Big Superstar Ch. 02

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This is my second erotic writing. If you have constructive criticism, feel free to email me.

Stay tuned for chapter 3, the conclusion to the Big Superstar series. I hope you enjoy.


Charlotte sat in the bleachers with the other parents, cheering on their sons. Their football team, the Buford Badgers, was doing particularly well today. They were demolishing the other team. It was the beginning of the fourth quarter and the Badgers were winning 49 to 14.

If they won the game today, and they almost certainly would at this point, they would have a playoff game next week. And if they won the playoff game, they would be in the state championship game.

The main reason the Badgers were doing so well this season was Charlotte’s son, Dustin, and today was no exception. Dustin was the team’s quarterback and he was playing amazingly well. He had scored five of the team’s seven touchdowns. Charlotte should have been ecstatic to see her son play so well, and she was, but she was also a bit distracted. Her mind kept wandering to what had happened that morning before the game.

Dustin’s girlfriend had just dumped him and he was devastated. He had explained to his mother that he had discovered a secret weapon that turned him into an amazing football player – having a woman sexually satisfy him before he played. But without his girlfriend to make him ejaculate before the game, he was convinced that he was going to stink up the field today. Charlotte did not believe Dustin’s superstition about sex before a game, but she did believe that he was too upset to perform well.

If Dustin continued his hot streak, he would most likely get a college scholarship. But today’s game was an important one and a lot of eyes would be on him. If he played poorly, that could kill his chance at the scholarship. And with Charlotte being a single mother and her salary being so meager, there is no way they would be able to afford college otherwise. Charlotte knew it was her motherly duty to get her son mentally ready for today’s game but she could only think of one very unmotherly way of doing it. She reluctantly decided to masturbate her son.

Charlotte had planned on quickly masturbating Dustin and catching his ejaculate in some tissues, but she had somehow let things get out of control. She had let Dustin have sex with her breasts, and then she told Dustin to… shoot his “cum” on her. For the life of her, Charlotte could not figure out what had caused her to talk and behave the way she did.

Thinking about what she had done with her son gave Charlotte a terrible feeling of guilt. She was a deeply religious woman and she knew that it was a terrible sin. She had only agreed to masturbate her son to help him in his time of need and not for lascivious desires. Charlotte hoped that would lessen the degree of the sin.

Charlotte was taken out of her thoughts by a roar of cheers from the other parents. She looked down at the field to see that Dustin had thrown yet another touchdown, and she immediately joined in the cheering. She felt a little bit comforted in the fact that she had not committed the sin for no reason. She had brought Dustin out of his depression, and he was playing another great game.

Seeing Dustin celebrate with his team after the touchdown, Charlotte felt so proud of her big superstar. Then Charlotte thought, Wait. Did I just call him my ‘big’ superstar? For as long as she could remember, she had always called Dustin her little superstar. But now that she thought about it more, for some reason it felt strange to call him little superstar, especially after seeing his big, manly pen-. Well, regardless of the reason, Charlotte decided it would be more fitting to call him big superstar from now on.

The rest of the game ran smoothly for the Badgers with them continuing to dominate the other team. After the game, Charlotte drove Dustin home. The drive was mostly filled with Dustin recounting some of the bigger plays in the game and Charlotte congratulating him on the victory.

When they got inside the house, Dustin said, “Thank you so much Mom. Without you and what you did for me this morning, I wouldn’t have been able to play like I did.”

Charlotte replied, “I’m glad you played well today, but we need to talk about what happened between us this morning. I’m sorry my big superstar, but I can’t do that again. It’s a sin for a mother to do that with her son.”

Hearing this brought Dustin down from the high of winning the game. “But what about next week’s game? Today’s game was important, but next week we are in the playoffs. I’m definitely going to need to cum before that game.”

“Don’t say cum. It’s a dirty word. If you must talk about it, you can say ejaculate or semen instead.” Charlotte continued, “If you do need to ejaculate before next week’s game, then I suggest you patch things up with your ex-girlfriend.”

“There’s no way I’m going to take Kim back. I found out that bitc… girl was casino şirketleri cheating on me,” Dustin said.

