Birds, Bees and Booze Ch. 05

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Being as drunk as we had been the previous night, and after so many orgasms in less than 24 hours, my 18-year-old daughter, Cait, and I eventually drifted into a thoroughly solid and satisfying nap. We slept for a couple of hours, still quite naked and closely intertwined on top of my big king size bed. I eventually roused to the sensation of extreme numbness in one of my arms, and I realized it had been pinned beneath my daughter as she cuddled up next to me. I very gently and slowly worked my arm from under her, trying not to wake her. And as I massaged my own numb hand and arm I gazed at her beautiful nude form with the perfect mixture of love and lust.

Now that I was fully sober, and, at least for the time being, sexually satiated, my mind began to focus on the “lust” part of my feeling for my daughter. There was no question that what I had done with my own flesh-and-blood child would be considered universally immoral to just about any society. There was also the fact that I had just cheated on my wife of 20 years. I had been quite faithful to Heather all these years. Sure, there had been temptations, flirtatious comments with the occasional female here or there, at places of work, travel, the usual places, but I had always been good about resisting the temptation. I liked to think that I never would have done this.

But I had with my daughter. The real question was, had I succumbed to the temptation because Cait was my daughter? In a most twisted way, it didn’t feel like cheating. It wasn’t as if I’d hooked up with some random chick at an anonymous hotel room. I had a very well established and loving relationship with Cait. But now it was sexual. It was incest.

I also had to face up to the fact that, although Cait was 18 and legally an adult, she was still just a kid, and I was an adult well over twice her age. It had been my responsibility to prevent this from happening, to not take advantage of an innocent young women, regardless of whether she was my daughter. Nevertheless, the deed was done. And, incredibly, Cait seemed to have taken to becoming my lover as eagerly and readily as if had just been meant to be.

I leaned up on an elbow and used my free hand to brush a stray lock of hair from Cait’s cheek. I looked her up and down, basking in her sheer nudity. She was on her side, and her hip curved up distinctly from her narrow waist. Her breasts were firm and moved gently with her breathing. I could lay here forever with her. I could literally fall in love with my own daughter and make love with her until we both grew old. But what we were doing was so outside of the realm of normalcy, I knew I would have to figure out just what this really was going to turn into. How could this possibly work out? How could this possibly last? How could this possibly impact my marriage in any other way but disastrously?

Cait and I definitely need to have a talk. Ironically, this whole weekend had been intended to be a discussion around the “Birds and the Bees,” and it had been my assignment to ensure that Cait appreciated the reality of sexuality and other adult behaviors when she left for her freshmen year in college soon. Well, the birds and the bees part became a literal demonstration! But I was still this girl’s father, and I knew that, moving forward, I would need to do the right thing. I desperately wanted to continue to be this girl’s lover, but I was now determined to find out what was truly going on in her mind, in her conscience, in her heart, before I dared approach her in a sexual way again.

With this new sense of responsibility in mind, I slowly climbed out of the bed, careful not to wake Cait, and made my way into the walk-in closet. I grabbed a long terrycloth robe and put it on. I padded down to Cait’s bedroom, found her robe, and brought it back to the master bedroom. I laid it carefully on the bed next to Cait, then got a spare blanket and covered my beautiful daughter’s nakedness.

While she continued sleeping I made my way to the kitchen and put on a kettle for tea. I wasn’t exactly a tea guy, but anticipating the seriousness of the conversation I was soon going to have with my daughter, I figured I should prepare something soothing—that wasn’t booze, though depending on how this pending conversation went, I might certainly need a shot or two.

The kettle was just coming on to boil when Cait came into the kitchen.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said. I turned to face her and stiffened.

She was nude.

“H-hi, pumpkin,” I stammered, suddenly feeling very awkward.

She smiled at me, rubbed a little sleep from her eye, then made a face at my robe, and I knew why. When this whole sexual adventure had begun we had made a playful lover’s pact that we would remain as 100% nude as possible the rest of the weekend.

“Honey,” I said, “you are absolutely gorgeous, but, well, I want to have a bit of a chat with you, and it will be a little less, um, distracting, if you could put a little something casino şirketleri on.”

