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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


It’s Saturday morning. My husband, Renny is going to an all-day golf tournament. He’s up and dressed and about to leave. He eats on the road. An hour trip otherwise. He picks up a couple of friends on the way. Our daughter, Mare, short for Mary, is away at College. I’m in bed. Our son, Travis, is in bed. Today is Travis’s birthday. It’s April 22nd. He’s 18 years old today.

Renny popped back in. “I’m off,” he said. “Don’t forget to wrap the presents.”

“Darn tooting,” I said. “Have a good time. Don’t let somebody hit you with their balls.”

“Ok, Bye.” He was off.

I was stretched out on my stomach, a pillow down between my thighs. I loved doing that. It felt so good, pillow humping. Not serious sex, just really nice feelings. Travis is 18 years old. I couldn’t believe he was an adult already. I would have to do the smooth switcheroo and start treating him like an adult instead of a kid. I actually started that a long time ago. Trusting him in things that mattered. More responsibility and all that. He did fine.

Another twenty minutes and I heard him getting up. I jumped up and got my top and bottom off and got a nice pair of panties on. They fit nicely around my thighs and the top was way down on my hips. My tuff was poking out some so you could see it. I tried them earlier and when they’re wet you can see right through them like clear glass almost. I quickly made the bed. It only had a sheet on top so all I had to do was fluff the pillows and fold the sheet down neatly. I got my pjs put away.

I heard the shower start to run so I slipped down the hall and into his bathroom. “Happy Birthday,” I shouted, not too loud. He was just going in the shower door, bare bottom trailing.

“Mom,” he said. “What are you doing? I’m in the shower.”

“I know,” I said. “I’ve been waiting for you to start. I want to take a shower with you. You’re 18 today and you’re an adult and we can do that now.”

“Somebody will see us, you shouldn’t,” he said.

“Your dad went to the golf tournament all day and Mare is at college,” I said. “We’re safe. I’ll probably tell them eventually but I’ll wait a while so you’re not embarrassed.”

By that time I was in the shower with him. Really strong bright lights on the ceiling and lots of room. A bench across one wall with three cushions with no seams on the top or edges so they wouldn’t make welts on your bottom. Waterproof and sealed so they didn’t deflate or water get in. Nice and soft. Plenty of room to lean back or lay down. He was still a bit shocked so he hadn’t seen my wet panties but he sure liked my tits sticking up and out. My nipples didn’t let me down either.

Travis was two inches higher than I was at 5ft10. We were both slim. He had a great man figure with good shoulders and nice neck and a great butt. I was about that way too but with a girl figure. Inward waist, nice butt, shaved with a tuff, off the shoulder hair, flat stomach like Travis. Current workout muscles and I could run really good. I could still do a split if I wanted to and I could hump a pillow with great enthusiasm.

His dick started coming up. It was not quite straight out yet. If he was like Renny I knew it would come up quite a bit. He looked about the same as Renny and he obviously liked me nude. A great deal more than any woman would need for a very good time.

“Travis,” I said. “The best way to get over your shock is to hug. All the bare skin overwhelms the shock.” I got my arms around his neck and pressed in with my cheek against his. Everything I had was pressed against everything he had. Except what was under my panties of course. I moved around a little so my tits and nipples would cover more of his chest and I could feel his dick pulling up through my thighs trying to get higher. That was way good.

After what seemed like hours but was probably only a minute I pulled my head back, leaving everything else where it was and said, “Happy Birthday Travis.” I closed my eyes so he could see me do that and softly pressed my lips right against his and swiveled my head over slightly so my lips slid around and got in a little bit harder. I opened my mouth just enough so he knew I did and kept going. He had his arms around my waist, wrapped, pulling me in by that time.

I pulled my hips back and let his dick pop up and tilted up and pressed in again so I wouldn’t break it. It plowed right up my vulva, right on. I got my tongue on his lips and ran across and back and pushed in slowly. I found his waiting just inside. We tongue tip kissed while our hips got comfortable and I slowly pulled my head back and looked at him, keeping everything else pressed in.

I said, “I wanted you to have a really special birthday. One you’ll remember. This is the best thing I could think of. It’ll be in your mind and won’t go away.”

