Bree and her Dad Jeff #5

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Bree and her Dad Jeff #5

Jeff awakened in his bed, just as he had every day for more than a decade. Only this time when he awoke he was not alone. As he looked at the back of the woman who had climbed out of his bed as she made her way into the on-suite bath he smiled. At 49 he was looking at perfection. Bree was all youth. Long slender legs, flat belly, just a bubble of butt, strong shoulders, long luxurious hair. Bree was 18… and she was his only c***d.

His mind whirled with thoughts as he laid back down and rolled onto his back and smiled up at the ceiling. So many things that just a few days before had seemed so wrong had happened. Now he could not and would not call them wrong. They were incredibly right to him now!

She had worn him out and they had each fallen asleep still entwined with one another and without a stitch of clothing. In his mind he could see her now, straddling his hips, his hands on her breasts…. Her hands on his wrists. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock. He remembered being amazed with himself. He had not had sex with woman in years and had only rarely gotten off more than three times in a week until recently. He had not gotten off four times in a day in years… maybe decades! Yet that last time, last night, she had wrapped her lips around his soft cock and had smiled up at him. He had looked down at her and apologized. He did not think there was any way he was going to be able to give himself to her one more time. She had simply smiled up at him and said, “We’ll see.” Minutes later she had become the very fulfillment of the most incredible lover he had ever had as she threw her legs over his hips and pushed his resurrected manhood into her tight young body and sank them both into the oblivion of ecstasy.

He was still smiling, still remembering when she appeared in the doorway and leaned her relaxed body against the door frame between the two rooms. The light shining in behind her put a heavenly glow all around her body and yet he could still see the contours of her face. He could see her smile, the long lines of her neck, the swell of her breasts…. He could hardly believe that something so perfect was something that he had had a part in making! He also could not believe that she wanted him, a man twice her age as her lover! The fact that they were even more made it all of the more incredible. His eyes roamed over her body and he felt a familiar stirring down at the junction of his legs and torso.

“I don’t want you to grow old.” Bree said as a matter of fact. “If you are going to be my lover, starting today, we have to start working out together. You have to get in shape.”

“I don’t know. I think I did pretty well for an old guy.” Jeff tried to pass it off with a smile and pulled the sheet back to show her his growing erection. “And if you are wanting more, I’m right here!”

“I do want more. I want about 25 or 30 years more. Hell, I have wanted more for years but I haven’t known how to ask for it so please. Just listen.” She folded her arms under her breasts and Jeff could see that the level of tension in her body rose dramatically. He sat up and drew the sheet back across the lower half of his body before nodding for her to go on. “I want you to be my work out partner. You can show me how to lift and do weight training stuff and I will be your motivation for running.”

It was definitely not the cardio exercise that Jeff had been hoping for. He had run to stay in shape until Bree was born but then life got in the way of things like that. He still had a weight bench downstairs and liked to think of himself as not being in terrible shape, but still. “I don’t know….”

“Come on Dad! If you come running with me I will wear my short shorts and a sports bra and you can spend the whole time thinking what it will be like when you finally catch me!!” She walked over from the doorway to the side of the bed and stood there looking down at him making puppy dog eyes.

Jeff rolled his eyes and then rolled himself out of the bed. “Okay, I will go running with you, but it is only so that when we are in bed I can last all night!” he said.

“You bahis şirketleri didn’t do a bad job of that last yesterday!” she fired back as she turned and scampered out of the room.

15 minutes later they were running down the street to the bike path. Jeff did not have any trouble keeping pace with his daughter though he was fairly certain she was taking it easy on him, but while his ego may have objected, it lost to his body that was feeling that the goal of better sex was not worth it if he wound up in the hospital!

But she had been right. She had on skimpy sky blue shorts a sport bra, running shoes and socks… and as long as he focused on that the fact that he was on the verge of having a heart attack mattered damn little! The sheen of sweat on her seemed to accent every contour of her athletic form. Her shoulders moved easily with each stride and there was almost something obscenely beautiful about the way her shoulder blades moved. The small of her back cupped just above the waistband and no matter how hard he tried to divert his gaze, his eyes always returned to the swell from her tiny waste into the hips of a woman and outline of her ass crack. When he fell back a little he could just catch a glimpse occasionally of the bottom sliver of ass cheek….

He was almost running a three-legged race all by himself!

