Brenda’s Mature Feet Ch. 02

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After my surreal experience with Brenda, I tried to get back to life as usual. But I knew that things would never be the same for me. I was still interested in girls my age, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the power Brenda and her mature feet had over me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I’d wake up in the morning craving her smelly feet and toes. I’d spend hours most days masturbating to mature foot fetish porn, but it was never enough for me. I needed Brenda and I needed her feet.

I tried calling her a week later, but she said that she’d come down with a nasty virus. But she promised me a date with her feet when she was feeling better. Days went by and I didn’t hear from her. Worried, I stopped by her house one day to bring her some chicken noodle soup.

She answered the door wearing pink slippers and a robe. She looked exhausted and her skin was pallid. But she was still extremely attracted even when she wasn’t all done up.

“Hi, sweetie,” she said in a scratchy voice.

“I brought you some soup,” I said, holding up the bag.

“You shouldn’t have, but thank you. You’re such a sweetheart,” she said. “You can leave it on the porch, dear. I don’t want you to get too close to me.”

“Okay,” I said. At that moment, she slipped her feet out of her slippers and revealed her toes done in candy corn nail polish.

“My feet are due for a pedicure. It’s been a few weeks. Last time I decided to experiment a bit with my nail art,” she said. “Don’t my toes look good enough to eat?” As I looked down, she wiggled her toes and I tried not to drool all over myself. “I shouldn’t tease you like this,” she said as she slipped her feet back into her slippers.

“I wish I could rub your feet for you,” I said.

“I know. But I can’t let you see me like this,” she said. “I’m a mess.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll let you get some rest.”

“Thank you,” she said before she closed the door.

After a few days, I went back to my usual routine. It was October and the leaves on the trees were falling and dying in a beautiful way. Most days it rained and the streets and sidewalks were glistening wet. Halloween was fast approaching and I couldn’t decide on a costume.

One Wednesday night I went out with a couple friends to the movies. We purchased our tickets for a new horror movie about zombie clowns and stood in line at the snack bar to buy popcorn and sodas. As I turned my head, I saw Daisy Mendez walking through the lobby with a couple of her friends. She was on the varsity cheerleading squad and I had a huge crush on her. We only had one class together, but we hardly ever spoke. I thought about going up to her to talk to her, but I was too nervous.

Once we paid for our snacks, we gave our tickets to the ticket taker and made our way to the theater where our movie was being shown. Along the way I looked at all the movie posters for new releases coming soon. I followed my friends into the nearly empty theater. We scanned our eyes around and decided to sit down towards the back of the theater.

“This movie better not suck ass,” Ralph said as the pre-movie commercials played on the large screen.

“If it does, I’m walking out,” Nick said.

“We should’ve stopped at the store before we came here,” Ralph said. “We could’ve snuck our snacks in for free.”

As the lights dimmed and the previews began, I stuffed popcorn into my mouth and chewed. When I took a sip of my soda, I noticed an older woman walk into the theater carrying a bag of popcorn. As I squinted my eyes, I realized that the woman was Brenda and my heart immediately filled with joy. I watched her as she walked up the steps wearing shorts and sandals, and she waved at me and smiled as she passed by our aisle (I was sitting closest to the aisle with Ralph and Nick sitting on the right of me).

“Who’s that MILF?” Ralph asked.

“She’s my mom’s friend, Brenda,” I said, slightly embarrassed.

“Brenda has some big ol’ titties,” Ralph said and Nick busted out laughing.

“You hella stupid,” Nick said as he put his hand up to his chest.

“I’d sure love to motorboat those jugs,” Ralph said.

“Show some respect,” I said.

“What’s up with you?” Ralph asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

“I knew we should’ve left your corny ass at home,” Ralph said.

Behind me I could hear Brenda taking her seat. As soon as the previews finished and the movie began, I could feel Brenda pushing my seat forward with her foot. I didn’t want to turn around so I pretended not to notice. But she continued pushing my seat forward and I could tell that she was trying to get my attention.

