill’s prick from her mouth with a loud slurp. “I love sucking your cock” she said, looking into Bill’s eyes. “Am I your little cocksucker?”

Bill’s eyes went wide. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had no problem with her lips and tongue wrapped around his cock, if that’s what she wanted. But referring to her as his “little cocksucker” wasn’t something that had occurred to him.

” I told you, you can have me any way you want, any time you want.” She jacked his dick as she spoke. “I want to be your personal little fuck toy”. She slapped the tip of his cock on her nipple. “I know you have to get back to Betty, so let’s put this where it belongs”. With that she lay back on the lounge and spread her legs wide. “Now fuck my sweet little pussy the way she needs to be fucked.”

Bill couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but it was having it’s desired effect on him. More than the urge to have sex, he wanted to conquer this woman, split her cunt wide open and watch the waves of passion wash over her as he drove his cock into her relentlessly.

Beverly could see that passion in his face. She knew she was going to get the fucking of her life now. Bill moved to position himself between her legs. The swollen purple tip of his cock was now aimed directly at her aching little slit. They both watched as his massive prick found her entrance. She was soaked. He had no trouble getting the first couple of inches in.

Beverly inhaled sharply, then let out a shuddering moan as Bill’s cock dipped into her. There was no pretense at gentleness. No hesitation. Their need was too great. Once his stiff member found her cunt he thrust into her letting her wetness flood around him. Her tiny little twat was tight, to be sure. But she had no problem sheathing his whole length.

Bill braced both hands just above her shoulders and began fucking Beverly with short deep strokes. The springs in the lounge aided him by bouncing her sweet ass back at him with each thrust.

“Uh, ohhh Jesus!” she gripped his fore arms and raised her legs to open herself to him. “Give it to me! Give me that big fucking dick! Fuck me! Fuck my little pussy!”

Bill’s thrusting made Beverly’s perfect little tits jiggle invitingly. He pumped her relentlessly. “Oh shit! Bill! You’re fucking huge! Jesus Christ, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” But Bill didn’t need to be told. He was driling her cunt with expert precision. “Give me that big fucking dick! Oh, YES! YES! YES!” Beverly’s legs shot straight in the air as she did her best to get all of Bill’s cock she could.

Bill ceased his thrusting and buried his dick in her to the hilt while he leaned in to take her left nipple in his mouth. As he did this the tip of his cock found “the spot”.

“Ooooo, Baby! Right there, right there, right there.” She ground her hips against him as he changed nipples. Sensing what was coming, he began to rotate his hips to rake the head of his dick over “the spot” repeatedly. Her hands flew back to dig her finger nails into his ass. Her face was a mask of lust. She was flushed all the way to the güvenilir casino tops of her breasts.

“Unnhh! …….. Shiiit! ….. Oh! Huh uh uh.” Bill let her ride her orgasm all the way out, fueling it by continuing to rake “the spot”. “Oh, oh, oh yes! Oh YES! I’M …. FUCK!” As she peaked she became inarticulate, grinding and huffing against Bill’s cock to get every last bit of her sweet cum. And then, it was over. As she subsided she gradually released her grip on his ass and lay back to catch her breath. Bill lay along her length, kissing her lips, her face and gently caressing her while she regained herself.

“Honey, I need a minute” she said as her breathing returned to normal. Bill eased out of her and she rolled from under him and went to the kitchen. Reaching a glass from the cupboard she poured herself a drink of water. She was sipping it, looking out the kitchen window that over looked the breezeway when she felt Bill touch her shoulder.

He leaned to kiss her cheek. She reached back to feel for his hardness and said “It seems we’re not finished.” He kissed her mouth lingeringly. Cupping her breasts, he trailed his cock all over her ass.

“I want you from behind.” he husked into her ear.

“Umm, I love that.” she said as she leaned against the counter with one hand while guiding him into her with the other.

She was still drenched. When his prick found it’s mark she leaned over and rotated her hips upwards to receive him. The sight of her incredible little ass framing her tiny slit as he slid into her was every bit as beautiful as he’d imagined. She felt incredible. She looked incredible. Bill wanted to fuck her forever.

He began to pump her twat with long, slow strokes, nearly pulling out of her with each thrust. Each time he thrust into her he held for a second, savoring the sensation of her wonderful pussy as she griped his length.

“Oh Baby, God you feel good.” she said, turning to look into his face. “Now, fuck me harder.” The soft, slurping noises coming from her soaking twat were accented by a slapping sound as Bill increased his rhythm.

“Pinch my nipples harder.” she moaned. “God I love the way you fuck me.” Her taut little ass quaked with each thrust of Bill’s huge cock and her reveled in the sight of it. She was drenched, soaking with the pleasure that only great sex brings.

“Fill up my little cunt with that big dick.” She pushed off the counter with each stroke of Bill’s cock, meeting him thrust for thrust. This was the kind of fucking she needed.

Bill changed his grip to her hips and increased his rhythm again. “Fucking give it to me! Pump my horny little cunt. That’s it, fuck me!” Her beautiful little body gleamed with sweat. So much so that her hair was wet and clinging to her neck. Bill’s thrusts were relentless.

“Ooooh, God, I’m gonna cum again!” This time Bill didn’t stop pumping. He could feel the rush of his own impending orgasm course through his body. He couldn’t stop, even if he wanted to. Now he was pumping her as hard and fast as he could. His hips slapped her ass in staccato rhythm.

Beverly’s whole body tingled as if it was on fire. Her hips rolled and thrust back into Bill. Every cell and nerve in her body needed him to fill her with his cum. His first jet was so strong she thought he would drown her ovaries. It was followed by two more and then a flood.

Beverly was cuming too. “OooooJesusGodYeesssss. You’re making me cum, you’re fucking making me cum!” Both of their bodies lost the ability to maintain any kind of rhythm. Their movements slowed to a quaking halt as Bill’s cock poured the last of his seed into Beverly’s sated little pussy.

Beverly kept her grip on the edge of the counter to keep from falling. Bill kept his grip on her for the same reason as they both tried to catch their breath.

She turned her head toward him and said “that was wonderful.” He leaned to kiss her.

“Yes, yes is was.” he said between soft kisses.

Bill’s now flaccid organ slipped out of her and she turned to him, raised on her toes for a kiss. “Now, you have to go. We don’t want Betty to get too suspicious.”

“But I don’t have a paper?”

“Well, go get one. But don’t take the elevator. Take the stairs. They’re just to the left of my door. Walk down one floor and get on the elevator, in case she looks out. Before you get the paper jump in the pool. Tell her it looked so inviting you had to go for a swim. That’ll account for our time.” Beverly tore a slip of paper from a note pad next to the phone and scribbled onto it. “Call me.” She kissed him one more time. Now get your shorts on and go.

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