When they turned the corner 30 minutes after they had left home, Bree took off at a sprint and finished the run by flopping down on the grass in the front yard of their home. Jeff tried to go into sprint mode but after a few strides slipped down to just walking. When he got to where his daughter was lying on the grass, arm flung over her eyes for protection from the sun, he was still breathing every bit as hard as she was. Her body just looked one hell of a lot more sexy doing it!

He moved over her so that his shadow covered her face. Her nipples were stretching the fabric of her bra and the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest as she gulped in air only served to emphasize their appeal for attention. Watching her there, so strong and fit. As he drank in another deep breath and glanced down the length of her body his fingers itched to feel the dip from her ribs to her abs and to move lower… The tight band of her running shorts barely touched her flesh as it stretched from hip bone to hip bone. The thought of reaching down and running his hand down her belly and under the band….

“Don’t do it. Neighbors will see.” Bree panted out as if reading his thoughts.

“Then take my hand and let’s go where they can’t watch!” he said as he extended his hand down to the young women. Reluctantly she raised her hand and took his and he lifted her to her feet before they both trudged into the garage and closed the door.

The moment the door closed, Jeff turned to Bree to gather her into his arms but she put a hand against his chest. “Hang on, Dad. Let’s do this right. We need to stretch or we are really going to feel it in the morning.” He started to protest but Bree silenced him and said, “Let’s do some together. It will be fun!”

“Yeah, like running was ‘fun’” he stated in exhausted resignation.

The leaned against the wall and stretched the back of their legs and then stood on one leg while pulling the other up toward their chests. Jeff had to admit that his muscles were releasing and his breathing was almost back to normal when she told him to get his feet a little more than shoulder width apart and lean down, “Like you’re going to try to touch your forehead to the cement.” He did and as he leaned down she put one hand on his back right between the shoulder blades and pushed. “Relax….” Then her other hand slid over the hanging fruit of his testicles and grazed over his cock! “Don’t stand up! Just relax.” Her hand weighed and rolled his heavy hanging balls and it felt so damn good! She was definitely getting some things in his back and legs to release, but there was definitely some things tightening and rising as well.

When he stood up, Jeff turned and saw that Bree had assumed the same position (only she was much closer to being able to touch illegal bahis her head to the floor of the garage) and her shorts had ridden up so much that they were tight against her pussy and being pulled into the shallow crevice of her ass. Rather than going straight for the money shot that was there, he stepped up and put his hands lightly on the insides of her knees and slowly moved them up the tight stretched muscles of her thighs and up to her ass. “Turn about is fair play. He said quietly. She moaned and then straightened up and turned to him.

The kiss was beyond passionate. Her hands slid under her his shirt and seconds later she peeled it off and threw it toward the door into the house. She bent her head and licked his salty sweat from his chest and the sucked his nipple into her mouth. He gasped as her teeth raked his flesh and he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up and back. Then his mouth went to her throat and he bit and kissed his way up and back the length of her neck and back to her ears. The feel of her groaning on his lips only served to heighten his need and desire. When their lips met, it was like a spark to a cloud of gasoline: nothing was going to stop the ardor that was ignited!

She wrapped herself around his strong body and his hands went to the round curves of her ass as he cradled her against him. She ran her tongue deep into his mouth and grabbed his thick hair in her fists as she fought to take from him her pleasure. With her legs spread around her she pressed herself against him. She devoured his mouth, her lips tasting the salt from his flesh and breathing in his intoxicating breath. She felt him walking toward the door and she held on tightly to him as he opened the door in and then kicked it closed behind them.

Moments later he carried her into the large tiled shower in his bath. He set her down on the floor and turned to set the controls for the water. Before he could finish, he felt her behind him, on her knees, pulling his shorts over his hips. He moaned as she bit the round firm moons of his ass and his cock leaped as she ran her tongue up the cleft of his ass! He reached down and pulled off her bra and tossed it onto the jumbled pile of shoes they had kicked off just outside the shower and the water began to spray down on them.

He leaned back into the small recess in a wall, the warm water from three jets playing over their bodies. Bree crawled over to him and up into his lap. She rested her upper arms on his thighs and took his cock into her mouth and began giving him a blowjob. He shuddered and let his head fall back. He had been a virgin when he had married Bree’s Mom and only after the ceremony had he discovered that she had such a high gag reflex that she could not give him head! She tried a few times and each time nearly lost it. His only experiences had been his two high school sweet hearts who had each been in such a hurry that it was always almost over before it ever started!