At one point during the movie, she must’ve slipped her sandals off because I could smell the aroma of her feet in the air. Ralph and Nick must’ve noticed it too because they both started scrunching up their noses and looking around. To my surprise, I could feel Brenda’s bare foot rubbing against my left arm, and soon she was lifting up my sleeve and caressing my bicep with her casino şirketleri seductive toes. I sat nervously trying to focus on the movie, but it was impossible. She continued teasing me with her toes until she stuck her bare foot between my seat and the seat to the left of me, and placed it squarely on the armrest. Thinking about how close her foot was made me aroused. So I decided to have some fun of my own. I caressed her foot and massaged her toes. The thrill of possibly being caught filled my heart with nervous energy. I continued playing with her foot until I noticed Ralph and Nick continually looking back at Brenda.

“Stinks like feet. I’m out of here,” Ralph said as he stood up.

“I’m going with you,” Nick said and they both walked down the aisle. “Wash your damn feet, lady!” I could hear one of them yell as they made their way out of the theater. Once they were gone, I looked around the theater and when I saw that it was practically empty, aside from a few people upfront, I decided to make my move. I got up and moved to the next aisle where Brenda was sitting and took the seat next to her.

“Hi, sweetie,” she said as she took a sip of her soda. “Do you want some of my Raisinets?”

“No, thank you.”

“I bet you’d like to snack on something else,” she said with a grin.

“I missed you,” I said.

“Oh, I know. Believe me, my feet have missed you too,” she said and a big smile appeared on her face. “Looks like your friends couldn’t handle my stinky feet,” she said with a chuckle as she shoved a few Raisinets in her mouth. “I think their faces were turning green.”

“I think so too,” I said. “But not me.”

“No, you adore my stinky feet, don’t you?”

“Very much so,” I said. Then I started making puppy dog eyes at her.

“I know that look. It works on me every time,” Brenda said. “Tell you what, since you weren’t afraid to rub my toes for me in front of your friends, I’ll let you indulge a bit. But we have to be extra careful not to get caught.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Now get down on the floor,” she said. “It’s a bit icky down there, but I’m sure that won’t stop you.” I quickly lay down on the floor with my head near her sandals which were giving off a strong odor. But not nearly as strong as her pungent feet. When she planted them on my stomach, I began rubbing them for her. “That feels so good, sweetie. But you can rub a little harder for me.” As I applied more pressure, she let out a moan. Her feet felt much softer than I remembered.

After a couple minutes, she lowered one of her smelly soles on my face. “I’ve been running around town all day. Can’t you tell?” As I inhaled her scent, my dick immediately jumped in my pants. I let out a moan as I sniffed the ball of her foot. Then I nuzzled my nose in her toes and sniffed between each of them. “Let’s make this a ‘double feeture,’ shall we?” she said as she shoved her other foot in my face. I continued sniffing as she smothered my face with her sweaty feet. “Oh, how I missed having you under my feet.” I was too busy sniffing to respond. I was really starting to get high from her intoxicating scent and my cock was throbbing with pleasure. After a few minutes, she reached down and picked up one of her smelly sandals. “These are just foul! Go ahead, give these a whirl,” she said as she placed the footbed of the sandal on my face. And as I sniffed it, she began pressing down on my face with her feet.

After a couple minutes, she pulled her feet away, reached down and picked up the sandal, and then held it above my face and said, “Lick.” At that moment, I stuck my wet tongue out and licked around her dirty foot imprint. “Good boy,” she said as I continued licking her grimy footbed. “I think that’s good. Now the other one,” she said as she switched sandals for me to lick. For some reason, her other sandal smelled much stronger as it covered my face. But I licked the footbed anyway because I was too horny to stop myself. “I think you’re ready for a snack,” Brenda said as she set her bag of popcorn down on the ground.

“Yes, please,” I said.

“Coming right up,” she said as she shoved her foot into her bag of popcorn and grabbed some with her toes. As I opened my mouth, she dropped some popcorn inside for me to devour. “This is so much fun.” She picked up some more popcorn with her hand and this time she placed a piece between each of her toes. “Try this,” she said as she shoved her foot in my face and I ate the popcorn from between her toes. As I enjoyed my treat, she quickly put her sandals back on. “Get up,” she said in a panicked tone as she snapped her fingers. As I quickly got back in my seat, I saw a theater employee walking up the steps and it seemed like he was approaching us. “If he asks what we were doing, I’ll say you were helping me find my lost contact,” Brenda said.

“Good idea,” I said. I watched nervously as the employee stopped and scanned his eyes around the theater. Then to my relief, he turned and walked back down the steps and exited the theater. At that moment, we glanced at each other casino firmaları and started busting out laughing. “I like how you think on your feet,” I said with a smirk.

