Boy Brides Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: A Lesson in Loyalty

Having just driven to Tulle Towers Wood, I got out of the ‘Dark Secret’ as Mandy issued instructions to the three kinky boys.

Darren continues his memories.

“O.K, you lovely kinky people, it’s time to get out. We’ve got a wedding to get prepared for and you gorgeous clitlickers have got lots to do,” Mandy announced as we stepped naked into the open air.

“We stepped out into a wooded area to be greeted by her and a girl called Lucy who was dressed as a maid in a very short pink satin uniform, filled with short white pettis.

“Lucy arranged the bridal gowns from the car and laid them out on the blankets upon which we were all standing.

“Mandy started talking again.

“Right clitlickers you are going to deliver these pretty bridal gowns to the waiting brides and, after they have helped you remove them, you are to help them get dressed.”

“She paused to watch our reaction as her words began to sink in and then continued.

“Yes you clitlickers are going to be the very special delivery boys on behalf of the Something Special bridalwear store. Something special for the lovely twins who are to be married and something special for you boys when we take you right back to the centre of town and swap cars for the journey to Tulle Towers. It will be essential that you keep your veils down over your faces when you step from one car to the other for two reasons. One. You are just kinky boys in wedding gowns, not transvestites, not shemales, not wearing wigs or makeup. Just simply daring boys, clitlickers under training. Two. The next car has no darkened windows and is much smaller, so small you will definitely have great fun packing these gorgeous gowns in beside you. Ideally you will want to take at least one of them off, possibly both. Take either of them off at your peril because a crowd will no doubt have formed by then and it will be really exciting for us watching as the brides become boys. Remember – keep them clean or you will find yourself in front of Madame Margaret on a charge.”

“Mandy continued her announcement.”

“Then when you reach Tulle Towers the guests will be ready to watch you walk inside and up the stairs to the naked brides waiting at the top. You will greet them by dropping to your knees on the second top step to kiss their love holes. You will have thirty seconds to play your tongue on their sweetest spot before they unfasten your gowns. You will then step onto the landing and turn to face the guests below and allow Laura and Claire to undress you of their gowns. You will now assist the girls to dress, hopefully as successfully as you did last night at rehearsals, Darren. Once you have fastened them into their gowns Laura and Claire will drop to their knees, and, with your help to manoeuvre their dresses, have their veils fixed to the head-dresses. Before lowering their veils over their faces you will turn to the guests and let them see the girls suck their last cocks as unmarried women and as a thank you for making such a wonderful delivery.”

“I casino şirketleri was worried in more ways than one. Firstly, where on Earth were we going to swap cars about in the centre of town? Secondly, was it not a bit dangerous to have to strip off in front of other people? I asked Mandy about both concerns.”

“It’s not up to me what happens, I just get my instructions and you have to carry them out. Now get these dresses on or there could be trouble if we arrive late for the weddings.”

“Lucy was kept very busy as she helped both of us into the petticoats and then lowered the gowns over our heads and fastened us in. A full length mirror was produced and I stared at myself. With so many petticoats the gown was much shorter than it was really meant to be and an abundance of tulle and chiffon was very visible. Like I did in the shop I ran my hands downwards over the bodice and onto the skirt to watch it spring back to its natural position. I stood in the spot and swayed my hips left and right, the gown oscillating and swishing wonderfully around me a I did so. I looked around at the trees, silent and still, the sound of road traffic not too distant, but the location quite invisible to those driving past. I watched as Lucy fixed the veil over the face of David as he kneeled on the rugs before her. The naked cheeks of Lucy’s ass plainly visible whenever she leaned forward to make adjustments on the veil spread over the ground. Then it was my turn and before long I too was ready for the journey.

“Just before we stepped back into the limo, Victoria appeared dressed as a ballerina, her tutu much too short, her breasts naked and her dangling clit naked also.”

“I’ll see you later,” she whispered and added. “I’m the entertainment tonight and I’ll be doing the ‘Dildo Dance’ with Lucy over there. You can watch me pay homage to Lucy and her strap-on dildo before she stuffs it up me in front of the wedding party and guests.”

“Mandy moved us on and David and I slipped onto the rear seat again and adjusted our petticoats at the same time as Lucy helped with our gowns and long veils. I looked at the massive mass of white in front of me, our gowns filling the wide seat and spilling upwards against the windows, the rustling sound filling the limo as we attempted to make ourselves comfortable without crushing our gowns. We were continually being photographed and videoed. Once we were ready Mandy ordered us to kiss fully on the mouth for another photograph, kinky lesbian boy brides, she called us. I just closed my eyes and pretended it Laura or Claire I was kissing before we had to lower our veils. By this time, in the shop, I would be burrowing and lifting the front of my dress to reach my erection in the white sensation. Here I had to just hope my erection, rubbing against the soft material, would not get over excited for some time to come.