She gave me a look, wondering perhaps if I was kidding around with her, but she seemed to sense how awkward I was feeling. She nodded.

“Okay, Daddy, be right back.”

My cock actually gave a yearning twitch when I watched her twirl on her foot and saunter away, her perfect round ass cheeks swaying firmly back and forth. But no, no goddammit, I had to be an actual dad for the moment. I willed my penis to behave under the thick robe, and I poured two mugs of tea.

Cait came back into the kitchen wearing the robe I had brought her. It was a fairly short robe. Having had sex with me, she obviously wasn’t worried about it occasionally coming open, giving me peeks at her large breasts, but at least it was something. I gestured the bar area of the counter, where we had had breakfast, and I handed her one of the steaming mugs.

“Cait…” I started, stopped.

She reached out and put a hand on mine. “It’s okay, Daddy, just say what’s on your mind.”

I sipped some tea, stalling for time. The warmth of it going down my throat was soothing, as it had been intended to be.

“Cait,” I began again, “I want you to know that, first and foremost, I love you as a daughter. You are the most precious thing to me on this planet. You know that, right?”

She blushed. “I do, Daddy, and I love you too. You are the most amazing father a girl could ever want.”

“And that’s…well, that’s the thing.” I watched her carefully. “I am your father.” Her blush faded. Her almost perpetual smile flattened a bit. She was a smart girl, she had to know where I was going with this. I tried to continue, “What we have been doing…it’s been so special, so wonderful, but…but I mean—”

“Daddy,” Cait gently interrupted, leaning forward a bit and patting my hand again. “I think I know what you’re trying to say.”

“Y-you do?”

“Of course,” she said. “I may be rather new at this, but I am not naïve. I know this is not what a father and daughter should normally be doing.”

“Exactly,” I said, “and I’m worried about the overall impact this is going to have on your life, on both of our lives. I feel guilty for what I have done.”

“Dad,” Cait suddenly said firmly, leaning closer. “Please, let’s get it established right now that I do not want you to feel guilty. You did nothing wrong.”

“But I—”

“No, you did nothing wrong, because you did nothing that I did not want to do.”

“It was my responsibility to not take advantage of you—”

“Daddy, I mean it, please do not put that on you.” She took her other hand so that they were now both holding mine. She gazed directly into my eyes and continued. “I wanted this.”

My eyes got wide, and I felt my heart begin to beat rapidly. “You did?”

She nodded, then glanced away from me, in thought. I glanced down and could see most of her beautiful breasts as her robe came open. I swallowed, trying to stay on course, and I forced myself to look only at her face.

“I mean,” she was saying, “I don’t know exactly when or how I wanted it to happen, nor did I ever think it would happen, of course!” She looked at me. “You know, because you are my…and I am your…”


“But I guess, perhaps a few years ago, when I started going through puberty and getting curious about sex, I just…well, I just started looking at you differently.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I wasn’t fully conscious of it at first. I’ve always looked at you and loved you as my father, of course. But part of me started looking at as, well, as a man.”

I swallowed again and disengaged one hand to grab my mug. It took effort to hold it steady.

Cait continued, “I started looking at your body, at your mannerisms. I watched you with Mom, how you flirted with her, how you touched her. I like how close you two are after all these years of marriage, and I began to hope that someday a man would touch me and treat me the same way. I wanted a man to treat me like that…and I guess it just evolved into wishing that you, you actually, would touch me and treat me like you do Mom.”

I stared at her, speechless. And I had to set the mug back down.

She took a sip of her tea as she gathered her thoughts. She said, “I eventually became aware of, that I began to develop…physical feelings for you.”

I felt my penis begin to swell, and I cursed myself for it.

“But while I allowed myself to feel that way, I kept those feelings more or less in the background, because of course a daughter should not feel that way toward her father. Nor would I in a million years have thought you might feel that way toward me, let alone…” She trailed off and gestured the fact that we were both in our robes, obviously naked underneath.

“Still,” she said, “over time I felt less and less guilt about admiring you as a sexual object. Whenever I could catch glances of you in less dressed casino firmaları settings—coming out of the pool, working shirtless in the garage on a hot day, stuff like that—I got very excited, very…horny.”