“That was close,” she said.

We enjoyed the rest of the movie together and when it was over, we walked out of the theater and made our way to the lobby. Brenda looked around and said, “I don’t see your friends anywhere. Do you need me to give you a ride home?”

“That would be sweet of you.”


On the way to dropping me off, I turned to Brenda and asked, “How did you know I was at the movies? Was it just a coincidence?”

“Your mother told me where you were when I called your house earlier,” she said. “I was hoping you’d be available for a play date. I guess things worked out for us anyway,” she said with a smile.

“I see. Well, I’m glad you came.”

“Me too. Thank you for cleaning my yucky sandals. I usually use a toothbrush for the job,” she said with a grin.

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“How’s school?”


“Any special ladies in your life?”

“Just you,” I said.

“Awww. You know what I mean.”

“There is this one girl in my English class.”

“What’s her name?”


“That’s a pretty name.”

“I think she’s cute,” I said.

“Why don’t you ask her out?”

“She’s a bit out of my—”

“Women love confidence in a man. Just ask her out. If she rejects you, it’s her loss.”

“What if she thinks I’m a freak?”

“Because you like feet? Everyone has a thing. If she doesn’t let you play with her feet, she’s obviously not the one for you. There’ll always be someone out there who loves you for who you are. You just have to be patient.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Well, I am speaking from experience. After my first divorce, I fell for a man who was into feet.”


“He was really shy about his fetish, which I thought was cute at first. One day, I brought it up to him and he seemed really embarrassed. I reassured him that I didn’t think he was a freak and that I liked idea of him pampering my feet. So the next time we saw each other, he massaged and kissed my feet until the anticipation of him sucking my toes became too much for me. I just remember being so turned on when he finally took my toes into his warm mouth that I thought I was going to have an instant orgasm. That’s how good it felt.”

“Wow,” I said. “That’s amazing! So what happened to this guy?”

“He turned out to be a jerk,” she said. “So I learned that just because a man is into feet, doesn’t make him a keeper. Although, most of the foot guys I’ve met have been really kind and thoughtful just like you.”

“I don’t mind being single for a while.”

“Well, you’ll always have time for a relationship. Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Not yet,” I said.

“I might dress up as a devil,” she said.

“I can see that,” I said and she slapped me on the arm.

“I’d let you come over, but it’s late and I have to be up early tomorrow.”

“I understand.”

When she pulled up outside of my house, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “You stink like my feet again. Poor thing,” she said as she rubbed my hair.

“I wish I could bottle up your scent and take it with me,” I said.

“Silly boy,” she said with a giggle.

“I’d name it Unforgettable.”

“I guess that’s better than naming it Agony,” she said. “Agony of De-Feet. By the way, what’s your favorite color nail polish?”

“Any shade of red,” I said.


“Thank you again for tonight,” I said. “I had an amazing time.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. If you’re free sometime this week, I can have you come over so I can smother you with my feet some more. How’s that sound?”

“Wonderful!” I said as my heart shook with excitement.

“I’ll make sure to get my feet extra smelly for you. I might even have to tie you up so you won’t try to escape them when I shove them in your cute little face,” she said with a wicked grin. “Bye sweetie.”

“Bye Brenda,” I said as I stepped out her car and closed the door. I gave her a quick wave before I walked up the driveway and made my way to the front door. Once I stepped inside the house, Brenda drove off in her gray Honda Pilot and I smiled to myself. The entire night felt like a dream painted by my imagination. When I got to my room, I tucked my Zombie Clowns From District Seven ticket stub inside my wallet and got ready for bed.


When I came home from school on Friday, I headed straight to my room and dropped my backpack off. Then I played Call of Duty until my mother knocked on my door and interrupted me.

“I’m going to the nail salon with Brenda,” she said and my ears immediately perked up. “She must have a new boyfriend she’s not telling me about. Good for her. Anyway, I figure we’ll order a pizza since it’s Friday. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good,” I said, not güvenilir casino taking my eyes off the screen.

“I noticed that you’ve been doing a better job of keeping your room clean. Maybe you’re turning into an adult after all,” she said before she walked away.

