Bitch Sister In Law

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Kathy, Billie’s wife’s sister was coming to visit them for a couple weeks. She had recently been divorced and wanted to get away from cold New York and come see them in sunny southern California. The 3 of them had grown up together, had gone to school together and when Billie started dating it was Kathy he asked out. It was only after she turned him down that he met her sister Amanda. Amanda is now his wife.

He picked Kathy up at the airport while Amanda was preparing dinner at home. He spotted her as she came out of the baggage area, hauling two large suitcases, making him wonder how long she was planning on staying. She was wearing cutoff shorts; he thought it was supposed to be cold in New York. She looked just the same as Billie remembered her; long honey blond hair, perky breasts and a cute ass. He gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She said, “Make yourself useful and carry my luggage.” There was no hello, or how are you, just her giving him orders. She always was a bitch. Billie loaded the luggage in the back of the SUV and headed for home. Sitting beside her he had to admit, she was beautiful. She was wearing a partially open blouse exposing a lot of her breasts. He tried to strike up a conversation, “So, how was your trip?”

“Look at my eyes when you talk to me, not my tits you horny bastard. I should tell your wife you made a pass at me, just so I could watch you squirm. Did you ever tell her that the only reason you went out with her was because I told you to fuck off?”

“Please Kathy, let’s try and be friends. All that stuff happened a long time ago.”

“And nothing has changed; you are still the disgusting little pervert you were then.” They went the rest of the way is silence.

When they got home there were lots of hugs and kisses as Amanda welcomed Kathy to their home. Give me a break; it’s only been 2 years Billie thought. While they chatted, Amanda asked Billie to set the table and pour the wine. They all sat at the table and Amanda wanted a toast to welcome Kathy to California. When Amanda saw the wine she looked at him annoyed, “I asked you to buy Contessa wine which is Kathy’s favorite, so why did you buy this?”

Before he could even answer, Kathy said, “Billie never was very bright. I’ll never know why you married a retard like him anyway.” First of all Billie is not a retard; he’s clever and very good at what he does. He’s a systems analyst for Hi-Tech computers and he gets paid very well. For the rest of the dinner they ignored him while they got caught up on each others lives. Kathy had married two years ago and divorced a year later. Whenever he tried to join the conversation, he would get a one word answer and then they would continue to talk to each other.

After dinner Amanda said, “Would you be a sweetie and cleanup the dinner dishes while Kathy and I have a cocktail in the living room? We have so much to get caught up on.”

He mumbled something when Kathy said, “I’m glad he’s good for something. I was afraid he was totally useless.”

After cleaning up the kitchen he joined them in the living room. Amanda said. “Billie as you know, my holidays don’t start until the end of the week, but meanwhile you could show Kathy some of our cities attractions. We have a world famous zoo so why don’t you take Kathy there tomorrow?”

He wasn’t keen on the idea but he was on holidays this week so he agreed to take her. At the zoo she was a bossy bitch as she decided what she wanted to see and fully expected Billie to go along with whatever she wanted. On the way back they were close to home when she saw the flashing light of a bar. “Stop here. I could use a drink and by the way you’re dragging your ass around, you could use one too.”

The bar did not look like much on the outside but it was quite nice inside. It had tables and chairs as well as booths, a small dance floor, two pool tables and a jute box. Being mid afternoon there were only four people in the bar; 3 guys sitting at a table and another sitting at the bar. Kathy sat beside the guy at the bar with Billie on the other side of her. Kathy chatted, no flirted with the guy beside her. Twice she had Billie buy her a drink and “our new friend” a drink also. At one point he asked her who Billie was. “He is my chauffeur and my pussy sucker if I let him.” He laughed at that and so did the bartender, but it was totally embarrassing for Billie.

When Amanda got home from work she asked Kathy how the trip to the zoo went. “It was wonderful; we saw a lot of animals but the part I liked best was the monkeys. I was going to push Billie in the cage with them because he would have been right at home.” Amanda giggled at that. He noticed there was no mention of Kathy’s outrageous conduct in the bar.

