Bitch in Heat_(3)

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Bitch in heat

Sitting at home, late at night, surfing the AOL chat rooms way back when could bring about some interesting opportunities. This is one such story.

I had put away a considerable amount of work one day and was relaxing by searching through some AOL chat rooms… back in the day when it was the thing to do. Titles of chatrooms was one thing, but screen names were another… and searching for one of interest was always a bit of a chore. I had been hopping around different rooms for a while until I came across “Red Bottoms” which only had one member… “Master.”

It didn’t take long for him to pipe up when I stayed in the chat room and offered a “Hello.”

“Tell me about yourself” was what I got. “NOW”.

I went about telling him I was 30, 5’11, 175, white and looking for something fun to do.

“Are you hairy or clean?” was the response I got. “Clean.”

“I’m staying at the hotel at the corner of I-5 and Anaheim… do you know where that is?” He asked.

“I do. It’s only 10 minutes away.”

“I’m in room 129, first floor in the back. Be here in 30 minutes.” That was all he said. And he was logged off.

I hustled about some “housekeeping” chores – shower, shave, manscaping touch-up. I threw on some loose fitting gym shorts, sans underwear, along with a t-shirt and flops and headed out. In the car I began to feel those telltale “butterflies” in my stomach; the fleeting fear and possible regret… but i continued on.

I arrived at this rather nonde hotel and pulled into the back, parking right in front of the door. Stepping up to the door I knock, lightly, and the door opens a bit.

“Come in” comes a voice out of the darkness inside.

I step through the threshold into a room lit dimly by a couple of candles, pulling the door shut behind me. There a figure sitting in a chair in the far corner.

“Stand there in the candle light and disrobe.” The command in his voice had its own warning. In a matter of seconds I was totally nude.

“Turn around… slowly.” Again, I complied. “You are a clean little bitch, aren’t you?” His voice wasn’t a sneer.. Just a statement of fact. “There are three packages on the bed. Get the middle one. Put the other two on the floor.” I put the first and third boxes (like shirt boxes) on the floor, out of the way and picked up the middle box.

“Now sit down at the foot of the bed and open it.” I was starting to get the butterflies again wondering what I was getting myself into. Not that I had too many limits, but this was all new to me. Sitting on the bed, I reached for the box and opened the lid. Pulling out its contents I found a lace garter, stockings, lace panties and a short, girls tee. I had no experience with womens clothes, but this couldn’t be that hard.

“Get dressed,” came the command. I started by putting on the garter and then sliding the stockings up one leg at a time. When I had them up to mid thigh I stood and buttoned the stockings to the garter and then slid the panties on. GOD what a feeling! I had no idea this minor clothes change could be so erotic. I slipped the T over my head and stayed in the candlelight so my Master could inspect me. The anticipation, nerves, and chill of the room had reduced my cock to a small lump in the panties but the silk still felt fantastic. It was then that my host rose from the chair, revealing a 6’4”, casino şirketleri 250 frame that dwarfed me as he moved closer. My master was hispanic, huge, and handsome. Dressed in chinos and a white button down collar dress shirt it was clear that he was some kind of professional. He sat down on the foot of the bed and pulled me in front of him. “Put your hand up on your head” he said. “Pose for me.”

I don’t know if it was the clothes, or the incredibly masculine nature of my host, but I slowly assumed a far more feminine demure. I moved my body as slowly and sensually as I imagined the perfect woman would, my fingers grazing up my body and neck as I put my hands up.

“I am assuming, based on the fact that you’re here, and have complied with my demands up to this point that you have an idea of what’s in store for you. Once we start, there is not stopping, no backing out. Is that understood? There was something frightening in this commitment, but I nodded in the affirmative. He started by reaching out and offering for me to take his hand. He pulled me close to him and then pulled me down… pulled me over his lap and then locked my legs in place by placing his outside leg over mine. His opposite arm held my shoulders down and his right hand began rubbing my silk covered bottom. “Let’s start with some light warm up.”

He seemed to wait forever, giving me time to relax before the first blow struck. There was nothing light about it. The smack brought me board straight over his lap. The next four were equally hard and well aimed. “Do you like this?” While the pain was intense, the feeling of being complete controlled and owned was exhilarating. I gave him a weak little moan of approval. The blows began again, forcing me to moan from the burning sensation. He slowed a moment and began rolling down my panties, bringing them down to my thighs. For whatever reason, this was the most feminine, and helpless feeling. Painties rolled down, back arched pointing my ass up in the air and held tightly in place. The other unique feeling was the bulge under my hips where his cock was growing. The swats to my ass resumed, each one eliciting a jerk and a gasping moan from me. The pain was becoming intense. The arousal even more so. After 10 or so more blows he stopped, letting me catch my breath and settle down. I also felt him reach back on the bed and retrieve something, which I was soon to find out was a heat inducing oil or lube. He started by squirting a dollop or two near the crack in my ass, which he scooped up into his fingers. He pushed his fingers into my crack at the top of my scrotum and pulled them up to the top of my ass, distributing the oil around my brown hole and nether regions. Then he squirted some more onto my cheeks, smearing it around and covering my entire ass. The heat started to release and it magnified the intensity of the redness my ass had become from the spanking. I thought… “It must be done already.” I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“I want you to stand up,” came the next command. I complied weakly, much of my energy one from the previous squirming. When I was up, he stood as well, towering above me. “Now lay down on the bed, with your hips on the edge and your legs straight out with only your feet touching the floor.” My master insured that my hips and ass were well supported. Then he stood and I could hear his belt unbuckling. casino firmaları Maybe he was getting naked? No. I heard him pull the belt into two halves, and then fold again… making four strips of leather just over a foot long. Hfe knelt on the bed beside me, again putting his left hand on the small of my back to hold me down. Moments later that belt came in contact with my red butt and the flash of lightning that came with it took my breath away. Tears formed in my eyes and a grimaced from the pain. The heated oil began to warm up even more and my squirming intensified. SLAP! Came another blow and I let out an audible gasp. I was gasping for breath with tears coming down my cheeks. Three, four, five… the blows continued, each with a settling down period and I was full scale crying by now.

