Birthday Boy

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Inspired by Lisa69 off the bulletin board

* * * * *

“Where are you guys taking me?” Mike asked as his two friends, John and Dan as they drove through town.

“It is a surprise!” Dan called back to him from the front passenger seat.

“Just relax bud! Trust me you are gonna love this!” John joined in from the driver’s seat. Mike could do nothing but sit and wait. They had come over to help him celebrate his 21st birthday and now they were driving east out of town, down to the seedier part of it. Mike looked around at the run down buildings and abandoned storefronts. The entire area was in a general state of decay.

“Nice neighborhood!” He said to his friends. Johns swung his Mustang into a car filled gravel lot. A giant neon sign touting nude dancing flashed over the building, from red to green to blue it lighted the parking area. Always saying the same thing: NUDE-NUDE-NUDE. Mike shook his head.

“A titty bar? How original!” He drawled sarcastically.

“Not just any titty bar!” Dan said as he climbed out of the car.

“Yea? What is so special about this one?” Mike asked pushing the seat forward and climbing out. He looked to Dan who looked over John. John grew an ear to ear grin.

“Well of all the people you want to see naked, who would be your first choice?” John asked his forearms resting on the top of the Mustang.

“Tyra Banks.” Mike said flatly. John flashed him a frown and a shake of his head.

“No dickhead someone we know, someone we talk about all the time?” Mike thought about it. They were typical guys there probably wasn’t one woman they had not talked about as some point! Some good, some awfully bad!

“Think family!” Dan hinted.

“Terri?” Mike asked referring to his mother’s younger sister. John’s grin grew once again. Mike furrowed his eyebrows. He caught Mike’s confusion.

“Seems Aunt Terri has a skeleton she didn’t want anyone to know about!” John said with a nod to the bar, the red, green, blue colors altering his face a little in the darkness.

“Get the fuck out of here!” Mike barked laughing as he did so, he walked away from his two friends shaking his head. Neither John nor Dan moved to get him. Mike stopped a few feet away from the car. He turned to his friends who were both smiling now. They knew his curiosity would get the better of him so they waited.

“You are trying to tell me there is someone who looks like Terri in there right?” Mike asked.

“No I am telling you Terri works in there!” John said to Mike confidently.

“No fucking way!” Mike shook his head. His aunt would definitely be able to work in a bar such as this. She was stunningly beautiful with tits the size of large grapefruits and a tight ass that would turn more than one head at the mall. Mike looked at his friends who never wavered in their confidence of what they knew.

“You are joking right? This is like some drag bar practical joke thing right?” Mike asked, the disbelief leaving his voice. It was being replaced with hope. He and his friends fantasized about Terri all the time. Especially when Terri moved in with Mike and his family for a while until she got a job down at the local doctor’s office.

“Are you coming in?” Johns said moving toward the entrance. Mike couldn’t help but follow. Dan clapped him on the shoulder with a laugh.

“No Mike we aren’t joking, and she is hotter than you can imagine!” He hooked his arm around Mike’s shoulder and guided him after John.

John paid the cover charge for the three of them as they entered the dark bar. The smoke filled room was filled with the slight smell of perfume and the air was cut with the thump-thump-thump of the sound system that played music for the dancers. The room was filled with men shouting and whistling at a red head on stage. She was in the process of taking off her bra leaving her in only her g-string. She flicked the bra to the back of the stage. She swung her hips in time to the music, Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin’” was playing hard and loud. The red head took her large breast and lifted them to her mouth where she proceeded to lick her nipples. The crowd let loose a set of war whoops as the song began to end the red head lowered her gyrating g-string down to some men at the stage, they began tucking money into her g-string.

John led his two friends to an empty table near the stage. Mike was surprised there was one empty so close, the room was fairly packed. As Mike got closer he realized why it was available. Someone had placed a reserved sign on it. John sat down, Mike and Dan followed.

“So you guys have been planning this?” Mike said to his friends.

“Well it wasn’t all our idea!” Dan said ordering a beer from the topless waitress. Mike followed suit, as did John placing a hundred-dollar bill on the tray.