The next day Kathy wanted to try out one of the wonderful golf courses LA had. She knew that Billie didn’t play golf, but she said she didn’t want to play alone so he could come with her and be her caddy and carry her bahis firmaları golf clubs. When he started to protest Amanda said, “Now honey, you have nothing else to do, and remember we are supposed to be showing Kathy a good time. Besides I start holidays in two days so you won’t need to entertain her any more; I’ll take over.”

On the golf course she did all she could to embarrass him whenever others were around. At one point she asked him to give her a 4 iron. As a group approached she said. “I asked for a 6 iron, not a 4. If you can’t do any better than that, I may not pay you anything.” Another time after driving her ball into a wooded area with tall grass she said, “Go in there and find my ball. If there are snakes in there I want them to bite you, not me.”

Again on the way home she wanted to stop at that same bar for a drink and Frank, the guy she flirted with yesterday was sitting at the bar. Of course she sat beside him with Billie at her other side. This time she ignored Billie completely, except for getting him to order another round. She sat with her back turned to him so it was difficult to see, but it looked like Frank was running his hand up her bare leg and she was massaging him through his pants.

When they got home and Amanda asked how her day went she said, “I would have enjoyed my golf game more if he hadn’t kept giving me the wrong club. I know he did it on purpose just to annoy me.” When Billie tried to explain that was not true, Amanda cut him off saying Kathy is our guest and she expected him to be more obedient and respectful to Kathy. Again, no mention of Kathy’s conduct in the bar.

The next day was Friday and Billie was thankful this was his last day to be Kathy’s lackey. She wanted to go swimming at Santa Monica beach. She wore a skimpy bikini that showed off most of her breasts and barely covered her pussy. She stretched out on a lounge chair while he sat on a blanket. “Stop staring at me like a dog in heat with your tongue hanging out, or I’ll tell Amanda you tried to come on to me.” She was more interested in getting some sun and watching the guys walk bye than she was in swimming. Latter she said, “Billie, take your blanket and go sit further down the beach. Guys must be wondering what I’m doing being with a dork like you. I’ll call you when I’m ready to go.” She did get a lot more action when guys thought she was by herself and several stopped to talk to her. She asked one guy to rub suntan lotion on her. He did, but that was mainly an excuse for him to feel her up. When she got tired flirting with the guys she called Billie and said it was time to go. While he drove, she sat in the back seat to change out of her bikini into her clothes. “Don’t try and look at me or I’ll slap you and tell Amanda you jerked yourself off watching me change.”

Per usual, she wanted to stop at that bar again. Frank was there with his buddy Brian. Brian had just got back from Afghanistan and was trying to readjust to civilian life. Frank said he was going to take Kathy out on a date and Brian asked her if she knew anyone that he could go out with. Kathy said a double date might be fun and she did have someone in mind.

When they got home Kathy was telling Amanda all about the 2 nice guys she met, and how she and Frank got along so well. Then she started telling Amanda about Frank’s best friend Brian, and how sad and lonely he was after getting back from Iraq and how he had no female companionship. Frank told her how Brian had been injured fighting over there; how he had been discharged with a medical disability and had no friends, so Kathy wondered if Amanda would go with them on a double date and give a sad and lonely soldier a little happiness. Billie said, “But I don’t think that a married woman should be going on a date with …” but he was interrupted by Amanda.

“Why Billie, it’s only to give a wounded soldier a little happiness. I would like that Kathy, and it might be fun, we haven’t double dated since high school.”

“Now wait a minute I…” this time he was cut off by Kathy.

“Great, I’ll set up a double date for tomorrow. Now Amanda, we need to go out and buy you some new clothes and get your hair done. We don’t want Brian to think he’s dating a frumpy old housewife.”

“My wife is not frumpy and she’s not old, and why should it matter if she is only there for companionship and conversation?”

“You are so naive,” Kathy said with a grin.

The next day when Billie got home, Kathy had Amanda model her new dress for him. He was shocked when he saw it. It was way to short; it only came half way to her knees. It was made of some kind of silky material and it was so tight he could see she was not wearing a bra. To him she just looked sluttish, a lot like her sister. “You can’t wear that; I can see your nipples from here.”

Kathy answered, “Does she make your little pecker hard? When you go on a date you have to show off what you’ve got to keep the guy interested.” kaçak iddaa She said to Amanda, “Put on the new shoes I bought you and show him.”