“Stop, please… I’ll be good.” but the sixth blow came anyway. “Please!” I pleaded which was followed by seven, eight and nine. I was full scale crying now, begging, promising to be good, when at last I must have said the magic words… “I’ll do anything.” Master paused… and then reigned down the hardest, most brutal tenth stroke. My sobbing was inconsolable for a few minutes. Finally, I stopped. Master told me to stand up, and move in front of him.

“You’ll do anything?” He asked, followed by, “Are you ready to be a perfect bitch?” I nodded meekly, weak and trembling. “Drop to your knees.” He commanded. I did, between his spread knees. He reached down and unbuttoned his pants, raised up and dropped his pants and boxers, revealing an absolutely spectacular cock and balls, completely erect, balls ready to burst. He sat back down and laughed at me.. Tear stained, painties still around my thighs, kneeling before him. “Get to work” was his only command and I knew exactly what to do.

His cock was not the monster cock you’d imagine would be attached to such a giant, but it was a beautiful cock nonetheless. About 8 inches long, not quite fully hard with enough girth, texture, veining and heft to be impressive. Smooth as glass leading up to a cleanly waxed pubis. I leaned forward and, starting at the base, flattened my tongue around the shaft and licked all the way up to the head… slowly, to inflict as much pleasure and anticipation as possible. When I got to the top I swallowed the head and the first 2 or 3 inches before coming back up. With each subsequent stroke, I got a little more in. The amount of precum that he had been leaking during the spanking and especially now was making it easy to get it more situated in my throat. Each effort brought more and more of that shaft down my throat until finally I was taking it all. At one point I had the entire shaft down my throat and I stuck my tongue out and played with his balls, eliciting a moan. By now he had become fully erect and I was having to adjust for the additional length and straight shaft. I thought I had it in my control until he reached out, grabbed my hair and began humping my mouth. He was close to cumming and I wasn’t about to stop him. It started with a small squirt, followed by 2 or 3 ribbons of come. Each drop went straight into my mouth and down my throat. A tiny amount dribbled out the corner of my mouth. He continued to hold my head in place until the last of his spasms had finished.

My master scooted back on the bed, his head on a pillow. He motioned for me to come up and get back to work, güvenilir casino grabbing my hair and forcing it down on his softening cock.

“Get it hard again, bitch.” “I’m not through with you yet.” He motioned for me to turn my ass toward him while I went about swallowing his cock. It was then that I felt the first slap. Normally a slap on the ass wouldn’t have much effect, but my ass was still stinging from the whipping with the belt and the warming gel. The slaps continued coming for a few minutes and the cock started to respond and grow again. I could tell he would last much longer this time as his recovery was very fast and the sensitivity was gone.

It was just about this time that I felt something new. A cool gel was getting spread on my little brown hole and a finger was working its way inside. I loved that feeling, but he did have a sizeable finger and when he added a second, I started to sweat a little. When his cock had come to full size and hardness, he pushed me forward and motioned for me to “have a seat”… meaning ride him reverse cowgirl. I crawled forward and he pulled my panties the rest of the way off my thighs. As I straddled him, i realized how high his cock was and how much I was about to take. I slowly started to back up against that cock, moving the head around the gel to smooth its entry and I lined the head up to my hole. I had just pushed the head in and started taking more in when Master grabbed my hips and pulled me back full force, jamming that entire cock up my ass. I cried out and he held me there in place until I got used to the intrusion. Right about then he took his hands off my ass and i setted in for a ride that I controlled… until i felt that belt come across the small of my back. The crack and pain caused me to lurch forward, pulling ¾ of the cock out of my ass. The momentum brought me back down upon it. This went on for 2 or 3 minutes, striking my back, pulling off the cock and falling back down on it. Apparently this wasn’t working fast enough because he pushed my off and onto my stomach.

In no time Master had swung his leg over mine and was straddling my upper thighs. He was sawing his cock between my butt cheeks while relaxed. Shortly, I felt his cock line up with my ass and begin its assault. He used his size and strength to get the bed rocking side to side driving him in and out of me at a speed I had never imagined. I was lost in the most incredible mix of pain and pleasure my mind could handle.

I know that he edged himself with my ass because at one point, he slowed down to that powerful single hammering thrust. All the way in to the bottom and all the way back out. When it just about got to be too much he pulled out, flipped me over and grabbed my legs, pushing them back over my shoulders, putting my ass up in the air. He leered down at me. He reached down and inserted the head back in my ass and slowly pushed it in to the hilt. He raised all the way up and dropped his weight, and his entire cock, back into me. I could tell he was close. He kept this up for another 8 or 10 strokes before pushing all the way into me and emptying his second load into my bowel.

He raised up off of me and went back to the chair he started in. “Your really are a cum hungry bitch aren’t you?” His voice was full of humiliation. “Get up and pull your panties back on.” I did as commanded. “Now, get the fuck out.” The next time I see you on AOL and tell you to get over here you know what to do, right?”

I nodded meekly, picked up my clothes and walked out. Well spent.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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