Breaking Lia

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The sun shown through the window of Lia Harrison’s swanky Atlanta home. Actually the house belonged to her father, the medical director over the ER at a prestigious hospital in Atlanta,. The room was well decorated, a stylish blend of rocker chick and wild child, with the efficiency of a law student, with just a hint of kink. Lia’s pretty blue eyes fluttered open as she reluctantly started to wake from her slumber. Lia looked around for a bit, brushing off the images that slowly seeped back into her head as she awakened. She pushed long strands of blond hair from her face as she slid up and leaned against the headboard. She glanced at each end of the headboard at the handcuffed attached to them. These weren’t the standard fuzzy, pastel or leopard print handcuffs you might expect to see in a girls room. These were hard steel, heavy duty handcuffs that had seen more than their fair share of action. She blew the last few strands of hair from her face before finally deciding to get out of the bed.

Lia tossed the light covers off of herself, exposing her tiny frame. She stood a hair under 5ft tall and weighed just over 90lbs. She glanced down at herself and grimaced slightly. She had just recently fought off a major infection, but lost a good deal of weight in the process. Although most men would kill to be with her just the way she was, she thought she needed to put on a few pounds. Lia sighed and slid out of bed. She went over to her full length mirror to give herself a once over. Although she had issues with the way she looked as of late, she couldn’t deny she was pretty sexy. Her light semi-sheer tank top fell perfectly over her perky A cups, accentuating them perfectly. Lia tugged at her top alittle, pulling it down over her tight, flat little tummy, then poked it out alittle and turned sideways. She sighed, thinking about how difficult it would be for her to actually be pregnant, but still sometimes she liked to pretend. After indulging her brief flight of fancy, she pulled her low cut boy shorts down just below her tiny, shapely hips before, turning around as many girls do, to take a look at her ass. She had a tight cute little ass, that complimented the rest of her body perfectly. Satisfied that she had looked herself over long enough, she decided it was time to get ready for her day. As she walked off towards the bathroom, she sighed, this time trying to figure out what she was going to do with her hair. As much as she loved her long beautiful blonde hair, it was such a hassle to deal with in the morning.

Lia went into the bathroom and started brushing her teeth. After she’d finished, she started slipping off her pj’s and stepped into the shower. The warm water felt great as it cascaded down her tiny body. She put in her shampoo in and conditioner in before she grabbed her shower gel and started massaging it all over he wet body. Bubbles followed the water as it poured down her sleek body. She rubbed the gel over all over herself, starting at her shoulders and arms, then down to her perky little breast, she lingered for a bit, pinching and twisting her nipples as her mind drifted off to her dream. Instinctively her right hand crept down her body and she began massaging her already engorged clit. She moaned slightly as she continued pleasuring herself. She was almost at the edge of orgasm when her concentration was broken by loud banging.

“Lia! I’ve got to go to work alittle early. Breakfast is already on the table.” her father called to her from the other side of the door. Lia peaked her head from the shower curtain.

“Thank you daddy! I love you. Have a good day at work!” she called out to him before disappearing back into the shower. Lia sighed frustratedly as she finished showering, her father’s interruption completely ruining her fantasy. “Thanks a lot dad.” She mumbled to herself as she started to dry off. She stepped back into her room and threw on some clothes. She didn’t really have much to do that day, just a little bit of catch up work for school. She was frustrated by the prospect of having to go to summer school just because she got sick, but all she had to do was finish a bit of make up work and write a few papers to avoid that. Just at the moment she didn’t feel like it. Lia slipped on a faded pink tank top with “Black Sabbath” written in black across the front and a pair of black jogging shorts on. She glanced down at her toes for a moment and grimaced, looking at the slight faded toenail polish on her cute little toes. She slipped on a pair of sized 5 platform sandals and headed down the stairs. Lia almost never wore flats because she was so tiny making it impossible to reach a lot of things. Fortunately everything she really cared to get was within her reach and she even had a small step stool for anything that wasn’t, even though she felt ridiculous using the step stool, just to reach the into the sink good.

Lia smiled as she saw her plate sitting on the table. Her dad had really gone all out this time around. He’d been doing that ever since she’d got back home from the hospital. He’d also been watching her like a hawk, which Lia found sweet at first, but after two straight weeks of it, it had started to get alittle annoying, but she really didn’t mind it all that much, that was just her dad being her dad. He’d always been a bit protective. Lia grabbed herself a glass of orange juice and started eating her breakfast. Hearing the message tone for her cellphone go off, she quickly pulled it out of her pocket, her heart racing in anticipation. She rolled her eyes, as she saw it was just a message from her dad. “I have a package arriving later today, would you watch out for it and put it in the study for me when it arrives. Thank you.” the message read. Lia finished her breakfast and immediately hit the computer. She logged on to yahoo messenger and read over some of the messages her friend had sent her a few weeks ago. As she looked over her old messages, group of messages caught her eye. Her friend had apparently decided to make an impromptu trip to Atlanta to check up on her. Part of her wished he had. Had he shown up, to do nothing but check up on her, would’ve confirmed everything he said he’d felt about her. On the other hand, she would’ve hated for him to seen her like that. Laid up in some hospital bed, all frail and weak with a bunch of tubes sticking out of her. Nothing screams sexy like tubes sticking out of her mouth, taped to the side, with a little drool dripping out. Lia thought to herself, shuttering at how gross she probably looked. There was some messages about how hard it was to find her and how he felt like a failure for not being able to find her. Then nothing. Even after she’d gotten strong enough to text and call him, she never got any response, like he just dropped off the face of the world…again.

Lia went back farther, before she’d gotten really sick, he wrote her a story. It was perverted, kinky, and brutal, all the things Lia loved. The only thing that was lacking was the end, where she laid covered in urine and cum as her attackers walked away. But as much as she didn’t like the ending, the rest of it was great. She scrolled to the top and started reading. About halfway through, her nipples started to harden as she imagined herself in the scene. Her hand once again slowly slid into her shorts as she started to rub herself. A moan slipped from her lips as she continued reading, then almost as though it was planned, a loud knock broke her concentration once again.

“Goddammit!” Lia cried out, as she stood up and headed towards the door. She opened the door in a huff, frustrated that she had been interrupted yet again. In front of her stood a large white man with a few burn scars on his face. He was in a UPS uniform and beside him there was a large box. Lia caught herself staring at the man for a moment before she could stop herself. He cleared his throat loudly.

“Excuse me ma’am, would you mind signing for this.” the burned man said, looking down at her tiny frame. He had over a foot and a half in height on her and probably weighed three times as much as she did. He handed Lia the clipboard and watched her intently as she signed it. He checked her signature. Lia Harrison, it read. “Alright ma’am, where do you want me to put this.”

“In the study.” Lia said stepping aside to let the man in. The man hefted the heavy looking box up and started to carry it in. “Follow me.” Lia said walking ahead of the man as she lead him to the study. “Just put it right there.” she said, pointing at an empty space. The man walked past her and put the large box down. Lia started to walk out when she felt the man grab her. She turned around and immediately felt an impact as the huge man punched her in her tight, thin stomach. Lia folded like an accordian, then fell to her knees. He gripped her by the throat, his large hand almost too big, as he then lifted her from her feet with one hand. Lia feebly struggled, but to no avail.

Lia smiled as she looked around the dark empty crate. She never thought he’d actually do it. In a scene her friend had written, he kidnapped her by posing as a UPS man and stuffing her in a box. She hoped he hadn’t gone off the deep end too much. He said he’d kill the UPS driver and steal his truck. Lia said it would be better to knock him out. Hopefully he’d taken her advice. Lia prepared herself as she felt the box lifted and carried somewhere and then put down. Lia was literally shaking in anticipation. Finally they’d get to do everything they’d talked about. The box top was lifted and a large hand seized her by her hair.

“John, ouch! You’re hurting me!” Lia said as she was lifted by her hair from the box. She looked around, she was in a large empty warehouse.

“I don’t know who this John guys is, but I’m not him cupcake.” the voice of the guy lifting her up said. It was the burned man from earlier. The man threw Lia roughly to the ground and a spot light shined on her. She could barely see anything, but she heard a set of footsteps coming towards her.

“Is this the girl he picked?” a voice from the darkness asked.

“Yeah it’s her. “ the burned man replied.

Lia started to stand, but she was immediately kicked hard in the stomach. She fell back onto the hard, smooth concrete floor. Lia clutched her stomach as she hit the floor.

“Who are you! Why are you doing this to me!” Lia cried out as she tried to get a glimpse of the people around her.

“I’m the man who’s going to turn you into a good fucking slave.” The man in the darkness replied. “Hit the lights.” He called back to someone farther in the warehouse. The spotlight turned off and several flood lights turned on. It was still very dark, but she could atleast see her attackers now. A man in a very expensive looking suit stood before her. He was a smaller man, with black shades and a strong physique. Then another man walked from the darkness. He was a large chiseled very dark skinned black man with long dreadlocks and a gold grill in his mouth. He also wore an expensive looking suit. “Look baby girl, this can either be really easy or really hard.” the smaller man said, looking down at Lia, who’d just started to recover from the kick. “Stand up.” he commanded. Lia looked up at him as she laid on the ground.

“I bet you think your a real fucking man. Kicking little girls. That make you feel something. You get your rocks off!” Lia taunted defiantly. Lia knew one thing. That someone had selected her who wasn’t him. So the man wouldn’t hurt her, he couldn’t or his client would be very upset. Or atleast that’s what Lia was betting on. He proved her wrong quickly as he buried his foot into her stomach once again, driving the air from her lungs. Then he quickly pressed his foot on her head and started crushing her head against the concrete. Lia grabbed his foot and tried to pry it off of her head, but to no avail. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry…sir!” Lia said, recalling her misspent youth in the BDSM clubs. She knew those types always wanted to be respected. He lifted his foot from her head.

“Lick my shoe.” He commanded. Lia hesitated and before she could get to his shoe, the burned man lifted her to her feet, by her hair.

“Let me play with her a little.” the burned man said, excitedly. “She’ll be your obedient little slave in no time.” he promised. The smaller man tore Lia’s little tank top off with ease. Then brandished a needle with a hook at the end. Lia could see the barbs on the needle.

“Please….I’m sorry. I am. I promise, I’ll be good.” Lia pleaded. “I’ll do anything, you want, just don’t” Lia continued as he teased her right nipple with the needle. She winced in pain as he dragged the point of the needle over her soft tender breast, leaving light scrapes.

“You’ll do anything…okay then don’t move. You’re going to learn there are consequences for disobeying. From now on you’ll do whatever I tell you to do…the first time, immediately.” The man said as he continued to torture Lia’s breast with the needle, circling her areola, spiraling towards Lia’s nipple. He pricked Lia’s nipple with the needle, then stared into her eyes as he lowered his face towards her breast. Lia clinched her fist and closed her eyes, tears starting to fall down her face as she’s tortured. The man slowly licks up the drop of blood before standing back straight. “Look right into my eyes Lia. Don’t you dare turn away or close your eyes.” He commanded as he pressed the needle against Lia’s tortured nipple. His eyes locked on hers, he slowly pressed the needle into the tip of her nipple. Lia’s body was shaking as she dug her fingernails into her palms and bit into her lower lip. Lia felt the needle pierce inside of her nipple as he pressed in all the way down to the hook, leaving the small hook sticking out of the front of her right nipple. Tears poured from Lia’s pretty blue eyes as she struggled to keep her eyes locked to his as he lowered again, sucking the blood from the tip of Lia’s nipple, then biting down on the hook and pulling back on the needle to set the barbs. Lia screamed in pain as the barbs dug into her breast. The man continued the process on her left nipple, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as she knew what it was going to feel like. When he was finished Lia collapsed to the ground, the shock too much for her young body to bare. He reached down and cradled Lia’s face. “I didn’t tell you you could stop looking did I.” Lia’s eyes widened in fear.