Travis looked at casino şirketleri me and said, “I don’t know what to say. There’s no way I’m going to forget. Wow mom! Are you sure, you know, all this?”

“I’m not going to get pregnant and you’re not going to get pregnant. How about we keep doing this until you’re more comfortable with it and then get to showering. Could you slip your hands down inside the back of my panties and play with me. All down in and everywhere. You can’t hurt me and you’d be amazed at what I like. I like your dick being really hard like this. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.”

I got my lips into his again and he slowly got his hands down in my panties. His body proportions and mine were such that he could easily reach his hands down and under my crotch and play around. I had my legs open enough and he was exploring me all around. He got a middle finger working down and up my butt crack. We started twirling tongues. The way he was doing that I knew some girl’s clit was going to get some good fun someday. Probably her vagina too. I really wanted to get my hands on him so I thought I might get that going.

I pulled back casually and said, “How about I wash you and you wash me. Above the hips, below the crotch, then the middle. Take my panties off whenever you want. Don’t be shy. You first. Soap and hands and fingers only. We’ll swap off.”

I was giving Travis the best woman smile I could manage while I was saying that. It was working. He was smiling right back and was over the initial shock. He was game. I was worried earlier but it looked like we were going to enjoy each other.

He took my panties off. Before getting the soap. Pulled his hands out, grabbed the sides, and pulled them right down. Leaned over and took them off my feet and threw them over the shower door. They landed right in the sink. It felt different. Pussy hanging right out just inches from his dick hanging right out. I thought he would take them off when he started on my middle. I don’t know why it surprised me.

We were standing right under the rain shower head on the ceiling. It cascaded right down. Very erotic being wet while nude. Renny designed our bathrooms. The two were almost identical. A big square rain storm type shower tray on top. Perforations pushed up inside the tray like little volcanoes. The water filled up the tray about halfway and just overflowed into the perforations and fell down. More water, faster falling down. Not under pressure, like a rain shower.

The controls were on the wall, stainless steel buttons for different levels of water flow and an on/off and another set of controls for heads that put out a fine mist of water. Not enough to wash off the soap but enough so it didn’t dry out. Same setup for another whole different set above the bench for someone that had to sit down. All the water was temperature controlled. Travis turned the rain shower off and the mist on. It was quieter.

He got the soap and started soaping my neck and shoulder tops and back. His dick was playing with my bottom. He could go right in my butt crack. He washed with his fingers and hands. It felt delicious. I had my legs open some. His dick pushed in and down a number of times, right across my butt button itself. Maybe that’s why he took my panties off first thing. He reached around and got my breasts soaped. It took a while and was absolutely making me giddy.

Behind me and with all that soap our bodies slid around on each other. Way good. He started soaping down my sides and stomach. His fingers were like magic. He squid squeezed my nipples and sometimes my whole breast. I reached back on his buns and pulled him into mine, working his dick down and in again and again. I tilted up backwards once and he tilted down and up and he hit me right in my ass and pushed. With all that soap running down I thought he would go in. It was close. I squeezed hard it was so good and he got pushed out, not on purpose.

He soaped and rubbed right down to my tuff. With his dick all around inside my butt crack and sometimes straight through underneath. He was long enough to do that. I couldn’t help but moan every now and then. I really had to slap my hand to let everything play out like I hoped it would. He wasn’t talking much. He finally came around in front of me and reached around in back and did my lower back.

His dick did what it did before only this time it was my pussy and clit that was getting worked over. I had trouble with what to do with my hands so I got them either back on his buns or around his neck to stay out of the way. I nibbled on his ear and sucked on his neck and kneaded him in the crotch lightly and stuff like that.

He finally finished my upper so I started on him. Same thing only I didn’t have boobs to mess with. He got me on the ear and things like I did him. He was getting comfortable with me. I got in some really good messing with his buns with my valley and working over his dick when I got around in front. I was giving casino firmaları him a good dose of sex. No orgasms yet but loads of fun and teasing.