Charlotte shot him a stern look, letting him know that she did not approve of the ‘b’ word, but simply said, “Well then I guess you will have to find a new girlfriend before next week’s game.”

“I’m sure I will eventually get a new girlfriend, but I doubt I can get one by next week. Even if by some miracle I got a new girlfriend that quickly, I doubt she would be willing to masturbate me after just a few days of dating,” Dustin said, and he meant it.

In reality, Dustin could easily find a new girlfriend by next week. Girls at Dustin’s school would just about kill each other to get a date with him. He was the handsome star quarterback of the football team. It also didn’t hurt that his ex-girlfriend had told a few other girls that Dustin had a big dick and he was amazing in bed. However, Dustin was modest and had been in a relationship for a while, so he had no idea had badly his female classmates wanted him.

Dustin continued, “Mom, if I can’t get a girl to masturbate me by next week, will you please help me to ejaculate before the game?”

Dustin was the center of Charlotte’s world. She loved her big superstar dearly and she almost always said yes whenever he asked for something. The mother in her wanted to say yes to him now, but the Christian in her had already decided she couldn’t do that. She told him, “I’m sorry, but my answer is no. The bible says it’s wrong for mothers to do things like that with their sons.”

Dustin started thinking things over and began to panic. If he couldn’t get a girl to make him cum before next week’s game, he would play terribly. His team wouldn’t go to the championship game, and he could kiss his college education goodbye. Out of desperation, Dustin came up with another idea. “Maybe I could get a prostitute.”

Charlotte screamed, “Absolutely not! There is no way my son is going to see a prostitute.” She would not let her son start down that road of depravity and venereal disease. She had tried her hardest to avoid this, but now she saw no other way. “Fine; if you can’t find a girlfriend to masturbate you by next week, then I will do it. But you better try your gosh darned hardest to find a girl.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are the best mom in the world,” Dustin said and gave her a big hug.

After resolving that issue, Charlotte talked to Dustin about the other issue on her mind. She was very surprised when Dustin had told her that he was sexually active. Now she needed to talk to him about safe sex. She told him that it was okay for a girl to masturbate him given his current circumstances, but he should only have sex after he is married. She knew he was 18 years old though and she could not control him. Charlotte went on to explain that if he ever did have another lapse in judgment by engaging in premarital sex, then he must wear a condom. A man should only have unprotected sex with his wife.

Dustin nodded that he understood and assured his mother that he had always worn a condom with his ex-girlfriend. To Dustin, it seemed like his mom had missed something. Dustin asked her, “What about oral sex? Is it okay to have oral sex before marriage?”

“It is not okay to have oral sex before marriage or after marriage. You can use masturbation for sexual gratification before marriage, and you can have intercourse for gratification after marriage. So that makes oral sex an unnecessary carnal act and therefore a sin.” Charlotte wasn’t just saying that for her son’s benefit, she really believed it. She actually thought masturbation was a sin too, but she was willing to live with Dustin doing that, since it was the lesser of two evils.

Charlotte had performed fellatio in her life, but only a few times, and that was with Dustin’s father more than 18 years ago, before he abandoned her and Dustin. Even then, she had only done it grudgingly after weeks of being badgered. Furthermore, she did not enjoy doing it. During the act of oral sex, she tried to think of more pleasant things and get it done as quickly as possible.

On the rare occasions she had given oral sex to Dustin’s father, Charlotte insisted that he tell her when he was about to ejaculate. Then she would take his penis out of her mouth and let him ejaculate into some tissues. One time, Dustin’s father did ejaculate in her mouth without warning her and certainly without permission. She thought it tasted unpleasant and spit it out. That was the last time she gave him oral sex.

The rest of the day went by like any other day. That night Dustin went to his room and thought about his mother. He was really excited about the possibility of her making him cum again. She was so beautiful and she had such an amazing body. She was 40 years old but could easily pass for a woman in her late 20’s. Dustin loved his mom’s thick round ass, and he was completely obsessed with her giant tits. It was a shame casino firmaları that he so rarely got to see any of her body. His mom exclusively wore unflattering, baggy clothes and all her shirts went all the way up to her neck.

