Billy’s sexlife 2

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“Thank you to all of you guys that have posted about my first story, even the negative ones!Keep sending me suggestions about my writing style and I will try to adjust when possible. I will do my best to write at least a story or two a week. I assure you that the stories I write about are 110% true. The only things I change are the names (even mine) in order to not make any people I care about mad. I have had a very blessed sexual life and the stories may seem outrageous but I swear to you it’s from personal experience. From Hollywood,FL to the Army and beyond, all are actual events”—William Danner.

A Whole New Level

After my two year or so stint in Virginia I finally moved back down to south Florida just in enough time to start high school. Even though my first experience was epic, I hadn’t had any luck since then. The closest thing I can to was kissing my date at 8th grade prom and getting to feel her up most of the evening. Back in SOFL I felt I would have a way better chance. I was attending Hallandale High School, and the first few days were very nerve racking. I ran into a few friends I had known growing up including my two best friends until this day Felipe and King. Despite their odd names (obviously I changed them for this), they were the two best friends a guy could have. I will tell more about each one in latter stories when they get involved in the madness.

On the may two and from school there was a tall, redhead girl that seemed to live very close to me. I would arrive at the bus stop and she would be walking from what seemed like the next street over. She had to have been just a few inches shorter than me (at the time I was 6’4) and was built well. She had thick thighs, big ass and giant breasts. Like most redheads she had a fair complexion which seemed to enhance her attributes. Her face wasn’t Angelina but it wasn’t horrible either. I was instantly attracted to her, part because she was cute and part because she was older. After a few days of chickening out I finally got up the nerve to speak with her. After casino şirketleri the normal hellos and she told me her name, (Alexa) and small talk I started asking about her and what she did for fun. She told me she loved to play sports and watch wrestling, which as a young man sounded perfect.

Within a few days were spending our afternoons with each other and much of the evenings. Her parents were away a lot and so we spent a bunch of time at her place. The only thing with that was that she didn’t want to get caught with me in the house so in the evenings we would go into her back yard and…Talk. It at least began like that and shortly we moved on to nightly make-out sessions. I would come over after her parents left for work and we would go into the back yard, behind the shed and make out.

After about a week of this I figured it was time to take the next step. That evening while we are doing our thing I started to let my hands roam. Feeling her amazing breasts and her big ass make me harder than a steel pole, and I needed to get a release. I started to take of her shirt and she made me stop. “Not here” she said, “My parents may come home and catch us.”. “I think I know a place” I said. I wasn’t going to take her to my house; everyone was home, so I came up with a brilliant idea. Around the corner of our block, was an old house. I had never seen anyone there for years and it had an old fading FOR SALE sign in the yard. Behind the house was a screened in patio. I took Alexa over to the empty house and told her this would be perfect.

After some convincing, like most young boys do, she finally said yes. I laid her down on the smooth rubber like material the floor was made of and started to kiss her and caress her ample assets. While staring into her eyes I lifted her shirt over her head and revealed a bra that was barely holding her in. Like a pro, more like dumb luck, I reached behind her and undid the clasp and her tits burst free. Only in movies and dirty magazines have I seen breasts that big. I couldn’t help myself and I started casino firmaları to lick, kiss and suck on them like a madman. I was so into her chest that I almost forgot what I intended on doing! I was quickly reminded by the painfully hard rod I had pushing into the front of my shorts.

I sat up and started to remove my shirt, when she pounced on me. I later found out that her breasts were extra sensitive and my attack on her sent her in a craze. She pressed me down into the floor and quickly removed my shorts and boxers in one motion. Inches away from my manhood was a woman with gigantic breasts and a crazed animal look in her eyes. In that moment that seemed like an eternity, I realized that I was about to receive head for the first time. Her tongue came out of her mouth and gently flicked the head of my cock; it took everything in my power to not explode right there. Then slowly, inch by inch she lowered her mouth onto my manhood. The warmth of her wet mouth mixed with the anticipation was almost too much to bear as she started to work her mouth up and down my pole. After a few minutes of that I felt like I was going to explode and pass out all in one motion.

Seeming to sense this, Alexa dropped my meat from her mouth and lay on the floor next to me. She took of her skirt and pulled me on top of her. While still reeling from my first BJ, I pointed my stone hard cock at her entrance that was dripping wet. With a slow push I entered her for the first time. She was way tighter then I remember Lisa being and even with her wetness, it was hard to get all the way into her. Finally hitting my mark I just held myself there enjoying the facial expression on my lover. With her eyebrows crinkled and a small wince when I hit her spot, it was amazing to take in. I slowly started to move in and out of her while holding my hand behind her head. With our faces inches away from one another the passion was almost palpable. I could start to feel the sweat forming on my head and it made me go even faster.

After a while I wanted to change güvenilir casino the position, and try it from behind. I flipped her over and once again made entry into her heat. While holding my hands on her curvaceous hips I started to slam into her each thrust being met by her thrust backwards. I heard her make a low moan in her mouth before her whole body started to shake. I could feel her insides clamping down on me as I continued my onslaught. I pulled back to far and fell out and she wanted to catch her breath for a second. After a few moments she was ready again and I aimed to enter her again. I missed my angle and started to press into her anus. Alexa immediately let out a gasp and said, “I’ve never done that before.” Not even intending to do so I said “Its ok”. Then she said “Just go slow I think I can take it.” Slowly I entered her ass with her own juices to guide the way. Her pussy was tight but her ass was like a vice grip. When I finally made it all the way into her, she had me stop so she could get used to the new intruder. After a few moments she said “go ahead” and I started pumping into her forbidden hole. Soon after I started to pick up the pace, driving myself in and out of my new lover just enjoying the feeling.

I could feel that familiar twinge of myself cumming soon so I told her, “I’m cumming!” and just then I erupted what seemed like gallons of seed into her bowels. Feeling me draining into her she started to shake again and she basically collapsed on the floor breathing like a marathon runner. I lay next to her trying to catch my own breath while caressing her back and ass. After a while we got dressed and kissed and went home, satisfied.

We kept up our meetings at least a few times a week for many months. Rumors started getting around school that I was cheating on her so she refused to see me. Which was ok, the only thing we shared was the love of sex and that only lasts a short while. I won’t ever forget that first night at the abandoned house and the next step in my sexual life.

“Thank you for reading this! It’s just another step along the winding road that is my sex life. If I get feedback I will write about the next lover, a tiny Cuban girl who was insane.”
—William Danner

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