Brandon’s Fuckslut Family Ch. 06

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Victoria’s plane ride was uneventful, although she did find her thoughts drifting from time-to-time to Ireland and the wonderful time she’d had there, once she’d decided to push concerns over Kelly away. They weren’t even taking the same flight — she’d returned a day later, desiring another evening’s romp with Brigid and Colleen, who were more than happy to have her.

It was over with Kelly — and good riddance. Why did she do that, Victoria’s brain pondered. Why go for men like her husbands and Kelly who didn’t see her full potential? She was vibrant, sensual, intelligent and — sexy. The sisters had seen that, others had seen that — why couldn’t she ever seem to find a man who could see that and help her bring out her full, erotic potential?

She called the house, finding her brother was out with the girls, so she called a Taxi to take her home. Perhaps she should consider finding a girlfriend — a lipstick lesbian, no bull-dykes for her — someone to share soft, romantic evenings with and to snuggle with? The girls would accept whoever she chose — only wanting for her happiness. She adored her girls — they’d been her support system, well the four of them and Brandon, who gave her love and support ever since they’d been little. He was a good egg — just as unlucky in love as she had been. Maybe they could go out on a double date or something?

The cab ride home gave Victoria plenty of time to think, ponder and decide it was time to move her life forward — naysayers be damned, if she found someone she loved, be they younger, older, male or female — Victoria was going for it.

Of course, they’ll have to be good in the sack, she giggled to herself. After the recent experiences with her Irish loves, her sex drive was back with full force.

The Taxi got her home, safe and sound and she went indoors, hearing no one. She took her bags upstairs and decided to take a relaxing swim, she changed into her newest suit, a skimpy black bikini that Kelly had been shocked to see — but with her body, it looked sensational and she knew it. She put on her high-heeled sandals and went to the pool, only to find Bliss having a siesta by the pool.

Tsk — that girl, she is going to get a nasty burn someday , Victoria thought. She tapped the tiny blonde on the shoulder, Bliss started.

“What the … MOM!” Bliss jumped up and gave her mother a huge hug, nearly knocking the wind out of her. “Mom — what happened, we thought you’d be back last night, but then Kelly called and said you weren’t coming and he’s such a dick … geez Mom, it’s good to see you, how are you, how was your trip … “

Victoria laughed heartily. Bliss could be a motormouth, but she didn’t hold anything back and Victoria was closest to Bliss in many ways. Despite Bliss being the youngest, she had this wisdom beyond her years and she never felt uncomfortable confiding in Bliss. Her youngest was a good listener.

“You will be happy to know I agree with you know about Kelly — he’s history!” Victoria said to her daughter. “I didn’t come back because I was having fun and I wanted to have one more day of fun — I’ll tell you about that later, my little love, after a swim. What’ve I told you about falling asleep out here, young lady?” Victoria said, wagging her finger at Bliss.

“Okay Mom, busted,” Bliss said with a sheepish grin. One of Bliss’ sterling qualities was she was never too stubborn to admit when she was wrong about something. She walked over to the chaise lounge while her mother dived into the inviting pool. Bliss watched her mother swim — she was a wonderful swimmer, she moved in the water with a languid grace, she knew when Victoria was younger, she had considered competitive swimming, but her grandparents had put the kibosh on that.

Bliss could never fathom her grandparent’s reasoning for a lot of things — how had they raised such spectacular kids as Uncle B and her mom? They weren’t bad people in any way, but they seemed at times to have encouraged their children to settle for mediocrity. Brandon and Victoria had brought out the best in each other, thank God. She was glad they had Uncle B in their lives — especially now . She would make sure they’d keep Uncle Brandon around, he was too wonderful to lose, too special to let slip away.

“Are you coming in, darling?” Victoria shouted from the pool, already re-invigorated. Bliss was the best swimmer of her three daughters, despite Autumn being the family “jockette”.

“No thanks Mom, I swam with Uncle B this morning!” Bliss called back. She wasn’t going to tell her mother just casino şirketleri how little swimming had gone on.

