Bob’s Fuel , Rest Stop

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It’s been hard year and she feels that she thoroughly deserves this break. The long drive will be worth it she thinks to herself as she clears the rise on the desert highway and just sees more of the seemingly endless road in front of her. She starts to become tired as the sun begins to set and an eerie orange glow begins to span the sky. It’ll be dark soon and she hopes to find a roadhouse soon, as she doesn’t really feel like sleeping in the car in the middle of the desert tonight. There’s nothing on the map, but they don’t show rest stops on this map anyway.

The car swerves as she wanders to the side of the road, suddenly realizing she was dozing. She decides she’d better pull over and rest before she has an accident. The huge bolts of lightning in the distance also worry her, she doesn’t want to drive in a storm either. She slows down and starts to pull over to the side when she feels a thump under the car. She stops and gets out to check what the noise was, finding a broken pole sticking out of the ground. Looking closer, she realizes that it’s the bottom part of a signpost, with the top part lying on the ground nearby with the words,

“Bob’s Fuel & Rest Stop” just visible on it. What a stroke of luck she thinks to herself, but where is it? Looking closer at the sign, she sees an arrow at the bottom with 3 Mile above it

“That’s all very well, but which way is it pointing?” she wonders. She tries to fit the sign back together, but it doesn’t seem to fit any way she tries. She guesses it’s because she hit the top of the pole with the underside of her car, also it looks quite old and worn, so it may not have fitted anyway. She looks around to the direction she believes it would have pointed and notice the eerie orange night sky of the desert has highlights an old track, half covered over by sand. Well it doesn’t look like it’s been used in a while, but she figures that an old bed will be better than the back seat of the car.

With renewed energy, she jumps in the car and heads off down the track. Thoughts of a hot shower and coffee fill her mind. Thoughts that are all but shattered as she approaches an old run down building with three little shacks visible out the back. No lights, no sound, no sign of life. She pulls up in front of what looks like the office entry, shining her lights on the partly open door. She gets out of the car and cautiously approaches the door,

“Hello, anybody there?” No answer. She pushes the door open and is startled by a face behind the counter, lit up by her headlights. Then she realizes that it’s only a photo, a photo of a strikingly handsome man, with writing underneath it. Moving closer, she reads the writing, “Welcome to Bob’s Fuel & Rest Stop. Bob Shields Proprietor, 1989.”

“So you’re Bob, hmmm hi Bob, wish you were here.” she says out loud to the picture. “Very nice” she thinks, early to mid twenties, strong features, nice eyes and smile. “A real pity you’re not here” she says. “I could use some attractive male company tonight.” “CRACK!!!!” The lightning and thunder hit at the same time, scaring the hell out of her. It seemed to be right above her, the whole room lit up and the air seemed to vibrate. Then the rain came, in buckets, so heavy she can hardly see the lights from her car. When the lightning lit up the room, she saw a big comfy looking lounge in the office. She goes over to the lounge and sits down, a bit dusty maybe, but real comfy and good enough to sleep on in a sleeping bag. A shower though, she’d feel so much better if she could just have a shower. “Well it’s still a warm night.” she thinks out loud. “Maybe I’ll just shower in the rain, there’s nobody else around here anyway.”

She runs to her car and jump in as quick as she can, but she’s still soaked through. Her loose t-shirt now sticks to her skin and its wetness makes her cold, causing her nipples to become as hard as pebbles. Her shorts too are soaking wet, sticking to her and becoming see through. “Pity Bob’s not here” she thinks as she realizes her near nakedness in the glow of the cars interior light. “He couldn’t help but notice that I’ve nothing on under these clothes, and I’m in the mood to be noticed….”.

She stuffs some dry shorts and a top into a bag with hairbrush, toothbrush and a towel. Then she grabs her sleeping bag, turns off all the car lights and races back over to the verandah in front of the office. Lightning flashes again and lights up the office, making her realize she has no torch. She remembers though, that she saw a lantern and matches on the front desk, she hope that they work. It lights on the second attempt and fills the room with a soft warm glow.