“Keep them coming!” He said to her brushing her nipple. She casino şirketleri smiled and winked at him. “When we saw your aunt here we thought she would be embarrassed. She wasn’t, she even asked about you. She suggested we bring you here for your birthday seeing how she couldn’t make it to your party tonight.”

“Which is why we got this table.” Mike said catching on. John nodded. The waitress brought the beers, she reached over and gave John his then planted a deep kiss on him. John massaged her breast lightly, then she moved away. Mike looked at him in awe at his forwardness.

“We are seeing each other from time to time!” John laughed in explanation. The music started up again. Pink’s “You make me sick” began and a woman with a pink wig came out. The three men became engrossed in the dancer as she slowly began peeling off her outfit bit by bit. She used the pole in the center of the stage and then began to crawl to the three friends. She sat in front of them and arched upward her stomach toward the ceiling her g-string covered pussy in full view of the three men. All three placed money in her g-string before she left.

“So when is she coming out, will she come over here first?” Mike asked his friends. They shrugged in unison.

Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” began to boom from the system, and there from the back of the stage Mike’s aunt exploded. She was wearing a tight waitress outfit that pressed her breast upward to where they were almost falling out! She carried a pie with her. Her eyes locked on Mike’s instantly and she smiled big. Mike returned her smile. She placed the pie near their table and began to dance, she made quick work of the dress quickly removing it letting it fall around her ankles as she paraded around the stage, soon she was standing in only her g-string. She was playing to the crowd in general at first. Then she came over to Mike’s table. Mike was taken in by her, she never looked at another man after she came to his table. She was dancing for him alone now. The crowd was getting rowdier and rowdier. She knelt in front of Mike’s table and dug her hands into the pie. Cherry of course! And began to smear it all over her body. Her tits and stomach were smeared first, then she began sucking on her cherry-coated fingers, licking them gently. This sent the men in the room into a frenzy! She continued her eye lock on Mike she crooked her finger for him to come closer, Mike embarrassed shook his head no at first but she kept it up. Finally the men in the room were shouting, “Go! Go! Go!” John and Dan being the loudest as they laughed at their friend.

Mike finally stood which the crowd responded with a “hoorah!” and he made his way to his Aunt, who actually was only 12 years older than her nephew. She was biting her lower lips seductively as he approached, she was gyrating her hips upward in a thrusting motion. The crowd went back to its “Go! Go! Go!” mode. When Mike was close enough she slipped a hand around his neck and used it to pull herself upward. Her hips ginding close to him. He could do nothing but smile as his face flushed. Her eyes were locked on him hungrily. Finally she rested her firm ass on her heels as the song was ending. She pulled hard on Mike’s head pulling him off balance and his face was thrust into her breasts. The sweet tang of the cherry pie filling filled his mouth and nose as she smeared his face all over her body. First each breast then down her stomach, lower and lower until his chin pulled her g-sting down a little and her could feel her pubic hair against his chin. The song ended and the crowd went bonkers in cheers as money was thrown on stage. Terri let Mike up and gave him a deep kiss, with tongue, and then gave him a wink.

“Happy birthday!” She shouted over the crowd of cheers. “Don’t leave after the show I have something for you!” She sat there as Mike looked at her in disbelief.

“I think this was present enough!” He said to her, which made her smile. A large bouncer brought a towel over and broke the moment. Mike took the towel and began to wipe off the cherry filling from his face. Terri left to the sound of cheers as she collected money from men along the way.

The rest of the shows were uneventful for Mike as he could only think about what Terri had done. The feel of her nipples in his mouth. The bulge in his pants that never left from watching her dance.

“We are out of here man!” John said to Mike later that evening as he hooked an arm around the waitress he was taking home. “Sure you don’t want a lift?”

“No you guys go ahead, the Mustang would be crowded with me in it!” Mike said looking at Dan kissing one of the dancers. “I will have Terri give me a lift she said she had gift for me.”

“I would say she gave you one earlier!” John said with a wicked smile.

“Yea I would say so but she said she had one for me.” Mike said. The friends parted casino firmaları company and a few minutes later Terri came out from the back along with another girl.

“Hey you!” She said hugging him.

“Hey!” He hugged her warmly.

“Happy birthday!” She said to him grinning and backing up.

