Boy Did My Daughter Surprise Me Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Knowing she listened to what the man said I decided to answer her quickly.

“I am sure your daddy got hard fast, that beautiful pussy of your would make any man hard! So, your wanting your daddy to fuck you. I don’t know what to tell you, I have though a lot about fucking my little girl and I think I would have a very hard time turning her down if she made the next move. You need to know how much trouble he could get into if you let him fuck you and someone found out about it. From a daddy’s side I think it would make most men happy to know his little girl lost her virginity to someone who would always love her and take care of her, besides what man could turn down a sexy young ass as nice as yours. I hope you have fun buying that lingerie, I cant wait to see you in and out of it.”

Finished with the emails I decided I should take care of some of the chores around the house I had neglected from all the time I had spent trying to satisfy my hunger for the two sexy young ladies that have occupied my house the past couple of days. As I sat waiting on laundry I felt my phone start to vibrate, I had a message from an unknown number.

I opened the message “I thought you would like to see this” was all it said on the first screen of three, I scrolled to the next screen to see a picture of Amber sucking some guys dick. My own instantly started growing at the sight and continued to swell as I scrolled to the next one, there was my little girl with a nice size load of cum shot across her face.

By now my dick throbbing at its full length as I started to reply to the message but before I could finish typing it another one from the same number

“sexy huh I helped her but she wanted the cum”.

I could have cum right then! I continued my reply message

“I almost cum! Who was the lucky guy?” I replied

“He did! Haha Some guy we talked in to coming in the dressing room with us, we are hunting for another one now she said she wanted an older man this time. This is making me horny I cant wait for you to fuck my ass tonight” she answered.

Just thinking about my little girl sucking dick had driven me crazy in the past but seeing her face covered in some guys cum had me wanting her more than ever, why shouldn’t I be able to enjoy the benefits of having a very horny young lady living in my house after all I will always take care of her. My hand had found it way to my throbbing dick just thinking about it when I realized it looked like I was going to get to please a cock hungry girl’s desire to have her ass filled with cock, what was my daughter going to think when she sees my fucking her best friend in her ass. My thoughts quickly turned to imagining her catching us and joining us and filling her own anal desires with my dick, would I be able to cum on her face like the other guy or would she want me to fill her tight ass with my juices. By now I was deep into a full n jack off session taking slow full strokes at my throbbing dick, my thoughts were interrupted by another message on my phone. Excitedly I opened it hoping for more pictures from casino şirketleri the two, hell yeah it was her again!

“Look what you have to look forward to” I scrolled down to see Amber on her knees with another dick shoved in her mouth, then another of her eyes closed as it looked like she was doing all she could do to take all of his cock in her throat. The last picture was off her opening her mouth showing the nice load of cum resting on her tongue.

That was more than I could stand as I felt my own load working it way up my length, I continued to pump my load onto my chest as I looked at the picture as another message came in from her.

“Don’t jack off too much looking at these I want to get mine. Going shopping now”

I laid my phone down and carefully made my way to the bathroom trying not to drip cum everywhere as I stepped into the shower. With laundry done I sat at the computer to waste time until they called for me to pick them up browsing the forum, my girl was still getting a lot of attention from both men and women. I added a post from my own account telling her I would love to see more of her in sexy lingerie, then logged in under my fake account to tell her how sexy she was and would love to see more pictures of her thick ass. I was checking out her albums when I received another message, it was from Amber telling me they would meet me at nine oclock. I had about thirty minutes before I had to be there so I continued my browsing until I had to leave, slipped on some clothes and made my way.

I couldn’t wait to see my baby’s face knowing it was recently covered by a stranger’s cum, still hard when I pulled into the mall I positioned my pride through my shorts leg so it would be visible when the interior light came on if they wanted to see it. They were sitting on a bench each holding a small bag when I pulled up, wasting no time they giggled as they bounced to the truck giving me a nice view of their asses in my headlights. Emily opened the door and was climbing in as she saw my dick hanging from the leg of my shorts, to my surprise she stepped back and told Amber to get in. I started at her denim covered crotch as pulled herself up onto the seat, not seeing my exposed manhood which I could feel throbbing as throbbing as the smell of young sexiness consumed the cab. The girls fumbled around in the dark finding their seatbelts “Daddy can you turn the light back on for me?” asked Amber. As I turned the light back on Amber finally saw what I hand intended for her. “Looks like daddy has had a good time while we were gone.” said Amber as she stared between my legs. “Be careful digging for your belt that thing might bight you!” giggled Emily. “I will bight it back!” said Amber smiling as she felt for her belt. I pulled away as she found and fastened her belt trying to catch a peek of the bags contents as we traveled under the lights. Not sure if it was because I was trying so hard but I know I could still smell the cum on Amber’s breath as we had our normal conversation but I knew I could hear soft moan coming from the other side of the truck when we were quiet, continuing our conversation hearing the moans casino firmaları periodically and whispers between the two I knew they were up to something but I didn’t question them just let them enjoy what ever it was.

