Blinddate: Arrival

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Gap was walking down the street of sandstone houses, looking for the right number where he was supposed to go. His friend had thought it was time for him to get out and see someone after almost a year since his girlfriend left him, so he had set up a blinddate. Gap remembered what Pint had told him about the girl.

“She’s very good-looking, fairly tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s a bit flat on the front, but she’s got nice ass-ets. She works in a grocery store and loves music. She’s a bit shy around people she doesn’t know except if she can meet them at her place. I think it’s something to do with the security of known surroundings. She’ll be good for you.”

Pint had smiled and continued.

“Wouldn’t do you any harm to get out there and feel alive again, huh?”

It was true that Gap had indeed been closing up like a clamp the last year. Even though he claimed the separation hadn’t been to hard to deal with, it still meant that he alienated most people around him. So he had agreed to seeing this mystery woman, and days later received word from Pint that Nadia was expecting him on Friday afternoon on Devonshire Street 42, apartment 3. So here he was, outside these less than colorful houses looking for the right door. Admittedly a bit nervous, but at the same time quite pleased that he had accepted the offer. He stepped up to the door and opened it, finding a rather gloomy hallway behind the thick wooden door. The lightning was almost obsolete and the carpet and wallpaper was noticeable dark and old. He thought little of it, cause that was who Gap was. The nickname he was given by his friends was not related to the gap between his front teeth which he had when he was younger, which he thought. No the nickname was what he was called because sometimes wasn’t able to put two and two together.

He knocked on the door and heard a loud voice say “Come in.”

As he opened the door, he was met with a light scent of roses and the sound of the same voice saying. “Take of your clothes and I’ll be right there.”

He took of his jacket and shoes, and walked in to what appeared to be the livingroom, but the room didn’t have any furniture except for a table turned upside down on the floor. He was about to look around some more when he received a powerful push from behind and he fell to the floor screaming “Ouch, gez look what you’re doing.” Turning around he was pleased to see a tall woman dressed in blue lingerie, high heels and lace gloves leaning over him. She fit the description that Pint had given him.

“Did I hurt you?” she whispered before she grabbed his wrist and secured it in a pair of handcuffs attached to the legs of the table which were standing straight up like poles around him. Stunned by her beauty and the unexpected push to the ground, he didn’t move or say anything before realizing she had secured his other wrist as well, and was about to place bonds around his ankles too.

“Nadia?” he blurted out.

“If you wish to call me that, that’s okay.”

“What?” he replied while his thoughts were trying to form some logic of the situation.

She leaned forward as if for a moment she contemplated to release him, and looked at him with her deep clear blue eyes, before striking his stomach hard with her fist. He saw red and glittering as he tried to recapture his breath, but that didn’t stop her from moving around to squat down near his head and pull his hair. She took out a short, but thick, plastic dildo from behind her back and moved it against his mouth. As he began to speak he felt how his mouth was filled with the fake phallus.

“Watch out, you can poke some ones eyes out with…” was all he had time to say before his mouth was completely filled.

He looked at her in fear, realizing that he was now in the hands of a woman he didn’t know, unable to move or speak. He felt her hands securing the gadget in his mouth with straps behind his head, and then she replied to his comment.

“Don’t you worry, I’m not going to poke anyones eyes, but there might be a lot of poking elsewhere.”

She smiled, but not a smile which made him feel any better in his awkward situation. It was a smile which without any doubt explained how much she was enjoying how easily she had captured him. He had entered her apartment less than a minute ago, and now she was leaning forward and whispering in his ear.

“I’ve been waiting all day, and you should know better than to keep me waiting. For that, you should tell me how sorry you are.”

Gap was unable to speak which she had made sure with the gadget in his mouth, but began to pull on his bonds to get loose. This made her smile even more, showing of her perfectly big white teeth and say.

“That’s casino şirketleri it, pull on the cuffs. You’ll only hurt yourself and realize that they won’t break. But I don’t want you to be hurt, I just want you stripped to your skin.”

