Bringing the Family Together Pt. 01

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This story is based around celebrities and has a strong theme of incest running throughout it. This story is in no way true and is meant to offend no one. If you do not like incest or the idea of celebrities having sex then I suggest you go find a story that fits your liking. I do not know Lucy Zara and I hope that if she was ever to read this she would take no offence as this is merely a fantasy about a woman I fantasize about daily. The start to the story has some mild sex involved but generally it is a slow build up to what should set the scene for a long series involving multiple women I fantasize about but based around my ultimate stroke fantasy Lucy Zara.

I have had to repost this story without part of the story about how George and his siblings were born due to some complaints


A couple of girls I had been out with lately had commented that they felt like we were being watched during dates. I partly just thought they were a bit nuts (that tends to be a common theme for my girlfriends frankly!) but it didn’t stop me going back to theirs having a wild and normally fairly kinky night and then leaving before breakfast the next morning. Why always before breakfast? Well every morning I met my best friend and long-time fuck buddy Lisa to break down the night before and decide whether last night’s conquest was worth a return visit. While I was a massive man whore (that’s what Lisa called me anyway I referred to myself as a stud as all men do) Lisa had only ever had sex with two guys but she more than made up for that in women bedded. In a way we were each other pimps as we often brought women to each other for threesomes or just because we were bored with them and thought the other would appreciate their sexy bodies. Lisa and I were picky when it came to girls our age (18) so we only tended to sleep with the girls with the hottest girls. However, when it came to older women we were still picky but our love for experienced older women often won out over how vain we were.

After I finished telling Lisa about my night she told me about her night flamed out when the MILF she was currently dominating mentally and physically had to leave to go make sure her son was OK as he had been concussed at football practice. What this meant is that frankly she was horny as hell and so as soon as my coffee mug hit the table she grabbed my hand and told me to shut up and take her home. As we stood up I noticed a man watching us over his paper but immediately went to dismiss it as I was used to men and women a like staring at the supremely sexy Lisa. As Lisa stepped away to start pulling me towards the door I noticed his eyes stayed on me and not on her perfectly formed body. However, thinking about Lisa and her naked body soon made me wipe the staring man from my mind and I followed more than willingly as we left the café and climbed into Lisa’s car.

Once we got to mine we walked in the front door where Lisa shouted hi to Andrea, my adopted mum (who Lisa had often shown a good time), and then shouted we would be upstairs which I knew would tell Andrea that if she didn’t want to see her adopted son with his dick buried deep in my nympho blonde best friend then she should leave us alone for the next few hours. poker oyna As we reached the stairs I broke free of Lisa’s grip and disappeared into the toilet. When I reached my room I found Lisa in her underwear setting up my laptop on my big screen. Lisa pointed to the bed and demanded I strip which I quickly did and sat on the bed as a video buffered on the screen. Lisa then came to join me as our favourite MILF of all time Lucy Zara appeared on screen.

Lisa reached across me for the controls and whispered “I have put together every Lucy stroke video I could find and I am going to tease your cock until they are all finished. If you last then I am yours for the rest of the day but if you fail then I go and get my urges scratched by Andrea downstairs.”

I nodded as Lisa pressed play and so started the most pleasurably frustrating three hours of my life as I watched my favourite stroke women tease, humiliate and insult the camera while my bombshell best friend took me to the edge time after time. As the last video finished Lisa removed her underwear and buried my cock in her pussy leading to a long long fucking session which involved us both cumming multiple times before we fell asleep.

A few hours later we were awoken by Andrea shouting that dinner was ready and we groggily made our way downstairs after dressing and enjoyed another superb meal cooked by wonderful adopted mum. After dinner Lisa kissed Andrea and promised her next time she would be the one to scratch her itch but right now she had to go and get ready for another date with the hottest girl at our school.

I told Andrea I was going out for a few drinks with a couple of friends who were off travelling this week and left her to get ready for her own date with her latest boyfriend (My adopted Dad had walked out two years earlier for his secretary informing me I was adopted as he walked out of the door. However, it had only strengthened the relationship between Andrea and I as now I understood why I saw my ‘mum’ as a friend rather than a typical mum).

When I arrived at the bar I was the first to arrive and sat in our usual booth. That was when I noticed the man again and deciding that this was no coincidence I walked over to him and sat down in the booth with him. “Why the hell are you following me?” I demanded.

He looked me in the eye with a stunningly calm look and replied “I am a private investigator who has been hired by someone to track down her biological children who were adopted when she was younger and I believe you are the first of those children.”

I was stunned and could barely say a word. He handed me my card and said “By your lack of answer I will take it you are adopted?” When I could only nod he continued “You have my number there so please ring me tomorrow when you have digested all of this because your real mum would love to meet you but she under no circumstances wants to rush you if you are not ready.”

Over the next week I carried on with my summer of fun but I couldn’t get the PI out of my mind. I didn’t tell Lisa or Andrea as I didn’t want to concern them. The following Friday I sat down with Andrea and told her about the man and how if it was OK with her I wanted to pursue this but she had to canlı poker oyna remember she was the women that raised me and I loved her for it and always would see her as my life influence. She had been so good through the last two years that I had more respect for her than I had for anyone having gone through what she had when her perfect little world was shattered.