“Thanks! I would say it was a good one.” He said taking her in from head to toe. She was dressed in blue jeans and a half shirt that hugged her breasts tightly. Her flat stomach was a work of art with its muscles visible. Who ever said the woman’s body was a work of art had Terri in mind!

“This is my friend Erin.” Terri said introducing her friend. “She is my room mate. Mike and Erin shook hands. He had seen her before earlier in the night but he couldn’t quite place her. She saw the wheels turning in his head and smiled. She pulled a pink wig out of her bag.

“Here this might help you place me.” She said showing him. Mike smiled and nodded.

“Does mom know?” Mike asked Terri.

“No and I hope she doesn’t find out!” Terri said making her way out of the bar. “I could just imagine that speech!”

“She won’t hear it from me.” Mike assured her.

“So it is your birthday?” Erin asked as they reached the car.

“Yea. 21.” Mike said proudly.

“I didn’t get you anything!” Erin said. “Maybe I can come up with something!” She said getting in the front seat with Terri. Mike climbed in the back of Terri’s Blazer.

Once they were on their way to Terri’s house Erin looked over at her. “You don’t mind if I try some do you?” She asked Terri. Terri shook her head and looked in the rear view mirror at Mike.

“No, no help yourself!” She encouraged.

“If you want first dibs I will understand.” Erin said turning in her seat.

“No just save some for me!” Terri said smiling in the mirror. Erin looked to the back with a devilish grin looking Mike up and down.

“He is young and in shape, shouldn’t be a problem!” Erin said climbing over the seat. Mike watched this conversation hoping it meant what he thought they were talking about! Erin joined him in the back.

“Like I said I don’t really have anything for your birthday so I guess I will have to improvise!”

“Oh really, you don’t have to worry about it, you don’t even know me!” Mike responded.

“I feel like I should as much as Terri talks about you!” Erin said moving closer.

Mike looked to Terri’s reflection in the mirror, she shrugged at his questioning eyes. He returned his attention to Erin and her short blonde hair. She was sitting so close she was touching him. She began to stroke his face. She leaned into him and gave him a deep kiss, which Mike accepted willingly. Mike moved his hand to her head and pulled her deeper into the kiss. She began to undo the buttons on his shirt and pulled his shirt open, she kissed her way down his muscular body, Mike looked to Terri who was only half watching the road and the other half watching the action in the back seat. She gave Mike a wink, which brought a smile to his face.

He felt Erin tugging at his belt and button on his Dockers. He watched her undo them and then lifted his hips so she could pull them down, his rising cock was barely lit in the passing lights. Erin looked up at him and smiled.

“Very nice!” She complimented wrapping her fingers around his growing shaft. Before he could respond she lowered her head down to it and sucked it into her mouth. The air left Mike’s lungs and he couldn’t respond. He closed his eyes as her oven like mouth enveloped his cock. She took his whole shaft in her mouth, her nose resting in his pubic hair. She swallowed, and using her throat muscles massaged his member. It continued to grow forcing Erin to raise her head to keep from choking on his cock. Soon there were a several inches she couldn’t fit in her mouth. A soft slurping sound began to fill the back seat.

Mike was speechless, he began to thrust into Erin’s mouth slowly, his hands resting on the back of her head. She was moving her head back and forth slowly in a thrashing motion, giving him chills!

“Hey I have to drive so give me some info back there Erin!” Terri pleaded from the front seat. Erin pulled off his cock and laughed.

“Sorry guess I got carried away, Terri!” She said looking forward to Terri. She wrapped both hands around his cock one on top of the other. Well I can put both hands on him and still have his head available. So he is a good nine plus inches!” She said lowering her head back down licking Mike’s shaft. “And he is delicious to suck on!” She said continuing her play-by-play commentary. Mike was silent, enjoying this moment. Erin looked up at him,

“You don’t mind if I see how you feel in my pussy do you?” She asked.

“No! Be my guest!” Mike said laughing. Erin dropped her own pants and panties and rested her back against güvenilir casino Mike’s stomach. She reached between her legs and took his cock in her hand, she lowered herself on him, she was wet from excitement and slid easily on him. Once she was fully on him she leaned forward resting her arms on the back of the driver’s seat.