I immersed myself in Call of Duty until I completely lost track of time. I paused the game, rubbed my eyes, and made my way to the kitchen. I opened up the fridge and grabbed a bottled water. I removed the cap and took a drink. At that moment, I heard the front door open and my mother and Brenda stepped inside. And I could hear the sound of their flip-flops smacking against their heels.

“We really splurged on shoes this time,” I heard my mother say.

“Well, you only get one life,” Brenda said.

“Brenda,” I said when she stepped into the kitchen with my mother, and both of them were holding shopping bags.

“Hi, David,” she said and I glanced down at her pedicured feet in flip-flops and her freshly painted toes that were a deep shade of red. My eyes were immediately drawn to the sexy toe rings she was wearing. She must’ve purchased them recently because I’ve never seen her wear them before, I thought. I tried not to drool or stare too long at her sexy feet and mouthwatering toes.

“I’ll order the pizza now,” my mother said as she picked up the phone in the kitchen. She pulled out a menu and dialed the number printed on it.

“How was your day?” I asked Brenda.

“It was amazing. First we went shopping and I found the perfect pair of party flats. Then we treated ourselves to manis and pedis.”

“Make that a large pepperoni pizza,” I heard my mother say.

“What do you think of the color?” Brenda asked me with a tilt of her head.

“It looks perfect on you,” I said. “But I’m sure any polish would.”

“Awww,” Brenda said as I stared at her soft and beautiful feet. “I do miss my candy corn toes. Halloween really is my favorite time of year.”

“Mine too,” I said.

“I love decorating my house and watching horror movie marathons on TV,” Brenda said. “I heard you went to the movies recently. Did you watch Zombie Clowns From District Seven?”

“I did.”

“What did you think?”

“I give it two toes up—I mean, thumbs,” I said as I quickly corrected myself and Brenda tried not to laugh.

“Thank you,” my mother said. Then she hung up the phone. “What are you two giggling about?”

“Nothing,” I said.

“You have to see this teacup set I brought back from London,” my mother said to Brenda. Then they walked into the living room and left me alone in the kitchen. I was starting to get a little excited thinking about Brenda’s feet, so I took my bottled water up to my room. I couldn’t let my mother catch me with a boner in my pants. That would be too embarrassing.

I listened to music and watched funny videos on YouTube until my boner went away. Then I headed back to the kitchen, but on my way I stopped and eavesdropped on my mother and Brenda’s conversation.

“Where’s David?” Brenda asked.

“He went to his room. He’s probably in there playing video games,” my mother said. “That boy and his video games.”

“I’m surprised Lilly remembered who I was today. It’s been months since she’s worked on my feet,” Brenda said. “She did such an amazing job on my toes. I’m loving my nails.”

“Speaking of feet…” my mother said to my surprise. “So who’s the new guy in your life?” my mother asked.

“What guy?”

“The cute guy with a foot fetish you told me about.”

“Hear we go,” Brenda said.

“Actually, you didn’t tell me much about him.”

“Well, he’s really sweet and intelligent,” Brenda said which made me smile.

“How old is he?”

“Why does it matter?”

“He’s young, isn’t he?”

“Yes, he’s younger than me,” Brenda said.

“I knew it. So how young?”

“I’m not going to answer that question.”

“I think you should stay away from him,” my mother said.


“He might be a serial killer,” my mother said and I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, give me a break! Why do you say that? Because he’s into feet?”

“Don’t a lot of serial killers have foot fetishes?”

“Name one,” Brenda said.

“I can’t off the top of my head.”

“Plenty of celebrities have foot fetishes and they’ve never killed anyone,” Brenda said.

“Like who?”

“Well, Elvis had a foot fetish.”


“Google it,” Brenda said. “So did Andy Warhol.”


“He was a famous pop artist.”

“…I still think you should stay away from the guy,” my mother said.

“Because he likes feet? So what? I happen to enjoy having my feet played with,” Brenda said.

“Yuck. Do you really make him lick your feet?”

“I don’t make him do anything. He loves being at my feet,” Brenda said and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“I don’t believe it.”

“Well, it’s true.”

“I hope you at least wash them for him first,” my mother said.

“Nope. He likes them well-seasoned,” Brenda said with a laugh.

“Ah, Brenda! I thought you were just joking over the phone. I don’t see how anyone can be attracted to smelly feet. It makes me gag just thinking about it,” my mother said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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