Breaking Up

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Ted couldn’t believe his luck. He was beginning to think he had some Irish blood in him or something.

He hadn’t had sex in weeks, since breaking up with Tabitha. Then, out of the blue, her best friend Trish had bumped into him in the grocery store.

He’d been his usual jovial self. Sure, maybe he flirted a bit with her. But who wouldn’t? Trish was a hottie!

She had brown hair down to her ass, silky, shining hair. Men love long hair, everyone knew that! So how could he not flirt with her? And the way she dressed! Ouch!

Trish liked to wear this pair of overalls that were too baggy on her slender form. And she would wear a sport top underneath that left her very large breasts just bursting out the sides. Add to that image a set of blue eyes to die for and a killer smile, and all thoughts of Tabby were gone from Ted’s mind.

He’d naturally asked Trish to go for drinks.

Surprisingly, she’d said yes.

That was a few days ago. And tonight they had finally gone out. She’d called him up and everything, setting up the date and time completely on her own.

How could it be wrong?

But thoughts of Tabitha still haunted Ted. She didn’t have hair like Trish’s. She didn’t have eyes like Trish’s. Tabitha was a whole different kind of sexy.

Ted had been going out with Tabby for a year before they broke up. And he’d loved fucking her so much. She was short, petite, and pale skinned. She had wavy short black hair that curled cutely around her ears. And she had eyes so dark brown that they looked almost black. Tabby had fuller lips than Trish did. And Ted was betting that made her a better cock sucker. Tabby knew how to please a man, and then some.

Thinking of her now, he had to adjust himself in his seat in the car as he pulled up infront of Trish’s house.

“Everything okay?” his date asked sweetly.

“Yeah, sorry, I just need to use the bathroom.”

Trish laughed and got out of the car, motioning Ted to follow her.

“If you wanted to come in, you didn’t have to use a silly line like that!”

He grinned and didn’t bother correcting her. Who cares, he was getting inside!

Together they walked up to Trish’s house, then she let them in with her key, turning on lights as she moved into the house.

“Well?” she said, walking over to him.


“The bathroom. It’s upstairs. You did have to use it, didn’t you?” she asked, squinting her eyes at him and smiling.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah, I really have to piss.”

Ted smiled and headed up the stairs to find the bathroom. Trish was right behind him, humming to herself.

“The bathroom’s right in there, fan is by the light switch.” “Great, thanks,” Ted said, going into the dimly lit bathroom.

“I need to change, so I’ll be in my bedroom. Just knock when you’re done, okay?” And with that, she closed the door to her bedroom, leaving him stunned.

She was changing? After their date, with him right in the same house?

That could only mean one thing.

Yep, he must have Irish in him, cuz ol’ Teddy was gonna get laid!

Ted forced himself to take a leak, then washed his hands. Then, for good measure, he washed his face.

“You dog,” he said to his reflection, winking.

Then he went out into the hallway. Hopefully, Trish had had enough time to get ready for him.

He knocked on her door lightly with a knuckle.

“Come in!” she called out.

He put his hand on the doorknob and turned, opening the door. And what he saw left him breathless.

Trish was wearing a fetish get up!

A leather mask covered most of her casino şirketleri face and forehead. Her hair was pulled back from her face in a tight severe pony tail. Around her neck was a black leather collar with studs. And coming out from it were straps that ran down the front of her body, on either side of her large unbound breasts. The straps met a horizontal one around her stomach.

A harness-like black leather band went around her waist and over the tops of her long thighs, but her perfectly shaved sex was completely uncovered. And she was sporting a pair of red latex fuck-me boots that went up to her thighs.

“Do you like?” she asked, turning so Ted could see her naked ass.

He was speechless, so she just smiled at him.

“Now you.”

He gulped.

“Huh?” “Get undressed, silly. Or don’t you want to play?”

Ted nodded vigorously, then began to strip. He left his jeans to one side, and pulled his briefs from his body, kicking them off. His eyes were glued to Trish’s exotic form as she posed for him. Taking off his shirt was a chore, because he had to lose sight of her for a moment, and even a moment was too much. He quickly tossed it aside.

“Now come here,” she said, beckoning him closer.

Ted quickly came forward, reaching for her body. But Trish danced away.

“Nuh uh uh!” she said in a chastising voice, wagging her finger at him.

