Big booty Latin Cougar

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Big booty Latin Cougar
So here’s the story about this crazy horny big booty Latin cougar. We’ve been fucking for a while now and just thought I shared a couple videos of her and the story. For this story we are going to call her “Cougar”

So the way I met this “Cougar” is through an online dating app. I knew once I laid my eyes on her I knew I was going to fuck her. I didn’t really bother reading her profile (nobody really reads online dating profiles lol) and just straight looked at her pictures and OMG… she was thick in all the right spots. The look in her face said horny and hungry for dick, but not just any dick, a young dick. So she’s in her early 40s and still has all the right sexy curves. So I send her a message thinking maybe she’ll never see it but oh well….

So she does reply back and we go into having a conversation and I’m just trying to feel her out and see what she’s about. So we go to kik messager app and do some more talking. She asked for some pictures and I send her a couple just like she sends me some back. No sexy naked pics, just keeping it and playing it cool. She doesn’t believe my age by looking at my pics and thinks I’m an u******e k**. I look very young for my age and she starts to ask me for my ID. So I block out some of my important ID informationand send it to her. I guess it somewhat convinces her but not really. She told me she had a prior experience where she was talking to a guy bahis şirketleri and it turned out to be an u******e k** she was sending some sexy pics and she freaked out about it. So she thought I was doing the same. So she stopped texting me and I didn’t hear from her for a couple of months.

Months go by and I see her again on this online dating app. So I message her again and I dont think she recognizes me and starts to talk to me like we’ve never met. So we conversate and talk about what we are both looking for blah blah blah… she really gets so interested in me and wants to meet. So we meet up at a gas station and see each other in person. First thing I noticed was her BIG ASS and immediately my dick got hard. Nothing really happened that night besides just talk and chill.

This cougar is so hooked on me after she saw and wants to see me more often. But I notice she starts to play hard to get and wants me to work for her pussy. We decide to meet again in an empty parking lot and just sit and talk in my car. I start to rub my hand in her thick ass thigh and slowly work my way down her pussy. She tells me she loves the way I’m making her feel. I told her I want to see that big ass tonight and starts to show me pictures of her ass and pussy that she has saved on her phone. I told her I want to see it in person and touch it. She gets a little nervous, and looks around on the outside to see if cars illegal bahis ain’t coming. She gets off and makes her way around my side and pulls her pants down. All that was coming out of my mouth is “Daaammnn” and I start to spank it and rub that pussy. A car pops up and she quickly pulls her pants back up and comes back into my car. We move into another area of the parking lot that was darker because she wants to get more freaky.

So we end up moving to another darker spot and I lean my seat back and told her –

Me: “If I pull my dick out, your lips better be wrapped around it”
Cougar: “Ummm Daddy, I wanna taste you”

She leans over and proceeds to touch my dick –

Cougar: “Ohhhhh…. it’s all the way down your leg and it feels hard and fat”.
Me: “Pull it out so you can get a better look at it”.
Cougar: “Ohhh Damn… you are really big and it looks so phat and juicy”

She stares at it for a while so I grab the back of her head and her down to my dick. She goes straight to work on that dick none stop. She gives an awesome wet BJ. Her jeans cant even contain that big ass and its sticking out. I start to play with that big ass.

I get her to stop because I seen some sirens flashing and thought it was the police that rolled up on us. It was just some bs security guard cruising around the lot. So we call it a night and didn’t see her for a while. Till one day I texted her early in the morning and told her I illegal bahis siteleri want to fuck that big ass. Surprisingly she said I need your dick now and want you to fuck me like right now. I meet her at this hotel and we slowly get to for playing with each other. She only wanted to give me a BJ and think that would satisfy me. But I made her get fully naked and started to play with that pussy. She immediately got super soaking wet. I was shoving my dick down her throat really hard and had her gagging and wanting to throw up. I wanted to show her what it’s like to fuck a big dick young fella. I showed no mercy on that pussy! I fucked her in every sexy position possible I just couldn’t stop fucking that big ass of hers. She can honestly take a dick like a champ! The whole time she was telling me…. “Ohh baby, I can feel you all up in my guts” I fucked her non stop for 2 hours straight. She told me she has never gone that long with anybody. After hitting for a while it was time for me to cum, and every time I cum, I cum all over her face. I live giving her a nice facial but she wont let me take a pic of her like that lol….

I dicked her down so good the first time, that she is constantly texting asking when or how soon can I fuck her again? Any little chance i get from my busy schedule, I pound it like there is no tomorrow. That’s what happens with these Cougars that settle down really young and once they get a divorce like in their 30s or 40s and try some good dick, they get hooked on ya! At least from my experience and what I’ve witnessed. Women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s pussy be so much better. I love mature pussy…. more to come of her. Stay tuned guys

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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