Breeding Ground Pt. 01

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—— Author’s Note: This is a 3 Part, NSFW, 18+ story. It includes Incest, anal and other sexual content. Synopsis: Sara’s visit to her brother’s place becomes a nightmare – a horror/fantasy tale. Thank you. ——


The trip across state to visit my older brother, Rick, had been exhausting. We shared a big hug before unloading, then leaving my bags parked in the front hallway. He ushered me into the dining area where a simple dinner was waiting for us to share.

As we ate, we made a little small talk with the promise to expand on it tomorrow, when we could both catch up on all that had transpired lately. I devoured the much needed nutrition, casting occasional smiles at him.

After our meal, he suggested we watch a classic horror movie – just like those we had enjoyed together when we were kids. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but before it was finished, I was not so sure. He realized how tired I was, and helped me get settled in the guest bedroom, wishing me ‘sweet dreams’ with a peck on my cheek and a hug.

I was asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.


My dream was all too real…

Unlike the movie from earlier, this dream version had taken a savage, sexual twist. Two masked figures, cloaked in deep-purple robes, had lashed their female victim with ropes to the vertical, X-shaped, torture rack. The dungeon-like room was dimly lit by torches on the walls with a couple on standards at either side of the rack. Spreadeagled, the woman was clothed in a sheer, full-length, beige gown. Her head frantically turned from side to side as she struggled against her bindings, her identity hidden behind a frilly mask.

There was no sound in my dream. Still, I could tell that she was screaming, her mouth twisting with her cries. The taller of the two worshipers stepped in front of their distraught victim, an antique dagger appearing in hand from beneath his cloak. Even without sound, I could feel her panic when she saw the knife. The closer the person came, the harder she squirmed.

When my view in the dream suddenly shifted, I jumped with surprise. I was now in the body of the victim. The masked stranger was just in front of me, menacing me with the knife – waving it back and forth just inches in front of my face. Then, a male voice boomed out – deep and sinister, “You will be mine – body and soul – all of you! I will possess you forever!” His lips curled into a snarl just before he used the knife to slash the gown from my body. I tensed, for fear of being cut by the blade as it sliced through the fabric. In mere seconds, it fell on the floor beneath me.

Glancing down, I still wore panties. That was quickly remedied, his hand grabbing the front of them to yank them up. For a moment, I felt them dig between the lips of my pussy and pull tight against my sphincter. Two swift slashes with the blade remedied that. He tossed the fabric to the floor with a sneer on his lips as he glared between my thighs. A shiver ran through me while he studied me.

Stepping back, he turned to the other cloaked figure. “She is quite lovely. Have a look, Bitch, and tell me if she is edible.” The person he was talking to began to move toward me as he continued, “A beautiful pussy … I think she will be very fuckable.” The cloak was coming off the approaching figure, revealing a fully naked female beneath the robe. An opaque mask hid her face, showing only her long, straight-black hair and bright-red lips.

Her figure was voluptuous. Large, ripe breasts rocked heavily from side to side as she walked. Pierced with large, silver barbells, marble-sized, rigid nipples topped them. The areolae were painted with the same, bright-red lipstick as her lips. Wide, hourglass hips framed her meaty labia that protruded outward, the large, inner lips opened like butterfly wings. A silver ring piercing adorned her clit hood.

Stopping almost nose to nose with me, I could see her eyes were a honey-gold color. I jerked hard when her fingers shoved viciously inside my cunt, wiggling inside my tunnel while she watched my expression. Withdrawing them, she smiled wickedly and stepped back. She put them inside her mouth, tasting them for a second, before turning to look at – ‘Knife’.

Smacking her lips, she declared, “Deee-lish! I want sum-moor of this after yer dun, please.” She turned back to me to grab my tit in her hand, squeezing it hard then bending forward to flick her tongue over my extended nipple. I felt like a piece of meat on a stick.

Knife moved. His cloak crashed to the floor to expose his naked body. I also heard the metal clang of the dagger bouncing off the concrete. He must have been a bodybuilder. There wasn’t a visible hair on his body except for his head, which was covered with medium-length, brown locks.His rippling muscles appeared to be covered with a light coat of lotion, a bright sheen glistening on him in the flickering torchlight. casino oyna A mask also disguised his face.