“I’m sorry sir…I’m sorry! Please…don’t…” Lia pleaded.

“Take off your clothes and get into the cage.” He said, pointing to a large cage. It was large enough for Lia to stand in and maybe even sit down in if she hugged her knees. Stepped out of her panties and into the cage without hesitation. The large black man followed her, locking the cage behind her. The burned man followed a few feet behind and once Lia was locked into the cage, he grabbed a water hose. Lia screamed as the freezing cold water touched her flesh, drenching her from head to toe. Every time Lia would turn, he’d follow her spraying her with the strong cold hose. Lia shivered and shook as the hose drenched her with streams of freezing cold water. After about ten minutes though, Lia could barely feel it. She just stood in the corner, shivering. The burned man got bored and stopped. “Now, what do you want to do, Lia? Would you like to come to my nice warm bed and have sex, or would you rather sleep on the cold, wet floor all night, your choice.” The man said, staring at the freezing, shivering Lia. Her eyes glared up at him defiantly.

“I’d rather sleep in the fucking arctic!” Lia spat.

“Suit yourself, Lia.” he said as he starts off.

“If I get sick, your client isn’t going to be very happy, is he.” Lia said through chattering teeth. The smaller man immediately turned back at her. He stared hatefully at Lia for almost a minute before finally conceding, something he hadn’t done in his 7 year career as a slave breaker.

“Take the bitch upstairs and dry her off. Make sure she’s warm.” he said disgustedly. A smile crossed Lia’s face. Although she was cold and naked, with needles sticking from her breast, for the moment she’d won.

Lia woke up, being lifted into the air, by her long blonde hair. She was drug into the bathroom and forced into the bathtub. Lia, still half groggy screamed as she was thrust face down into the scalding hot water. She felt someone step on her back, forcing her to stay under. Lia struggled and flailed helplessly as the hot water burned her delicate skin. Lia began to panic as she quickly ran out of breath. She struggled more frantically as the fear of drowning over came the pain of the water. Lia had almost drowned when she was pulled over the edge of the bathtub. She was hanging halfway out of the bathtub when she felt the foot on her back again. This time it just pinned her to the edge of the bathtub. That’s when she started feeling the lashes. Lia once again screamed in agony as the belt tore into her flesh, leaving long red welts in her soft flesh. Lia kicked and screamed as lash after lash laid into her back. Blood dripped from her back from several lacerations as she was continually beaten.

“James! What the fuck are you doing!” a deep booming voice called out as the large black man rushed into the bathroom.

“This little bitch thinks she can beat me!” James says, laying more lashes into Lia’s helpless battered body. The large black man slammed James hard into the wall and jacked him up by his shirt.

“Look, I’d care of the little bitch spit on your fucking mamma! If you fuck this deal up I’m gonna beat the life outta you. You fucking got it!” the black man said. James nodded in defeat and his partner let him down. “I’ll take care of her, you go calm your happy ass down somewhere.” the black man said, walking towards Lia’s limp body.

“Thank…you…” Lia mouthed weakly as the man picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. He laid Lia down on her stomach and surveyed the damage. There were a few relatively deep lacerations, but most of the rest of the damage was superficial. He started slowly rubbing ointment on the welts as Lia laid down, trying to recover from the assault. Lia had almost fallen asleep when she heard the sound of a zipper being unzipped, then the rustling of pants being removed. Lia tried to roll to her back, but he was already holding her in place. “Wha…what are you doing.” Lia said, terrified of his reply. The man didn’t reply, instead, he just pushed Lia’s face into the mattress. Lia tried to raise up, but again she was too weak. She wiggled to the left and right, kicking as much as she could, trying to keep the man from pinning her down all the way. After a bit of struggling with Lia, he finally managed to pin her. Holding her head into the mattress with one hand, he lined up right at Lia’s tight little pussy. He slowly started to press himself into Lia. Lia screamed into the mattress as she felt the huge cock start to rip her tight little cunt apart. Although Lia wasn’t a virgin, she hadn’t had sex in 6 months and she was naturally very tight to begin with. Tears poured down Lia’s face as he slowly started to force his way into her, then just before his head entered her completely he stopped.

“Do you want to suck my dick.” He asked laying off of Lia just a bit.

“Yes. I want to suck your dick.” Lia spit out hurriedly. She really didn’t want anything to do with his cock, but she’d rather suck him off then to be raped.

“Convince me.” He said baring his weight down against Lia. She could feel his cock trying to force it’s way into her.

“Please let me suck your cock. I want it. I want to taste that big nigger cock.” Lia said, praying that the use of that word would turn him on instead of enrage him. “Don’t you want to shove that big nigger cock down this pretty little white girl’s throat.” Lia continued. Lia wasn’t a racist at all, infact she detested it, but she knew that some guys got turned on when she started using that kind of language.

“What the fuck did you call me bitch!” the black guy said, hopping off of the bed. By the time Lia knew what was happening, he was infront of her. He roughly grabbed her face and pried her mouth open. This was the first time Lia had seen his massive black rod. It was atleast 8” long and was very thick. He looked into Lia’s face as he jammed his massive ramrod down her throat. Lia tried to push him away to no avail as he thrust his large cock down her throat. He held her hair tightly pulling her face towards him as he thrust. Lia’s struggles went practically unnoticed as he gagged her with his cock. Lia had half the mind to bite into his cock as hard as she could, but she was scared. His friend had already beaten her severely and the last thing she wanted was that burned freak to take her, so instead Lia stopped fighting, she focused instead on breathing through her nose and taking deep breaths whenever she got a chance. The large black man violently raped Lia’s face almost breaking her nose several times as he slammed his pelvis into her face. Tears and ran down Lia’s face as he shoved his cock all the way down her throat. Lia’s face started to redden and she started to lose composure, pushing and scratching as she tried to catch her breath. He slapped her hard across the face, then again. Lia had started to black out as he held his cock down her throat. Lia stopped fighting and laid there. She lacked the strength to fight anymore. All she could do is lay there, her body shook and spasmed as her eye started to roll back into her head. The large black man smiled looking down at the nearly dead Lia her face turning as her eyes started to roll back into her head. He could feel her lungs pulling his cock deeper and deeper down her throat as they tried to suck in air. He pulled his cock out just at the edge of orgasm. Lia immediately started sucking in air, that’s when he released. Lia gagged and coughed as wave after wave of hot cum shot down her throat. He stepped back to admire his work. Lia was laying on the bed gasping for air as she coughed up his cum. He smiled. “Now get your dirty cock sucking whore ass cleaned up!” He commanded before walking out of the room. “You have 30 minutes.” called back as the door slammed shut.

Lia laid on the bed, beaten and exhausted for the next 10 minutes before she had the strength to get to her feet. She started to clean herself up in the bathroom. There was make up and the like. She quickly cleaned the saliva and cum from her face after she washed her mouth out. After cleaning up, she looked around and saw some clothes laying on the dresser next to the bed. She started to put them on. The top would’ve been a baby t if it wasn’t cropped just low enough to hang over her breast. It was pink and had Hello Kitty on the front of it. There was a matching skirt, that had also been “tailored” and ended just below her ass cheeks. There was a slit up both sides of the skirt. There were no underwear at all and a pair of 6 inch stiletto heels, they were pink as well. I look like a Thai whore. Lia thought as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was sure she’d be raped today. A tear fell down her face. As much as she’d fantasized about being raped, she never imagined it actually happening…not like this anyways. Lia walked out of the room with a minute to spare. She stared at the floor as the three men stared at her. She looked like an underaged fuck doll.

“Why don’t you crawl over here and suck some more cock.” the black guy teased. “She’s a dirty little cock sucker aren’t you little girl.” He continued. After receiving a stern look from the black man Lia nodded. “Tell the other guys how much you like sucking cock.” Lia stood there for a moment. Lia’s face hardened. She knew the kinds of things they could do to her, but she refused to be broken. She’d fought off cold after cold and even cancer, she wouldn’t let these jackasses beat her, atleast not this easily.

“Why don’t you get under the table suck that burned fucker’s cock, you limp dicked little…bitch!” Lia spat. She wanted to use another word, but she wouldn’t let them change her like that either. If she was going to die, she was going to die Lia. Rage burned in the black man’s eyes as he shot up from his seat.

“What the fuck did you say to me bitch. I’m gonna skull fuck the life outta you.” He said lounging towards her.

“Marcus, calm the fuck down!” James called out. “If I can’t hurt the bitch you can’t either. Anyways, they’re paying good fucking money for his cunt. If we kill her, they’ll probably take it out on our asses. And I don’t want some rich colombian fucker coming after me. Marcus stopped and sat back down. “Angus, you take care of the little bitch.” James suggested. Lia’s eyes widened in terror. The large man started towards her. Lia turned around and hurried up the stairs. She knew she’d move faster with her heels off, but she’d never have the time to take them off before she was caught. She hurried up the stairs and ran into the bathroom. Angus gingerly followed her. He had been waiting since they first got the job to fuck Lia. He walked up to the bathroom, where he heard her breathing.

“Little bitch little bitch let me in.” Angus teased in his deep raspy voice. Angus reached and grabbed the door knob. He immediately screamed as the hot doorknob burned his hand. “You wanna play now do you. We can play…all night.” Angus said menacingly. He kicked the door open with ease, but he wasn’t prepared for what happened next. A burst of flame shot into his face, it didn’t really hurt that much or catch anything on fire, but it did blind him for what came next. Lia took the lid from the toilet and swung upward with all her might, smashing it against Angus’s chin. He lurched backward as cried out in pain. Lia, then kicked him in the balls as hard as she could. Lia recoiled in shock as her foot clanged off the hard steel cup. Unfazed, Lia ran passed Angus, heading down the stairs, armed only with an aerosol spray can and some matches she’d found under the bed. Unbeknownst to Lia, Angus wasn’t as hurt as she thought he was. As heavy as the lid was, Lia was comparatively weak and Angus had lost a lot of the feeling in much of his body due to a fire he was caught in. Lia felt the large man’s hand wrap around her tiny ankle as she pushed past him. She turned the spray him again, but he slapped the bottle from her hand. “I’m going to shove that curling iron up your ass.” Angus threatened as he stood up, jerking Lia off of her feet in the process. Lia’s little skirt fell upward exposing her tiny little cunt. Angus wrapped her other leg under his arm as he pulled her to tight little pussy towards his face. Lia swung as hard as she could, but it didn’t seem to phase the monster of a man as his face sat just inches from her most private of places. Lia’s stomach casino şirketleri churned in disgust as she felt the scarred man’s moist tongue rubbing against her.