“No playing till I say we’re ready.”

“Uh, okay,” Ted said, swallowing hard.

His cock was raging and bouncing infront of him. Trish looked at it and smiled.

“My, you are big, aren’t you? Tabby never told me just how big!”

“Did…did she talk to you about me?” Ted asked, his hard on wilting slightly.

“Sure, all the time. She loved you,” Trish said matter-of-factly.

Then she walked over to a pile of silk scarves and tugged on them.

“Look, my special play time chair! Come, sit here.”

She patted the cushion and Ted walked over. The chair looked a lot like his weight lifting bench. It had a black vinyl covering on a slender slanted bench.

“Now, you sit here, okay?” she said calmly.

“Alright.” Ted climbed onto the chair, sitting comfortably and smiling at Trish.

Finally, she reached out a hand to touch his cock.

“Mmm, big. Bigger than I thought.”

She teased along the shaft with her fingertips, then ran them around the head of his cock. He felt a jolt as she tickled over him, and a drop of precum oozed from the slit. Trish grinned at that and began to smear it around his cock head.

“Would you like to suck it?” he offered.

He flexed his muscles, making his cock bounce excitedly.

“Maybe later,” Trish said, smiling.

She seemed to remember what she was doing then, and she looked at Ted’s hands.

“I’m going to tie you up. I like kinky things, don’t you?”

And before he could object, he had his wrist bound to a bar with a velcro strap.


“Don’t worry, these are safety straps. If you get worried, you can take them off at any point. I’m not a murderer or something, you know. I just want to have fun, don’t you?”

Trish smiled at him with that killer smile and Ted relaxed as she did the other wrist in a similar strap. It kind of felt neat to be tied up like this, almost powerless, or at least with the illusion of helplessness. Trish walked around to his knees and strapped his ankles to bars as well. Then she smiled at him.

“So…” she said quietly.

“Yes?” he smiled at her.

“Wanna fuck?”

Ted laughed.

“Well I’d think that was obvious.”

Trish casino firmaları climbed up Ted’s body and began to grind her shaved puss lips over his cock.

“Like that?” she whispered.

“Yeah, but do you have a condom? A rubber or something?” “Don’t you trust me?” she said coyly.

He blushed, grinning.

“Yeah, but I don’t trust myself.” “Have you been sleeping around already,” Trish said, almost scolding in her tones.

“No! No, I’ve only ever had sex with two chicks, and Tabby was one of them. Honest, I’m just being responsible, okay?”

His hard on was wilting again. And Trish was beginning to pout.

“If you loved Tabby, why did you break up with her?”

Trish climbed off of him now and stood next to him. Her fingers ran over her stomach down to his cock once more, and she began to tease and stroke him. He found it very hard to talk about Tabitha with her best friend jerking him off, but somehow, he managed.

“She was getting this new job, and she was talking about moving and stuff. I don’t want to move, I like living right here.”

He grunted, straining as Trish’s mouth slowly descended to his cock. But she smiled up at him.

“Go on,” she said, just before dropping her lips to his shaft.

Ted groaned.

“She wanted stuff I didn’t want. When we first started dating, we were a perfect pair.”

“Did she like to suck cock?”

“Oh yeah,” he groaned again.

“Was she good…?”

He winced, feeling the slight nip of Trish’s sharp teeth against the spongy head of his member.

“Fuck yeah. She really knew how to do it.”

“Why would you break up with a girl that knew how to suck cock, Ted?” Trish queried.

“It’s not all about fucking, you know,” he answered.

Though right now, fucking and sucking were all Ted could think about. Trish’s hands dropped to his balls, cupping and caressing them, then roughly man-handling them.

“What’s it about, then?”


“Do you love me?”

He sighed, hating how she was teasing him. But when he looked down and saw that killer smile opening around his shaft, he couldn’t help but be hard, no matter what she was asking him.

“No. I love Tabby.”

“But you want me to suck your cock?”

“Yes, so fucking badly.”


He gulped as she ran her tongue along the length over the tip to the slit, then back down.

“Because I think you want to.”

Trish laughed and pulled off of his cock with her mouth.

“Well, I also want to fuck you without a condom. Don’t worry, I don’t sleep around either.”

Ted’s head dropped back as Trish began to climb aboard his body once more. This time, she was facing away from him. He lifted his head and watched her long pony tail as it dragged across his chest. Her rounded ass on his lower stomach was so soft and smooth.