With his legs spread apart, the focal point of his body was towering ominously above his thighs. His phallus rose high above his belly button, like a sculpted piece of alabaster. A caricature of a cock, it was long, thick and covered with fat veins bulging with blood. It would surely tear a woman in two, if he so desired. I think I gasped when I saw it, but I wasn’t sure.

Grabbing his erection, he moved closer. “If she has any juices left, then go ahead. Get the slut ready to fuck.” I jerked with shock as she shoved her tongue in my mouth and her fingers dove back inside my pussy. She attacked me, desperate to sample as much of me as she could before he ripped me apart with his cock. I shuddered as an image popped into my brain of him shoving that thing inside me.

She went to her knees, her mouth clamping over my cunt and her hands upon my ass, her fingers digging into my flesh while her tongue probed for my hole. It felt like a snake – long and slithering inside me. Without warning, I moaned as it poked and licked, the tip now flicking side to side up my labia to the top where it was joined by her lips seeking to entice my clit outside to play.

When I shuddered violently, Knife snarled. His large hand wrapped his shaft tightly, jacking it slowly as he enjoyed the show. “She’s an extremely talented, cunt-muncher. She could make you cum fast and hard – if I let her! But, she knows better. She knows … I get to make the first cum spill from your pretty pussy. She knows … she always gets seconds.” His chuckle was blood-curdling. “Sometimes – if she’s good – I’ll let her lick the excess from my balls and ass, but I always get the first splash. Don’t I – my Bitch?”

She stopped long enough to reply, “Yes, Master – I luv seconds, Master.” She cackled like a witch, looking up at me from between my thighs. “He does let me have first licks, though. I luv my lubricant licks.” She sneered and went back to eating me, causing me to jerk again as her teeth nipped at my clit beneath the hood. “Come out!! – you piece of shit! I want me summm clit! … Luv clit – luv it, luv it!” she was mumbled like a crazy, bag lady.

Now, she was nibbling my inner thighs, just underneath my cunt, moving toward my starfish where her fingers spread my cheeks apart to give her mouth better access. I tried to block out the sensations she was generating inside my body, but it was impossible. As her teeth bit the flesh along my crack, next to my hole, I involuntarily shivered hard.

“Owwwhhhhh,” Knife cried out with glee, “She loves the ass play! Goody! … gonna rip that up too, after she wets the floor with her cum.”

Bitch ducked between my legs to move behind me, but her mouth never stopped. Fingers dipped back into my cunt to gather wetness, then jammed roughly inside my anus. The pain from the sudden invasion tore a scream from my throat that I couldn’t stop. As her fingers twisted and rotated, the pain subsided to be replaced by more pleasant feelings. I sensed that although I had engaged in anal play before, with vibrators and dildos – whichwas quite enjoyable – I had never had someone else in charge of what was being done to my ass. As much as I detested this invasion, despite all my attempts to subdue them, the sensations were becoming pleasurable.

Knife’s evil smile was disconcerting. “Yaahhh, she’s gonna lovveee my cock in her ass!” He strode to the side of the rack where I heard a ‘click’. “Move, Bitch. I’m gonna give her a preview.” The rack suddenly began to rotate, stopping when I was upside down. There was another ‘click’. As I tried to gain my bearings, his monstrosity appeared smack in front of my face. He stepped back a touch to let me see the full length, before he bent it down to slap my face with it.

Stroking it with his hand, he commanded, “Open them lips, cunt – I’m gonna let you have a taste of my stick. Don’t even think about using your teeth – I’ll gut you like a fish! Now say aawwwwhhhh, slut.”

There was danger in his voice, so I did what he said – even though I couldn’t see how it was going to fit in my mouth. My eyeballs crossed as the tip moved to touch my opening lips.

I jumped as my view changed again. I was out of her body, looking at the scene from the side. Bitch was crouched beneath Slut’s head, gawking up at his phallus touching her mouth. The knob was angry-red and similar in shape to a large toadstool as he traced her lips with it.

Bitch giggled with joy as the knob pushed against Slut’s lips. “Not gonna fit! Slut’s mouth will tear apart before you’re all the way inside!”

He chuckled, the tip forcing Slut’s lips apart as it moved deeper. “It’ll fit. Gotta stretch that puppy out, is all,” he countered. I watched with trepidation as his cock continued its entry. Slut’s eyes grew bigger as she struggled to comply. I sighed with slot oyna relief when the knob finally disappeared fully. She had done it!