Moving down she picked out a pair of scissors and started to cut his clothes off, starting with his shirt to reveal his hairless chest. She was removing his clothes piece by piece in a way which never made him nervous that she would accidently hurt him or even scratch his skin. Soon enough every piece of clothing was removed, and laid in a shredded pile of fabric on the floor next to them without the restraints holding him in place ever being removed. Everything had beencut in pieces leaving him not just helplessly tied on his back, but also completely exposed. She squatted next to him, looked at him with her big blue eyes and let her hand trail his leg up to his cock which she surrounded with her fingers. He didn’t want it to happen, but involuntarily his soft member began to grow harder in her hand, merely from the hold. She smiled and said clearly, without ever loosing eyecontact with him.

“Your cock is happy to see me, and I’ll keep it happy for a long, long time.”

Her thumb moved to the exposed head and circled it slowly, which effectively made his cock grow rock hard inside her gripping fingers. He was nervous, almost afraid too, but her beauty made him feel carefree. He couldn’t take his eyes from hers, and the sight of face with classic features was an almost breathtaking moment. In silence they looked at each other, before he saw her full wet lips move and then heard her whisper softly.

“So very happy to see me.”

She turned her face to watch his cock which stood hard and mighty inside her warm hand, and she began to stroke him. At first her movement was undetectable to his eyes, but the storm which is stirred up inside him was enormous. Then he actually saw her hand move from the root and up, but not the entire length of his hard shaft. He looked at her face again and saw her look back at him, smiling slightly. Her hand increased it’s motion both in length, but also pace, and it wasn’t long before her hand was quickly sliding up and down in an almost furious pace. Gap couldn’t believe how good it felt. He was breathing heavily through his nose as she continued to stroke his cock up and down, up and down.

“Such a good cock, so smooth to touch, and eager to please. Say that you are close to coming already. I would love it so much if you would cum quickly for me and show me just how good it feels to have your hard cock in my tiny hand, or do you think you can hold back a while longer?”

She licked her light pink lips as she looked in his eyes for an answer. Her appearance seemed less frightening to him now as she smiled and continued.

“No, of course you can’t hold back. Your cock is throbbing in my hand, just waiting to come, so do it. There is no need to hold back, just relax and let it all come. Give me all your cum in my wonderful gloves. Yes that’s it, you can’t avoid it.”

Suddenly she stopped and ask him with a whisper.

“Or would you like me to stop?”

He couldn’t ask back in words, but his entire body screamed out in silence what he so much wanted to say.

“Yes, my hands are just to good to resist.” she said, and let her fingers knead his shaft. “It looked so sexy to have your cock in my hand. So sexy to know that it will be giving me all there is any second now.” She resumed stroking him, and even at a slower pace it was enough. Gap was snorting like a wild running horse, and looked into his captures eyes as he felt his orgasm come over him. It was amazing to feel how her hand stroked in just the right pace to send him rapidly and forcefully to a pumping fountain. His muscles pumped over and over again as her hand continued to stroke his stiff shooting cock.

“That’s it, feels so good to cum in my hands. The sensation of my warm hand and slick glove is something you simply can’t resist. You have to cum, your cock just has to unload as I touch you. See what you’re doing. It looks so naughty, oh yeah, that’s so good.”

He was twitching like a fish on try land in his bonds when he began to realize that she wasn’t stopping, merely slowing the pace a little. Her fingertips were sticking out of the gloves, and with the unpainted well polished nail on her index finger, she scooped up a little of his cum and tasted it.

“Mmmmm, that tastes so good. Can we do that again, please? Can you come for me again, and give me more of that wonderful cum of yours? I’m sure you can, I can feel how eager your cock is, and I promised I would keep it happy for a long, long time.”

Her hand regained casino firmaları the quicker pace and lubricated with his own cum, he felt her warm hand stroking him furiously again, not giving him the chance to go soft or enjoy his precious moment.