She peels off her wet clothes and hangs them over the back of a chair, then places her dry clothes on the front desk. She steps out onto the verandah and feels the warm night air against her skin. Water cascades from the end of the verandah like a waterfall, and she decides that that will be her shower. Instinctively she looks back into the office kartal escort to see the photo of Bob staring at her. “So waddya think Bob?” she says to the photo that looks like it’s smiling at her nakedness. A warm feeling comes over her as she looks into the smiling eyes of the photo, and she realizes just how aroused she’s feeling. It’s been several months since she’s had any male company. Not for lack of offers or their availability mind you, she’s just been so busy with work that she hasn’t had time to socialize, let alone sex. So when her friend told her about this Health Spa in the desert that was full of hot and horny and great looking men and women, she figured it would be the perfect place to unwind and release several months of sexual tension. But now here she is, in the middle of nowhere with nobody, and nothing but the photo of a good looking man to tease her. Still staring at Bob’s photo, she decides that there’s no reason why she can’t give herself some personal relief, seeing as she is alone, and feeling very horny.

She imagines that the man behind the smiling face is really there watching her as her hands slide across her breasts, down her stomach and on to her aching pussy. It’s then that she realizes that it’s not only her skin that’s wet. Her nails drag gently over her outer labia, pressing harder with each stroke. She thinks to herself that she should fix up the bit of rough stubble she can feel there, before she gets to the Health Spa. She decides that that’ll be later, as she leans back against the pole supporting the verandah and begins to imagine that it’s Bob’s hands, not hers, that are caressing her. His hand sliding back up her body, running his fingers gently over her breasts. His fingers gently circling her nipples and squeezing them. His fingers pushing between her pussy lips, to slide around her opening and spread her wetness over her clit, squeezing it and rubbing it back and forth. It doesn’t take long before her eyes begin to roll back, her eyelids half close and her legs begin to feel weak. She peers at Bob through half closed lids as her climax sends shivers through her body and her fingers tremble as she touches herself. Then s relaxes against the pole for a few moments before she stands to regain her composure.

The torrential rain, the lightning, the thunder, they all continue as she walks to her car. The warm night is wonderful, the warm rain stings a little as the heavy droplets hit her naked body. She takes her toiletries bag from the car and goes back to the verandah where she takes out some soap and a razor. Sitting down at the end of the verandah, resting against the corner pole again, she feels the water pouring over her as she lathers up the soap to shave with. She spreads her legs out, one foot resting up on the verandah, the other resting on the ground. She rubs the lather over her pussy, which is still tingling after her earlier self stimulation. Carefully she begins to shave, one hand moving herself around so she doesn’t cut herself. The sensation of the blade as it drags across her sensitive skin is stimulating, and she feels herself becoming aroused once more.

Once again her mind begins to wander. She puts the razor down and strokes her hands down her smooth hard stomach. Her stomach tenses in anticipation as her hands slide down to her smooth pussy. She shifts her position so that the stream of cascading water falls directly on her pussy. She parts her lips with her fingers and holds herself open so the water pours rapidly over her clit. She lets out a low moan as she slides two fingers deep inside her pussy. She closes her eyes and imagines that it’s Bob’s fingers again. Herr hips thrust up to her fingers as she pumps them in and out.

“Mmmmm Bob,” she says under her breath as she slips a third finger inside herself. She imagines his fingers moving deep inside her and feels her climax start to build. She’s pumping her fingers harder now, faster as herr other hand moves in to rub her clit as well. Becoming more urgent now, she’s almost there, fingers moving rapidly over her clit. One final thrust and she feels so deep inside herself, her fingers pushed hard to the back of her pussy. Her climax peaks and a wave of pleasure courses through her as she slides her clit between her fingers.

“OH MY GOD… BOB!!!! YES BOB!!!!” she screams out loudly.

“Can I help you Miss?”

The mans voice shocks her back to reality. She looks up and sees a large man standing over her. She didn’t even hear him coming, mainly because she was cumming herself at the time.

“Oh my God, oh my God, I, I, I thought, I’m sorry I…..”

“You thought there was nobody here, yes I know. I’m sorry, I wasn’t in the office when you arrived, but I don’t get many people here and wasn’t expecting you.”

She tries to inconspicuously remove her fingers from her sopping pussy and sit up ladylike, all the while pointlessly trying to cover herself. Her towel and clothes hang over his arm. He stands maltepe escort bayan there, cool as a cucumber and not batting an eyelid as he speaks to her, acting as if finding a woman masturbating on his verandah is an everyday occurrence.