He didn’t stop. He was still forcing his hips forward. “Back to her asshole, Bitch! Gotta distract her so she’ll relax.” Bitch stood up to spread Slut’s ass cheeks roughly, her mouth diving back into her feast. Slut probably would have screamed, but there was no way for the sound to escape. As his cock crept inward, he leaned in to attack her cunt with his mouth. Clamping her thighs with his hands just above her pussy, he used his fingers to open the labia so his tongue could plunge into her hole.

Grunting like a savage, he fucked her with it. It was long and stiff like a small dick, pulling strings of Slut’s juices out. Her back arched from the feelings she was experiencing. She continued to struggle, even when he stopped forcing his meat into her mouth. Most of his cock was still visible.

Now the dream scenes began to shift like flashcards, one after the other. First, a closeup of Bitch with her teeth bared as she nipped at Slut’s ass, two fingers fucking Slut’s anus ever deeper until the knuckles were fully embedded. Then, another closeup of his teeth scraping along Slut’s cunt lips, from her hole to her clit, before he tongue-fucked her some more. Finally, an extreme closeup of his cock, all shiny from her saliva as he slowly screwed her mouth, the glans briefly appearing before it went back in. Her eyes were clamped shut with her facial cheeks bulging out as the toadstool knob moved around.

I wanted to scream for her as the view kept shifting over and over. I couldn’t even comprehend what she was going through. I was just glad that I was an outsider now, and not the victim I had been just minutes ago.

It was the side view again. Knife extracted his cock from her mouth, a loud cry spilling out when she was able to finally make noise. “Time to take my new cunt … to custom fit her fuck-hole to my rod – bore her a new one if I have to!” He stomped to the side of the rack, while Bitch disengaged from Slut’s ass. The ‘click’ sounded again and he spun her upright. A final click echoed like a gunshot in the room.

He moved nose-to-nose with Slut, cock in hand, slapping her belly with it. “Open your eyes, Slut. I want to see your expression when I shove my masterpiece up your hole.”

A helpless scream tore from inside me as I was transported back into Slut’s body. It felt like a hammer as he beat my flesh with it, just above my clit. His eyes were full of lust and carnal evil, searching for my soul inside my head. “Scream all you want to, honey. You’ll never want another cock after I’m done showing you what a real one feels like – if I don’t kill ya, that is!”

He snickered viciously as his knob rubbed between my wetness. I held my breath and knew it was going to hurt. He set the tip at my hole, grinned, then shoved ….


Sitting up in bed, sweat was pouring off me with my nightshirt soaked so thoroughly that I could see my nipples molded beneath the wet fabric – almost like I had showered with the shirt on. Panting rapidly, I felt a little dizzy. The room was spinning.

A knock came softly on my bedroom door. “Sara?” Rick’s concerned voice sounded from the other side. Instinctively, I grabbed for the sheet crumpled at my waist, pulling it to my chin to cover my nakedness.

“Come in, bro.” I should have just said I was okay, but the dream was still impairing my judgement.

The door opened with a creak as he stuck his head inside to check on me. “You okay, sis? I heard a scream.”

“I’m okay, Rick – just a bad dream. Sorry I woke you.” It was hard to see him in the darkness of the room but I could senses his concern. He made no attempt to enter further into the room.

“Don’t be sorry. I’m here for you if you need me to stay – or talk – or whatever.” Just knowing he was nearby began to calm me.

“Thanks. I’ll be okay.”

“Well, I’m right across the hall if you need me, babe.” The door creaked again as he shut it.

I laid there for a minute, then used the sheet to wipe some of the sweat from my body. Looking at the clock on the nightstand, I was surprised at the time. It was nearly 5am and I noticed for the first time the sky growing lighter outside the bedroom window. I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind was distressed and full of mixed-up emotions.


I must have finally dropped off, a gentle knock at my door rousing me. “Sara …?”

“Yeah?” I mumbled sleepily.

“I’m off to work. Call me on my cell if you need me. I’ll be back around 5, so just make yourself at home, okay sis?”

“I will. See ya then, Rick.” His footsteps echoed down the hallway as he left.