“Stooop!” Lia cried as she struggled fruitlessly to free herself from the monstrous man’s grasp. He licked Lia’s sweet pussy expertly as he’d done to many other women many times before. He relished ripping orgasms from the bodies of his helpless victims. Lia kicked wildly, but to no avail. There was nothing she could do to hurt this mountain of a man. All she could do was struggle as this man violated her tiny body with his tongue. All the blood rushing to her head was making her feel a bit dizzy as he continued. She felt disgusted as ripples of pleasure started erupting from her body. Angus, stopped just long enough to smile, savoring to sweet taste of her sex, before he continued. He carried Lia into the bedroom and placed her legs over his shoulders, before hefting her body upward. Lia had just recovered from her body being lurched into an upright position before she felt it plummeting towards the ground. Angus literally power-bombed the frail young girl onto the bed, being sure to keep his face buried between her legs the whole way down. The sheer impact of her hitting the bed nearly knocked Lia out. She’d probably be dead if it was anything harder than a bed. Lia lay sprawled on the bed as Angus was kneeling beside the bed, her legs still draped over his shoulders. Angus licked and slurped her tender flesh, before sucking her sensitive clit into his mouth. A moan escaped Lia’s lips as he rubbed her clit vigorously with his tongue while sucking it firmly. Lia sat up and started to hit him on the top of his head, but he seemed to ignore her blows, intently focused on tearing an orgasm from her. Lia’s body started to betray her as she started grinding herself against his face. He pinched her clit between his thick rough fingers and began rubbing it with his other hand. Lia felt the heat building in her now sopping cunt as she struggled more. Hitting him as hard as she could. Lia could feel the orgasm building as she started to moan.

“Please, stop…I’ll…I’ll suck your cock. I promise…just don’t!” Lia pleaded. To her sucking his cock was much less humiliating than allowing this freak to make her cum. But Angus continued. He started rubbing her vigorously as he drove his long thick tongue into her wanting pussy. Lia fell back onto the bed as she felt her body start to shake. She started thinking of the most disgusting things she could think of. Anything to keep him from making her cum. But after a while everything was just a blur. She could feel him drinking her sex as she drew closer and closer to orgasm. Angus could feel Lia’s tiny body seizing up as her hungry pussy started to spasm around his thick tongue. He drank Lia’s honey as it flowed freely from her body. All he could hear now were Lia’s moans as she came. Her body jerked and spasmed as wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her body.

Lia laid on the bed absolutely exhausted. Tears poured from her eyes as she replayed her violation in her head. She felt disgusting. She was absolutely ashamed of herself for allowing such a disgusting creature to make her cum. Only the shadow looming over her brought her back to reality. Angus had climbed up on the bed, folding Lia almost in half as he looked down on her. Lia’s eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen. Suddenly she lashed out, striking Angus right in his nose. Angus grabbed his nose as his eyes started to water. Lia, who was incredibly flexible folded herself enough to get her legs from over his shoulders and scrambled off the bed. Angus once again managed to catch her leg and he dragged her back onto the bed. Lia grabbed everything she could to keep herself from being pulled back on the bed. She finally managed to grab the edge of the bed frame, but Angus just raised his hand and let it fall. Just the weight of his hand was enough to hurt Lia enough to make her let go. Angus dragged her under him, as she laid face down on the bed. He pressed Lia against the bed as she screamed and struggled. She stopped when she felt something large and fleshy pushed between her butt cheeks. She immediately knew what it was and redoubled her fruitless efforts. Angus looked down at his mammoth cock. It was a good 14 inches long and about 8 inches around. This wasn’t natural, but enhanced after the fire. Every time Angus looked down at his cock he was angry. Angry at it’s grotesques appearance as well as the fact that it was completely useless. He felt nothing from the monstrosity that hung between his legs. Although it was always hard he was incapable of reach orgasm and it’s freakish size meant it was not likely that he’d ever bring pleasure to any woman with it. That’s what his tongue was for. His cock had only one purpose, to inflict damage. And as he stared down at Lia’s virginal rectum he smiled. He’d already brought the bitch pleasure, now was time to bring the pain. Lia struggled and screamed, kicking wildly as she felt lift her skirt over her hips. She then felt his disgusting spit land on her between her ass cheeks. Angus pried her slight globes apart before coaxing the saliva down towards her tiny little pucker. Lia winced as he worked his thick, rough, spit covered finger into her ass. She twisted and turned violently as she tried to dislodge it from her anus, but he simple held her still with his free hand and continued raping her ass with his finger.

“Please don’t…don’t do this to me. I’ll give you anything you want. I’ll…I’ll do anything. I promise. I…I…I’ll be yours forever. Just please don’t do this. Not like a slave, like a woman. I promise, I’ll be yours, just don’t do this to me.” Lia said panicked. She hoped that he’d want her and free her to keep someone else from having her. Or at the very least he’d not rape her tiny little virgin ass.

“I’m not an idiot, you stupid fucking whore. Do you know how many women beg and plead and promise anything just to keep me from raping them, but you…you take the cake. You’re trying to play me and for that…” Angus said lining his cock up with her asshole. “You’ll pay.” he continued as he fell forward, driving his full over 300lbs of weight against her tiny little ass. Lia screamed frantically as her asshole was torn open by his massive cock. He pulled it almost all the way out, just to ram it back in. Lia’s body lurched forward as rammed his cock into her once again. Now resting his full body weight on Lia, he wrapped one of his massive hands around her tiny throat and began to squeeze. Lia clawed frantically at his hand, trying to free herself from his grasp, but her nails were short and didn’t even tear the skin. Angus squeezed hard as he savagely sodomized the young girl. Releasing her just long enough for her to catch her breath. Lia had stopped screaming after the third time he let her breath. Her arms and legs were limp as tears poured from her face. She knew she had to be damaged permanently. Her throat was sore from screaming. All she could do is lay there while her body was savagely violated, her normally sexually perverse body unable to draw any pleasure from this. “You love it don’t you bitch.” Angus said as he continued his assault. Lia didn’t reply. She just sat there silently praying that she’d either die or pass out. Angus started thrusting even harder and deeper than before. “I said, you love it don’t you bitch!” Angus repeated, this time with more vigor. A hoarse scream erupted from Lia’s lips as she felt her body tear even deeper.

“Yes, I love it!” Lia cried out realizing what he wanted. “I love being fucked in my ass.” Lia continued hoarsely, silently praying that he’d cum soon.

“You better not be lying to me slut.” Angus warned as he dragged Lia from the bed by her hair. There was a trail of blood trailing behind her as blood leaked from her torn rectum. Angus took Lia into the bathroom and began applying an ointment to her ripped asshole. Lia cringed, but didn’t fight. Whatever the ointment was, was beginning to ease the burning.

“Please…don’t let them hurt me anymore. I swear I’ll let you have me.” Lia pleaded once more. Angus looked coldly into her bloodshot blue eyes.

“By the time we’re done with you, only your buyer’s gonna want you.” Angus spit. “Now crawl your little ass down those stairs and tell Marcus that you’re sorry and that you’ll gladly suck his cock. Or I’m going to ram this…” Angus said grabbing the curling iron. “…up your ass.” he said turning it up and letting it heat up as he held Lia down. He pressed the hot curling iron on Lia’s ass for just a moment. Lia cried out as a red blister formed on her ass.

“Okay…okay…I’ll do whatever you want.” Lia cried, wide eyed. Angus pushed the young girl onto the floor and stood up.

“Clean yourself up bitch.” Angus said. “If you’re not down there in fifteen minutes, I’m coming up here and I’ll have to punish you.” Angus warned, spitting on Lia before he walked out.

Lia laid on the cold floor. She looked around for a moment and saw a mirror. I could easily end this. Lia thought. All I’d have to do is break the mirror and slit my throat. Lia continued. But she started thinking about her father and her friends and everything she’d already been through. I’ll play the role for now, but I’ll make them pay. Lia swore to herself, her spark reigniting. Lia forced herself to her feet and looked at herself in the mirror. She immediately started wiping the tears from her face and cleaning up the mascara lines from her face. She’d have to bathe again too. She hurried from the bathroom as she heard Angus stomping up the stairs. She’d took too much time recovering. Lia could feel her body shaking in fear. She looked at the hooks sticking from the fronts of her nipples and reached back, feeling the border of her ripped open ass. She wondered what was next. How would they scar her this time. Lia opened the door just as Angus had reached for it. She immediately fell to her knees and looked up at him pleadingly. Angus had every intention of hurting Lia again, but she’d done such a good job of cleaning herself up. Almost like nothing had ever happened. Her eyes weren’t even puffy.

“Good girl. You took too long, but you put some effort into it. The buyer will be pleased by that.” Angus smiled. He started walking down the stairs as Lia crawled behind him. It took Lia a moment, but she figured out how to crawl down the stairs. Lia crawled up to Marcus and undid his zipper. Marcus looked down at her threateningly, his fist clinched, still incensed by the events of earlier.

“I’m sorry about earlier Mr. Marcus.” Lia said, before licking his cock. “I was being a bitch before and I’d really like to make it up to you.” Lia continued, licking around his large cock head. Marcus’s fist unclenched as he leaned back in his chair. Lia continued stroking and licking his cock until it was rock hard. “I really do love the taste of your cum.” Lia said painting her lips with his precum, before slowly, seductively licking it from her lips. Then she slowly took his cock into her mouth, rubbing the the bottom of it with her tongue as she pressed it against the roof of her mouth. Lia laid it on thick as she told him how good his cum tasted and how she wanted to swallow every drop of his cum. Lia put her hands on his and pulled them to the back of her head, inviting him to force his cock deeper down her throat. He quickly caught on and what started off as a seductive blow job became a rough face fuck. Lia fingers slipped down under her skirt and she began to rub herself. She felt vile and disgusting, but she knew what these men wanted from her and the best way to escape would be to make them think that she was broken. So she continued to play the role, rubbing cunt like a bitch in heat as Marcus forced his massive cock down her throat. His pelvic bone was pressed firmly against her face as he held his cock down her throat, but this time Lia didn’t loose composure and although she could feel herself blacking out, but right before she did, he came. Releasing stream upon stream of cum directly into her stomach. Lia fell backward as she gasped for air.

“Damn Angus, you got that bitch right didn’t you.” Marcus congratulated. Angus nodded proudly looking down at Lia as she panted on the ground. She wiped a bit of cum that had dripped from his cock from her leg and licked it from her finger. Her eyes locked on Marcus as she did.

“Get your stupid whore ass under this table and finish me off.” James said, seemingly upset. Lia complied. And James violently slammed his cock down her throat. His was almost as long as Angus’s but was unusually thin. James pulled her face away just to slap her and then shoved his cock back down her throat, spitting in her face and calling her names as he fucked her face. Tears started pouring from Lia’s face as he humiliated her. He grabbed Lia by the hair and dragged her from under the table, then stood up. Lia raised up with him as she continued to fuck her face. He slapped Lia until her face was red and her mascara was running down her face. Phlegm poured from her mouth and nose as the face fuck continued. Lia could feel her stomach churning as he gagged her with his long, thin cock. He jammed his cock down her throat and she shoved him away as she vomited Marcus’s cum, on to the floor. “If you Marcus’s cum so much, you better fucking clean it from the floor.” James yelled. Lia hesitated and James pushed her face down into the vomited cum, before stepping on her head, forcing her to lay with her face in the mixture of cum and bile. Lia struggled to get up, but she couldn’t. James was putting more pressure on her head as laid there. Lia reluctantly slurped the foul mixture back into her mouth and swallowed it. Satisfied for the moment James let her back up before slapping her once again. Lia opened her mouth and James rammed his cock down her throat once again. Nearing orgasm, James rammed his cock down Lia’s throat as far as it would go. Though it was deeper than Marcus’s Lia was used to this by now. She prepared herself and started staring up into James’s eyes. James violently wrenched Lia’s head to the left then the right as his cock laid buried down her throat. Lia’s eye started to roll back into her head and she knew any moment now, he’d let her breath. She was wrong. She her eyes shot back open as he continued strangling her with his cock. Lia could barely raise her arms, it was too late. There was nothing she could do. A final tear rolled down her face as she thought about how she had died. But she didn’t. Lia woke up on a bed, she was cleaned up and alone. She looked down at herself, she was dressed like a little girl.