“H-horny?” I could barely find my voice.

She nodded. “You became a regular fantasy when I masturbated. I even had some imagery.”

“Um, what do you mean?”

“A couple of times I heard you and Mom having sex.”

“Oh my god.”

“Daddy, it’s okay! It’s what husbands and wives do!” The she winked. “Just try to remember that sometimes your kid is down the hallway!”

It was my turn to blush, but we both chuckled.

She said, “One time when you and Mom were going at it, I got near your closed bedroom door and listened to the whole thing. And…I fingered myself to climax, trying to time my orgasms with Mom’s or especially when I heard you grunting your own climax.”

“Jesus.” I was fully erect again, but I managed to keep the bulge at bay by strategically folding my robe as conservatively as possible.

“Another time,” she said, “I was listening to you have sex, I was at the bedroom door again, and as I leaned against it with my ear, hoping to hear more clearly, it actually cracked open a bit.”


“Yeah, it was soooo scary! You must not have accidentally let it latch all the way, and it opened about six inches. For a split second I thought the two of you might stop humping and look toward the door. I was about to bolt. Fortunately, it didn’t make any noise, and you and Mom continued to go at it. I was able to peek in.”

“And…what did you see?”

Cait smiled. “It was beautiful, actually. You were on your back, and Mom was riding you. She was naked, but her back was to me, and, sadly for me, the blankets and sheets were sort of bunched up around your legs. Where I was squatting near the door my view of your dick going in and out of Mom was obscured. The most I saw was Mom’s butt crack every now and then.”

“Jesus,” I said again.

“I couldn’t see it, but I could easily imagine it going in and out of Mom while she rode you. I think she climaxed twice, and then I heard you grunt as you tensed up and came inside her. She sort of collapsed on top of you after, and I got scared I’d be discovered now that you were done, so I carefully pulled the door to almost closed again and fled.”

I let some breath out and shook my head, amazed. “Wow,” was all I could say, stupidly.

She grinned from behind her mug, “Wow indeed.”

“So, what we did last night…what we have been doing since then, you…you wanted that?”

“Well, again, I never expected anything like that to happen. It would never have occurred to me to try to seduce you, but I imagined countless ways and settings in which, in my fantasies, I would let you take me. So…when it did, when that moment hit…I just instinctively knew that I truly did want it, and I was ready to surrender myself to you completely.”

“My god, baby…”

“I know I should be freaked out, that I would be labeled as a freak if any of my friends found out. But Daddy?”


“Daddy, I just don’t care what other people think. I don’t care that you are my father. I love you, I enjoy making love with you, and I want you to understand that you have nothing, nothing to feel guilty about.”

I just stared at her, and it felt like my heart was going to explode. Cait set her mug down, then gently took my hands again and stood from the stool. She was so short that she still had to look up at me even though I was still seated.

“Daddy,” she said, her big beautiful eyes staring into mine. “You have nothing to be guilty about, but I also don’t want you to be worried. If you decide that you want to return to being just my father, I will accept that. I will savor this weekend as one of the most cherished memories of my life. Forever, without regret.”

She gave my hands a squeeze and moved in closer.

“But if you want to…to continue what we’ve been doing. If you wish to take me to bed again, take me where ever or whenever you want…I’m yours.”

The room got suddenly very quiet. Our mutual gaze was filled with pure love. The question was, would we succumb to the lust again? Slowly I rose to a standing position, towering over my adorable young daughter. Cait’s robe had slipped open some more, and now I could see between her legs. My towel had slipped open, too, but that was because my cock, still fully erect, had finally pushed itself out from the folds.

Cait broke her gaze to glanced down at my cock. I saw her smile at it, then she looked back up at me. “Is that my answer?”

I grinned and then clutched her tightly to me. Despite my erection now pressing against her stomach, we hugged first as father and daughter for several minutes. We held each other and savored in the pure intimacy of our incredible relationship.

When we broke apart again, it took only one more knowing glance güvenilir casino into each other’s eyes that we were going to continue to be lovers. Cait grabbed at my robe and practically tore it off my body, letting it drop unceremoniously to the floor. I grabbed her robe and did the same. We then grabbed at each other’s naked bodies and began making out.