After last night, I needed a bath. The upstairs bathroom was down the end of the hall and had a wonderful, clawfoot tub, which I filled with super-hot water and took a canlı casino siteleri long, relaxing soak. My body felt like it had been through hell. It must have been because of all the stress in my dream. I actually fell asleep, awaking in tepid water about an hour later.

After crawling out and drying off, I threw on a t-shirt and shorts, then decided to explore Rick’s new place. I had arrived so late yesterday that I hadn’t really taken a look around. Rick’s description of it didn’t do the place justice. He had called it a small, plain, old brownstone near the center of town. From what I was seeing, the place was very nice and anything but small.

The upper floor had two, very large bedrooms, a study, and the antique styled bathroom with tub, shower and a gorgeous, double sink. Not meaning to be too nosey, I peeked into Rick’s room, finding it to be spacious with a huge balcony overlooking the park-like backyard.

The main floor looked more impressive in the daylight. Including a large living room, big kitchen, full-sized bathroom with laundry, and a study/library room, it reminded me of one of those classic English homes filled with antique furniture and accessories. It made me wonder if Rick had rented it furnished, because I was sure he hadn’t acquired all this in just the two years since he had moved from our Uncle’s place.

On my way outside to check the back yard, I noticed a door tucked under the main staircase, which probably went down to the basement, but it was locked. The backyard was something out of a home decor magazine. A large patio area with a fancy gazebo, plus tons of shrubs, flower beds and pots dotted the area. Once again, I would have to ask what was up since Rick had never shown an interest in gardening.

I spent the day taking a long stroll around the neighborhood, then just relaxing in the backyard. I had graduated from high school just a few weeks ago, so it felt good to just be totally lazy.

Rick eventually arrived with bags of food for our dinner. We had a festive meal of deli salad, pasta and dessert. As we ate, I asked him about his house, but he deflected my questions, saying it was a long story and he would tell me another time. He was more interested in catching up with what I had been up to, how Aunt Joan and Uncle Simon were, and what I thought about my walk around the neighborhood.

As we chatted, it was nice to slide back into our old relationship. I had been really missing him since he left. He had always been there for me, more like a father than a brother because Uncle Simon was never around. We had always been close, which was reinforced by how easily we returned to our former comfort with each other.

Despite how much I wanted to continue our visit, I found myself getting sleepy very early. We had a week to be together, so I excused myself for the evening, gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek, then went to bed.


Shitttt!! … I was back in the dungeon! Things were a little different this time. Watching from a third person view again, Slut was naked and bound to an upright post, standing with her arms tied behind it, while the rest of her was free. The X-rack was gone – replaced by a flat, altar-like table just a couple of feet in front of her.

Bitch was back, sprawled naked on her back upon the stone altar. She was not bound in any manner, but appeared to be in complete submission, awaiting what was to come. In the dim torchlight, a man stepped from the shadows, approaching her. Although masked and naked, it was not the same man as my last dream. Physically, he was impressive in stature with a muscular build, but his body had small patches of hair on his chest and groin areas. The hair on his head was jet-black, straight and medium in length.

The most noticeable difference was his cock. While still large and beautiful, it was not the pure monster that Knife was endowed with. It also didn’t point at the sky, but more parallel to the ground, like a lance in front of a knight. I estimated it to be about 8 inches long and fairly thick in girth. It swung side-to-side as he advanced toward her.

Hearing his footsteps, Bitch raised her head to track his approach. “There’s my Bitch, all spread and ready for me.” He made a complete circle around the table, dragging his fingers over her body as he went. Next, he moved face-to-face with Slut at the post. His voice sounded phony as he talked – was he trying to distort it for some reason?

Holding her gaze, he commanded, “Spread ’em. Need to check your pussy.” His tone was pretty normal – not threatening like Knife’s. She adjusted her stance and he inserted some fingers into her cunt. Withdrawing them, he inspected their condition. “Not very wet, Slut. We’ll fix that … real soon.” He sniffed his fingers, then flicked his tongue out to clean them. A smile came over his face. “Sweet meat! Gonna love to break this one!”

Turning, he went back to the altar, staring down at Bitch. “I bet after she watches you and me in action, she’ll start flowin’ like a river. Ain’t that right, Bitch?”

Nodding enthusiastically, she replied, “Yes, she will, Sir!”

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