Britney’s Adventure Ch. 5

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I would highly suggest reading the first 4 parts of the story before reading this one, feedback is always appreciated, thanks for reading, and have fun.

She was walking back to the main room, passing by many amorous couples who were going back to the rooms that she had just spent her energies in. She was arranging her costume so that it covered her parts, which she thought to be in vain, for she knew it would probably end up on the floor of some room with some person she had probably only met a few minutes prior. The main room was still abuzz, and she noticed that another girl was now in the position she was in, tied up in front of the chair. No one was taking advantage of her in that position at the moment, and she hopped onto the chair. She put her legs way out wide, holding her thighs, she looked at the girl who was sitting there, and she was wearing a futuristic, space costume of some sort, kind of like the one in “Barberella” except it had a skirt. “Well, get going and do your job, you wouldn’t want me telling Seymour that I am displeased with your performance now would you?” She said, sounding like a Dominatrix.

“No Mistress.” The woman said, and immediately put her mouth right into Britney’s pussy. Her tongue immediately pushing far into her, her nose rubbing her nose against Britney’s clit. Britney moved her hands down to her head, and grabbed a handful of her teased hair and pulled her head onto her even farther. Britney was moaning rather loudly now. A few other people around the room were watching, including a man who had made his way behind the Space Woman in front of Britney. From Britney’s angle, she could see him move up behind her, and appear to unzip his pants, and then saw him begin to thrust from behind her. Britney moved her skirt so that she could see the woman’s face, her eyes closing in obvious ecstasy, as Britney’s juices were flowing all over her face. Britney saw Seymour off to the side, staring at her, she winked at him, and then began moaning even louder, wanting to keep his attention. She then grabbed the woman in front of her by the hair, and pulled her up, and then moaned loudly, and came all over her face. She pulled back, and the woman had her juices smeared all over her lips, chin, cheeks, and some had dribbled down her neck. Britney looked where Seymour was again, and saw a woman dressed in a Playboy Bunny costume with her hands all over him, she was tall, and had brown hair up. Britney moved off of the chair, and a woman in a long black robe sat down in her place, Britney had no clue what her costume was supposed to be of, she guessed a witch based solely on the hat, but when she lifted up the black robe, she saw the same striped socks from “The Wizard of Oz” and it clicked for her, she smiled, and walked over to Seymour.

“Did you enjoy watching me and Space Girl over there?” She asked, smiling at him, and putting her arm around him, which hit against the arm of the Bunny’s, which caused her to look at Britney with an evil eye. Britney returned the look, and then looked up to Seymour and smiled at him.

“Yes, it was very enjoyable, and Britney, this is Lindsie.

“How are you Lindsie?” Britney asked, trying to be cordial.

“Well, Seymour was about to show me his bedroom upstairs, so I guess we will be going, huh Seymour?” She said, with no subtlety in any way shape, or form.

“I would love to see that, I’m sure it’s just absolutely fabulous.” Britney said, still drawing the ire of Lindsie.

“Well, you can definitely join our little tour then Britney, I assume you are OK with that, right Lindsie?” He said, looking at Lindsie.

“Of course casino şirketleri it’s fine with me, whatever you feel like.” She responded although obviously miffed at the arrangement that was occurring. They each took one of Seymour’s arms, and he walked up the stairs, and past the man who was dressed as the Roman, Britney winked at him as they passed by, and he gave her a small smile. They didn’t talk at all, just simply went along their way up the stairs, and to large double doors.

“Well, this is the place, Seymour then entered a code on a console to the right of the door, and then he pushed the two doors open at the same time. The room was amazing; it had a large open area at the front of it, with chairs and coffee tables on either side of the large area. The bed was toward the back, and she guessed that the room was at least 40 feet long, and probably 40 feet wide also. Britney and Lindsie both were mesmerized by the room, it was larger than Britney’s entire apartment, and was nicely furnished.