Those shoes had 3 inch high heels. “Kathy,” Amanda complained, “I have trouble walking in these high heels.”

“That’s to make sure you can’t run away if a guy wants you.” To Billie she whispered, “See how the high heels make her ass wiggle when she walks? Do you think Brian will want to fuck her?”

Billie was already annoyed at this whole idea and Kathy was just making it worse. “So where are you going on this so called date thing anyway?”

“The Fab Four is playing in Bridgetown, that’s only 45 miles away. They are great singers and tonight is their only appearance in our area. Now aren’t you happy that Amanda will get a chance to see and hear them?”

He felt like telling her what he really thought, but decided not too. When it was time to go, they heard Frank toot his car horn and as they went out the door Amanda said, “Give me a kiss on the cheek so you don’t mess my makeup.” He could tell when he hugged her that she still was not wearing a bra.

It must have been about midnight when the phone rang. He picked it up and it was Kathy. “Hi Billie, we have checked into a motel for the night. The boys are too drunk to drive all the way back home tonight; so we’ll see you sometime tomorrow. Good bye.”

“Wait, wait, I want to talk to my wife.”

“Right now she’s busy. She’s lying on the bed trying to push Brian off her, but I can see she’s not trying too hard. He’s going to shove his cock in her mouth and she’s pretending she doesn’t want to suck it. Amanda your husband is on the phone and he wants to talk to you. You can always suck Brian off afterward.”

As soon as he heard Amanda say hello, he said, “What’s going on there? Kathy said…”

“Now you know better than to listen to Kathy. She just likes to yank your chain and get you all upset. Just ignore what she says and she’ll soon give it up. I heard part of what she said; and Brian is not trying to get me to suck his cock.”

He could hear Kathy’s voice in the background. “Is that why he had his cock out and you were jerking him? You know he’s going to fuck you so stop pretending you don’t want it. If you like I’ll hold the phone close so Billie can jerk off while he listens to you getting laid.”

Amanda said, “Now I know you could hear that also; so just stop being so gullible believing everything she says. We didn’t want the guys driving us home drunk and having an accident so we suggested the motel. It has two double beds and Kathy and I will sleep in one and Brian and Frank will sleep in the other. Now does that make you feel better?”

“But Bridgetown isn’t far away. I could come and get you.”

Kathy took the phone from Amanda. “You don’t understand Billie; the guys want to fuck us. You heard your wife say it was our idea to check into this motel so that they could have sex with us. Now we are going to watch a porno movie on TV to get the boys all horny and then lie back on the beds and let the guys have there way with us. I’m hanging up now but you can jerk your little cock thinking about your wife getting screwed by a big cock. Oh, did I tell you? Brian is black and those guys don’t wear condoms, so who knows, you may soon have a little black baby calling you daddy.”

She hung up before Billie could say anything else. The next morning they got back shortly before noon. “What took you so long?” he asked Amanda.

Kathy replied. “You know that guys that age are horny all the time so they screwed us again this morning and then made us suck them off on the way home.”

Amanda giggled. “You are soo bad Kathy. Stop getting him all nervous and upset. I know he looks cute when he’s jealous and frustrated but right now he is so confused, he doesn’t know which one of us is telling the truth.”

Three days later Amanda told Billie she and Kathy were going on a double date with the boys that evening. Billie was furious. “I can’t believe you are going out with Brian after he tried to fuck you. You told me in that motel that you thought he wanted to have sex with you. If everything is on the up and up like you say then you won’t mind if I go with you, unless there’s something you are trying to hide.”

“That’s an excellent idea Billie; that way you can drive and the boys don’t have to worry about staying sober.”

That was not what he wanted to hear either, but having made the suggestion there was no way for him to back out now. She had been wearing slacks and a T-shirt all day but now as she got ready for her date she laid out her short dress, took a shower and was putting on perfume. “Since when did you start wearing Channel #9?”

“Kathy said that’s Brian’s favorite perfume so I thought it would be a nice touch if I wore it for him.”

“You should be thinking of doing something nice for me and less about doing something nice for Brian.”

“Now kaçak bahis there you go again honey, getting all upset over nothing. You were not a war hero getting shot at for 3 years.”