“Hey little girl.” James said as he entered the room. “You ready to give daddy some sugar.” Lia was absolutely disgusted. She knew that if this man had a daughter he probably fucked her.

“Yes daddy.” Lia replied. “Are you going to make me feel good.” Lia said in a super sweet little girl voice. This was so repulsive to her, but she didn’t want to be hurt anymore. She knew of all of the guys James was the most likely to really hurt her.

“Spread your legs for daddy, baby.” James said in a soft, but stern voice. Lia complied. Lia wasn’t wearing any panties and she knew what was going to happen. James sat on the bed. “Why don’t you come over hear and sit on daddies lap.” James suggested. Lia slid over to him, but instead of sitting on his lap like normal, she straddled his body and rested her tiny little pussy right over his long cock. She sat up just enough to insert him inside of her, then lowered her body onto his.

“Does it feel good daddy?” Lia said sweetly, trying to hide the fact that she was in immense pain. Although Lia wasn’t a virgin she hadn’t had a man in over a year and a half. And most of that time she was too sick to even masturbate. Lia thought about the things she’d talked about with her friend online. About all of the dirty things he said he’d do to her. All the things they’d done in fantasy and planned to do in real life. Lia immediately started to get wet. He was all the way down to her cervix and still had a good bit of cock to go.

“It feels great baby. You’re little pussy feels sooo good around my cock.” James replied, bouncing Lia on his cock. Lia started grinding her hips with him inside of her, bouncing her tiny little body up and down on his cock. Lia would occasionally wince in pain as his cock jabbed against her cervix, but it didn’t last long, as Lia’s tight pussy and baby talk drove James over the edge. Lia managed to force herself not to cum, but she faked it like a pro. Cum leaked from between Lia’s legs as she laid in the bed. Starving and exhausted. A few minutes after James left, Marcus walked in. He was naked, his onyx body glistened as he made his way towards the bed.

“Bet daddy didn’t know his baby girl liked nigga cock.” Marcus said, telling Lia exactly what role she was supposed to play.

“No baby. He has no idea what a black cock whore I am.” Lia smiled. “Gimme that fucking nigga dick!” Lia called out, spreading her legs, James’s cum still pooled inside of her.

“Bet James is gonna be real surprised when his daughter’s baby turns out to be black.” Marcus continued as he climbed between Lia’s legs, propping them over his shoulders and folding her over. Fortunately for Lia she’d already been opened up alittle by James. Marcus rammed his big black ram rod right into Lia’s waiting pink little fuck hole. Lia closed her eyes and for a moment it wasn’t Marcus raping her, it was her friend John. John was also a large black man, although he wasn’t as well built as Marcus she could still pretend. Pretend that it was him pounding his big black cock into her body, forcing her cervix open with the force of his thrust as he relentlessly pounded her tight little white pussy. They never really talked too much about the whole race thing, but sometime she imagined he was turned on by the fact that she was a tiny little white girl.

“Oh my god. Fuck me!” Lia cried out, still lost in her head, imagining her friend and how hard he said he’d pound her. Each thrust forcing the air from her body as he beast fucked her. Lia could feel her little pussy start to tingle as her body started to react to her fantasy and the pounding she was getting. Lia gasped breathlessly as Marcus pounded her roughly.

“You want this nigga cum don’t you bitch! You want to have a bunch of little black babies, you dirty little cock whore!” Marcus said as he continued his assault on her body. He could feel Lia’s thighs lock around his neck as he thunder-fucked her tiny little body. Driving her into the bed with each thrust. She could feel his cock starting to expand as he pressed his cock inside of her as deeply as he could. The feeling of Marcus pouring his seed directly into her womb drove her over the edge. Her toes curled as the orgasm took hold of her body. Lia didn’t open her eyes, unwilling to go back to reality. In her dream her friend had just given her something she’d dreamed about. In her dream the guy who said he wanted her forever had just given her a child. Lia laid there, her eyes clinched shut as her body spasmed. Marcus looked at Lia’s trembling body and smiled, before walking out. “Your turn.” Marcus said to Angus as he walked in. Angus slammed the door shut, jarring Lia out of her fantasy. He was completely naked and she could see the burns over most of his body. For the first time she saw what he was going to force into her pussy.

“You love being fucked in the ass don’t you bitch.” Angus said as he crawled on the bed. He rolled Lia on her face and pressed his body against hers.

“Please…I want it in my ass.” Lia managed to squeak out. She was terrified of getting the same treatment as she received last time, but if he knew she lied to him, she was scared she would get worse. Angus placed his cock against Lia’s abused anus. Lia clutched the bed sheets and closed her eyes waiting for him to force himself inside of her once again. But it never happened. Instead he rolled off the bed.

“Goodnight Lia.” Angus said walking out. It didn’t take Lia long to fall asleep exhausted from the night’s events.

Lia was very sore as she rolled out of the bed. She looked around for a moment, confused before everything came back to her. Lia quickly started to get herself cleaned up. She smelled like old sex and sweat. She took a long shower. She didn’t even want to think about sex. All she wanted was to go home. She didn’t care about revenge. She’d give that up in a heart beat just to be free. Lia could feel her stomach growling as she hadn’t eaten anything but Marcus’s cum in two days. Lia finished her make up and got dressed. She could smell the breakfast, downstairs, but she knew she had to wait.

“Lia! I hear you moving around up there, get your ass down here and get some breakfast.” James called up to her. Lia hurried down the stairs. She was wearing tight pink low cut cotton shorts that said “Insert Here.” on the back with an arrow pointing at her ass and a semi-sheer pink tube top with nothing under it. Lia hurried to the table were a seat was waiting for her. All of her favorite foods were waiting for her. She grabbed the fork, but James grabbed her hand before she could start eating. “First let me finish making it for you.” James said as he pulled out his cock. Lia watched as James jerked himself off in her food. He came all over her food and mixed it in so she couldn’t avoid eating it. Marcus followed suit. “Bon Apetite” James said staring at Lia. Lia stared at the plate full of her cum covered food. Although she was disgusted, she was also starving. Her hunger won and she tore into the tainted meal, devouring it in a matter of minutes.

“You want to be gang banged on your last day with us don’t you Lia?” Angus asked. Upset and disgusted Lia refused.

“You’re just going to gang rape me anyways, what does it matter.” Lia said, trying not to upset the men in her refusal.

“By the time we’re done, you’re gonna beg us to gangbang you.” Marcus said, grabbing her. The three men dragged Lia into a room and tied her up. Marcus used the pulley’s set up in the room to lift Lia up to her tip toes. James grabbed a large dildo on a stick and stuck it in the hole that was positioned between Lia’s legs. James then roughly jammed the dildo into Lia’s pussy. Lia cried out as it stretched her open, The dildo was as long as Jame’s cock but as thick as Marcus’s cock. It was shoved right into her womb. Angus attached the vibrator to the dildo and pressed it against her clit. This was a heavy duty vibrator, the ones used in porn, so they knew it would be able to make Lia cum. Angus turned the vibrator on and Lia could immediately feel it starting to work. Lia came three times in two minutes. The men smiled as orgasm after orgasm was ripped from her petite body. Satisfied that the machine was doing it’s job, the three men walked out.

Lia struggled wildly trying to get the dildo out of her as the vibrator continued to work it’s magic. After twenty minutes of near constant orgasms, Lia was wrecked. Her muscles were cramped from cumming so hard and so much. She was pouring sweat and she could barely catch her breath.

“Come back!!!” Lia cried out. “Somebody please help me!!!” Lia begged, but to no avail. No one came. She endured the torturous orgasms for another forty minutes before the three of them finally walked back in. “Oh thank god! Please get let me out!” Lia begged, breathlessly.

“So about that gang bang.” James said as he turned the vibrator off, allowing Lia to catch her breath.

“N….n…no!” Lia said. James turned the vibrator back on and started towards the door.

“A gang bang will only last until all of us cum. That vibrator can last all night.” James called back to Lia as he headed to the door.

“See you in two hours.” Marcus said, holding the door for James.

“I’ll do it. I’ll have sex with all three of you…together.” Lia sputtered out.

“I’m not sure you really want to.” James said, walking back to Lia and turning off the vibrator.

“I…I do. I want to feel all three of your cocks inside of me. I want all of you to use, my dirty little whore body.” James pulled the sex and sweat covered dildo from between Lia’s legs. A pool of sex splashed down from Lia’s sopping cunt.

“Does daddy’s little girl want daddy and his friends to have some fun.” James said

“Yes daddy. I want daddy in my pussy, Mr. Marcus in my mouth, but Mr. Angus is scary so would it be okay if he put his cock in my boo boo.” Lia said, it was easier this time, but she felt different. Like she’d lost part of her soul as she submitted to what she knew would probably be the most brutal encounter she’d had so far. The three men stripped her naked, before stripping themselves. James laid on his back allowing Lia to climb on top. She’d been well lubricated and stretched out so this time it wasn’t painful at all. Infact it felt good, her body was over sexed to the point that any stimulation would drive her to orgasm. Marcus took his position infront of her. Lia opened her mouth and Marcus placed his cock in it. Angus unceremoniously jammed his monstrous cock right up Lia’s ass. And the festivities had began. Lia could feel her ass retearing from Angus’s assault, but this time it was mixed with the pleasure of James fucking her. Lia could barely see straight as the three men savagely fucked her. What they hadn’t told her was that James and Marcus had taken viagra and cocaine. The two horny men switched out holes on several occasions. Lia struggled and screamed as Marcus stuck his big cock into her pussy while Angus was still in her ass. They nearly ripped Lia in half as they savagely fucked her. Only the fact that she was in an orgasm haze and was so well lubricated, saved her from any permanent damage. Lia passed out and was fucked back to consciousness several times. She must have cum over 100 times before they were finished with her. Her pussy cramped shut around James’s cock to the point where they had to force it out. That’s when they finally let the cum drunk, nearly dead Lia, rest.

Lia awoke from her rape induced coma to find herself in what looked like a dungeon. She was completely naked and in a cage. She looked around, there were several other women in cages as well. Most of them appeared to be Hispanic. Most of them seemed to be ignoring her, talk amongst themselves through the cages. Lia gasped as she took a more careful look at some of the women. Many of them had scars on their faces, like they’d been cut. Some of them were missing ears, one was missing her nose. Several were missing fingers and toes. All of them had hooks imbedded in their nipples although some of the girls casino firmaları didn’t have both nipples. Lia could only assume that she’d been given to the client and that this would be her fate. She knew she was out of the states and far from her father’s reach. Tears started to well up in Lia’s pretty blue eyes as she curled up in the corner of the cage and started to cry, thinking about never seeing her friends and her over protective father again. Imagining her pretty features destroyed by some freak. Lia didn’t notice at first but the girls had started to take notice of her.

“Oh look the white girl is crying.” one of the girls said. She had a thick accent, but seemed to speak perfect english.