Bree licked the length of the underside of his cock, from balls to slit, staring up at her father. When he looked down at her, she gave him her most wanton smile and dipped her chin and sucked one of his huge testicles into her mouth!!! He groaned and she knew from experience just the right amount of sucking to avoid as her tongue played over first one and then the other sperm bank! Then she slowly licked all of the way back up his shaft before flickering her tongue across the underside of his head and gently sucking on the tender flesh.

She could feel him rushing head long to a climax and she wanted to have one too! So Bree released him and rocked up to her feet. Turning around, she assumed the position she had held as he came up behind her, bending over and now putting on full display for her father, all that was his daughter. “Don’t cum Daddy. I want to take in in my ass, but I need to get it ready!”

Jeff watched as Bree slowly began rubbing her pussy and then brought her other hand back around her hip and began pushing just the tip of her middle finger against the doorbell of her sphincter! Jeff moaned and his illegal bahis siteleri cock danced in the spray that played off of her upturned ass and ran down her crack, washing her beautiful nearly hairless pussy. He did not touch his cock for fear that even the slightest touch at this point would send him exploding into the middle of the next week!

The way she alternated the fingers of her one hand from circling and stroking her clit to sliding inside the folds of her flesh and pressing hard was mesmerizing. At the same time first her fingernail and then the tip of her finger and soon the first knuckle of her middle finger had made its way into her ass and she looked as if she wanted more. He knew he wanted to give her more! When she pushed a second finger into her tight little ass and bent her knees and started rotating her ass, Jeff could take it no longer.

He got up and grabbed a bottle of lotion he had on a ledge and poured a handful of it onto his cock and the ass of her crack. She immediately began rubbing and working the lotion in and out of her sphincter as he coated his member, then he slapped her hand with the thick shaft of his dick and she pulled her fingers back and he shoved the tip of his cock into the space they had vacated.

Her two fingers were no match for the size of his cock, so even with her preparation, it took a few tries and pushes for him to sink the dome of his cock into her tight ring of flesh. Bree had one hand on the wall and one furiously rubbing her pussy as she continued to encourage her father to not stop but to, “Fuck that ass hard!!”

He let her catch her breath and then pushed and as he did, she relaxed and a couple of inches of his shaft disappeared into her. He grabbed her hips as she trembled and moaned. Then he pushed and more of him went deep inside of her bung hole. His last push buried him balls deep into a very tightly stretched asshole as her felt her body writhing through the waves of an orgasm.

He pulled out just a little and realized that as he withdrew, all of his blood was being constricted and pushed into the head of his cock, swelling it and making him hyper sensitive. It felt so good that he was moaning right along with Bree in just a few slow, long strokes.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me hard! I can take it. Pound my ass!”

Jeff adjusted his feet and did as he was told! Water sprayed over the two of them which was probably a good thing because he was certain they would have burst into flame had it not. He slammed his hips into hers and she yelped and then moaned. He growled and then began in all earnestness to fuck her with long hard strokes, nearly pulling out his cock head before slamming himself back into her so hard that at first his balls would swing forward and hit her fingers as she continued to rub her cunt. They were all too soon to tight to swing like that.

It was not as long a fuck as he wanted, but he could never remember anything feel as good as sliding in and out of Bree’s tight teen ass felt and as he slammed himself deeply into her one more time, white lightning exploded behind his eyes and the whole world spun. His body jerked and pounded him in and out of Bree as he could still vaguely hear her crying for him to, “Yes, oh my god, yes!!! Fill my ass!! Oh fuck, Daddy! Fuck yeah! Make me cum again…..”

The ring of flesh cinched tight around him and fairly thrummed with the energy and power of yet another wave of pleasure thundering through Bree. It only caused him to react even more in like fashion as he emptied himself into her. They sank to the wet, slippery floor, his dick still buried deep within her, still pulsing out a few remaining streams of his semen into her backdoor.

Finally, he slid out of her and he sat back in the shower and crossed legs Indian style. Bree crawled over and laid her head in his lap and smiled up at him as the rain played across their bodies. When he touched her breast, she jumped and giggled. And they just sat there for a while before finally setting about the job of cleaning up.


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