Then Dustin got in bed and jerked off thinking about his mother. This wasn’t different than any other night, except now when he thought about tit fucking his mom’s huge melons, he was relying on memory, rather than fantasy. Then he remembered shooting cum all over his mom at her request. He couldn’t believe his super prude mother had told him to do that. That memory brought a sudden end to his jerk off session as he fired out a big load of cum.

Charlotte went to her room, made a few prayers, and then tried to go to sleep. At first, she had more guilty feelings over what she had done with Dustin. Then she felt disappointed in herself that she had relented in their discussion by agreeing to masturbate him again if he couldn’t find a girl to do it. Eventually she started to relax. She didn’t fall asleep, but her mind shifted from conscious thoughts to subconscious thoughts. As she let her mind wander, one image became clear in her mind – Dustin’s large penis. She tried to get it out of her head by trying to think of other things, counting sheep, but no matter what she tried, Charlotte couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Charlotte thought about how long and thick Dustin’s penis was. It felt wrong to call it a penis, that wasn’t the right word. She didn’t know if dick was the right word either, but it was definitely more fitting than penis. Dustin had a big dick. Charlotte liked the way it looked. She liked how it felt in her hand. She really liked how his big dick felt between her breasts. But she absolutely loved when Dustin’s big dick sprayed cum all over her. It made her feel so sexy to know that she could still turn on an 18-year old. And he must have been very turned on because he covered her face and breasts in what seemed like a gallon of cum.

In the midst of her erotic thoughts about Dustin, Charlotte realized that she was using her hand to rub her privates. This snapped her out of her thoughts, and she immediately stopped touching herself. Charlotte had never masturbated once in her life. Despite what she had told Dustin earlier in the day, she was taught at an early age that masturbation was a sin. Charlotte admonished herself for her wicked thoughts and actions. She then took a sleeping pill to relax and gradually fell asleep.

The next morning when she awoke, Charlotte felt ashamed because of her thoughts about Dustin’s dic… penis. Furthermore, she decided that if she did have to satisfy Dustin again, that she wouldn’t let things get out of control like last time. She would keep her shirt and bra on, and she would masturbate him with her hands, certainly not her breasts.

Charlotte walked to the kitchen in her pajamas and began to cook breakfast for herself and Dustin. It felt like a typical Sunday and she was starting to feel like her usual self, having shaken off her thoughts from last night. Then Dustin entered the kitchen and he did not have a shirt on.

“Sorry for not wearing a shirt at breakfast. I really need to do some laundry,” Dustin apologized.

Charlotte barely registered that he had said anything. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at Dustin’s body. Years of playing sports had really paid off for him. She ran her eyes up and down his body, admiring his big pecs, his six-pack abs, and his heavily muscled arms. She wondered what it would feel like to run her hands all over those muscles.

“Mom. Mom. Can you hear me? Are you okay? I asked if breakfast is ready yet.”

Charlotte snapped out of her day dream but felt a bit strange. “What’s that? Umm yes yes, b-b-breakfast is ready.”

Charlotte felt nervous and giddy. As she set down a plate of pancakes in front of Dustin, she looked down at his well-defined abs, and she could feel herself start to blush. Charlotte sat down and they both began to eat. She tried to talk to Dustin, but she kept stuttering and tripping over her words. Whenever Dustin looked down at his food, she would take quick peaks at his large biceps.

After breakfast, Dustin excused himself to get dressed. Charlotte couldn’t believe her behavior. Dustin was her son, but she was acting like a silly schoolgirl on a date with her first crush.

Then she and Dustin went to church, like she insisted they do every Sunday. When they got back to the house, Dustin got changed and then left to go hang out with friends for the day.

After Dustin left, Charlotte went to her room to change her clothes. She was about to grab a hooded sweatshirt and a baggy pair of sweatpants, which is what she would normally wear on a Sunday. Then she decided to wear something a little nicer. She told herself it was not for any particular reason, it just feels good to get dressed up from time to time. She picked out a buttoned blouse and a pair güvenilir casino of jeans that just happened to be the tightest pieces of clothing that she owned. Charlotte normally wore her shirts buttoned to the neck, but she decided to leave the top button undone.