He drove the van and picked up Frank and Kathy first. They sat in the rear of the van. When they picked up Brian, Amanda got out of the front seat and sat in the middle seat with him. That really annoyed Billie and it annoyed him even more when Brian gave her a kiss. Frank gave Billie directions on how to get to the dance club. Billie didn’t like the club at all. It was dark and so smoky it was making his eyes water and the music was load. He had been trying to get Amanda off smoking and it was starting to work, but now he could see that she was right back smoking with Kathy, Frank and Brian. Billie also noticed that most of the men were black but only a few of the women were black. They got a good table close to the dance floor. Brian said, “Billie you will have to guard our table while we are up dancing.”

Frank said, “Yes and guard our drinks too; and while you’re at it, order another round of drinks for us and I’m sure if you ask nicely they will bring you a glass of water.” Billie was starting to wish he had never come.

After a few dances they returned to the table laughing and talking. Billie felt like a fifth wheel. The guys were telling Kathy and Amanda about things that went on during the war, and the girls were hanging on to every word. Brian was continuing with his story, “We would be on the front lines for 3 days and then back in the city for 2days of R&R.”

“Aaah yes, R we could screw them in their parent’s house with the approval of the parents, hoping their daughter could marry an American or fuck the wives in their home if their husbands were away fighting somewhere.”

Amanda said, “That’s a disgusting way to treat women, just using them to get your rocks off and then discarding them. I’ll bet you never did anything like that Brian.”

“You know the saying, when in Rome do as the Romans do.”

“You guys are terrible,” Amanda answered.

A while after that the guys left for the washroom telling Billie to order another round. Shortly after they left a black guy came over to Amanda and asked her to dance. When she said no he became abusive. “What’s wrong with you bitch, you think you’re too good for a black guy? What are you doing in a black pickup bar if you don’t want to be picked up?”

Billie had heard enough. Standing up he said, “Look fella, that’s my wife you’re talking to and she said no.”

“Are you going to stop me jerk? I’m going to kick your ass and take your wife home with me and fuck her.”

“I think it’s time you left our table before …”

“Before what, you wimpy little coward,” he said before punching Billie in the chest knocking him down on the floor and grabbing Amanda by the arm.

Suddenly Brian was there. “Let her go, that’s my woman you’re messing with.”

“Sorry bro, I didn’t know.”

“Well you know now so take off.”

After he left Amanda gushed, “Thank you Brian, that man was going to rape me and Billie was no help at all,” as she stood up and gave Brian a big hug.

A couple weeks later Kathy was telling Amanda, “Frank’s uncle has a hunting and fishing cabin up north on an Indian reserve and he’s offered it to Frank for a week and he wants you, me and Brian to go with him. He says we will have a wonderful time enjoying the fresh air and the great outdoors. He knows how sensitive Billie is so he said he can come too.”

When Billie got home from work, Amanda was telling him the good news, but he was not impressed. “I don’t think we should go; I don’t like hunting and fishing and you don’t either, so let them go and we’ll have a nice time at home.”

“You are such a whiner. I can’t believe you would pass up a chance to spend a wonderful week in the country.”

He could see she had her mind made up so he reluctantly said he would go. Frank drove them in his SUV. He had Kathy in the front with him. Brian sat in the back with Amanda on one side of him and Billie on the other. He had pushed Billie over to the corner. On the way to the cottage Frank talked to Kathy and Brian talked to Amanda. Billie tried to join in the conversations but they just ignored him.

Once it got dark the conversation turned sexy. Billie couldn’t see anything but it was easy to hear Kathy. She was saying things like, stop feeling my pussy and concentrate on your driving; and another time, I know your horny so push back a little and I’ll suck you off. He could also hear what his wife was saying to Brian; things like, stop doing that, if Billie knew what you were doing he would be very mad, and another time, I will not; what a terrible thing to ask me to do with my husband sitting right beside you. It must have been near midnight by the time they reached the cottage

The next day Frank said he knew this great fishing spot that could only be reached by canoe. The problem was each canoe only held 2 people so somebody had to stay home. “That’s OK,” Amanda said, “Billie told me he doesn’t like fishing so he will be happy to stay in the cabin. Won’t you Billie?”

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