Then she was holding his cock to her shaved cunt. And he could feel the hot touch of her pussy lips against the head. She was teasing herself with his cock, leaning back so he couldn’t see a thing.

“Tell me you love Tabby,” she moaned.

“I love Tabby,” he answered.

Ted closed his eyes, confused, but uncaring. The sensations of Trish’s cunt against his cockhead, of her hands running up and down the shaft, her fingers teasing at his balls, were all too much to make him able to think straight.

“You want to fuck Tabby,” Trish whispered.

“Fuck yes, she’s such a good fuck. I loved fucking my Tabby.”

Then, suddenly, he felt something hot and wet against his cock. It was a tongue. His eyes flew open and güvenilir casino he lifted his head.

Trish was still in his lap. He couldn’t see what was going on there. But he could feel a second set of hands on his cock now.

He didn’t say a word as someone’s mouth moved up and down his cock and at last took him inside. He already knew it was Tabby.

Ted could have wept. But the pleasurable feel of having his lover’s lips wrapped around him again was something he couldn’t ignore.

“Do you want to fuck Trish, too?” Tabby’s voice asked from somewhere infront of her friend.

Ted knew he couldn’t lie. Not to Tabby.

“Yes. Gods, yes, Tabby. I’m sorry.”

The two girls seemed to lightly giggle. Then, he could feel Tabby’s nails on the insides of his thighs. And she was moving his cock forward with her hands suddenly.

She was lining his cock up with Trish’s cunt!

Ted gasped, feeling himself enter his lover’s best friend’s pussy, and he groaned as the slick wet heat of the woman’s sex enveloped him.

“Fuck her, then. I give you permission.”

Not that he had much choice now.

Ted began to move his hips up and down, up and down on the bench. He was forcing his cock in and out of Trish’s privacy. The girl leaned back, pushing her pelvis out to cause him more resistance.

And then, he could feel Tabby’s tongue again. She was lapping at Trish’s folds, licking at the girl’s lips. And then she was dragging her tongue along his shaft, her mouth hot against his flesh and his balls.

“Fuck, Tabby, that’s too much, it’s too hot,” he cried out.

Tabby’s tongue moved faster, boldly going lower now, teasing at his anus. Then she was flicking back up, and Ted could picture her licking at Trish’s clitoris, biting at it.

He was cumming, gods in heaven, he was cumming hard inside his lover’s best friend. He couldn’t help it. And Tabby’s wild tongue wasn’t helping either.

“Ah! Ah I’m cumming!” Ted cried out.

“I know,” Tabby answered, stroking his thighs and kissing his cock.

Then, with his member still inside Trish’s cunt, Tabby began to lap at Trish’s sex. Her tongue sometimes touched over Ted’s cock, making him shudder and bounce. And then, Trisha reached ahead of herself, probably grabbing Tabby’s dark locks as she began to cum.

Ted groaned, feeling Trish’s sheath milking him in her orgasm, stroking him and clenching around him. He shivered, disbelieving of everything that was going on.

After a few moments, Trish extricated herself from Ted’s body and walked over to the bed, lying down. Ted finally raised his head and looked down between his thighs.

Tabby sat there, her face blank. She didn’t seem to know what to think, either.

“What’s going on,” he asked her, his voice showing his hurt.

“I wanted to catch you fucking Trish. You were supposed to jump her bones. And you weren’t supposed to talk about me…”

“But he loves you, idiot. Don’t be daft,” Trish piped up from the bed.

“Then why did you break up with me, Ted?” Tabby asked, almost about to cry.

Slowly, Ted forced his hands out of the safety cuffs, then sat up on the bench. He reached down and touched Tabby’s face with his thumbs, stroking her cheeks.

“Because you were going to leave me. I’m not moving. And you were going to leave me behind.”

“I’d never leave you, Ted. I love you, so much!”

The small girl jumped up, wrapping her arms around Ted’s neck and kissing him feverishly. He smiled and hugged her close to him.

Then, he looked over at the bed and where Trish was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“I think you guys have been keeping some secrets from me,” he grinned at Trish, then Tabby.

Then he picked his girlfriend up in his arms and walked over to the bed.

“Maybe it’s sharing time?” he asked quietly.

The girls grinned.

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