Birthday Surprise

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Hello, everyone. I’m back with another story based on a past lover. Do you like birthdays? I like birthdays. This was a particularly memorable birthday celebration. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.


I had been planning this night for a week, and it was finally here. Finally, the moment I’d been anticipating since I first invited you to come over so I could cook you dinner for your birthday. I’m standing in my bedroom, looking down at the clothes I’d laid out earlier.

When you’d mentioned, oh so casually, that your birthday was coming up, I’d said we’d naturally have to do something to celebrate. After a day or so, I—also casually—asked if you’d like to come over so I could cook you dinner. I’d mentioned before that I love to cook, and I figured you’d be happy to accept my invitation. We’d been dating for a month at that point, and you’d been to my house once or twice, for drinks, movies, and some hot and heavy makeout sessions. Not for dinner. And not for sex. But this was my chance to change that.

So I’d planned a very nice, romantic evening. I’d put on some light music, gotten some fabulous wine, and planned to make one of my favorite dishes. You’d volunteered to help cook, which turned me on. As we stood in the kitchen, you chopping vegetables while I cooked the meat, your closeness kept distracting me. When at one point, you stood behind me to reach over my shoulder to get something from a cabinet, my heart skipped a beat. I naughtily pushed my ass back to rub it lightly against your crotch, and could feel your erection through my skirt. I felt a sudden rush of heat between my legs, and it was all I could do to keep from turning around, falling to my knees, and ripping your pants down to blow you right then and there.

Instead, I pressed my ass harder against you. You chuckled in surprise as I leaned back into you, and reached around to gently fondle my breasts. I put a hand on your thigh to steady myself as my breathing deepened. I leaned my head back and pulled yours around for a deep, passionate kiss—our first of the evening. I wanted more, so much more right then…but I didn’t want dinner to be ruined. So, to our mutual disappointment, I pulled away from you, ran a hand through my hair in the way I knew you liked, and returned to making dinner, forcing my heartbeat to slow and the pulsing between my thighs to lessen.

We got through the rest of the meal prep without further distraction, and sat down to eat. You looked so sexy sitting across from me in the candlelight, and your eyes on me made me feel equally sexy. As you devoured your steak, I watched your lips and tongue as though hypnotized. I couldn’t stop imagining what you could do to my body with those…as I drank my wine, I idly ran my hands along the neckline of my top, drawing your attention to my cleavage. I casually slid my bare foot up the inside of your leg, gently probing and tickling your inner thigh while I slowly licked my lips. I felt myself going hot under your smoldering gaze.

We adjourned to my couch for dessert—homemade tiramisu, which we fed each other in between sips of wine. When I “accidentally” smeared some on your cheek, I leaned forward and licked it off; and when I “accidentally” made you fumble some onto my chest, you gallantly leaned forward to scoop it up with your tongue. By the time we finished both the food and the wine, we were both breathing heavily, and I could clearly see the tent your dick was making in your slacks.

No sooner had we set the plates and wineglasses aside than you leaned in to kiss me ferociously. My small cry of surprise was muffled by your mouth, but I returned your kiss enthusiastically, even pushing you back and climbing into your lap to grind my crotch against yours. Feeling your hardness through your clothes, my womanhood grew warm and I felt my nipples tighten as we made out like teenagers (which you haven’t been for a number of years, and I haven’t been for…somewhat longer).

As we kissed, I felt your hands move from my waist to my breasts, rubbing them through my shirt. I felt your hands move to undo my buttons; without breaking the kiss, I grabbed your hands, brought them behind me, and planted them firmly on my ass. You growled in frustration into our kiss; I broke it briefly to look you in the eye and shake my head with a slight smirk. Not yet, stud. I have plans for you still. Without a word, I leaned in to kiss you again, loving the feel of your hands kneading my ass and pulling me against your crotch.

Just because my shirt was staying on (for the moment), however, didn’t mean yours had to. When I started undoing your buttons, you hesitated for a moment—jealous?—before helping me remove your shirt. It was the first time I’d seen you topless, and you briefly took my breath away. I knew you were in good shape, but seeing your firm chest and abs for the first time was quite arousing. I leaned down and planted kisses along your chest, even licking casino şirketleri your nipples, which made you shudder and giggle slightly. I drew my fingernails down your abs, relishing the feel of your skin. I wanted to keep going down…but not yet. I had to do something else, first.