“Don’t worry gringa, you’ll be fine. Manuel doesn’t keep his pets down here long. Just his whores.” another woman said, a bit of bitterness in her voice. “Just make sure you stay his pet and you’ll be fine.” Lia listened as some of the women tried to comfort her, but it didn’t help. She was going to be some man’s pet and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. A door opened and the women all got quiet. A large man with a sack over his head and eye holes cut out of the sack. The man was even larger than Angus, standing somewhere in the neighborhood of 7ft tall, but he was built like Marcus only thicker. The well muscled giant grabbed a water hose and turned it on full blast, then he systematically started spraying the naked women in the cages. They yelled and cursed as the powerful hose bombarded their soft bodies with hot water. A few of them simply sat there, used to the pain and pressure of the hose. Then he turned to Lia. He looked her over.

“Genahlia!” the man called out. Lia was shocked. That was her real name, but she never went by it, always preferring to go by Lia instead. Lia looked up hearing her name and started to tremble. The massive man lifted the cage from over her with ease. “Come please.” He said in a gruff, strongly accented tone. Lia stood up and started to follow the huge man. For a moment she considered running or trying to escape, but she was genuinely terrified. Considering the state of the other women, she didn’t want to risk any of that happening to her. Lia was led up several flights of stairs, through a kitchen, then several hallways, finally to a huge room. It was decorated in lavish reds, deep purples and some gold. At the end of the room there was several thrones and one central throne. There were several people sitting in the thrones talking to one another as Lia was lead to them. She stood before the five people completely naked.

“Welcome my pet.” The man in the central throne said. “I am Manuel. These are my associates. Carlos, Juan, Jesus, and Lupe. Carlos was a dark skinned, short, fat, greasy looking man with slicked back hair and ugly features. Juan was his complete contrast. Thin, tall, light skinned man with tousled hair and handsome features. Jesus was about average, but very hairy and had a thick beard. Lupe was the only woman in the group. She was a tiny little woman just about Lia’s size with massive 36DD breast. She also wore a collar, with a chain on it. The chain was connected to Manuel’s throne. Manuel was a tall dark skinned man. He was hairy, but not as bad as Jesus. He had long dark hair slicked back into a pony tail and handsome features as well. He also spoke perfect english with only a slight accent. “Come to me Lia.” Manuel said kindly. Lia looked down as she made her way up to the stairs to the area between the 5 thrones. “On your knees Ms. Harrison.” Manuel continued. Lia obediently got down on her knees. “Are you scared pet.” Manuel asked taking a more gentle tone. Lia nodded. “You may speak pet.”

“Y…y…yes sir.” Lia squeaked out.

The others laughed. “You have nothing to fear as long as you’re a good pet. Do you understand.”

“Y…yes sir.” Lia said, trying to shake her fear. She could do that. She could be a good pet, she thought. As long as they didn’t hurt her, she’d be good.

“Crawl over and kiss me and my friends feet.” Manuel commanded. Lia got down on her hands and knees and started kissing their feet. Lupe was last. She had small cute feet, just alittle larger than Lia’s. As Lia kissed her feet, she started trying to press her foot into Lia’s mouth. Lia opened her mouth and allowed Lupe to stick her toes in her mouth. Lupe started trying to force more of her foot into Lia’s mouth. Lia tried take as much of Lupe’s foot as she could.

“Chupa! Chupa!!” Lupe yelled, standing from her throne.

“Enough!” Manuel said, pulling the chain connected to his throne, forcing Lupe back into her throne. “Lia is my pet. Remember that Lia. You belong to me. You don’t have to do anything but what I command. Slap Lupe.” Manuel said. Lia stood up and stared into Lupe’s eyes. She could see the anger in Lupe’s face, but this was Lia’s chance to vent some of her frustration, and so she slapped Lupe right across her mouth, hitting her hard enough to draw blood. Lupe shot up from her throne, but was instantly yanked back down. “Know your place, Lupe!” Manuel yelled. Lupe looked back at him hatefully but held her tongue. “Everyone, take in my beautiful new pet.” Manuel said, leaning back in his throne. The others got up from their throne and began groping and prodding Lia’s nubile young body. Lia closed her eyes as she could feel tears welling up once again.

Lia was molested for several minutes before she was lead up to a different room. This room was well decorated and had many modern amenities. She had a TV but no computer. For the first time since she was kidnapped she was able to tell what day it was and how long she’d been missing. She discovered that she’d been missing for almost a month. Much of the television was in spanish, but that was fine, she didn’t care much for TVs or movies or anything. She just wanted to go home. She missed her family and friends. Just then a woman walked in. She was one of the ladies from before. She had several sets of clothing.

“These are for you.” The lady said, eyes lowered.

“Thank you.” Lia replied. The lady bowed and walked out. Lia put on the long t-shirt and a pair of jogging pants. She’d been so exposed lately it felt good just to be covered up. To be able to have some modesty. Lia started writing. Nothing in particular, just what was on her mind. She had no one to talk to, no one to vent to, so she just put it on paper. It felt good to be able to vent and not be punished. She thought back to the women in the dungeon and how they were scarred and disfigured and how she didn’t want to end up like them. Am I broken? Lia thought. Lia started thinking about her actions. How scared she was, how she’d do anything just not to be hurt. I can’t let them break me. I can’t! Lia screamed in her head.


Lia had been with Manuel for two months. She’d been treated relatively well. Much better than she’d been treated with James, Marcus, and Angus. Her ass had finally started to heal, she was well fed and had even started to get her strength back. She went to the gym every day. She said it was to keep her body in shape for Manuel, but it was moreso that she’d be ready to escape if she got the chance. She could sprint for five solid minutes and her flexibility had returned to near gymnast levels. It wasn’t all peaches and cream though. Lia was forced to have sex with Manuel every day. Sometimes for hours at a time. She’d had sex with each of the members of his circle at Manuel’s behest. Even Lupe had fucked her. That was the worse. Lupe liked using huge dildo’s and would intentionally try to hurt Lia. Lia mostly took it, but Lia did throw Lupe onto the ground and almost choked her to death at one point. Lia was punished, but after explaining herself she was allowed to sleep with Manuel, the alternative being to sleep with that monstrous bodyguard of his. In two months time Lia hadn’t managed to see his face.

Lia got up like she’d gotten accustomed to. It was almost like she was back home. She looked herself over every morning then took a shower and got dressed. One of the slaves would take Lia downstairs where she’d have breakfast with Manuel. Lia was apparently quite a prize in Manuel’s circle. He took her to several meetings. Unfortunately many times she was forced to have all manner of sex with his clients. Always unprotected. Lia was tested frequently and amazed she hadn’t contracted anything from all the unprotected sex she’d had. She also avoided becoming pregnant. She was almost disappointed. Sure she hated the situation she was in, but she still did dream. Poking out her tight little tummy as far as she could and looking in the mirror, trying to see what she’d look like pregnant. This was more of a normal breakfast though, no meetings no clients, just Lia and Manuel.

“I have a business meeting alittle later tonight, pet.” Manuel started. Lia fought the urge to cringe. “Unfortunately you won’t be coming with me. These men are…dangerous and I’d hate to endanger my special little pet.” Manuel said sweetly.

“I understand.” Lia said, feigning disappointment. Manuel smiled.

“Lupe is going to be in charge. I know you two haven’t gotten along in the past, but try to be civil. She’s not allowed to hit you or hurt you in any way. You return the favor. And you don’t have to have sex with her unless you want to.” Manuel informed her. Lia didn’t like the idea of Lupe being in charge. Lupe seemed to hate Lia for some reason. Lia assumed that it was because Lupe was Manuel’s favorite before she came along.

“I’ll stay in my quarter’s until you return.” Lia smiled. “I’d hate for there to be any trouble. I don’t think she likes me.” Lia continued. Even though she hated Manuel, it felt good to actually talk to another person. Lia frequently reminded herself that everything bad that happened to her since she’d been kidnapped was because of Manuel. This kept her from falling for his charming nature, that and the fact that Manuel lack luster at best in bed. He lacked the creativity and roughness she preferred.

“You don’t have to stay in your room pet.” Manuel insisted, but Lia thought it best just to avoid her while she was in charge. Manuel eventually conceded, but promised that he’d make it up to her when he returned. Lia feigned excitement as she normally did when Manuel talked about sex. After a relatively talkative breakfast, she headed to the gym. Lia had become very well toned and surprisingly strong for her size. She still looked very feminine, but she had a good bit of muscle to her now. She was just about 100lbs. She was very proud of the way she looked. She noticed Lupe glaring at her as she looked herself over in the mirror. Lupe often glared angrily at Lia. It seemed the better Lia looked the more Lupe hated her. Lia decided that she’d had enough working out for the day and headed to her room. As much as she hated TV she had taken a liking to action movies. Mostly the ones where there was a lot of martial arts action. She’d DVR the shows and practice the moves religiously. She used her pillow as a brace for punching and kicking the walls. Lia was slowly but surely preparing herself for escape.

Later that night one of the slaves walked into Lia’s room with a tray of food. Lia glanced up at her and flashed her a sweet smile, before offering the girl some of her food. Lia felt sorry for the slave girls. They were treated much worse than she was. Some came up to her room with fresh welts and black eyes, not to mention the cutting in scaring, which she discovered was mostly Lupe’s doing. She’d do that to any of the girls she thought was prettier than she was. And since Lupe was in charge of the slaves, no one ever stopped her. Lia also discovered that it had become worse since she’d arrived. Although there was less scaring, Lupe would torture and beat the girls for hours, the whole time cursing Lia. Lia hated that she was the cause of all that suffering, but Manuel refused to reign Lupe in.

“Here you are Ms. Harrison.” The slave said. They commonly addressed her by that title for some reason. Lia never understood it, but she just went with it.

“Thank you Mya.” Lia said softly. Mya was one of the newer girls and had yet to suffer as much as many of the other slaves. Mya was very pretty and Lia knew that Lupe would probably disfigure her soon, so Lia advised Mya to start drool. Although Mya wasn’t any less pretty. The idea that she constantly drooled made her less threatening to Lupe, so she had left Mya alone for the time being. “Do you want some of this. It’s really good.” Lia offered. Mya looked down at the floor.

“I’m sorry Lia, I have a little sister who’s down there with us and Lupe said she’d cut her eyes out if I didn’t…” With that Mya lunged forward with a knife. Lia ducked out of the way just in time. Mya stood just a few inches taller than Lia, but was build a little more solidly. Mya stabbed at Lia clumsily with her knife. Lia tried to talk Mya down, but she refused to listen. Mya lunged at Lia for what would be her last time. Lia ducked out of the way and the knife stabbed into the wall. Lia then punched Mya right in the face as hard as she could. Mya tumbled backwards and Lia pressed the advantage, kicking Mya in her stomach, when Mya doubled over, Lia kneed her in the face. Mya fell to the floor. At this point Manuel’s bodyguard arrived. He stood menacingly over the fallen Mya. He roughly grabbed her by her hair and started to drag her from the room. It was at that moment Lia saw something. Something that to her meant freedom. It was a set of keys hanging from the man’s pocket. She knew where the garage was. All she’d have to do is take the keys and steal the man’s car. She could drive to the US embassy and be home within the week. Lia glanced back at the knife and then at the man. She snatched the knife from the wall and then fainted. The bodyguard turned back hearing Lia hit the floor. He knelt over Lia’s seemingly prone body. Lia’s started to blink as if she was regaining consciousness. The bodyguard recognized the glint in Lia’s eyes just a moment too late. The knife plunged deep into the man’s stomach, not once but twice before he could even react. He fell backward and tried to cover up. Lia stabbed him between the legs. When he stood reacted Lia stabbed the knife right into the man’s neck. He twitched and flailed for a moment. Lia sat there stunned. She’d just killed a man. She just killed the largest most terrifying thing in the house. A smile crossed Lia’s face before reality set in. Now is my chance. Lia thought. She sprung to her feet, knife in hand. Mya was standing in the doorway. Her nose looked broken, but she was otherwise okay. “Grab his keys.” Mya whispered. Lia kept her eyes on Mya, the girl who had just minutes ago tried to kill her. “Take me with you.” Mya pleaded. “Please take me with you!” Lia thought about it for a moment. If she didn’t take Mya with her, she’d have to kill her and although killing some giant no faced freak was fine with her, killing a girl who was just in a terrible situation wasn’t.