“Where is your Uncle Brandon anyway? Or your sisters, for that matter?” Victoria asked as she swam to the side of the pool.

“He and the girls are going to air out his house and get a few things for the pussy,” Bliss responded. Yeah, like his cock inside their pussies , Bliss thought dreamily. Uncle Brandon had promised her another round when he got home, but to be fair, she’d had him all to herself earlier that day.

“So — they’ll be gone for a while?” Victoria asked her daughter. Bliss nodded.

“In that case, why don’t we go inside darling — I’m cooled off enough,” Victoria said, her voice dropping to a throaty purr and her arms encircling her daughter.

“Mom — you’re getting me all wet!” Bliss protested. Victoria giggled.

“Well darling, I love getting you all wet, but not this way. Let’s get that gorgeous ass of yours in the house and we’ll do it the right way!” Victoria teased, swatting her daughter’s ass playfully as Bliss sashayed inside.

It was a delicious, sensual secret shared only between mother and daughter. Bliss had not told her sisters that after she had first slept with Julee, she’d heard her mother screaming out in the night. Julee, who could sleep through a tornado had not awakened and the twins were out dancing. Bliss got up, wrapped her robe around her naked body and went into her mother’s room to see what was the matter.

As she entered Victoria’s room, her mother shot up in bed, her eyes full of tears, she was shaking like a leaf. She wrapped her arms around Victoria and held her mother until she kept crying.

“Mom — what’s wrong?” Bliss asked, once her mother was speaking coherent sentences again.

“Oh Bliss, now that I’m awake, it all seems so silly. Your father and Duncan and Kelly were all having beers together and they were saying what a cold fish I was in bed, but the silly thing was I was their waitress and I wasn’t even standing up for myself.”

Bliss sighed. Even after all this time, her mother still had issues. She hadn’t much use for her stepfather beyond paying the bills, her father — less said the better — and Kelly? Her mother deserved much better. She was so beautiful, sexy and vivacious — she thought if Victoria would just come out of her shell a little and embrace her own innate sensuality, she’d have men — or women — eating out of her hand, metaphorically speaking.

Bliss wrapped her arms around her mother, hugging her tight and waiting until she stopped shaking. It didn’t take long, then Bliss gave her mother one of her winning smiles.

“Mom, you need to believe in yourself. Look in the mirror, come over here, stand up and tell me what you see.”

“I see — a 40-something woman with 2 bad marriages behind her, 4 children who is struggling to make ends meet. She works hard and is a good person and …”

“Okay Mom — stop right there. Know what I see?”

Victoria shook her head.

“I see a gorgeous, sexy, well-built blonde with great tits and legs, who still can knock ’em dead, who is a total sexual animal, who men — or women — would be lucky to have join them in bed, she’s fun and kind and a great catch!” Bliss enthused.

Victoria smiled — Bliss could always bring her up. “You see all that? Thank you Bliss, maybe you’re right. Women, hmm? I’ve never thought of that, trying a woman. I’m not against it, of course, but I’ve never … oh, that’s silly, me and another woman. I’m too old to change teams.”

Bliss smiled. “You don’t have to change, just consider your options. If you met a woman you wanted to go to bed with, why not try it? No one would condemn you for it in this day and age, Kelly wouldn’t have to know.”

“I don’t know sweetie — I have a couple of clients I think might be lesbians, but I’d be too nervous to come right out and ask them. Some of them might be a bit young for me anyway, don’t you think?”

“No — I don’t think Mom — you’re gorgeous and I happen to know a few of my girlfriends are attracted to you — and so are their Moms. I can see why.”

Victoria shifted a bit in the bed. “You can?”

“Sure Mom — you’re just the kind of woman I’m attracted to — well, one of them, anyway.”

Victoria’s eyes widened. “You’re attracted to women?”

Bliss nodded.

“My baby likes girls. Have you ever …?”

Bliss nodded again.

“Wow. Okay, that surprises me. Are you gay or …”

“Bi. I like men and women, Mom. I hope you’re not casino firmaları freaked out.” Bliss knew if her mother knew the full story, she’d most assuredly freak out, but there was no need for her to know the situation at present.