“Um, would you mind?” she says, reaching to take the towel from him.

“Sorry, here you go.” he says as he passes the towel.

“You know, my name is Bob too, Bob Shields, you must have a boyfriend called Bob I suppose.”

She thinks quick, he’s either very cool and clever, or he really has no idea. Either way, she doesn’t want to let a handsome specimen like this get away. He is older than in his photo now, but still ruggedly handsome. She can see no wedding ring, not that it matters, so she goes for it.

Not bothering to try and cover up anymore, she just stands in front of him towelling herself down. Then she wraps the towel around her waist, leaving her breasts bare and standing proudly, nipples hard as rocks and aching.

Standing in front of him with her hands on her hips she says,

“Well I guessed you were Bob Shields, I recognised you from your photo.” Then she takes a step closer to him so theirr faces are just inches apart.

“And no I don’t have a boyfriend called Bob, in fact you’re the only Bob I know of….”

Her voice fades to a whisper and she watches his face for a reaction. His expression doesn’t change at all and he says,

“I musta misheard you then, I thought you said the name Bob when you, when you were, you know, um, maybe wishful thinking then.”

She can’t believe it, this guy still hasn’t caught on, time to take control she thinks. Moving closer still, so close that her breasts brush against his chest and their noses almost touch, she says,

“Well Bob, you didn’t mishear me, your wish is about to come true, because it was you I was thinking about just now.”

Um, me? But you don’t even know…..” Bob’s voice trails off as her hands go down to undo his trousers and she bites on his neck, rough from a two day growth. He has a musky dusty flavour about him, not unclean, she can tell he washes every day at least once. He has a very masculine scent, projecting a strong natural man who lives from the land. Both a very sexy and romantic image that she finds very attractive. He’s older than in his photo now, in his late 30’s, but she finds his very strong yet naive presence making her knees weak and her pussy very moist. He stands there seemingly dumbfounded as she pushes the straps of his braces holding his jeans up, over his shoulders, causing his jeans to drop to the floor and revealing an almost comical pair of old Y-fronts. He looks at her dreamy eyed and says,

“Oh geez ma’am, it’s been so long since…..”

“Sshhh” she says, smiling as she lowers to her knees in front of him and says,

“It’s been a while for me as well.”

She catches her breath as she comes face to face with probably the largest bulge she’s ever seen in a man’s underpants and he says in a low voice, “Near on seven years I believe.”

“Oh my!” she says as she tugs on his Y-fronts, trying not to seem as eager as she is to release the monster hidden inside them.

“Seven years is a long time to be hiding a weapon like this from women.” she says as she unsuccessfully try to get the pants past his massive bulge. She has to reach inside to hold his cock to one side as she stretches his pants over it and down to his ankles. She can only just get her fingers around the biggest cock she’s ever seen. She has one hand on top of the other now, and still the bulbous head is clear of them.

“My God, it’s at least nine inches.” she thinks as she feel it throb in her hands. A big drop of precum seeps from the large eye on the head, and she licks it off, pushing the end of her pointy tongue into it as she does it. Then starting at the V under the head, she swirls her tongue all around the head to make it wet enough to slip into her mouth. She opens her mouth as wide as she can to accommodate size and begin to suck on the head. Again she can taste and smell his musky masculinity and she breathes in deeply through her nose as she removes her top hand and slowly move further down his shaft. She can’t get very far, she feels she’d have to dislocate her jaw to go further than the three or so inches she’s already gone down him.

“Grrnnnmm.” a low moan comes from him and she feels him tensing, his cock twitching in her mouth. She pulls her head back quickly, his cock coming out of her mouth with a loud “PLOP!”.

“Hang on there Bob, after seven years I’m not gonna even attempt to take this load in my mouth, you’ll probably drown me!!” she says, “No, I’m gonna put this where it’s really needed first.”

She sees a low bench seat against the wall and says,

“On there Bob, lie down on there.”

They quickly pulls the bench over together and Bob kicks off his jeans and Y-fronts so he can lie back on it with a leg on either side. escort pendik She looks down on this quiet, sweet and naive man, with his large and impressive tool lying flat on his stomach and reaching his navel. She straddles him lying on the bench and leans forward to suck each of his large and heavy balls into her mouth one at a time. Then she licks his massive shaft all over, making it as wet as possible, ready for her to take inside her.

