Brenner’s Lake Ch. 05

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I had a very difficult time falling asleep, because I don’t think I’d ever been as over-stimulated – or as frustrated.

Before that morning, the closest I’d ever come to seeing a girl naked was, well, the previous day, when Rachel was wearing a skin-tight, transparent wet t-shirt. Then I woke up to find Rachel in my bed and before we were done she’d opened her blouse, stripped off my underwear, and given me a hand job. A few hours later, my cousin Sandy and I were naked together at the lake, she was stroking my cock, I made her cum by finger-fucking her, and then she gave me my first (obviously) blow job. We were moments away from actual sex — my cock was actually touching her pussy — when the Mother of All Summer Storms hit and we had to get dressed and rush home.

And that would have been okay — more than okay, really — because we both had the same idea: run into either my bedroom or hers, strip off our wet clothing, and fuck until the bed screamed out for mercy.

Unfortunately the storm was expected to get so bad that Sandy’s mother closed up the store and came home early, so she wouldn’t be stranded there if the bridge between the town and home flooded out. I guess we were pretty lucky she got home just before us, instead of while we were going at it like bunnies, as loudly as we pleased because we expected to have the house to ourselves.

Still, though…

We all had dinner together, and watched a movie, and of course Sandy and I had no opportunity to finish what we’d started.


I climbed into bed naked and began fingering myself almost immediately. I thought about Danny’s finger moving in and out of my pussy earlier in the day. Mmm. I was good and wet. I rubbed my girl juices against my clit, and I thought about how close I’d come to having Danny cock inside me — not once but twice! How unlucky can a girl get, to come so close twice in one day?

Maybe casino şirketleri I should have stayed in Danny’s bed this morning — but when we fucked for the first time, I wanted him to know he was fucking me, and want to be fucking me. At least now I knew he did want me.

I slid a second finger into my pussy, and pretended it was Danny’s cock. But I knew his cock would feel better than that.

I also knew that before he went back to the city, he was probably going to fuck Rachel too. I was okay with that, mostly. Especially since he was going to fuck me first.

I wanted him so badly tonight. Mom went to sleep pretty early, because she planned to get to the store a couple of hours early in the morning to clean up the minor flooding the store always got after a really heavy rain. I wanted to ask Danny to come to bed with me. This could be his cock in my right now, I thought. But that would mean being quiet, really quiet, and based on how loudly I’d screamed when it was just his finger in my pussy…

With a shudder, I came. It was nice, it was quiet, but it was disappointing: how do you go back to touching your own pussy just hours after a screaming orgasm and almost getting fucked twice?

I barely slept, and even tried rubbing myself off again around 3 in the morning. About 6, I heard Mom getting ready to leave the house.

I took a fast shower, more to try to wake myself up than anything else, put on a nice pair of panties and nothing else, and walked over to Danny’s bedroom. I crawled under his blanket, noticed he was naked, snuggled up next to him, put my hand on his cock, and felt it twitch.

And then I fell asleep.


I put on my shortest shorts and my most tightest t-shirt, though I wasn’t planning on keeping either of them on once I got to Sandy’s house. I figured Danny and I had a good hour, between Sandy’s mom leaving the house at 8 and Sandy finishing casino firmaları her chores at 9, to finish what we’d started the previous morning.

Yesterday I’d seen my first penis, and let a boy see my breasts for the first time. Today, I was getting fucked.


The first thing I noticed when I woke up was a hand holding my cock.

Then I saw Sandy in bed next to me, the blanket having fallen to about her waist, her big, firm breasts exposed. I swear, I thought, waking up in this house gets more interesting every morning.

I leaned over and gave each nipple a kiss, which woke her up. “Hey,” she said sleepily

“Hey yourself,” I said.

“I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” she said.

“It was nice waking up together,” I said, and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I assume your mom’s gone?”



We both moved our heads forward to kiss again, and this time it wasn’t a light kiss. Her tongue brushed against mine and out bodies rubbed together, My hands slid down her back, grabbing her ass under her panties. She reached down to yank her panties off, and we began rolling around in the bed until she was on top of me, my cock brushing against her pussy as it had been yesterday.

She sat up, straddling me, grinding her wet pussy against my cock.

“We’re going to do this,” she whispered.

I just nodded my head.

She lifted herself up, took my cock in her hand, placed it between the lips of her pussy, and slowly lowered herself down on me.

I took her breasts in my hands and I watched my cock disappear into her.

“It’s okay if you cum quickly,” Sandy said. “I’m already close. I know I’ll cum as soon as you cum.”

I felt a warm tingle, starting from my cock and working its way throughout my body, We weren’t going to have screaming orgasms, at least not this time around, but it was the best thing I’d felt in my life, better güvenilir casino than when Rachel had jerked me off the previous morning or even when Sandy had sucked my a few hours after that. Sandy moaned softly and I knew that she also wished this feeling could last forever.

The bedroom door opened quietly. At first, I was too relaxed to panic.

Then I saw Rachel step inside the room, naked to the waist and holding a t-shirt in her hand.


I wanted to get here early and surprise Danny. Imagine MY surprise!

I probably shouldn’t have been shocked to see Danny fucking Sandy: it was just a matter of time, even though they hadn’t done anything sexual together until this morning. I was tempted to run over to the bed and join them — how hot would that be? — but I didn’t want to intrude on their first time.


Fortunately, Rachel was standing several feet behind Sandy’s back, so Sandy had no idea she was there; and Rachel managed not to make any sound when she saw what we were doing.

She also didn’t turn around to leave the room, but smiled and continued to watch us.

She smiled, and began caressing her breasts: either for my pleasure, her own, or both.

I realized I shouldn’t be focusing my attention on Rachel when Sandy was straddling me, having just given me her virginity, so I gently pulled her body down to mine and began sucking on her hard nipples.

Her up-and-down movements were replaced by a grinding motion that kept my cock deep into her pussy.

Sandy came, and when she’d finished she sat up straight again and began moving up and down, faster than before. “It’s safe to cum in me,” she whispered. “I want you to fill my pussy with your cum.”

Hearing this, Rachel thrust a hand into her shorts, clearly rubbing her own pussy.

I couldn’t have held back if my life depended on it: I came so hard inside Sandy, I don’t know how many times I spurted into her how pussy, I actually felt faint afterward. She rolled off of me, both of us messy with my cum and hers, and lay down beside me, happy and contented. When I looked toward the door, Rachel was gone.

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