“Come on. But you better keep up. I’m not coming back for you.” Lia said. The two women started down the stairs. Lia told the other guards she was going to the kitchen to get Mya some ice for her nose. She told them that she’d fallen and broken her nose. They really didn’t care. Manuel told them that Lia had free reign of the house as long as she didn’t leave. Lia and Mya sneaked into the garage area, but when they turned the lights on there where two people in the garage waiting.

Lupe sat in a chair with a smug look on her face. Standing beside her was a young girl of maybe 15 or 16. She was handcuffed and gagged. Mya’s eyes widdened as she saw her sister Gigi handcuffed standing beside Lupe. Lupe brandished a 9mm pistol.

“Look Gigi, get a good look at the gringa that got your sister killed.” Lupe said as she shot Mya right in the forehead. Lia screamed and fell to her knees. Did you know the man you killed, was Manuel’s brother. He was in an accident in the states and he went to the hospital. There was a mistake and he ended up getting the wrong medication. They had to do brain surgery and he ended up brain damaged. Your father was in charge of the emergency room and your uncle did the surgery. The only reason you’re alive is because he felt it was enough just to have you. To have you as his little pet. But since you killed his only brother…” Lupe smiled. Lia’s head was spinning. She collapsed on the floor.

Lia woke up to find herself naked. She was handcuffed to each wall of the cage she was in. She immediately knew where she was. The other girls stared harshly at her naked form. Lia didn’t speak. She knew what was going to happen to her. She was going to die. Mostly likely tortured to death by that bitch Lupe. If I’m gonna die…I’m gonna fuck that bitch up before I go. Lia said to herself. Lia had long ago made peace with the fact that she’d die young. Although this wasn’t the way she imagined going. In a way this was better. The cancer she’d hated would not have it’s victory. It would not take her life. That offered Lia some comfort as she heard the door open. She could hear Lupe’s footsteps as they came down the stairs.

“Morning…slave.” Lupe smiled. “I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you’re alive.” Lupe teased. “The bad news is that you’re mine, now bitch.” Lupe looked at the cages of the other girls. Then smiled. Lupe uncuffed Lia’s arms from the cage. “Crawl over here and lick my toes.” Lia looked hatefully at Lupe as she crawled to the edge of the cage. Lupe put her toes into the cage and Lia began to lick them. Then suddenly Lia bit down with all of her force. It was only when she saw Lupe brandish her gun that she let go. Lia’s eyes hardened as she stared down Lupe. “Looks like you just got her killed!” Lupe said shooting one of the slaves in the forehead. Lia’s heart sunk. “Oh, this isn’t even the half of it.” Lupe smiled, blood still oozing from her injured toe. She limped up the stairs. “By the way ladies, any time she doesn’t do what I ask…I’m going to shoot one of you.” Lupe called down with a smile as she closed the door. Lia curled up in the corner as the angry women yelled and screamed at her.

Lia was awakened by a hot blast of water. She covered up as much as she could, trying to protect herself. After the guard finished spraying Lia and the rest of the girls, He ushered Lupe down the stairs. Two other men followed them. They had something large on a cart. When they all got down to the bottom of the stairs Lupe stepped away.

“Lia, meet you’re new lover.” Lupe said as the men uncovered what was on the cart. It was a body. The throat was cut and there were several stab wounds in the stomach. Lia immediately threw up. “Lia please have sex with the man you murdered.” Lupe asked politely. A sadistic smile crossed her face.

“No…please don’t.” Lia cried in terror. Lupe immediately shot one of the slaves, killing her instantly. Lia screamed.

“Now Lia, please don’t make me kill another one of these women. Just do as you’re asked.” Lupe asked again, slightly more stern.

“I’m…sorry! Please…” Lupe shot another slave before Lia could even finish. “I’ll do it!!!” Lia screamed. “Please stop killing people!” Lia cried. Her entire body shook as two bodyguards walked towards the cage. They lifted the cage. For a moment Lia thought of running, but the look on Lupe’s face told her that she’d just shoot more slaves, so instead Lia weakly stood up. From under the cart Lupe pulled out a video camera.

“I’ve got to show this one to Manuel. He’ll love it.” Lupe smiled as she stared hatefully at Lia. Lia looked at the corpse, the first person she’d ever killed. He had never done anything to her personally, but he did rape several slaves. Lia was lifted up onto his body. Now climb on his cock. Lupe ordered. Lia hesitated, but as Lupe started to level her gun, Lia mounted the dead man’s cock. It was surprisingly rigid and large. Lia threw up as she settled on his cock. “You filthy Americans have no respect for the dead.” Lupe said, slapping Lia across the face. “Will you please clean him off.” Lupe said to one of the bodyguards. “Next time you throw up, I’m going to make you eat it.” Lupe could feel the rage boiling up inside of her, but before she could do anything she felt irons being attached to her ankles. “This will make sure you stay on him until you cum. Lia swung viciously at the bodyguards as they brandished heavy weights, with locks on them. Lupe’s personal guard eventually had to grab Lia’s arms as the other two guards attached the weights to the hooks in Lia’s nipples. With normal hooks she could just tear them off, sure it would rip her nipples, but she’d rather lose them then be forced to be face to face with the man she’d killed. The corpse that was going to rape her. But these hooks were pressed inside of her breast and barbed so that they couldn’t be removed. They sat the dead man up, so they could be face to face. Lia turned away as much as she could from the dead man. She fought down another surge of bile as it threatened to erupt from her body. The bodyguards seized Lia’s arms and Lupe walked over close to her. She pulled out some heavy duty fishing line and a large sharp hook. First she attached the line to Lia’s hair, then pulled hard, forcing Lia to look up at the corpses face. Then she attached the hook to the line, before she shoved the sharp hook up Lia’s asshole. Lia screamed in pain as the hook sliced into her flesh. Lia tried to lower her head, but the slicing of the hook made her stop. The hook was attached so securely that any movement other than staring straight at the the dead man’s face would cause it to cut deeper into her. This was something out of a horror movie. Lia was mounting a dead man with a hook in her ass. She could barely believe what was happening to her. Surely she’d wake up and find out she was in someone’s bed after a bad trip or even in the hospital still. It was at this moment that she’d have rather still been sick than have this happen. All of her internal thoughts stopped the moment she felt the cock move inside of her.

“Oh, by the way I had a little piston and a vibrator put in there, but don’t worry. It’s still his cock buried inside of you. Oh yeah. One more thing.” Lupe said as she walked around towards the body. She took one of the bodyguard’s knife and cut the bag off of the corpse’s head. His face was frozen in horror as was Lia’s. That’s when she started the vibrator. Lia didn’t even feel it at first. Her mind was broken. All she could do was stare. She’d almost fainted several times, but the hook in her ass forced her back to reality. Eventually, the vibrator and cock piston started to do their jobs. Lia started to feel that burning inside her body.

“No…no…no…please God stop!” Lia cried out as she drew close to orgasm. Lupe smiled at the spectacle of seeing her worst enemy in such a sorry humiliated state. Lia’s body was taking over as she fought desperately to hold off her orgasm, but the relentless assault was too much for Lia. She could feel her body succumbing to the orgasm. Her dripping cunt started to clinch around it’s vibrating intruder as her body started to tighten. She could feel her anus tighten around the hook. As always Lia’s body inevitably won. Lia’s eyes rolled back in her head as her body spasmed uncontrollably. Lia once again passed out, but was brought out of it by the hook.

“Handcuff the bitch to the cart. Let’s leave the bitch to her lover.” Lupe said, leaving the video camera in the dungeon to record every moment of Lia’s torture. The other women looked in disgust as the young girl was forced to orgasm atop the man. His face right in hers the whole time. The best she could do was close her eyes. Several of them struggled against the cages while others simply tried to encourage her. After the first half hour of forced orgasms everything else was lost. The only thing that kept Lia from completely succumbing to the orgasmic haze was the hook jarring her from her stupor every time she started to collapse. Eventually even that wasn’t enough. The hook tore into Lia’s ass as deeply as it would tear and Lia’s head fell against the corpses. Lia didn’t care anymore. She’d endured an hour and a half of corpse rape. There was nothing more that could be done to her. Lupe eventually came back with her bodyguards. The women spit obscenities and cursed her name, some banged against the cages. That all ended when Lupe put a bullet through one of the slaves heads. Suddenly the room went silent. Only the raspy moans coming from Lia’s lips coud be heard. Lupe had her men unbind Lia and drag the unconscious girl up the stairs.

“Tonight’s a special night for you Lia.” Lupe said with a smile as Lia stirred. Lupe had her bodyguards drag Lia’s naked body up to the throne room. Manuel looked down at the naked girl and smiled. He seemed giddy almost. Way too happy to see the girl who murdered his brother. There where two weights down on the ground. Lia also noticed a sixth seat sitting by Manuel. It was empty, but had cuffs on the arms and legs. Lia was forced down and the weights were attached to her breast. These weights were even heavier than the last ones, each one weighing as much as Lia.

“Lia tonight you’re going to finally get what you deserve for what you did to my little brother.” Manuel said coldly.

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry!” Lia cried. “I didn’t want any of this to happen…this is…this was…it was your fault.” Lia spit. “You brought me here and kept me prisoner. If it wasn’t for that, he’d still be alive. I hate you. I hope whatever bastard daughter you might have is…”

“Havoc!!!!!” Manuel screamed angrily. Never was this phrase more appropriate. As he yelled a massive Bull Mastiff bounded into the room. The dog was over two hundred pounds and was the most vicious looking animal Lia had ever seen. “Mount!!!!” Manuel screamed to the dog as he pointed at Lia. Had never been so scared. This was too much.

“PLEASE MANUEL NO!!!! I’M SORRY. I SWEAR I’LL DO ANYTHING. I’LL BE YOUR PET FOREVER. PLEASE JUST LET ME BE YOUR PET. ANYTHING….I’LL DO ANYTHING!!!” Lia screamed as loudly as she could, but her please fell on deaf ears. Lia planted her feet and tried with all of her might to rip the hooks out of her breast. “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Lia screamed as she pulled against weights and the hooks, but all it managed to do was make herself bleed. The dog had done this several times to women who had gotten on Manuel’s bad side. The dog walked around behind Lia and started licking her exposed pussy. Lia reached back behind her and covered herself with her hand. The dog nipped Lia’s hand as a warning, but güvenilir casino when Lia didn’t move it, the dog bit into her hand. Lia cried out in pain as the dog’s teeth pierced her tender flesh. The dog released her hand after a moment and Lia pulled it infront of her, cradling her bleeding hand. Without missing a beat, the dog continued licking the young girl until it could taste her sex, leaking from her over stimulated cunt. “Manuel…please…” Lia cried as she felt the dog trying to position itself. It didn’t take long for the dog to find it’s mark, plunging it’s massive bestial cock into the young girl’s dripping cunt.

