Blind Passion

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You open your eyes and find the world still in darkness. You attempt to reach up to your face but find your hands are restrained and your legs as well. You struggle for a minute before you realize that the straps are silky, just like the bondage kit we keep stored with the other toys. Just before you woke I stealthily tied you up and blindfolded you, and now I was gonna have some fun.

You don’t feel me on the bed with you, but you can sense my presence in the room. I chuckle lightly as you continue a small struggle.

“Babe, no need to fight it, you’ll need you’re energy soon.” You can hear the devilish smirk on my face. “Soon ill have you writhing with pleasure.”

You feel a sudden weight on the bed as I climb up and I begin working my way up your wide open legs, kissing every inch of your beautiful body as I go. After a full minute of slowly kissing my way up I reach your sweet pussy and breath warmly across it, just barely grazing your lips with mine.

I stick out my tongue and draw it up the right lip and down the left, steady but light, just barely teasing you with the sensation. Looking up I can already see you biting your lip in anticipation. I keep teasing you up and down, up and down, up and down, my warm breath washing over your pussy in a pleasant way. I can smell your juices are beginning to flow and I spread your lips with two fingers and ever so gently begin licking your eager clit. With my left hand I reach up and begin caressing your breast, squeezing it just below the point of hurting, causing you to bite harder on your lip.

After a few moments of licking you I pull back and kiss you along the thighs and stomach. I can hear you sigh with disappointment at my leaving, but its all part of my game. In a flash I’m back on your clit, sucking it tightly into my mouth. You gasp with surprise at the new sensation, but its far from unpleasant. While ataşehir escort bayan still sucking on you I start running my tongue over you, bringing more moans from that delicate mouth i love so much. I release your clit from my mouth and start licking your lips again. I can feel your pussy throbbing, begging for more so i spread my tongue wide and lick all over and around your clit in big broad strokes.

You start rocking your pelvis, pressing your pussy harder into my face, and I start squeezing your breast harder and lightly pinching it. The mix of pleasure and pain brings excited gasps to your lips. You want to grab the back of my head and push me in harder to you, but no matter how much you struggle against the bindings you can’t get your arms below your head. You feel blind and powerless and the submission brings you even more excitement.

Suddenly I stop working your pussy and you whimper slightly. Your whimper turns into another gasp as i reach down and tear off your leg bindings and flip you over to your hands and knees. I angle myself to thrust right into your G-spot and slide by big hard cock deep into you bringing forth a giant moan of pleasure as you shout my name.

“Oh, Trevor, oh god, fuck me harder.”

I start pounding my throbbing cock into your eager pussy, sliding back and forth as I go in and out, circling and rubbing tight against your G-spot. With each thrust my cock sinks deeper and harder bringing louder and louder moans. Already the sounds of your pleasure are bringing me nearly to exploding, but I hold back waiting for the grand finale.

After a few minutes of fucking you hard you can feel a pressure building up inside you.

“OHMYGOD! I’m gonna fucking cum!” You shout.

I give you a few more hard, deep thrusts before pulling out quickly and dropping back down to lick your soaking pussy. At that moment you escort kadıköy have your first ejaculating orgasm, and as waves of pleasure roll over your body you squirt your juices all over my face. Your whole body is shaking from the earth-shattering orgasm roiling through you and the feeling of your cum on me brings me to the breaking point. Quickly I thrust my cock back in you, and I can feel your pussy convulsing around me, milking my cock. I can bear it no longer and I thrust as deep as humanly possible and release a hot, sticky load of cum deep into your dripping wet pussy. You give another moan as you feel it exploding into you, filling every inch of you.

As I empty my balls into you I lean forward, moaning the whole time. I kiss you behind the ear.

“Oh Muriel, that was fucking amazing, my love.”

You giggle a little, “I can’t believe you had me cum on your face.”

“Are you kidding,” I smile. “That had to be the most erotic thing I ever felt baby. Normally I can only hear your orgasms, this time…Well, lets just say I like it like you like me cumming deep inside you.”

I kiss you again, across the cheek and on your mouth. Your juices are running on you now and in your mouth, but you’re so horny you just smile. But I’m not done yet.

I keep rocking against you, and your amazing body is already making me hard again. I reach forward and tear off your blindfold and hand restraints and turn you around, then lift you off the bed.

With your legs drapes over my strong arms and my big hands gripping your amazing ass I slam your back up against a wall thrusting deeper into you dripping wet pussy. Suddenly I slow down and draw my hot cock in and out, letting you feel all 6 and a half inches sliding between your lips. Oh so slowly in and out, in and out. The slow pace feels amazing for you but you want it slammed into you so you begin rocking bostancı escort your hips, trying to keep it deep in you.

I draw it out so just the very tip is resting inside you and I look you in the eyes.

“I love you Muriel” I say and lean forward kissing you on the lips.

I draw back my face and slam my cock hard into your hungry pussy. Your eyes go wide and you moan with savage pleasure, digging your nails into my back. I start rapidly jack-hammering you, fucking your pussy harder and harder. You drop your face to my shoulder and start biting hard, just shy of breaking the skin, your passionate moans escaping around the mouthful of my flesh. Harder and deeper I pound my throbbing cock, filling your pussy fuller than you thought it could be.

You can feel your pulsing wet pussy coming close to another climax and you throw your head back, pressing it against the wall, moaning louder and louder with each thrust of my powerful cock. You start breathing faster and faster as you sink your nails deeper into my back and your thighs clench tightly around my waist.

Suddenly the waves of another powerful orgasm crash through your body making you shout my name. I can feel your pussy tighten around my cock and the electricity from your mind numbing orgasm sweep though my body as well. The feeling of you cumming is the most amazing sensation in the world and feeling it for the second time pushes me over the edge as I release another load of cum in your already soaked pussy.

Stumbling back I fall onto the bed with you on top of me and my now tired but satiated cock still inside you. We kiss for a while then you lay your head against my chest and sigh contently.

“Oh Trevor, that was the most amazing thing anyone could wake up to.”

“Mmmm, Muriel my love, you deserve that and so much more. You’re the most amazing thing anyone could wake up to babe.”

“We defiantly hafta do that again, but promise me one thing.”

“Whats that?”

“Next time, I get to tie you up.”

I laugh, “Anything you want darling.” I say with an eager gleam in my eye, nothing like a woman who’ll take the initiative sometimes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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