“Doesn’t it feel absolutely wonderful to have your cock in my hand. So warm and wonderful sliding up and down on your cum covered shaft. Oh, it feels so good in my hand, I just love the feeling to hold it, stroke it, squeeze it and make it throb and pulsate in my hand. Oh please, don’t hold back, just get lost in the moment. I feel that you’re really hard again, and eager to meet my stroking hand. So good, so strong and so vulnerable at the same time. The sight of your wonderful cock in my blue gloved hand is exquisite. Don’t make me wait for the next load of your wonderful thick, rich cum. I have to have it, and I will have it.”

Gap was pulling harder and harder, but no matter how hard he tried, he still found that he was absolute immobilized, captured in the skillful hand of this wonderful woman. He couldn’t help it but lean his head back and moan as loud as he could given that his mouth was full. It had been so long since he had been with a woman, and his sexlife the last year had been nothing except for an occasional handjob in front of the TV. It was a completely different and overwhelming feeling to have this womans hand around his cock, stroking it like he never could.

“Yes, that’s it. You’re soon there again. Oh give it to me. Just relax and let it happen. Let yourself go in my hand again. Don’t resist it, don’t deprive yourself from the pleasure you are entitled to feel. Let it sweep over you like a wave of warm water crushing against a beach. That’s it, it’s impossible to resist. My hand feels so good around your throbbing cock, it’s inevitable. You know it, don’t you?”

Gap lifted his head and looked into her eyes and tried to say something as an answer with his muffed mouth, but found himself only moaning and grunting as he wanted to tell her to slow down a little bit. He wasn’t familiar with having orgasms so close apart. Even having two orgasms the same week was unfamiliar territory for him. It felt strange, almost unnatural, to have come just moments earlier and again feel the trembling sensation of yet another orgasm building in his body, and it was all her doing. Gap tried to gesture with his hands so she would slow down. It felt wrong, so very wrong, and then in the next trembling moment it all felt so right. It was as if a barrier had been torn down, and he but felt the last strokes that was needed going up and down. It couldn’t be happening, could it?

“Come baby, don’t dishonor me by holding back. Let it all out and give it all to me. Your cum is mine, all mine and look now as it comes gushing out.”

Gap couldn’t hold his head up, and surrendered to her hand. His entire body helped to pump out the loads of cum he was forced to squirt out.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s it. Look at it all coming for me. Give me all you have in my hand. You know it’s all mine. That’s it, just push it out, all of it. Feel my wonderful hand slide up and down, squeezing it all out. You’ve cum so good. I just love to watch your cock cum in my hand. To feel it give in to my will and skill, and finally overflow over my glove.”

She released his cock as his orgasm subsided, lifted her hand to her lips and urged him to get eye contact with her.

“Look at all that sticky cum on my glove. I just love the taste of it, to lick it and play with it on my tongue before I swallow everything.”

She sucked and licked every finger as if she had eaten a messy icecream, and when she was done licking her fingers clean, she opened her mouth and showed him how she had his load on her tongue. Slowly twirling around so it would be spread out evenly in her mouth before swallowing it.

“Would you like some more? I’m sure I can make you cum again in no time, and I’m actually eager to see how it goes. Will my hand be enough this time or do I have to resolve to other more advanced techniques?”

Gap saw her smiling as she lowered her hand to his semi-hard cock, and gently held it in her hand. Once again, the mere touch made him go harder and her hand started to knead his cock until it became harder and harder. He felt sore, but her hand kneading him made it feel so good to lay there and be pampered, but as soon as she started to stroke again, the soreness became apparent.

“Oh dear, doesn’t your cock stand more than two times? I think it does, it just needs a little help.”

She moved closer so that her mouth was just above his cock, and silently he hoped he would take him in her mouth and let her lips slide up and down in shaft. The güvenilir casino thought of her pink lips surrounding him made him even harder, and she noticed it.

“So you’d like me to take you in my mouth?”