“His cock feels fantastic!” She whispered in Terri’s ear. She began to lift herself up and down. Riding Mike’s cock slowly, Mike helped her along by lifting her by her slim hips. The smell of sex permeated the car as Erin began to moan. She lowered her head down on Terri’s shoulder as she began to thrust herself harder on Mike’s cock. Terri watched the rear view mirror and the expressions of pleasure on her nephew’s face. He began to rub Erin’s back as she rode him. Erin began to kiss and nibble on Terri’s neck. Mike watched in fascination. Terri turned her head and began to kiss Erin, their tongue visible as the wrestled each other. Erin began to ride faster and she began to yelp with each thrust.

“Oh god Mike you are so big!” She called out. Mike was back to lifting her by her waist and he could feel her stomach muscles begin to contract. Mike picked her up and moved her to the side of him, pulling himself out of her he put her on all fours and after some maneuvering came up behind her. He was thankful for the room he had in his aunt’s Blazer! He slowly lined up his cock on her swollen lips again, he looked forward as Terri adjusted the mirror to watch the action. He watched the mirror as he could see the hunger in Terri’s eyes as she licked her lips while driving. He watched her expression as he sank his nine-inch member into Erin who could only groan in delight as he filled her once again. He began to thrust into her slowly as she rocked back into him. Erin was groaning with each thrust now.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed. “Yea give it to me baby! Come on fuck me good!” She called out to him. Mike increased his pace, he looked to the mirror as Terri watched the action. Her eyes flickered up to him with hunger then returned to the action. Mike continued to watch his aunt as her right hand was rubbing her own sex through the thick blue jean material of her pants. He reached with his right hand and grabbed the back of Erin’s hair and tugged her head up so Terri could see the expression of satisfaction as he plunged his massive cock into her. She began to thrust herself hard onto him, he kept holding her hair and she enjoyed it! With his left hand he got bold, he put it over Terri’s shoulder and she shot him a look in the mirror. He didn’t stop, he lifted her half shirt up the put her hand down her bra and cupped her breast. With his thumb he began to rub her nipple until it was hard beneath his thumb.

“Oh my god here I come Mike! Fuck me hard! Make me cum hard!” Erin shouted out. Mike obliged as he began to thrust with such force as to push her face against the door of the blazer. She was in a steady groan mixed with a yell. She came with a shudder, her body convulsed as her muscles spasmed as her body succumbed to the orgasm. Mike was close as well, watching his aunt who had undone her button of her jeans and had shoved her hand down her pants and was fingering herself as best she could. With Mike massaging her nipple she was about to have a small orgasm herself as her body quivered with pleasure. Mike slowed his thrusts as Erin’s body relaxed after her orgasm. Erin reached back and pushed him backward, he lost his balance and fell into the door. His hand left Terri’s breast just as she had a small orgasm. Erin quickly took Mike in her mouth and began to suck him, fast and furious. She was now on a mission to get his cum. Mike adjusted his position so that he was comfortable. His legs began to shake as his orgasm approached he watched Terri’s eyes as she watched him. He grabbed the back of Erin’s head and held it there as he began to pump cum into her mouth. She held her head still and pumped the bottom of his shaft with her hand, milking the juice from his body.

When he had stopped filling Erin’s mouth with hot cum, she quickly took her mouth off his cock and he felt the Blazer pull over rapidly. Terri slapped the truck in park and turned and leaned her head back. Erin hovered over her mouth and slowly allowed Mike’s cum slip from between her lips and fall into Terri’s mouth. Mike watched in awe, he had never had seen this before! A smile broke across his face as he saw his aunts throat muscles work as she began to swallow the seed he had spewed into Erin’s mouth and that she was sharing now. She didn’t give Terri all of it though as she saved some to swallow herself. The two women began to kiss, their tongues licking the inside of the other’s mouth, getting whatever cum was left over.

They broke their kiss and looked at Mike who was mesmerized. Terri looked down at his still hard shaft and slowly reached out to grip it. Mike gasped as she made contact. Erin sat down next to him and kissed his arm.

“Told you, young and in shape. He is good for several more rounds!” She said to Terri.

“And several more rounds we will give him!” Terri said smiling.

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