As we kissed we both instinctively maneuvered ourselves to another part of the kitchen where the counter was lower. I lifted my daughter’s slender naked frame effortlessly and set her on the edge of the countertop. She gave a little squeal in my mouth as her warm butt cheeks made contact with the cool surface of the counter. We both looked down to see how my cock was lining up with her pussy. We were lined up perfectly, and Cait reached down and aimed my thickness to her eager opening.

I thrust into her gently at first, as if testing her depths. She was tight, so incredibly tight, but her own lust for me helped her opening stretch just enough to allow my full length and girth to slowly find its way inside. I began pumping in and out, steadily, having pure perfect sex with my daughter.

Cait began moaning right away. The passion of our discussion had primed her for what she had been craving, and it wasn’t long before she began convulsing and climaxing on my cock. Knowing now what she preferred, as the intensity of her climax hit her, I drove my cock fully into her and then held it, locking her body around me.

“Ohhhhhh godddd yyyeessss! OH DADDY!”

The sound of my daughter’s voice as she climaxed was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. I waited until her orgasm had completely ravished her, and then I began pumping again, in and out, in and out. Cait clutched me tightly, her legs locked behind my spine. Eventually, as I continued to slam my dick into her, I picked her up by her ass cheeks. My daughter was now fully impaled on my cock with nothing else to support her other than her arms around my shoulder and my hands clutching her ass.

We turned so that I was now leaning back up against the counter, and Cait began bouncing, bouncing, getting my cock so deep into her I felt like I was in her guts.

“Jesus, Daddy, oh fuck!”

She continued with phrases like that, just absolutely losing herself in the sexual moment.

I loved, absolutely loved the sensation of having my daughter literally hang on my body, allowing most of her weight to rest on the base of my cock as it slid so perfectly and deeply into her tiny vagina. It was a sensation that soon had my balls beginning to tingle, and my cock began to twitch in anticipation of its pending climax. Cait sensed it too. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“That’s it, Daddy, fuck me. Fuck your little girl. You are my daddy, you are my man”

“Oh Cait, oh baby…”

“I want you inside me all the time, Daddy. I want you to cum inside me as much as you want, whenever you want.”

“I will, baby! Oh my sweet girl, I will always fill you up. Daddy loves cumming inside you so much. So fucking much.”

“I love it too, Daddy! I love feeling you cum inside me. Please, Daddy, please fill me with your seed.”

“Oh god!” That one single new word from her mouth was what started sending me over the edge. She didn’t just want me cum, my semen…she wanted my seed.

She knew what she was implying. I knew what she was implying. And she knew I knew what she was implying.

“Yes, Daddy…give it to me. Shoot your seed deep into my body. Give it to me!”


I could barely keep my grip on my daughter as my cock flexed and began spewing blast after white hot blast of sticky sperm into her pussy. I could feel it froth and flow around us as I continued to thrust into her a few more times.

As my powerful orgasm subsided I turned us around again and set her back on the counter, my cock still firmly lodged in her vagina. My legs were trembling from the intensity of the pleasure and I didn’t want to drop her. I also suddenly realized my eyes had been screwed shut from the orgasm, and when I opened them to look at Cait she was actually looking own at where our bodies were joined, penis to pussy.

“Wow,” Cait said. “That just looks so perfect.”

I grinned. “Agreed.”

But eventually biology returned to normal, and my cock finally softened enough to slide slowly from Cait’s opening. There was a slight slurping, popping sound as it fell out of her wetness. We both watched a huge glob of semen, mixed with her juices, ooze out of her labia and drop to the edge of the countertop, where it then continued to drip down toward the floor.

“Always so much cum, Daddy. I love it!”

“I do too, my love,” was all I could mutter, still trying to catch my breath.

More of my seed started seeping out of her, so I reached over to get a paper towel and handed it to her. She held it to her opening and wiped, completely soaking the towel.

When she was done sort of cleaning herself up she wadded up the towel and tossed it over her shoulder. She then leaned back on her hands, enjoying being naked on the countertop in front of her daddy.

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