“No — I’m surprised, I’ll admit that, but not freaked out. You’re a beautiful young woman — why shouldn’t other women find you attractive? Do you like girls your own age or older women or …?”

“I’ve been with girls my own age — older women too. I like all different types Mom, I think you’re gorgeous. If you weren’t my Mom and you hit on me, I’d go to bed with you in a shot.” Bliss waited to see what her mother’s reaction might be.

Victoria smiled and she felt herself flush a bit. “I think — I think if you weren’t my daughter and you made a pass at me , I’d let you.”

There was a silence and Bliss knew it was now or never. “Mom — would you like me to show you what it’s like?”

Victoria knew she should be shocked — perhaps repulsed — but she wasn’t, if anything, she was curious, highly intrigued. She trusted her daughter — who would they be hurting and it would be nice to have some basis for comparison. It would be a lovely, intimate memory for them both — so she just nodded. Bliss stood up from the bed and let the robe fall to the floor. Victoria’s eyes went wide at the sight of her daughter’s naked form.

“You’re sleeping naked now?” Victoria asked her daughter. Bliss nodded.

“It’s more comfortable,” Bliss replied. Plus, if Julee and I want to fool around, it’s faster , she thought to herself, not ready to tell her mother about that. “Come here Mom — I want to kiss you the way a lover would, let’s share a kiss.” She moved close to Victoria and placed both hands on either side of her mother’s face, leaned in and kissed her, her tongue sliding along her mother’s lips and then into her mouth. She used her oral talents to begin the pleasurable task of heating Victoria up and ushering her into a new world.

Victoria almost surprised herself — she began kissing Bliss back, not repulsed, but finding her heart racing and her arousal increasing exponentially. She didn’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone else might think at that moment — she hadn’t felt this kind of passion in a long time and Bliss’ hands were stroking her hair and neck, her daughter seemed to know just what a woman enjoyed. She was sweet and attentive, she wasn’t rushing, just getting to know Victoria’s little hot-spots. None of her boyfriends, neither of her husbands had bothered to do that — they just started kissing and playing and fumbled their way through. Not Bliss — she was teasing and exploring, it was quite lovely.

Bliss moved her hands all over Victoria’s body — she got her mother undressed so easily, Victoria was barely aware of it. Then she showed her mother all the joys of girl-to-girl loving … where to kiss, how her body could respond to another woman — and she had Victoria climbing the walls. Her mother was almost convulsing in orgasm, but as she expected, Bliss wasn’t going to go unrewarded.

Victoria was an apt pupil, she had hands that could have made her wealthy if she’d ever decided to go into the sex trade. She made Bliss see stars and her tongue, when it went into Bliss’ cunt, was like a serpent, moving all over and extracting juices that she gobbled up readily. Bliss was glad her sister was a sound sleeper or their little tryst wouldn’t have been a secret for long — and she didn’t know if Victoria could have handled being a part of their little incestuous grouping just yet.

It wasn’t just a one-time thing either … once Victoria had tried pussy, she became hooked on it … well, Bliss’ anyway. Whenever they had the chance, mother and daughter would share incestuous couplings, quite a few of them at the store. Bliss also caught her Mom checking out some of the store’s more attractive customers. Good for her! , Bliss thought. I’ll just cross my fingers that Kelly is a thing of the past soon enough!

Now, he was — and there was Victoria in her bed, legs spread wide, body even more beautiful then before she’d gone on her trip. Bliss could see it — something had changed with her mother, there was a gleam in her eyes, a subtle shifting in her persona that only a few would ever notice.

“There’s something different about you Mom — you’ve got a bit more oomph , which is really cool. Did you meet someone in Ireland?”


“Oh, okay Mom, that’s … “

“I met two someones.” Victoria said with a teasing smirk.

“MOM! You DIDN’T!” güvenilir casino Bliss practically screeched, thrilled with her mother’s progress.

“I did — that’s why I was late, I went back for an encore performance!” Victoria smiled as her daughter got completely naked and joined her on the bed. Victoria noticed the absence of tan lines on Bliss’ naked body.