I was watching the girls slide off the seat when I found out what was causing Emily’s moans during our ride, when her feet hit the ground I turned to see what I heard bounce on the concrete and saw her picking up a small bullet vibrator. I quickly turned my head and slid out the door pretending not see anything as Amber turned to me to see if they had been caught, I don’t know what she did with it then but I was imagining her pushing it back up into her wet pussy. With the door held open I couldn’t help but notice the large wet spot in her shorts as I held the door for them, both taking time to glance over at my dick which was still hanging down my shorts leg in an almost hard state. The girls giggled as they made their way to Amber’s room while I stopped by the kitchen to retrieve myself a cold beer from the refrigerator, standing at the counter enjoying my beer I saw Amber cross the hallway into her bathroom followed by Emily who came into the kitchen and stood across the counter from me. “You ready for the show to start? Your at home now don’t you need to lose those clothes?” Emily whispered as she walked around the counter. With one quick motion she fell to her knees taking my shorts down with her and wrapped her mouth around my hardening cock, after only a few strokes she wrapped her hand around it and looked up at me. “I think Amber wants you to fuck her. I am going to have to be quick if I plan on beating her to it.” she whispered as she stood up grabbing my shorts and walked away leaving me with a now hard dick as I watched her throw my shorts through the door leading into the living room. Amber came out of the bathroom behind Emily as she returned to her room, Amber already back to her clothes free lifestyle showing me her thick ass as she walked into her room.

Already halfway naked I pulled my shirt off and carried it to my room with me picking up my shorts on the way, now completely naked I wondered if I should just let the nights events happen at their pace or should I do all I can to provoke them. I decided to check the forum and mail to see if I could provoke it a little, with a simple click of her thread I was surprised to see she had posted the pictures of her sucking the dicks at the mall but had included a few more. The new ones showed more of her in action, one in particular of her face covered in cum really turned me and a lot of others on judging by the responses. The last post Amber had made stated that her and her friend were alone waiting on her boyfriend to come over and they had a surprise for him, they would post up a tease later.

I logged on to the email to find she had sent two messages since my last reply. The first said “I think im gonna do it! Im gonna buy something sexy to surprise him with tonight. If he lets me I think my friend is gonna try too.” Oh shit, my baby plans on trying to fuck me tonight! I knows she is ready and old enough so why not, I’m going to let her!

I güvenilir casino opened the next email from only a few minutes earlier “Look what I did at the mall. I was so horny thinking about daddy I sucked two strangers in a dressing room.” She had included all the pictures from the two guys.

“Oh you dirty girl, you were horny wasn’t you but that’s ok, I bet your daddy will take care of that later. He is a lucky man, maybe once he wears it out you could let me have some. Have fun!” I had just sent send when I heard someone coming my way, Emily came in with a devilish grin on her face “You ready to fuck this ass?” she asked. I answered with a simple nod of my head as she stopped in front of me a bent over “First you gotta get it ready.” she moaned as she grabbed her cheeks. I wasted no time sinking my tongue deep in her ass as she spread her cheeks wide for me, I couldn’t help but notice her ass had a different taste than earlier that day. “Hurry up I told Amber I would be right back.” I was trying to figure out what te taste was when she stood up and walked away. I sat licking my lips when I heard my mailbox chime, I turned the monitor on the find another message from her.

“You think im a dirty girl look what my friend done with one of them.” She had attached two pictures so I opened the first to see a picture of a guy bent over while Emily licked his ass, the next one Emily was bent over taking the man deep in her ass. Well I knew what I was tasting now.

Since I knew she had promised some pictures of my surprise I opened her thread back up, she had gotten a lot of comments on her pictures and she knew how to play them. With no pictures yet I decided to give her some more encouragement so I logged in my account and found her thread, still no new pictures so I posted my comment telling her how I wish I was one of those guys and could blow my load on her face and started looking through her previous pictures and rubbing mu stiff dick. Wanting another beer I grabbed one and noticed Amber’s door was open so I walked to her room where I found only Emily sitting on the edge of the bed fastening a pair of white stockings to white lace garters on a white lace skirt, her leg on the bed gave me a nice view of her slick pussy. “Holy shit Emily, you look awesome! Where is Amber? I asked still taking in the magnificent view. “She went to your room to show you her outfit, I guess she is still in there. You need to go see her she is hot as hell.” she answered. I instantly remembered I left the computer on when I left and there was a picture of her on the screen. “Oh shit.” I sighed as I turned to go to my room. I heard Emily ask whats wrong and I could only tell her she would find out.

I walked through my door to see Amber sitting in my chair wearing red stockings and bra, I couldn’t see the rest but I knew it had to be sexy. I stood and stared as Amber scrolled through the pictures stopping on the link to her video and clicked on it. The video started and she turned from the screen and looked at me, my heart pounding in fear knowing I had been caught. Staring into my eyes she spun the chair around revealing a pair of red lace panties surrounded by a a red lace garter set, she laid her arms on the chair “So daddy you like watching Emily and me!” she said with a smile and looked down at my throbbing dick.

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