I gave you another long, sensual kiss, then stood up. I turned around and sat back down in your lap slowly, grinding my ass into you. You slid your hands under my shirt and reached up to fondle my tits through my bra, making my nipples ache and causing me to moan softly. After a minute of this teasing, you slid one hand down my belly and into my pants. I felt your fingers exploring down my skin, reaching for my pussy. I heard you chuckle softly when you realized I wasn’t wearing any panties. I felt a finger slide its way along my pussylips, then gently insert itself.

I moaned louder as you pistoned your finger in and out of me. Then you withdrew your hand and brought it up. Before you could bring your finger to your mouth to taste me, I grabbed your hand and sucked on the digit myself. You groaned. Releasing your hand, I stood up. When you made to stand up as well, I put a hand on your shoulder. “No, no,” I whispered. “Stay here. I’ll be right back with your birthday present.” Then I turned and walked away, swaying my hips as I did. I felt your eyes glued to my ass the entire time I crossed the room. I went upstairs to my bedroom.

Now I’m standing naked before my mirror, looking at the purple negligee and panties I’m going to change into. Feeling the wetness between my legs from our makeout session, I look at myself in the mirror for a moment. Not bad for an older broad. Even though I’m just north of forty, I’m proud of my body. I turn slightly to look at my bare ass. I give myself a light smack on the behind, a sensation that sends a jolt up to my nipples. I turn to look at myself from the front again. I tilt my head and stare at my bald pussy in the mirror. I can see it’s glistening slightly from my wetness. I lick a finger and lightly stroke my lips, drawing in a sharp breath at the pleasure. I can’t wait to feel your mouth where my hand is…

I need to stay focused, or I could get myself off right here without you. And that wouldn’t be any fun. I reach for the panties and negligee. I slide them on, relishing the feel of the cool silk against my warm skin. I grab your other present—a thick, warm bathrobe I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Donning it and tying it shut, I blow myself a quick kiss in the mirror, and return downstairs to you.

I see you in the dim light, still sitting on the couch with your shirt off. Good boy. I slink toward you as sexily as I can, and am pleased to see you staring at me with some confusion. Barefoot, I pad into the room and stand before you, one hand on my hip and the other running through my hair. “Happy Birthday,” I say in a low, sexy voice. You raise an eyebrow. “Do you like it?” I ask, turning before you, modeling the thick, heavy cotton garment. I fight the urge to laugh at the look on your face—clearly, this was not what you were expecting.

“It’s…very nice,” you say uncertainly.

“You seem disappointed,” I say with a slight pout.

“No, no, not at all,” you reply quickly. “It looks…very comfy.”

I smile down at you. “It is.” Then I step closer to you, still seated on the couch, and raise one foot to rub it against your crotch. You reach up to stroke my bare leg poking out of the robe. I smile seductively at you and whisper, “Now why don’t you come over here and unwrap your present?”

You blink, then lean forward to kiss my knee. I return my leg to the ground, then you’re up in a flash and standing in front of me. With trembling fingers, you pull at the knot in the belt and push the robe open, revealing my lingerie. You inhale sharply and release a shaky laugh. “Is this more what you had in mind?” I ask innocently. You reply by pulling me into another fiery kiss, sliding your arms around my waist under the robe and gripping my ass firmly, pulling me into you. My pussy tingles as our tongues wrestle and I throw my arms around your shoulders, pressing against your body.

We kiss for a few minutes, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. I moan when you squeeze my tits through the silk of my negligee, and you moan when I squeeze your hard cock through your pants. You kiss down my neck and lick along the tops of my breasts as your hands return to squeezing my ass. I lean back, holding onto you for support and raising one leg to wrap around you. God, I love the way you worship my tits. I want you so badly! “You taste amazing,” you mutter between kisses. “You smell amazing. You look amazing. So fucking hot…so fucking sexy…”

I pull back before we fall onto the floor and get too carried away. I shed the bathrobe to the ground and pull you into my arms, planting small kisses along your jaw. “Come on,” I whisper. “Take me upstairs and fuck me.” I reach down and squeeze your cock through your pants, then turn casino firmaları away and walk to the stairs. You swallow hard and follow me. I can feel your eyes riveted to my ass as it sways back and forth.