“This place is amazing” Britney said, still in a state of initial shock, and attempting to take it all in. They both took a seat on either side of Seymour, who had taken a seat on one of the couches in the room. They both began making insignificant small talk, and both of their hands began a race to his crotch, they both wanted to get their first to get his attention, but didn’t want to lose face and act like a total slut, despite how both of them were. Their hands met over his crotch, and both of them began rubbing his cock, which he then exposed by pulling down the red tights he was wearing. His cock sprang up, hard from the beginning, and both girls did the same move, they looked up and smiled at him, their hands reaching and encircling his cock, but couldn’t move up and down because the other’s hand was there. They both gave each other a dirty look, wanting the other to leave so that they could have all of Seymour’s attention. He was single, fabulously wealthy, and good looking, and the thing they loved the most was that he threw parties like this every 2-3 weeks. Seymour noticed the lack of movement on his cock, and looked down, and saw the tension beginning to arise between them, and because of this, decided to take advantage of the situation.

“Ladies, I see the two of you seem to be more concerned about other things at the moment.” He said, very confidently.

“Well, I just wanted to have some alone time with you, until this chick decided to join us.” Lindsie said, her earlier frustration rising to the surface. Britney only glared at her, and Lindsie responded by grabbing her wrist and making an attempt to slap her, which was thwarted by Britney’s other hand. Seymour then got between them and broke it up, although he would like to see a good chick fight, he didn’t want any blood in his bedroom, and especially not on his furniture.

“OK, we’ll try to settle this like civilized people ok?” He looked at both of them when he said this. “We’ll have a little competition, the two of you will wrestle, although it will have a little twist to it, and the winner gets me first, how does that sound?” He said, still keeping them apart.

“OK, that sounds good to me” Lindsie said, sizing up her future opponent. Britney responded the same way, still giving Lindsie the evil eye.

“I just need to get the twist to this little fight, I need you both to strip, completely naked, and no fighting, if you fight before I tell you to, neither of you will get me, and your participation in future parties will be in serious Jeopardy, understand?” He said, scolding them, and threatening them. They both casino firmaları responded with a yes, and with that, he went to get something. They both began stripping; Britney looked at her opponent, and saw her trim body, but also saw her enormous tits, wondering how big they were, and wondering if that would help her, or hurt her in the upcoming wrestling match. Before her thinking got too far, Seymour had returned with the “twists” as he put them. It was two strap-on harnesses, which had dildos of equal length attached to them. They also had a dildo on the other end going into them. Britney liked the possibilities of these, hoping she would be the one thrusting into Lindsie, and not the other way around.

“Ladies, these are your weapons, the rules are that the two of you will wrestle, no scratching, gouging, or punching, it’ll be like amateur wrestling. The goal is to get your dildo into the other’s girl asshole; the winner will then have their fun with the loser, until the winner decides to stop. The loser will then be tied up, and the winner and I will get up on the bed. When the winner and I are done, then we will untie the loser, and allow her to get involved, so girls, lube up, and get ready to wrestle.” He said, throwing a bottle of lube at both of them, the girls then took a generous glob and rubbed it over their dicks, and put a glob onto their fingers, and they then bent over and put the glob into their asshole, and rubbing it around in there. “Girls, are you both lubed up and ready?” Seymour asked, wanting to get to the action.

“I’m ready” said Britney, who was doing a few stretches.

“I am ready to go” said Lindsie, who was stretching also.

“OK ladies, you know the rules, and begin.” The girls circled each other for a minute to which Seymour responded “I said wrestle dammit.” The two girls laughed, and then they engaged, putting their arms around each other, they both fell in a heap on the floor, their bodies completely intertwined, each trying to get an advantage, but each attempt was thwarted by the other, Lindsie got her legs around Britney, and moved around behind her, and grabbed her shoulders, and pinned her down on her stomach, and then used her knees to spread Britney’s legs. She then took her dildo and put the head of it into Britney’s ass, slowly sliding it in. Her asshole was still lubricated well enough to get motion going, so Britney continued, with all the energy of their tension from earlier guiding her.