“Lia!!!” Lia heard as her eyes started to flutter open. It was a familiar voice. She was in the hospital or at home, she had to be. A smile crossed her face for a moment before she started to feel something. It was painful and pumping inside of her rapidly. Lia looked back behind her and was immediately shocked back into reality as the animal continued to rape her. Mortified and confused she turned back towards the source of the voice she’d heard. Her eyes slowly began to focus on the a man cuffed in the sixth chair near Manuel.

“Oh my god, Daddy.” Lia cried. Her father was beaten and bloodied. A look of horror and disgust etched on his face as he watched his daughter being raped by a dog. Unbeknownst to Lia, she’d cum several times while she’d been out. Each whorish moan that escaped her lips tore deeper and deeper into her father’s psyche. Lia redoubled her effort to tear the hooks from her breast, but the dog was on her back and there was no where she could go. She felt the dog’s drool dripping down the back of her neck as it pounded her, pushing her across the floor, the hooks ripping inside of her breast as she slid. Lia screamed in agony as the dog continued to rape her. It had been almost forty five minutes and the animal still hadn’t cum. The dog had been trained to rape women for long periods of time. Humiliating them by making the cum over and over before the dog’s knot ripped them open.

“Look at what I’ve done to your disgusting bitch of a daughter.” Manuel taunted as Lia’s father sat, fixated on the abhorrent sight. Manuel had already shown the edited video of Lia seemingly enjoying the having sex with his dead brother as well as several videos of Lia “enjoying” being gang banged by his friends and his clients. But still he refused to believe it. He knew Lia was alittle bit of a freak, but this was too far. Atleast that’s what he thought before he watched his daughter have orgasm after orgasm while being fucked by an animal. He shook with anger as tears poured from his face. Lia, in the meanwhile had started to succumb to her orgasmic haze as the dog continued to pound her battered grasping pussy relentlessly. Lia hated herself for this. She was nothing. Nothing but a bitch in heat. Moans of pleasure started to escape her lips as she felt yet another orgasm building. She had just recovered for what would ultimately been her 5th orgasm. Lia barely had any strength left. All she could do was moan. Her head was too clouded to even make words. Lia felt dead inside as she came with all the pleasure of a woman being taken by her lover. The beast ripped two more orgasms out of Lia before she felt it. It started off as just the dog not penetrating as deeply as he had been. Then the pain started. She felt the dog’s massive knot being forced into her tiny broken body. Lia was breathless from orgasms as the dog pressed it’s 10 inch around knot inside of the girl. Lia gritted her teeth as it stretched her to the breaking point. Blood leaked from her broken cunt as the dog hammered his massive knot ever deeper into Lia. Lia managed to scream as the knot smashed against her torn open cervix. The dog banged his knot against her cervix violently. Shoving Lia across the floor. The weight didnt’ move. Lia screamed in pure agony as the hooks where ripped from her breast, slicing both of her nipples in half. Lia cupped her bloody breast as the dog finally tore her cervix asunder, driving it’s massive knot directly into her womb. Lia felt stream after stream of hot cum fill her womb. Lia’s stomach bulged obscenely as her womb was overflowed with cum. Lia laid limp on the ground, her body shaking uncontrollably as the dog rested on top of her. After about ten minutes the dog managed to pull his cock from the young girl. A pink mixture of blood and cum poured from Lia’s broken cunt, pooling between her thighs as she laid on the floor shaking. Lupe walked up to the broken young girl.

“If you don’t beg your father to fuck you, I’m going to make Havoc do the same thing to him, before I kill him.” Lupe smiled. It took a moment for Lia to register what was being said to her. She looked up pleadingly at Lupe.

“No more…please…no more.” Lia pleaded softly, barely able to move. Lupe’s face turned cold as she started towards Havoc. Lia summoned all the strength she had left in her body. She knew she couldn’t let her father be killed, no matter what she had to do. No matter how worthless and disgusting she felt. “Daddy, I want your cock inside of me.” Lia said as seductively as she could considering the state she was in. Her father looked disgusted. Manuel had his bodyguards to uncuff him.

“Go to her. Fuck that worthless cunt daughter of yours. If you do, I might let her go.” Manuel teased. As disgusted and as absolutely ashamed as he was of Lia, it was still his daughter. It was still the girl his wife had died giving birth to, it was still his baby and he’d do anything to get her out of this place. Even the unthinkable. Lia’s father walked over to Lia and rolled her on her back. He positioned himself between Lia’s legs and unzipped his pants. Lia looked away as he peered down on her naked broken body. He brushed Lia’s hair from her face.

“I’m sorry baby.” He said before plunging his modest cock into his daughter. He was shocked at how tight Lia had remained despite her assault. He closed his eyes as he began thrusting into his daughter’s battered cunt. He imagined it was his wife. He stroked her face lovingly and kissed her softly as they made love. Lupe glared at Lia. Her glare eventually caught Lia’s eye. Lia knew what Lupe wanted.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Lia moaned. “Shove your fat cock into my slutty little fuck hole.” Lia continued. This completely broke her father out of his fantasy. All he could see now was his disgusting whorish daughter begging him to fuck her infront of all of these people. The same girl who relished in being gangbanged. The same girl who willingly fucked a corpse and enjoyed bestiality. This wasn’t the girl he raised, this wasn’t Lia at all. This was Manuel’s disgusting little pet. Lia’s father wrapped his hand firmly around Lia’s throat and started to squeeze as he his thrust became more violent. Lia could see the rage in his eyes as he peered straight through her. Lia grabbed his arms and tried to pull him off of her, but she was too weak to put up any real fight. Lia started squeezing his cock as much as she could, fucking him back hard. She hoped him cumming would break him from his rage. Lia lips started to turn purple as her father fucked her. She struggled to stay conscious. She wanted to die, but not like this. She knew her father would never forgive himself is he murdered his own daughter. Lia could feel an orgasm building inside and cursed herself for being so sexual. Her father’s body was beginning to tense up as he was building to orgasm as well. Thrust after thrust he drove his cock into his daughter. Each thrust driving him closer and closer to murdering the helpless girl. Lia came first, her body started shaking and spasming as the orgasm washed over her. Her cunt gripped her father’s cock so tightly that he couldn’t help but to cum, erupting deep inside his daughter’s body. As Lia finally started to fall into sweet oblivion she mouthed “I love you, daddy”. Her father immediately released his grip on Lia’s throat, but Lia had already passed out.

Lia woke up sore. Her breast were sensitive and swollen. She could see where her breast had been, stitched back together. She was alone in her “pet” room. She stood up and glanced at the mirror like she normally did. Something was wrong. She had a slight bulge in her stomach. A single tear fell down Lia’s face. She thought it was practically impossible for her to get pregnant. This was way too soon and hardly in the most ideal circumstance, but still, she was pregnant. That only cemented her need to get out of there. She heard a knock at the door.

“One moment.” Lia said throwing on long sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt. It was Lupe. Lia immediately tried to close the door, but Lupe forced it open.

“Morning sunshine.” Lupe smiled. “I have a special treat for you tonight.” Lupe continued, a devilish glint in her eye.

“Lupe, you can’t…please. I’m pregnant.”

“I know bitch. Who do you think sneaked the fertility drugs in your food.” Lupe smiled. “I personally hope it’s your father’s. That would be perfect. I hope she grows up to be a worthless cunt just like her whore mother…assuming she grows up at all.” Lupe threatened. Lia lunged at Lupe slamming her roughly against the wall, but Lupe had been working out while Lia was in a coma for three months and easily overpowered Lia. “If Manuel didn’t think it was his baby, I’d fist that worthless cunt of yours and rip that fucking baby out of you.” Lupe again threatened, the vulnerable Lia as she clutched Lia’s throat. Lupe shoved Lia down to the ground and walked out. Lia started to hyperventilate, but managed to pull herself together. Lia sat down and started writing. Anything to get her mind off of Lupe’s threats. She imagined what it would feel like to have Lupe ram her fist inside of her and tear her cervix open before ripping the child from her womb. Lia immediately started crying. She knew she’d never escape and that if it wasn’t Manuel’s baby Lupe would kill it. Before Lia knew it, there was a knock at her door. It seemed like it had been only a few minutes, but when Lia looked at the clock, she realized it had been several hours. Lia cautiously opened the door. There were three bodyguards waiting outside for her. One of them immediately grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room. Without a word Lia was dragged down into the basement.

“LET ME GO!!!” Lia screamed as the walked her down the stairs. As she looked around she noted that many of the girls she’d seen before were gone. All but one, Mya’s sister Gigi stood there glaring at Lia. “Where’s Lupe.” Lia said looking around.

“Oh she left me in charge.” Gigi told her. “I’m gonna fuck you up!” She threatened. The three guards put forced Lia face up on a table and strapped her down. Lia was spread eagle on the table as Gigi walked over to her with a large vacuum cleaner. She cut Lia’s pants off and turned the vacuum cleaner on, teasing Lia’s pussy with the suction attachment. Lia went wild, struggling against the restraints. Not even dislocating her wrist stopped her struggles as Gigi continued to tease her. “Wow, I guess it really did work. You must be scared of vacuum cleaners or something.” Gigi shrugged as she tossed the nozzle to the side. Gigi grabbed a large jar of lube and started rubbing it on her hands. “I know you haven’t gotten any action in a while, so I was told you needed to be stretched out a bit.” She smiled as she started rubbing Lia’s exposed pussy. There was still damage from the various rapes Lia had endured although she was healing up nicely. Gigi started with one finger first, slowly rubbing Lia’s clit with her other fingers as she did. Lia was nervous but breathed a sigh of relief. Lia knew how this worked. In her wilder days one of the guys from the BDSM she was “employed” at attempted to stretch her out alittle using the same method. The guy inevitably failed, never actually being patient enough to stretch Lia’s tiny little cunt enough for his cock to fit. Gigi seemed to be taking her time though. After the horror’s Lia had endured she needed some pleasure. Pleasure is what she got. Gigi slowly fingered Lia as she softly massaged Lia’s clit. Lia started to moan slightly as the lube started to warm up. Gigi rubbed Lia to orgasm before she tried to insert the next finger. Not completely healed from her earlier assaults, Lia winced in pain as Gigi’s second finger penetrated her damaged hole. Gigi, started rubbing Lia’s clit more vigorously now, smiling as she saw Lia’s body start to tense up. Lia’s limbs started to shake and pull against her restraints. She immediately started screaming when she noticed her wrist. It was swollen severly. Hearing Lia scream Gigi immediately pulled her fingers from Lia’s moist little cunt. “What’s wrong? Am I hurting you.” Gigi said, a concerned look on her face.

“My wrist!” Lia said, nodding up towards her right wrist.

“Wow, that looks pretty bad. Guard!” Gigi called. A few moments later a guard walked down the stairs. Gigi pointed at Lia’s swollen wrist. “I need you to get her wrist back in the socket and get her some ibuprophen. The large bodyguard walked over to Lia’s wrist and jerked it as hard as he could. Lia screamed as her hand twisted and her wrist popped back into it’s socket. Gigi stood by Lia, stoking her face softly as they waited for the guard to return. The guard returned with some Advil a few moments later. “It’s still gonna hurt for a bit, but this should help ease the pain.” Gigi said with a smile. Lia smiled back. This was the first act of kindness she’d seen in a while. Even though she knew it wouldn’t last, it was nice to be treated like a human being. Even if it was just for a moment. Gigi, went back to work as soon as she’d got done talking. Slipping her first finger in and then slowly working in her second finger before she began rubbing clit again. The pain had started to dull and Lia closed her eyes, focusing instead on the sensation building in her body. Lia’s eyes immediately shot open as all she could see was her father’s enraged face as he choked the life out of her. Lia caught her breath and tried to close her eyes again, but his enraged visage forced her to once again open her eyes. “How does it feel?” Gigi asked. “Am I doing this right?” Gigi continued almost nervous. Lia had forgotten how young Gigi was until that moment. She felt a bit dirty allowing an underaged girl to stimulate her like that, but considering what she’d already been through, she let the feeling pass and instead allowed herself to fully enjoy Gigi’s machinations.