When we get to the stairs, I pose languidly against the banister. I reach up to caress one nipple and lock eyes with you. I bring a finger to my mouth, running it along my lips before sucking on it sexily. You come up behind me, pressing your erection against my ass and caressing my belly under my negligee. I reach back and run a hand through your hair, then take your hand and lead you upstairs.

This is the first time you’ve been in my bedroom. You take a moment to admire it, noting the bed in the center of the room. Then I’m in your arms again, kissing you madly as I reach down to undo your belt and remove your pants. Falling to my knees, I pull your pants and boxers down, exposing your thick cock. My mouth waters in anticipation. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one up close, and yours does not disappoint. I look up and lock eyes with you as I wrap a hand around your shaft and lower my mouth over the head. I suck you gently, causing you to gasp. I start fondling your balls, which I’m pleased to note you’ve shaved, as I give you a blowjob.

I alternate between sucking as much of your long cock into my mouth as I can, and licking up and down your shaft. I’m so turned on by your smell, and the feel and taste of your young cock in my mouth. I moan along your dick, and you moan in response. After a few minutes of fucking you with my mouth, I feel your hands on my shoulders, pushing me away. I look up, slightly wounded—don’t you like what I’m doing? Seeing the question in my eyes, you smile. “You’re amazing,” you breathe. “If you keep going like this I’m gonna cum. But I want to taste you first.”

My pussy floods with juices when you say this. I stand up and you pull me over to the bed. I lie down and spread my legs, squeezing my tits. I pull one out of the negligee and push the nipple up so I can lick and suck it. You exhale sharply when you see me do this, then kneel on the mattress between my legs.

I close my eyes as you lean between my legs. I shiver with anticipation, waiting for you to eat me out. I feel your breath, and then your mouth, on my inner thigh. I sigh as you kiss and lick your way towards my pussy. When you get close to my slit, you pass over it and kiss your way down the other thigh. I let out a growl of frustration and you chuckle, then kiss your way back up. This time you don’t pass my honeypot. Instead you gently kiss me through my lace panties, lightly stroking just on either side of my lips as you do.

I arch my back and draw in a deep breath, my hands fisting in the sheets at your touch. You tongue my pussy through the lace a bit longer, then hook one finger in to pull my panties to the side. I feel your breath on my bald pussy, sense you inhaling my arousal deeply. Then I feel your tongue slide along my labia. I groan and grab the back of your head, holding you in place. You start fucking me with your tongue as your fingers caress my inner thighs. I feel myself getting wetter as you assault me with your tongue. I start pushing my hips up, trying to drive you deeper inside me.

Soon I feel an orgasm building, and I make a fist in your hair as my legs clamp together around your head. You speed up your oral assault, bringing me closer to the edge…closer…faster…fucking me with your tongue…there! With a loud cry I cum hard, curling my body around your head briefly before flopping back onto the mattress, breathing heavily. I let go of your hair and spread my legs, allowing you to get up.

You crawl up my body, stopping to briefly tongue my exposed nipple. I uncover my other breast and you kiss that one before coming up to kiss me on the lips, pushing your tongue into my mouth. I taste my pussy on your tongue, and it is unbelievably erotic. I wrap my legs around your waist, feeling your cock resting against my pussy, and wrap my arms around your shoulders, holding you close while we kiss, licking my juices off your face. “Your pussy tastes amazing,” you say when we finally come up for air. I feel my body flush with pleasure. I’m so ready to fuck you now.

I reach behind me to my nightstand and grab a box of condoms. I pull one out, tear it open, and reach down for your cock. You raise yourself up onto your elbows to give me access. I quickly roll the condom onto you, then grab your dick and point it at my pussy. I rub your cockhead against my lips for a moment, lubricating the condom. I start to push you into me, and then you take control and finish sliding your delicious cock into my waiting snatch.

We lie still for a moment, you resting your weight on your elbows on either side of my head, me with my legs spread and my hands squeezing your firm ass. Then you start pumping in and out of me, smiling down at me. I’m so turned on by your young body pressing down on me while we fuck, your hard cock sliding in güvenilir casino and out of my dripping cunt. I reach my head up to kiss you, and as our mouths meet you drive your cock deeper into me. Remembering how you’d react when I’d do it during some of our makeout sessions, I break the kiss and start licking around your ear. I feel you grab the sheets on either side of my head in your fists, and you start fucking me harder and faster.