“I see someone has been enjoying the sun — I hope you’ve been considerate of your Uncle Brandon,” Victoria smiled as Bliss cuddled closer, hoping to hear more of her mother’s exploits.

“So Mom, this couple you were with …”

“Who said I was with a couple?”

“Okay, these two men …” Victoria shook her head and saw Bliss’ eyes go wide.

“Mom — wow. Just — wow. You and two girls?”

“Two women baby, yes.” Victoria’s eyes took on a misty look and Bliss was really thrilled for her Mom. Whatever had happened with those women, it had obviously had a marked effect on the sensual blonde. She was happy to have played a part, however small, in bringing her mother out of her sexual cocoon and was happy to see the pretty butterfly emerging from within.

Victoria’s hands just gently stroked her daughter’s hair and pretty face and knew that no matter whoever she chose to love in the future, she owed Bliss a huge debt of gratitude for bringing her out of her shell. It wouldn’t be hard to continue to repay that debt — Bliss was so affectionate and giving, being in bed with her daughter brought her joy she had never imagined possible. Bliss was perfect, sweet and loving — but there were untold depths beneath that sweet & innocent exterior, Bliss could really make a woman come once she got going. Her daughter’s hands were already moving all over her body, caressing her nipples and letting Victoria know she was in the mood for a little playtime. Bliss nuzzled her mother’s neck, began to kiss her ears, use her agile little tongue and move down. Victoria just got comfortable and let Bliss take over.

Bliss had learned through their playtimes what her mother liked most — Victoria liked to be pampered, to be fawned over. Her father hadn’t done so, neither had Kelly — so Bliss made sure to kiss, stroke and nibble every part of her mother’s gorgeous body. It was different this time — Victoria was really giving back, while Bliss was licking and moving all over, Victoria’s hands were stroking and when she could kiss, she did. They were having some of the best mother-daughter sex of their relationship and moved wordlessly into a sixty-nine . Bliss felt her mother’s lips seeking her more urgently, taking what she wanted with more fervor, yet not ignoring Bliss’ needs in the slightest. Her hands seemed to possess more skill and fluttered all over Bliss’ body as Victoria ate her daughter’s pussy. Bliss had no objections — this was phenomenal, whoever the two women were in Ireland, they had really opened Victoria up to her full sexual potential. Her mother seemed like an entirely different person — more confident, sexually assertive and passionate.

“Like what Mommy’s doing to you, you nasty perverted little slut?” Victoria cried out, putting to use some of the lessons she’d had in her short time with Brigid and Colleen. Talking dirty was fun — sexy — she intended to do more of it from now on. “Oh baby, Mommy’s girl has such a nasty, tight little cunt!”

“God Mom, you’re a fucking bitch-cunt — yeah Mom, eat my pussy, eat your daughter’s pussy and make me come, you gorgeous whore!” That sent Bliss into an orgasm that hit her hard and she came harder, cresting on a wave of joy, then coming down. She snuggled in her mother’s arms, looking at the clock — they didn’t have a lot of time before Uncle B got back with her sisters and she didn’t want them in on the secret — or vice-versa. She doubted Victoria could handle all the goings-on just yet.

“Come on Mom, we can’t lie around all day, although it’d be nice. Uncle B and the others will be home soon, we should get dinner going and I know they’ll want to hear all about your trip.”

Victoria nodded and got her clothes back on, Bliss stood on tip-toe to give her mother a kiss. “Whoever those women were that loosened you up Mom, I owe them one. A lesbian couple and my Mom — it’s still so hard to believe, but it’s cool, too!” Bliss said as they descended the stairs.

“Well — they aren’t technically a couple baby, they were sisters — but they’ve been together as lovers for quite some time,” Victoria said, recalling the details Colleen and Brigid had imparted to her.

Bliss thought she was going to faint. Victoria and two lesbian sisters ? Her Mom had loosened up wayyy more than she had ever expected — maybe she could handle knowing the truth about her girls — and her handsome brother. Bliss intended to give the matter a lot of thought.

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