Black and White Ch. 02

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Aviva asked him, “Where’s your car?”

He involuntarily looked around, and admitted he’d walked to the coffee shop. “I live a few blocks away and I hoofed it. No car tonight.”

She nodded and said, “That’s cool. Let’s go.” She looked at his cup and said, “You can bring that with.” She made a closed-mouth smile and said, “My car has cupholders.”

He got up and had to half-skip across the parking lot to catch up with Aviva, who was practically charging, striding athletically on the pavement. He felt self-conscious for a second, and turned to see if anyone was looking at him, but no-one was. He shrugged and caught up with the average woman. She pointed at the passenger door of a nondescript American car of a nondescript color, and he opened the door and got in, half falling into a deep bucket seat. He put his cup in an empty holder next to a stick shift console. The car was full of trash and the floor was concealed beneath a covering of takeout bags and papers.

Aviva said, “My car’s a mess. I keep my house clean but not my car.”

She started the engine and roared backwards in the lot without looking, then punched it and squealed to the exit. He looked for a seat belt and reached for the upper grab handle. While he was slithering on the fake leather seat she flipped the radio on to some R & B station, and while he clutched and grappled he heard a cooing sexual song. He looked over and she was tilting and bopping her head, singing softly along with whatever it was. He noticed with some surprise she had a beautiful voice. Her phone trilled with a music tune, and driving with her knees she fished in her pocket for it. She flipped it open and looked at the screen.

“Hold still,” she said, and to his astonishment took his picture. She fiddled with buttons while driving. After a second or two she said, “Okay, we’re good.” She swiveled her head and said, “My sister wanted to see what you looked like.”

The car pulled a couple of G’s going around a corner, and a photograph of a young boy, encased in a hard plastic sheath and hanging from the rear view mirror, hit him in the head. ‘Her son’, he thought.

“We gotta make a stop, real quick. I have to pick something up.”

Lee instantly thought she meant condoms or something, but remembered she’d said she had those. They rocketed down the road at flatly illegal speed, his companion making faces and singing along to the radio, which was now playing a sexually suggestive song by a rapper.

They drove in silence for several minutes, and he wondered briefly how he was going to get home if something went wrong. Then he thought casino şirketleri about more small talk, but decided against it, and finally sat back quietly and hung on for dear life while his pilot warbled along with several rather dirty pop songs.

He looked her over again, and admitted to himself she wasn’t really bad looking, and while she drove checked out her body. She had mom fat, a kind of gut and hips, and her thighs did a sprawling thing on the car seat, but he could tell underneath a film of American cellulite she was strong and muscular. ‘Solid’, he thought, and not misshapen, just carrying some average mother weight. Her face was roundish and kind of full, sort of flat, and she had a short, turned up button nose. Her hair was likely dyed darker than it naturally was. ‘Dishwater blonde’, he thought, and realized wryly that was average too. The car screeched into a parking lot, and he saw a neon sign reading ‘LIQUOR’.

The car shuddered to a halt and Aviva unbuckled her seat belt and looked around impatiently. “Come on, bitch, where are you?” she said, and followed that with an exasperated huff.

Lee asked, “What are we getting?” He instantly realized he had referred to them as ‘we’, implying something that maybe wasn’t the case, but she didn’t react to it. Instead she just sat silently for a second.

Aviva said, “Wine.”

Lee said, “Well, let’s get something good. Come on,” he said, and opened his door.

Aviva hesitated, then got out as well. She didn’t lock her door, and followed after him to the entrance.

Lee called out behind him, “Red or white? Or something different? I’ll buy it.” Aviva stopped for a second. He watched her make some mental machination, or a decision, and then she followed along after him.

“Miki likes whites,” she said.

Inside, he picked out a fairly expensive and good bottle of white wine, then grabbed a lower grade red for himself and walked to the checkout. While they stood in line, he could feel her looking at him. They checked out, walked to the car, and got in again.

Aviva said, “Where is that girl?” in a frustrated way. For some reason she was waiting for the sister in a liquor store parking lot.

Lee asked, “Why are we waiting?”

Aviva explained, “Miki doesn’t know for sure where I live. I just moved and she’s gonna follow us back to my place.” She smiled. “Don’t want her getting lost.”

She looked around for another couple seconds, then did something he couldn’t believe. Without saying anything she rolled over in the front seat, put her head down, unzipped his pants, and fished out his casino firmaları cock. He reared back, surprised, while she took him in her mouth and started sucking. He got over his initial shock quickly, and it took very little time for him to figure she knew what she was doing. She freed a hand to extract his balls and gently raked them with average-length nails while sucking his cock in the parking lot of a liquor store.