I hear your breath getting ragged. I don’t want you to finish just yet, so I dig my nails into your sides, hoping to distract you. It works. You wince and cry out, and stop driving your dick into me. You look down at me, and I smile slightly, then push you away. Confused, you pull your cock out of me and I sit up. But don’t worry: I’m not done with you yet. I crawl onto my hands and knees facing one side of my bed and gesture for you to get behind me. You do, and position your cock at the still-dripping entrance to my pussy. Before you enter me, I say, “Look up.”

You look up and I can see the surprise in your eyes reflected in the giant bathroom mirror. You hadn’t seen that I’d left that door open deliberately so we could use this to watch each other as we fucked. You see the unbridled lust in my eyes as I push my ass back, enveloping you in my warm snatch. Looking at you in the mirror, I say, “Don’t move.”

I start moving my hips back and forth, fucking you. As I do, I shake my ass up and down. I like how this makes my pussy feel around your cock, and judging from your expression you’re a fan of it too. I increase my speed, moving back and forth faster. Then I stop, and squeeze your cock with my pussy. “Your turn,” I breathe. You grab my hips and start slamming into me, making me cry out with pleasure each time your thighs slap against my legs.

Supporting myself with one hand, I reach back with the other to fondle your balls, massaging my clit with my wrist as I do so. I’m moaning and crying out with each thrust of your cock, and I hear you breathing deeply, trying to control yourself, trying not to cum. I close my eyes and concentrate on the feeling of your hard cock fucking me from behind. Suddenly I feel a sharp sting as you smack my ass. My eyes fly open as I cry out, regarding you in the mirror. You return my gaze somewhat shamefacedly and stop moving for a moment, your cock buried in me to the hilt.

“Was that…was that too much?” you ask. I’m about to say no, but then I consider. You hadn’t hit me that hard, after all. Yes, it stung; but in the aftermath it felt…kind of pleasant, actually. I chalk it up to your youthful enthusiasm, which is one of the things that attracted me to you in the first place. I shrug a shoulder lightly. “Do it again,” I say, still looking at you in the mirror.

You hesitate a second, then raise your hand and spank me on the other cheek. I close my eyes, wince, and cry out, but it’s mostly for dramatics—it didn’t hurt at all. I open my eyes again and look at you. Giving your cock a squeeze with my pussy, I say, “Again!” Emboldened, you deliver another smack to my ass. I feel your cock swell inside me as you do. Then you grab my hips and start fucking me again.

You continue to slam your cock into my pussy, every once in a while spanking me until I feel my asscheeks growing warm. You prop one foot on the bed to give yourself better leverage as you fuck me. We both watch your body moving behind mine, and see my tits swaying back and forth in the mirror. It’s so unbelievably erotic to me, watching my young lover driving his hard cock in and out of my wet, willing pussy. I lick my lips at you in the mirror, and you increase the tempo of your thrusts.

I know you want to cum, and I definitely want you to. I reach down to fondle my clit again, bringing myself to another powerful orgasm before you can finish. I scream your name and throw my head down, breaking eye contact, then collapse forward with the power of it. If you hadn’t been holding my hips, I would have fallen flat on the mattress.

Breathing heavily in the aftermath of my orgasm, I look back up at you in the mirror. I tell you I want you to cum now. “Where…where do you want me…to cum?” you ask me between breaths. My heart jumps at the possibilities. Should you finish inside me? Pull out and cum on my ass? On my tits? In my mouth? Each option makes me feel deliciously slutty. I’m not sure which one to go with. I struggle for a moment before saying, “Cum on my ass. This time.” I close my eyes and bend my head down, driving my hips back to encourage you to finish.

It works. I feel your speed increase, then suddenly you pull out of me, causing me to gasp. I look in the mirror and see you rip the condom off and furiously stroke your cock. I watch the cum spurt out of your cock and spray along my ass. I feel like a porn star as I reach back with one hand and smear your seed around on my ass. I bring my hand around and lick my fingers clean, savoring the taste of your spunk. I roll over to face you and pull you down into my arms. Our bodies slick with sweat, our hearts pounding, and our breathing heavy, we lie there in each others arms, kissing and soaking in the afterglow of our amazing sex. Eventually I break the kiss and look deep into your eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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