She sat with me while I rang the PI and told him to arrange a meeting with my mum. He got back to me an hour later and told me she was over the moon and the meeting was arranged for Sunday in the bar of the Radisson hotel in Birmingham. The idea being that it was a generally public place but private enough for the conversation that was to be had.

On Sunday I arrived at the Radisson and entered the bar where I asked the man on the door if a woman named Lucy had arrived. He directed me to a table over to one side where I saw a blonde woman sat with her back to the door. I walked over to the table and headed for the second seat. As I reached the table I cleared my throat and realising my nerves I spoke “Excuse me are you Lucy?” She looked up and to my absolute amazement there sat Lucy Zara.

“Yes I am, you must be George?” she replied with a smile on her face.

“Y-Y-Y-Yes I am” I stuttered.

She giggled and said “Clearly you recognise me,” as I went beat red and nodded before taking the seat opposite her. Immediately she called over a waiter and I ordered a Beer which I took a rather large drink of when it arrived. Again she giggled and asked “Not who you were expecting?”

“I don’t know what I was expecting but I definitely wasn’t expecting to recognise you from the internet” I laughed.

She smiled and took a deep breath before saying “I guess I owe you some sort of explanation about all of this”.

She then told me her story and how she had five children (Four girls and me) all of whom had been adopted as she was deemed unfit to be a Mother by her Father.

She then told me how she herself had spiralled out of control and gone into prostitution before finding softcore porn. She then met her best friend Dannii Harwood who got her the counselling she needed. When she was ‘healed’ she stayed in softcore porn for the money and because frankly she had known nothing other than sex her whole life.

When she finished I gulped and said “Thank you for telling me that Lucy as it certainly explains a lot. I hope that we can build something good out of that time of your life.”

She smiled and visibly relaxed as she realised I wasn’t going to run off screaming about what a weird freak she was. We ordered more drinks as I told her about my passions, Andrea and satan (Dad), Lisa and generally filled her in on the first 18 years of my life that I remembered. After a few drinks we went out for something to eat and then spent the afternoon getting to know each other better. After my 5th or 6th drink the subject of her videos came up and I confessed that she was my most popular stroke fantasy even telling her about the 3 hour tease marathon Lisa had put me through.

She just smiled and clearly a little drunk herself seemed secretly happy that I found her attractive. As the day wore on I walked her back to the Radisson internet casino where she was staying. We had both had a few drinks and has we hugged goodbye she surprised me by kissing me. My instincts took over my brain and before I knew it I was kissing her back as we headed for the hotel lifts. In the lifts we managed to stop kissing long enough to not make the journey with an old couple awkward before we burst into the room. Immediately we started shedding clothes as she revealed that drop dead stunning MILF body wearing thigh highs and a pink bra and thong set which made her simply look STUNNING. She walked over and kissed me before dropping to her knees and fishing out my already rock hard cock and sucking on it like there was no tomorrow.

Quickly she stopped just sucking my cock and worshipped it with her tongue and lips quickly making me flood her mouth with cum. She then cleaned up my cock before standing and kissing me. I pushed her back onto the bed and starting with her lips before moving down her body removing first her bra where I then made love to her breasts like I would never see them again.

As I continued playing with her breasts I realised she was moaning louder and louder and then she did something no women had ever done with me. She orgasmed without me ever touching her pussy. It was the hottest thing I had ever experienced and without further ado I dived between her legs removing her thong and tenderly licking her pussy before attacking her clit with my tongue bringing her to another orgasm.

I then moved back up her body and slid my once again rock hard cock between those dreamy boobs of hers as she sucked the head of cock while I tit fucked this gorgeous women who I now knew to be my biological mum. As I continued to tit fuck her she began begging me to fuck her and I quickly realised my biggest fantasy by sliding my cock in her dreamy pussy. To say I didn’t last long once I started fucking her would be an understatement. I was so worked up from the tit fuck I exploded straight inside her. She didn’t care though as she moved as quick as anything to take my cock in her mouth and bring me back to my full strength. In the back of my head I thanked Lisa for her marathon sessions which had prepared me for this but Lisa was soon forgotten as Lucy threw me on my back and rode me to multiple orgasms before I pulled out and returned to titty fucking her now exhausted body until I came all over her face.

We both fell asleep a hot sweaty and exhausted mess knowing there was plenty of questions to be answered in the morning but that is another story!


I hope you enjoyed this story as much I enjoyed writing it. Personally I have never committed an incestual act and never will. It is something reserved for the deepest darkest corner of my mind along with some other kinks that will be revealed over this series. I hope this story has also opened your eyes to the beauty that is Lucy Zara.

As you may have guessed I am going to add all six sisters to the story at some point and yes they will all be celebrities I fantasize about. The ages may not tie up exactly with the story line but hey this is a fantasy and who cares if you cum at the end right?

Any comments you have on how I can improve my writing will be gladly received and any suggestions on ideas for my sisters (I fantasize about many celebrities and am always open to new stroke fantasy’s!) or storylines will be greatly received.

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