“Uhnn…” he couldn’t help exclaiming, his cock growing rapidly in Aviva’s expert mouth.

Then he saw a car pull up directly next to them, driver’s window to driver’s window, a Black girl at the wheel. The girl had a quizzical expression on her face when she saw Lee, and rolled down her window, making a motion for him to do the same.

“There’s.. someone here,” he muttered to the head in his lap.

Aviva ripped off his erection and sat straight up. The Black girl opened her eyes wide, then burst into uproarious laughter. Aviva rolled down the window and the other girl sat back and released a peal of laughter.

The newcomer gasped for breath and said, “Oh my god, sissie, you are so PERVERTED!”

Aviva wiped her mouth while Lee attempted to shove his hard-on back in his pants. He looked over briefly at the Black girl, and when he did she lifted off her seat and, with a delighted expression, made a huge show of trying to see his crotch. He tried to cover himself, and when he did the girl almost had a fit, shaking and falling over with hilarity.

Aviva said, “Come on, girl, let’s go!”

She turned the key and took off, the other car circling and roaring directly after them. The other girl flashed her brights a couple of times, and Aviva honked her horn in response while nearly running down a staggering drunk on his way into the store.

Lee was baffled and had to ask, “That’s your SISTER?”

Aviva turned on him and said, “Yeah, SO?” in a confrontational way.

He said, nervously, “Uh… I mean… how is it that, uh…”

“What, ’cause she’s Black?”

“Well, uh, yeah.”

Aviva turned on him again and said, ferociously, “You don’t have a problem with Black girls, do you? Because you fucking well better not.”

Lee rolled words around in his mind and said, “No, no way, I’m just, I mean, how is… what…”

Aviva launched into an explanation, in the way of someone going on about people as if everyone in the world knew the subjects. She said, rapid fire, “Miki’s mom couldn’t take care of her, and when Roro went off on a fucking binge Moms took her. Finally when RoRo went to prison Moms got legal guardianship of Miki, güvenilir casino so she could take her to school and the doctor and stuff.”

Aviva turned another corner, and Lee realized he’d completely forgotten about his coffee.

“Yeah, Miki lived with us since she was eight. We slept in the same bed, had the same toys, went to the same schools and all that. She’s my sister as much as anybody can be.” She frowned a little bit. “She’s my sister and we take care of each other.”

Lee looked out at the rapidly disappearing road in front of them, and changed his initial impression of Aviva as ‘average’. The car bashed into the driveway of a house, roared right up to a garage door, and grated to a stop on gravel. Aviva grabbed for her door handle, opened the door, and lightly hopped out.

“We’re here.”

Lee followed Aviva into the house, toting the wine bottles. Behind him the sister skipped up to the door as well; when she got there she grabbed a bottle out of his hand and flipped it up to look at it as they entered.

Aviva had told the truth about her house: the place was small and cut up in a converted-to-apartments way, but it was white and very clean. The entry went straight into the kitchen, and when the lights went on the room was almost too bright. Aviva was shrugging off her light coat, revealing a cheap t-shirt and discount store jeans, a lower blue-collar uniform. She fished in a drawer for something and produced a corkscrew, which she handed to him, saying, “Open ’em up.” He did, looking around for glasses until Aviva simply snatched the bottle of White away from him and took a huge slug straight from the neck. The sister burst out laughing.

He turned to look at Miki, seeing what he was in for. She looked tall but dowdy. She had no makeup on and was very deeply dark-skinned; her hair was a burst of lopsided ‘fro under a shapeless knit cap, and she had on what looked like pajama bottoms, slippers, and a alarmingly dirty fall jacket that made her look like a bag lady. Her face was really narrow, with high cheekbones, but her body looked blocky. She extended a hand, and he gave her the bottle of Red; she studied the label, made an appreciative face, and went hunting for a glass, he figured.

Lee figured he was about to hit it with two average girls, and kind of shrugged to himself, accepting a wine glass when Miki gave it to him, and drinking when she did. The Black sister studied his face, smirking a little. Then music went on, a thumping, dance-floor kind of beat, and he turned to see Aviva poking at a stereo and swaying her hips. When she started moving she looked good, much better than she did when just sitting around. He remembered the truncated suck job in the parking lot, and made the decision to simply get fucked, regardless of whether he really found these girls attractive or his type or whatever.

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