I hit the mist off and rain storm on and we rinsed off. I had the water temperature up a little higher so it kept us warmer against each other. I said, “Legs and feet. Let’s use the bench.” I turned off the rain storm and went over to the bench and sat in the middle and turned on the mist. I got one of the cushions and put it on the floor right in from of me and split my legs to the sides and smiled. Travis looked right at me and smiled shaking his head.

With his dick flopping all around, he came over and knelt down. With the height of the bench his dick was at a perfect angle for sex. Renny made sure of that. Travis had the soap. I pulled my feet up to the edge of the bench, out, and leaned back against the wall. The cushions were non-slip. My bottom was right at the edge.

Everything was wide open. I mean absolutely wide open. Brightly lit. Bare except for my little tuff. Clit engorged and pushed out a little. Travis was still smiling but he was more serious, breathing a little ragged. He was ramping up too fast. I dropped my feet on the floor and leaned over and gave him a kiss with my tongue poking in between his lips.

I said, “Thank you for enjoying me. It’s very nice to be appreciated like this. Happy birthday. Enjoy this part. It’s going to be great fun. Don’t be shy and look all you want. Right between my legs is the best place. I love you looking there. If you want to spread my pussy wider and look down in that’s fine. It’s about enjoying yourself. I want you to see everything.”

I got my legs back up on the edge, out wide, and reclined like before. I said, “Thighs down to my tippy toe.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said. “It is a lot of fun and you are absolutely beautiful. Very sexy. You’re also as nutty as a fruit cake.”

He started soaping my thighs right at my pussy. His hands brushing against my ridges and once flickering down across my pussy entrance. He looked up at me when he did that and I was smiling. “Could you do that again please,” I said. He did and a few more times and with the other hand when he switched to my other leg. Twice he slowed down and drug his little finger edge right down through, right across the entrance. I pushed up a little. He noticed and smiled more.

He finished up and I turned on the rain storm and rinsed and turned it off, leaving the mist still on. We switched places. He pulled his feet up on the bench like I did, his dick up at a good angle. He was very hard. I soaped his inner thighs up high and let my finger edge get into his balls. He closed his eyes. I did it a few more times on the other side and finished his legs and feet. I rinsed us off and lifted his feet up and down on the floor beside me.

“Travis,” I said. “I was going to do this later but I need an orgasm. You need an orgasm. It’ll let us enjoy each other more. We can concentrate on what we’re doing. How about me giving you an orgasm and you giving me one. Right here is the perfect place. Is that ok?”

“Yeaw,” he said. “I almost didn’t make it a couple of times. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard this long. You first or me first?”

“Me first,” I said. “Do you favor any particular way? I love to do oral but I can use my hands or you can thrust up between my breasts or in my butt crack.”

“I’ve never had oral,” he said. “What would you like?” I leaned over and got my hands down around under his buns and pressed my crotch right in against his hard dick and my tits and nipples into his chest and got into his lips. Travis was a fun date.

“Whatever you’d like to is fine with me,” I said. I didn’t know but I thought he might be asking if I wanted oral. I was still totally ramped up at how much this whole thing turned out to be so erotic. I had to be running with lube, hidden by all the warm water. I was so turned on a couple of times I was shaking a little. This was new for me.

I sat back a little and put a hand around his dick. The bench top stuck out so there was a lot of room under for knees. Perfect for oral. I tilted him backwards and got a tongue under his balls and ran it over and up on top and up the shaft to the head and got him in my mouth and gave him a good suck and tongue lashing.

I was watching him the whole time. He closed his eyes and went ‘ohhhhhhhh’ and pushed up. It probably wasn’t going to take long. We were both in an explosive state. I did that about three minutes. I got some lube out of my vagina and slipped my hand up his butt crack, which was open to his butt button, and lubed and pressed with the same finger and sucked harder.

He went ‘ohhhhhhhh’ again and I went a little faster on both. My finger broke through the barrier and went in his butt about a quarter of an inch. I sucked a little harder and in his butt about a half inch. Probably about five minutes since I started he said, “Mom, I can’t stop. I can’t stop güvenilir casino it.” I went faster and got a stream of semen.