Charlotte went about her day as usual – cleaning, exercising and then relaxing. Dustin didn’t get home until evening. As soon as Charlotte heard his car pull into the driveway, she unbuttoned the second button on her shirt, not because of Dustin, she told herself; it was just very warm in the house.

Dustin walked in the house and was pleasantly surprised to see how his mother was dressed. Her long blond hair was down instead of pulled back in the usual ponytail. It looked like she was wearing a little makeup; Dustin had never seen his mother wear makeup before. Her outfit did a good job of showing off her incredible figure. It wasn’t skin tight but it was definitely much tighter than what she usually wore. He especially appreciated that the top two buttons of her shirt were undone. He could actually see a hint of cleavage.

“Dustin. Dustin. Hello. I said sit down, dinner is ready,” Charlotte said.

“Huh? O-okay Mom,” Dustin mumbled, distracted by his mom’s curvy body.

Dustin sat down at the dinner table. Charlotte leaned over in front of Dustin to serve the food onto his plate, as she normally did for dinner. However, she normally didn’t have her shirt partially unbuttoned while she did this. She could see that Dustin had a clear view of her cleavage. She had not intended to give him this little show, and she felt embarrassed at first. Then she looked at Dustin and saw a look of lust on his face as he stared at her chest. Charlotte no longer felt embarrassed, instead she felt sexy. She took her time serving the food to Dustin to give him a nice long look.

Charlotte decided to have a little fun with Dustin as she continued to bend over in front of him. “How was your day?” she asked.

Dustin didn’t hear a word his mom said. He was completely mesmerized by her deep cleavage. Her big, juicy tits were doing an amazing job of filling out that shirt. He prayed that another button would somehow magically come undone, but no such luck.

Charlotte asked him again how his day went. This time he heard and stammered a response. She took her seat and began to eat. Dustin tried not to be obvious about it, but she caught him looking at her chest several more times during dinner. She tried to carry on a conversation with him but he was obviously nervous and distracted. She knew she shouldn’t, but Charlotte loved the effect her outfit had on Dustin.

After dinner, Dustin and Charlotte both went to their respective bedrooms.

Dustin furiously stroked his dick while thinking of his mother’s cleavage until he shot a giant wad of cum. Then he lay down and slept like a baby.

Charlotte made her nightly prayers and then lay in bed. She had difficulty falling asleep again. As she relaxed, her subconscious mind gradually took over, and it was filled with thoughts of Dustin’s dick. She also thought about how exciting it was to have Dustin look at her cleavage during dinner. She liked showing off her body for Dustin and watching him get excited. She wanted to touch herself but knew it was a sin and resisted the urge. Eventually she drifted off to sleep.

The next day was Monday. Dustin woke up and drove to school. He found it difficult to get through class that day. He couldn’t stop thinking about the sexy outfit his normally conservative mother was wearing the night before. After the final bell, he raced home from school as fast as possible, hoping to see his mother in another revealing outfit. Unfortunately, she wasn’t home. Dejected, he drove back to school for football practice.

Charlotte was not at home because she was at the mall. She had enjoyed wearing something nice yesterday and wanted to do that again, but did not like any of her outfits at home, so she decided to go shopping after work. After browsing for a while, she found a beautiful dress. She was about to buy it when she started to worry that the dress might be too revealing. Charlotte wanted to look nice, but she didn’t want to look like a woman of loose morals. Unable to make up her mind about the dress, she came up with a solution. She would buy the dress and wear it for Dustin, so she could get a second opinion. If he thought it was too revealing, then she would return it.

After practice, Dustin took a shower in the locker room, got dressed and headed home, exhausted. When he walked through the door, he was excited to see his mother in a sexy dress. It was very short, which showed off her long, toned legs. The top had a plunging neckline, exposing plenty of mouth-watering cleavage. Dustin thought his mother always looked hot, but never this hot.

Charlotte asked, “What do you think of my dress, Dustin? I like it, but I’m worried it might be too revealing. If you think it is, I will return it.”

“No, no, no. It’s not too revealing,” Dustin lied.

Charlotte explained, “I think it would be inappropriate to wear to work and I certainly can’t wear it to church. I don’t know where I could wear it. I think I might return it.”

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