She moved her free hand to her mouth and started sucking on her fingers while slowly stroking him. He was hard although it felt uncomfortable, but her gorgeous face and her tender pink lips made his mind go crazy with anticipation. He nodded frantically, since he couldn’t speak, and she smiled back at him.

“Yes you would love to slide into my mouth, and feel my lips close around your stiff cock. You’d love to feel me slide up and down your shaft with my juicy lips, and feel my tongue tease your cockhead over and over. Would that make you cum again? Would that make you feed me with more of your delicious creamy cum and pump it into my mouth so violently I wouldn’t be able to swallow it as it came? Would your cum seep out of the corner of my mouth and I would have to lick it from my lips? Oh please say it’s so.”

Gap was mesmerized by her soft whispering voice. It made him horny just to see and hear her speak, so much that he didn’t feel her hand resume it’s heavy beating of his rock hard cock. She continued to caress her fingers around her mouth while whispering to him how much she wanted him to cum.

“Oh I’m so hungry for more of your thick white cum. Serve me more, until I choke on the masses you shot down my throat. Give me all you have, and I’ll take it from you every time. You would love to feel my mouth surround your cock, and slide deeeeep down my throat. Just lay at the back of my throat and shot it aaaaall down my slutty cumsucking mouth. I’ll milk your cock and squeeze your balls until you scream your orgasm right down my deep throat and tease your cockhead as I swallow over and over again.”

Gap was panting like a mad man, only now realizing how this utterly sexy woman was pumping him dry with her delicious gloved hand. He was beginning to feel it again, the first sensations of a stormy orgasm to come, which he knew would spreading out through his body. The warmth of a coming orgasm to spray his cum all over her lips. Oh how much he wanted her lips around him. He saw her open her mouth just an inch from the cock head, and saw how a pool of saliva ran from her mouth down on her pumping hand.

“Ooooh, how naughty that looks. Your cock glistening from my saliva, soon to be mixed with your rich cum. Will I have to kiss your cockhead for you to cum, or will my hand be enough even this third time?”

He saw her glancing into his eyes, and he felt it like a lightening bolt into his body. He leaned his head back, actually sucking heavily on the dildo in his mouth, as if his own mouth would come around his cock, and feeling how he drank from the dildo. She smiled as she watched him. She wasn’t holding back, and it was hurting him. His sore cock had come to reach a new plane, an existence he had never felt before, and although his cock was achingly sore, it felt marvelous as her hand continued to stroke him out of his control.

“Yes, don’t hold back. You want to come so badly, and you can’t resist my hand any longer. Your hopes of my mouth might come true if you resist my hand, but I know you can’t. It just feels to good to hold back, so let it go. Come and shoot your cum into my face. Shoot into my mouth and let me have another rich potion of love deep down my throat. Don’t hold back any longer. Cum just cum for me.”

And Gap did again. He tried to scream, but he couldn’t. His body cramped as he raised his cock towards the heaven that was her mouth and cum started pouring slowly out of the hole at the top of his cock. He wanted so much to shoot it out like a geyser, but his muscles wouldn’t pump out the cum anymore. It simply oozed out of his cock, and down over her loving hand. Finally he panted and coughed as he was unable to gain air to his lungs.

“That’s it, so very good indeed. I didn’t need to use my mouth on your cock this time either. You really are a horny little man, aren’t you.”

She reached for the straps that held the dildo in place, and pulled it out of his mouth. From the tip of it came drops of water, and she licked it while looking into his eyes.

“I bought this a while ago. I just love how it’s able to hold liquid, which can be sucked out of it. I find it very useful, extremely sexy and practical since it prevents dry mouths.”

She smiled as she lifted up her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers again. His cum on her fingers wasn’t white but a clear transparent sticky goo clinging to her gloved hand.

“By the way, my name is Christina. Nadia lives down the hall, but you are welcome to stay if you want.”

Gap didn’t realize it, but he was falling in love, in the same way he had falling in love before, but this time it had reached new depths. He knew nothing about this woman, but he already loved her deeper than he had ever loved anyone before.

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