He tried to pull his whole body backwards but I held on and he kept going until he was spent. I jacked and sucked on him lightly for about a minute after. I looked up just as he was opening his eyes and gave him a great smile and said, “That was great. I could feel everything. I could do another one.” His chest was puffing in and out and his mouth was open. His dick was still hard.

“I think that was the best orgasm I ever had,” he said. “I didn’t know it was like that. You didn’t stop. You let me go ahead.”

“Yes,” I said. It took maybe 10 minutes to cool off. We talked and sit looking at each other’s nude body. He looked ready. We switched. I was sitting on the bench and he sat down on the cushion on the floor crossways, rather than on his knees. I got my butt on the edge and feet up and out. I was wide open again. He was right there at my clit and pussy.

I said, “This is so good. Enjoy yourself. Have some fun with me. I like it.”

He started kissing the inside of my thighs right up near the top and kissed right across my ridges and down in and up the other side. I couldn’t help pushing up. He glanced up and smiled. While he was smiling he stuck two fingers up my vagina and got into my G-spot. I wondered how much he knew about G-spots. There’s a lot of folding skin and flaps between my outer ridges. He started at the top right below my clit and got every single one in his lips and pulled and let go, all the way down to where his fingers were in my vagina.

He wasn’t finger fucking me, he was playing around inside with his two fingertips. He started at the top of my hood and sucked on every square inch all the way down to my clit and sucked on that and let it pop out. I about hit the ceiling. The fine warm mist still coming down all over. I didn’t feel him take his fingers out but I did feel them on my butt. He was rooting around with his now lubed fingers on my butt. He was getting me back.

He pushed in my butt and plunged his tongue down in my vagina at the same time. Renny had never done that. Screw my clit, this was good. I fucked up into his tongue and squeezed my butt on his finger. He kept pushing in and out in both places. I was starting to ramp up to an orgasm. I closed my eyes and got my palms down flat beside me and tried to go with it.

He started going faster then he mouthed my clit and started machine gun sucking. I had my head back, eyes closed, mouth open and I screamed. Loud. Travis didn’t back off, he stayed with it. I jerked up and dropped and up again with every pulse through my body. My son fucking did me. I was so happy.

At this point washing our middles would just be a fun date thing except I get to play with his dick and balls more and he gets to play with my clit and vagina more. I gave Travis first crack. I was waiting to say that. It actually is a nice time to get him up and going again. He got right behind me and started with the soap and did my front then moved to my front and reached around to my buns and finished up.

He was sort of acting like it was his last chance. My time on his middle. I started in back and reached around and got him soaped. He was hard. I played with his soapy dick and balls a lot. We finally quit and rain storm rinsed off and got out and toweled off a little.

Renny had a drying station built into the bathroom when they redid it. It’s a thick round glass tube, high and big enough for two people, with one half tube inside another. You step in and close the inner half tube and it seals the door. The controls are inside. Heated or cooled air. The air comes out louvers all around the bottom and up through holes in the bottom. There are nozzles around at a few levels and louvers up at your head you can aim at your hair level

Get in and turn the air on. It blows on all your parts and right up under your legs. Works wonders on nipples and clits and dick heads. Blows through your head hair like a wind storm. Wonderful design. Travis and I danced around whapping our parts on each other and the glass tube walls until we were dry. We got out and I got his hand and took him off to the bedroom.

I pulled the covers down and said, “Time to rest and relax.” Travis smiled and climbed right on and on the pillow. His dick was about a quarter up. I got on beside him and snuggled up. We really were dry, all over. We lay there short minutes with my hand low on his stomach. I moved on down and played with his pubic hair like a little kid and we talked.

I got a finger on the bottom of his dick and piddled around. He got up a little more. I got his hand and put it between my legs. I opened when I did. He went right for my vagina and played around the entrance and dipped in, not too far. Men love vaginas. I felt him breathing heavier and I waited maybe two or three minutes, both of us still teasing.

I said, “Travis. Of all the positions to fuck I like being on top and I like missionary and I like backwards. For your birthday I want you to fuck me. For as long as you like, as many times as you like, in any position you like.” His dick was coming right on up. I reached under the pillow and got the lube.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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