“We were soon back into city traffic and once again alongside slow moving buses. Dressed as I was, I must admit it was, and still is, quite a thrill to see people so close to me, without casino firmaları them seeing me and I was much more confident this time knowing that we were completely hidden behind the darkened windows. However, my confidence was soon put to the test a few minutes later as the limo pulled into the street filled with club goers who were lining up to get into their favourite night spot. Then as it slowed down and pulled into the kerb my heart began beating even faster. When you, Yano dropped the dividing window and said we had to wait here for the other car. David and I began quivering.

“Look at the mess you’ve got us into,” I accused him, listening to people outside who were wondering if the bride was in the car and was she going clubbing. Faces, mostly drunken girls, pressed against the glass on both sides of the car, one even trying the door which was thankfully locked. I was amazed at the number of pretty girls and wondered if they would be just as interested if they really knew who was in the limo.

“A telephone, hanging on my left side began ringing. You told me to answer it. It was Mandy watching us from the other side of the street.”

“Feeling good girls, my lovely boy-brides? Look at all those pretty girls looking at you. I can tell you lots of them have very little on, long legs and very short skirts. I bet you would love to have a few of them in there beside you. Now why don’t you both lie on the bed until the other car arrives and give them a little kinky sex show. Just pretend the windows are not darkened and they can see you lifting your gowns. Offer your clits up to the window as if you are asking your favourite girl to suck you, but be careful Yano doesn’t touch the wrong button and the window lowers and your clit slips out into the faces of your viewers. I don’t know if I told you already about the cameras in the car that are recording everything you have done in there today. Well we want to see you sucking each other just for a moment, two really kinky brides in public. Be quick because your driver will unlock the doors as soon as the other car pulls over in front of you.”

I watched in the rear view mirror, perfectly placed to watch my passengers on the bed as they obeyed orders and wrestled with their gowns to free their clits. Two lovely faces at the window encouraged Darren to reposition himself so that his clit was only inches from them as he pretended to ask the girls to suck his cock.

“Let me do it, please,” insisted David as he slipped off the bed onto the floor to be immediately beside the girls.

There was no way that the girls could see in, but if they could, the sight of one boy bride sucking another would no doubt have been quite a shock. On the other side of the car one girl thought some pop stars were inside and pressed her naked boobs against the window much to the amusement of Darren who was thrusting his excited cock into the throat of his gay lover.

He takes up the story again.

“Some weeks later when we got to see the video I was described as an exhibitionist by the way güvenilir casino I had performed in front of the pretty girls. They were beautiful, and as I fucked David in the mouth I was watching and wishing it was them that was pushing up under my bridal gown to suck me.

“Instead we did everything as asked and I remember begging you not to open the doors. We also begged Mandy not to have us step out into such a crowded area. David, in a bit of a panic, had promised to do anything she asked of him, when she suggested there was an alternative, if she succeeded in cancelling the other car.

“I was quite taken aback by her reply after Mandy had taken only a minute or so to decide, but very relieved to hear our car start up again and slapped my cock against the faces of the girls at the window as we began to move again.

“Young man you have a lot to learn in life about loyalty,” Mandy began, directing her reply to David.

“You chose to disclose the secret your friend had shared and entrusted you with when you started showing his bridal pictures to so called friends. You were once a friend of Darren’s, maybe even a lover of his and I think he has forgiven you for your misdemeanours, judging by your time together today. However, we at the KBG think you deserve a kind of reminder about loyalty, something that other people can have on you, something you will want them to remain loyal and secretive about for a long long time. David, you look very pretty as a bride, gorgeous in fact and we want you to star in a movie looking even more gorgeous with make up and wigs and a gown of your choice. We want you to be a transvestite bride to one of our studs who just loves to have boy brides, just like you, to suck his large black cock before consummating the marriage in the normal way. Boyd is a hunk, bi-sexual and loved by all his brides, no matter their sex.”

“The car had started moving faster by now and Mandy paused to let it sink in as the limo reached the outskirts of the city. Then her voice continued through the speaker.”

“You David are going to learn to love Boyd too, how to be loyal to him despite the willingness of some beautiful girls who want to be your bride also. The only time you will be near one of those lovely brides is when you are instructed to lick their clits after your friend Darren has screwed them. You see, we want Darren to be a stud and to be loyal to you by offering his cock to your mouth for cleaning after every fuck. In fact, before you get to fuck your first kinky bride you are going to lick clean 100 dirty cocks and clits, a mammoth task, but one which will give you lots of time to learn respect as well as loyalty. Darren, on the other hand, will be surrounded by a bevy of beauties in petticoats, bridal gowns and dancing gowns, some of the sexiest girls in the porn business. Any time he wants to be dressed in a gown they will be there to help him. What a pity you will not be able to join him.

“Now we don’t want an answer right this minute but after you have dressed Laura and Claire you and Darren are to contact Madame Margaret to tell her your answers. Remember some members of your family will be disgusted by what you have done to day. Don’t have us mail them some evidence. We will see you in a few minutes when you arrive at Tulle Towers.”

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