She reaches down to feel her own wetness, her juices are flowing like a river, beads of moisture covering her puffy and aching blood engorged lips. She holds herself as open as she can while she positions his giant pole upright below her wet hole with the other hand. Slowly she bends her knees and lowers herself onto the hot throbbing head, shivers shooting through her at it’s first touch. She slides him around her wetness and over her clit, she tenses and almost cums immediately in pure anticipation. She hasn’t even got him inside her yet and she wonders how the hell it’s gonna fit! She pushes down on the fat head and feels herself stretching to accommodate him. She feels exquisite pain as she forcees the head in and can’t believe it as she feels like a virgin again.

“Oooh Myyy Goodd!” she says out loud once the head finally squeezes in.

“Sweet Mother of Mercy lady, you’re unbelievable!” he says. “I think I’m gonna shoot lady!”

“Oh God YES, SHOOT ME PLEEASE…..” she screams as she raises a little, then lowers herself further onto him. She knows that she has more than half of his beautiful cock to go, but still she’s never felt this full before, his thickness stretching her pussy to it’s limits. She can’t push any further, not yet, her outer lips have been pulled in as she’s tried to push herself down. Lifting again slightly to release her lips, she reaches down to try and open herself even further. Bob reaches out to hold her hips and steady her, as he says breathlessly,

“Oh Jesus lady, I’m gonna, I’m gonna….”

She feels him tense, his legs push down and his hips thrust upwards as his strong hands grip her hips.

“Oh my God Bob, you’re SO FUCKING BIG! I’M CUUUUMMMINGGG!!” Her orgasm hits her like a cannonball, making her shudder and spasm like she’s having a fit. Then before it’s even subsided, she feels him twitch and grow even fatter inside her.

“Oh God yes so goood.” she growls as she feel him explode inside her. His hot cum squirting so deep inside her, splashing against her cervix, right at the back of her pussy. Again, and again, and again, jet after jet of his creamy jizz fills her up so much that she can’t take it all and it somehow starts to leak out of the incredibly tight fit. She loses count after five jets shoot inside her, wave after wave of pleasure rippling through her. She remains there motionless, his hard cock still half buried inside her, then she whimpers and tears start to roll down her cheeks.

“You’re crying? I’m sorry .” he says as he wipes the tears from her face. He holds her hips again and starts to lift her off, “We’d better stop then.” he says.

“NO FUCKING WAY!!!!” she growls loudly at him as she pushes his hands away and starts to push down on him again. She’s really slick now, so wet, and full of his creamy cum, so she starts to slide down his length easier than before. Inch by glorious inch, she feels his hot and hard cock pushing deeper inside her. She lets out all her breath, relaxing to take his huge cock. Then finally, she can feel him all the way inside her and she screams an ear splitting scream as she feels yourself fuller than she’s ever been before and she cums again.

Her hands slap down on his chest and she rakes her nails down to his stomach. She draws a little blood and he protests weakly, “Jesus lady, that hurts.”

She leana forward and kiss the marks on his chest as she feels his massive cock slide out of her until just the head remains inside. Then she stands again so his cock is pointing straight up and she slowly lowers herself onto him again, feeling every part of his massive cock as she slides down. The bulbous head as it forces its way in, every vein, especially the large one that runs along it’s base.

“Nnnnggughh!!” she groans as she slides down again, now more used to his size, the combination of her slippery juices making the going easier now. He’s all the way inside her again and they start up a slow rhythm as she slides up and down his meaty pole.

“Oh my God Bob, you have the most delicious upward curve, it touches me….’pant’, it touches me…. ‘pant, oh God’, it, it….. Nnnngh, I’m cumming againnnnn!! God help me!!”

Bob simply smiles at her, his big strong hands helping to support her as she slides up and down his length.

“You’re so tight lady…. pant, like a vice, I can’t believe this, it’s been so long…..”

“Oh yeah, so long, so big, so hard, mmmmm.” she says as she starts to bounce up and down, “This is soooo, good.”

She sits down on him again, gently rocking and feeling him inside her. Then she swings her leg over the chair, still impaled on him, then the other leg swings over the other way. She reaches down to squeeze his heavy balls and lean forward.

“I want you to fuck me doggy style now Bob, stand up.”

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