Breeding Ever Think Of It

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Do you ever think about being involved with the breeding of your body? Do you ever think of having more than one man take your body over and over and over again? And, if you do, do you ever think about doing it with say five men?

I mean think about it baby. With five men it would mean 10 hands, five mouths and five tongues all working on your body to prepare it and stimulate it for the fucking that is to come.

Think about it, the best of all things, there would be five cocks that will fuck you continuously making you cum over and over again like never before. Imagine each cock taking its turn and each giving you at least one repeat fucking when it’s their turn again. Perhaps you would be fucked 10-12, maybe 15 times before it’s over and each time the cock would fill your pussy with cum until it was overflowing.

You would be watching as the cocks all grow right before your eyes. Seeing them and knowing that all of them are hard and long and thick from their owners look and touch your helpless body. I bet it makes you wet with anticipation. And, all of them would be pointing at your body standing proudly facing you because they would all be just for you.

As it starts, think about it, men would use their hands to hold your legs open as other men tied each of them to the bed. Other hands would hold your arms spreading them wide and securing them to the bed. When they were done, they would all stand back and look at your sexy beautiful wide open body. Oh baby, you would be so open and so available to do whatever they wanted to you. You would be so very wide open and they would see your holes and stroke their cocks smiling.

Imagine, two hands on each breasts squeezing it, pushing it up so that the nipple is pushed up too. As they did, a mouth would cover it and start sucking and licking it. Two hands on each breast and a mouth on each nipple teasing it, pleasing it, and making the nipple so hard and long and thick.

You would watch as the mouths and hands work on your tits. You can feel their cocks, hard and throbbing pressing against your body as they kneel over your breasts. You feel the lust casino şirketleri beginning to build inside you? I bet your clit is starting to throb and your nipples hard with anticipation.

Imagine other hands running up your thighs moving over them and working towards the insides. Your thighs try to close but can’t. You feel every inch as they move higher on the inside of your thighs. They are moving closer and closer to your sexual heat! Yes, you feel your vagina warm and wet now. But with each minute that passes it is getting hotter and as the fingers begin to rub the outside of your pussy walls your juices begin to increase.

Then the first of many fingers begin to touch your slit. You arch and try again to move but you can’t. You can feel the fingers begin to spread your vagina’s outer lips and then hold them open exposing your pink insides to the rest of the men. They all look and they all can see you are wet, and slippery as a finger runs up and down your opening and then it is held up to show all of them how wet you are. Your juices almost drip off his finger.

You can feel each of the hands stroking and rubbing and probing your holes. Fingers, so many fingers now touch and work your most sensitive parts. You feel a finger very slowly begin to move into your body and press deeper and deeper. You arch a little and feel other fingers playing with your other hole; your rose bud, your ass hole and it too is being open. Slowly a finger enters your ass as two fingers now moving in and out of your pussy. They work together to build your need. Pumping in and out, in and out, in and out, you begin to react and rotate your hips.

Even if you really didn’t want this at the start you are now realizing you do. It’s happening! Your body begins to work with the touch, to stimulate you even more. Your brain begins to think you need this badly! Your body building towards………fuck a orgasm. You have been trying to hold it back, hold it off, but now……….you can’t stop it.

The heat between your open thighs is tremendous now as you feel your body reacting more and more to the touching. Oh God you think you casino firmaları might cum! You can’t stop the need, the desire, and the fucking need!! The need is so great now you can’t stop it!

And then you feel it. The first of the wetness from a mouth moving over your thighs and down between them. You try to see what is going on and see the top of a man’s head moving down over your pussy. His mouth moves down closer and closer until it is over your cunt. You feel him begin to gently lick the open cunt slit and then his tongue enters the hole! Jesus your body arches up as high as it can go! Soooo good!!

He begins to fuck your cunt with his tongue. You arch again and begin to struggle as he lick and sucks the wetness out of your hole. Your body loves how it feels as his tongue moves in and out of your pussy slow at first but then faster and faster. Oh yes!!! It’s so nice, so good, and so wonderful.

You begin to let yourself go, and enjoy the touching and stimulation of all the areas of your body that pleases you at the same time. You look around the room and see their hard cocks. You wish you had one of those hard, long thick cocks inside you fucking you. You know it will come but you want it now. The fear you had is gone now and you are feeling such pleasure. You close your eyes and enjoy the lust your body feels

As you lay there your can feel your body rocking with the movement you can’t control. And as you enjoy the licking and sucking of your pussy hole you begin to feel another mouth licking over your pelvis and going lower. Ahhhhh Jesus!!! A set of fingers are pulling your clit hood back and the mouth covers your swollen hard clit.

You watch and feel as your body is held secure, your clit fully exposed and lips cover the clit and begin to suck. You cry out as mouths and tongues are now working your nipples, cunt hole and clit. You can’t help it you begin to fuck the faces licking and sucking your cunt.

You moan and thrust up as high as your legs and arms will allow and you begin to hump the faces, fucking them. You let your body go and think of only release! The wonderful feeing of güvenilir casino release! You need to cum!! You need to orgasm!! And then………it happens.

You’re body let’s go completely and gives in totally as you begin to orgasm. So good!! The orgasm and release feels is nice and it’s so long and oh yes, soooooo hard. Your body starts to leak your thicker juices and your thighs try to squeeze the head between your thighs. Your pussy grabs the finger and tongue that are both insider you. You cry out louder this time.

Humping and humping you fuck wildly now! You need a dick, any dick. There are so many cocks so close and you want one inside your hole. You need to feel filled, to be fucked!! You yell out: “Fuck me”

You hiss the words, you cry out for it. Mouths never stop sucking; tongues never stop licking, and the fingers, so many fingers, all touching you never stopping.

FUCK, you are going to cum again!! They never stop touching and playing with your body and you crave it now, you need it, and you got to have it. You, arch up again, your back and ass lift off the bed as high as you can and hang in the air as you hump and hump and hump and hump. Your cunt is looking for anything it can grab on to and hold. You are having one of the best orgasms of your life.

When it’s over the men move away and smile, two wipe their mouths. As the men move out from between your open thighs you see the most beautiful man you have ever seen. As you look from his handsome face down his strong young well built body you se the biggest and longest and hardest cock you have even seen. You watch as the man moves between your open thighs. Your pussy runs with your cum and juices. You lick your lips as you watch the young man place the head of his cock at the opening of your wet hole. YOU see him smile as he rubs the head up and won your opening. Your cunt juices coat his cock head and he begins to push as the men cheer him on. They are cheering him because he is the first and this is his first time. He is a virgin and you are his first woman. You smile when you hear this and lift up to accept his big dick. He pushes and you feel your cunt lips begin to spread wider and wider and wider. Then you feel the cock head move in. There is a sort of popping sucking sound as he pushes more and more of his beautiful cock into your cunt. Soooo Good. And he is only the first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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