“You little slut, you tried to move in on Seymour when I was going to have him all to myself, this is what sluts like you deserve.” She said, thrusting harder and harder into her. Seymour could see the look on Britney’s face, a combination of pleasure and pain, but also the humiliation of losing the match. Lindsie was moaning slightly, feeling the dildo pushing back into her, and increased her pace so she could increase her pleasure. Lindsie grabbed Britney’s hair, pulling her head back, as Lindsie continued to ravage her. She let out moans of pleasure and pain, she was still sore from earlier, and Lindsie was being really rough with her, leaning back and slapping her ass, which she thought was probably still red or pink from earlier. Lindsie began moaning louder, and her strokes became quicker and more hurried, as she latched on, wanting to orgasm, and then shrieking loudly, cumming, and then fell on top of Britney, both of their bodies moving up and down as they attempted to catch their breath. Seymour’s cock was rock hard, and when Lindsie looked up, he made a motion with his finger for her to come over. She pulled out of Britney, leaving her there, and güvenilir casino moved between Seymour’s legs.

“Now you may have your reward,” He said, leaning back in the chair, and letting his cock stand in its fully hardened state in front of her. She put her hands on his thighs, pushing them out, and she looked into his eyes, as she took his cock into her mouth, slowly lowering herself onto it, letting him savor the sensation slowly. Her tongue moved around his cock slowly, she kept eye contact with him the entire time, and he was quickly moaning, and grabbing her head, wanting to keep her there for as long as possible. She moved her head slowly back and forth trying to prolong the process, but Seymour wanted a release, and fast. Lindsie let him have his wish, and began moving faster and faster on his cock, pumping it, his breathing
accelerated. “Yeah, I want to cum in your mouth baby, get ready for it,” Seymour said, and upon completion of those words, he grabbed her head, and came down her throat. This entire time, Britney was moving her hand up and down the dildo in front of her, letting it push back into her. She did it slowly, not wanting to orgasm, just to get her ready for Seymour in a few minutes. Lindsie was swallowing his cum, having to swallow two or three times to make sure to get it all, not wanting any of it to escape her mouth. She lifted her head off of Seymour’s cock, and stood up, and sat down next to him, putting her head on his shoulder, and putting an arm around him.

“Thank you,” he said, smiling down at her, and putting his arm around her. “Britney, are your ready for your reward?” he asked her.

“Of course Seymour.” She responded, looking at him.

“Then got on up here” he said, motioning with his finger. When she got in front of his legs, he pulled her up, putting his cock between her breasts. “That’s better,” the sensation of having his cock between her breasts added to her stimulation, as Seymour began making out with Lindsie while Britney began moving her tits up and down his shaft, which was now semi-hard. Lindsie ran her hands across his chest, and moved her head down and began sucking on his nipples, then kissing up and kissing his neck, causing his head to roll back. His cock was hard again, and Britney was moaning from the added friction she felt against her breasts. Seymour’s moans were muffled by Lindsie kissing him, and Britney could look down and see he was close to cumming. He moved Lindsie’s head away from him, and began moaning more loudly, and looking down into Britney’s eyes, which were transfixed onto him. Britney moved her body up faster and faster, her sensations increasing along with Seymour’s, until she felt the throbbing of his cock, and felt it spurt onto her breasts, globs shooting up onto them, covering them in the white goo of his manhood. She fell back onto the carpet. “Lindsie, go down there and clean her up,” he said, moving his head in the direction of Britney, whose chest was moving up and down, her breathing trying to recover. Lindsie moved down there, and put her tongue onto Britney’s stomach, and moved her tongue skillfully, getting all of the cum she could into her mouth. Once she was finished, she moved up and kissed Britney, sharing what was inside her mouth with her.

“Well, girls, I think it is time that we rejoin the party, don’t you?” Seymour said, pulling his tights back up.

“Yes, you have a beautiful bedroom,” Britney said, as she began putting her costume back on.

“I was really glad to see it Seymour” Lindsie said, trying to fix the little details of her costume. The three of them went back downstairs, much the same way they came up there, a girl on each of Seymour’s arms. When they got downstairs, they saw Amy bent over a coach, receiving a spanking from another partygoer. Britney knew she would enjoy these parties for a long time.

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