“It feels amazing. You’re doing great.” Lia encouraged as she felt herself getting turned on once again. Lia’s toes curled as her second orgasm washed over her. This one wasn’t as intense as the previous one, but pleasurable none the less. Lia could feel Gigi sliding her third finger in. It was pretty painful. Lia, bit her lip, not wanting to discourage the young girl. Then to her surprise Gigi was doing something she’d never felt before. She couldn’t tell what was going on, but whatever it was, it felt amazing. She’d just cum a moment ago, but Gigi was driving her to yet another orgasm. “Oh my god, Gigi this is amazing!” Lia cried out as her body began to shake. Her body once again tensed up and her limbs jerked against her restraints as she was taken by orgasm. This orgasm was the most intense she’d ever felt. Liquid exploded from her sopping cunt, drenching Gigi in her sex. Gigi immediately withdrew her fingers as Lia layed shaking. It was almost a full minute before Lia could do anything but moan. When she glanced up at Gigi she saw a sinister smile cross her face. Gigi walked over to the wall and grabbed another jar of lube and some gloves. “Are you okay. I’m sorry for…I never came that hard before.” Lia said seeing Gigi’s drenched clothing.

“Everything’s fine.” Gigi said calmly as she put on the gloves. She opened the jar of lube and placed some on her fingers, then she immediately started to rub Lia’s clit. The lube started warming up immediately. Lia’s body had started to become very sensitive. At first the lube felt good, but then it started to burn.

“Ooow! Ooow, it’s burning!” Lia said, trying not to panic. “I think you put too much on.” Lia continued.

“No bitch, it’s supposed to do that. Why in the fuck do you think I put the gloves on.” Gigi spit. Lia turned her head and bit into her bottom lip, trying to resist the pain. This would once again be a horrible experience. Once again she’d be subjected to some horrible form of torture. Why, why is this happening to me. Lia cried to herself. All she could think about was how worthless she had become. Her own father had tried to kill her and now there was a good chance she was carrying his child. The thought of it made her sick. She quickly lost that train of thought as the intensity of the burning increased. Lia tried to struggle as Gigi put more lube on her glove. This time she started massaging it into Lia’s outer lips. As the burning increased Lia started to lose compsure.

“Please Gigi, please stop…I…I…can’t! Just kill me! Please just kill me!” Lia pleaded. This was the first time those words had escaped her lips. She’d thought it many times throughout this ordeal, but this was the first time she said it. That’s when she realized that she’d rather be dead. That she wanted someone just to kill her rather than to endure day after day of torture. Tears poured from Lia’s pretty blue eyes as Gigi applied more onto her fingers. She spread Lia’s lips apart and started rubbing it into the insides of her lips, then to the inside of her pussy. It felt like someone was holding a torch to Lia’s crotch. Her delicate skin was bright red as she struggled helplessly against restraints. Gigi, decided to add insult to injury. She placed more on her fingers and rubbed it onto Lia’s G-spot. Lia went crazy, her body flailing wildly against her restraints as the pain clouded her mind. “GIGI…GIGI…PLEASE!!!!” was all Lia could manage to say as the intensity continued to increase. Gigi then pulled out a massive 18 inch long, 12 inch around, black studded dildo. She started coating it with a different lube. She took some of the lube from the dildo and rubbed it onto Lia’s clit.

“I could leave you like this…or I could fuck you with this giant dildo. It has a neutralizing lubrication on it, that will make you feel a lot better.” Gigi smiled. “Your call sweety.”

“FUCK ME WITH THE DILDO. PLEASE RIP MY FUCKING PUSSY!!!” Lia screamed unable to bare the pain any longer. Gigi lined up the massive dildo and shoved it against Lia’s bright red burning fuck hole as hard as she could. Lia immediately felt the dildo cooling the burning lube, but that was soon eclipsed by the pain of having her pussy ripped open. Over the course of her torment, Lia had been stretched many times, but she’d always seen stretched. This dildo was literally ripping her cunt apart. She could feel her walls tearing open as Gigi continued to force the dildo inside of her. Lia struggled as hard as she could, dislocating both her wrist and her ankles as she struggled against the restraints. She could feel the blood dripping from her body as she dildo tore into her.

“This is for my sister you dirty gringo whore. No one’s ever going to want a dirty used up worthless whore like you when I’m done. A donkey won’t even feel your ripped open cunt.” Gigi screamed as she tore Lia’s once beautiful pussy asunder. By the time Gigi bottomed Lia out, Lia had long passed out from the sheer agony of the experience. Gigi grabbed a cattle prod and jammed it up Lia’s ass, shocking her back to life. Lia’s eyes could barely focus as her tiny battered body was wracked with pain. Gigi pulled the massive dildo from Lia’s body and blood poured from her battered hole. Gigi used salt and lemon juice to slow the bleeding, before she started stitching the largest lacerations back together. Lia was in so much pain she could barely think. Her eyes could barely focus on a figure walking from the background. It was Lupe. She had a big smile across her face.

“You know where I’ve been. I’ve been at the doctor’s. He forged a DNA test.” Gigi smiled. “No matter who’s the real father, the DNA test will show it as being your father. You won’t have to worry about that though. The reason I had Gigi to rip you open like this is that tomorrow, I’m going to rip your fucking womb open and tear that fucking baby out of you. Hopefully that won’t kill you cause I have so much more in store for you.” Lupe smiled “Oh yeah, I forgot something.” Lupe said. She turned around and shot Gigi right in the head. “Can’t have too many witnesses.” She smiled before casually walking from the room. Lia was left staring at the ceiling, her cunt was gaped open, her limbs had been dislocated and the only thing she had left in life to treasure was going to be murdered and there was nothing she could do about it.

Lia awoke in her room. She had a lot of gauze stuffed inside of her, but she felt no pain. She could barely move. Her head was spinning and the room was dark. All she could see was the light through the key hole. She struggled to get out of bed. Falling immediately to the floor once she got out of the bed. Lia crawled towards the door, but her limbs were heavy and her joints kept subluxing. She had almost reached the door as the door swung open. All she could see was a pair of boots. She felt herself being lifted into the air and tossed over someone who she could assume was a man’s shoulder.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Lia said weakly. The man didn’t respond. She could make out several dead bodies as she was carried towards the car port. As the lights turned on there was a man sitting in a chair. With him was a large dog. Lia screamed in terror as she recognized the dog who’d raped her. Her whole body started to tremble. The man lowered Lia to the floor, leaning her shaking body against one of the cars.

“HAVOC!!!!” Manuel screamed, staring hatefully at the man who was carrying the woman he’d believed to be the mother of his first child. “KILL!!!” The man walked purposely towards the charging monster of a dog. There was a violent impact and then a yelp and then nothing. The man tossed the dog’s dead body off of him and stared directly at Manuel.

“I’m taking her.” The man said, his hands shook with rage, but he was able to contain it, having more important things to do than extracting his revenge. Manuel pulled a pistol.

“You’re not taking my child!” Manuel screamed as he leveled the gun. Before he could take aim, he felt an intense pain in his groin. He looked down and there was a large knife sticking into his cock. Manuel fell to the ground as the man retrieved Lia. Walking past Manuel he kicked the gun away and retrieved his knife. It was a long curved blade that looked like it could be used as a sacrificial dagger.

“Next time I see you…I’m going to kill you.” The man said calmly as he walked passed Manuel, carrying the still dazed Lia.

Lia woke up in a bed. She didn’t recognize where she was. She immediately sat up. There was a man in the room. He was sitting on a chair, there was a knife sitting just within his reach. Lia stared intently at the man. His eyes slowly began to open.

“Morning sunshine.” The man smiled.

“Good…good morning.” Lia replied, still eyeing the knife.

“Are you going to…”

“Only if you ask me to.” The man replied. Lia stared intently at the man sitting in the chair. He was dark skinned and was alittle heavy set. He was a little taller than average and had handsome features.

“Who…who are you?” Lia asked as she sat up in her bed.

“I’m John.” The man replied. Lia stared at him longer. Her eyes widened as she remembered the pictures he’d sent her of himself.

“Oh my god….” Lia said, a tear falling from her face. John immediately moved over to the bed. Lia started shaking and as he reached out towards her face, she recoiled from his touch. “How do you…where am I.”

“You’re in Atlanta. I rented a place here. I came to find you.” John said, his eyes locked onto hers. “You lied to me.” He said, his hands now shaking. Lia’s eyes widened in terror.

“PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!!!!” Lia screamed. John’s eyes immediately softened. It broke his heart to see Lia so terrified. This wasn’t like what they’d talked about online. This wasn’t mind fuck cuddle you back together fear, this was genuine terror.

“Lia, I’m not going to hurt you.” John said softly. Looking her over. “Calm down. It can’t be good for the baby for you to be so worked up.” He continued.

“The baby…my dad, where’s my dad!” Lia cried out, unable to contain any of her emotions at the moment.

“You’re dad’s…we’ll talk about him later.”

“No NOW! Tell me NOW!” Lia demanded.

“I’m still working on him okay.” John said looking away from Lia. John had found her father a month ago. He seemed mostly okay until he asked about Lia. Then her father started screaming and yelling at John. They were at the hospital so John followed him home after work. When he confronted Lia’s father things turned violent. Lia’s father apparently hated her and wished she was dead. He started cursing at John and telling him how worthless his whore daughter was. Unbeknownst to Lia’s father, John had given up everything to Lia. He had killed a man to have a body to fake his own death, just so he could take his revenge on Lia for lying to him and vanishing. They’d said many things when they talked back and forth. He meant every word of everything he said to Lia. Lia responded in kind, but Lia was sick. Dying of cancer. As much as she cared for him, she didn’t want him to suffer, waiting for her indefinitely as he said he would. She wanted him to be free. To live his life. So she lied. Lia told him that she was fine, that she’d lied just to get him to go away. This incensed John and he decided that he just wouldn’t be happy ever again, so he released the demons he’d been fighting for years. He hatched a plan to find Lia and take his revenge upon her. He faked his own death so that when he started his reign of terror, no one would be looking for him. He used craigslist to find his victims, savagely raping and murdering the proxy Lia’s. John had become a monster. He nearly killed Lia’s father that night, but he started babbling about Columbians and such. When John eventually calmed down he tracked down the people who had Lia. He eventually brought Lia back to the place he’d rented. “What happened. Your father told me…” John said, not wanting to repeat what he’d heard. Lia’s mouth was agape as she stared at him.

“I….I…I….” Lia couldn’t even get a word out. She just burst into tears.

“You should rest.” John said sitting back in his chair. Not wanting to spook Lia.

“Lay with me…” Lia said timidly. He always told Lia that he’d cuddle her back together after brutally fucking her. Lia had been sexually destroyed, but she hoped that maybe just maybe he’d be willing to cuddle her back together.

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