Broken Birds Part 29

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Part 29
Green Island – Lynne

Lynne and Ian dove the Great Barrier Reef. The clear water, bright sunlight and incredible fish life made them feel clean despite the salt. Both had dive skills, but they came to see it now as a shared passion.

They snorkeled and swam. Lynne began to believe in tomorrows with a man of her own.

On the fourth morning, Lynne woke to the aroma of a different man. She was in a double chaise lounge, Ian’s arms around her. She was clutching his morning erection through his pants. In the night, someone had covered them with a blanket.

“I didn’t dare move. You’re so incredibly beautiful,” Ian said softly. Lynne blushed, but gave the hard shaft a squeeze.

“Is that an invitation?” he said lightly, but meaning every word.

“No, a promise for tonight. I want to be fresh and ready for anything you might want.”

He saw she was serious and he smiled.

As she started to rise, Ian held her back, gently caressing her shoulders. His message was clear. He wanted tonight to be perfect too.

Inside she felt warm and treasured. She mentally explored the possibilities, imagining his hard body on hers. Time wouldn’t matter and she would not have to share him.

“Meet in an hour for some snorkeling?” Ian asked, pointing to the beach where masks, fins and snorkels were displayed.

“How about some food first? I starved.”

“Food it is! Meet at the restaurant in 1,” he said chuckling.

They had breakfast together. They sat in the restaurant for hours, talking about dreams and hopes. Ian delicately brought up the subject of her rapes, fearful that it might be an issue if they had sex.

Lynne had to be honest. This man seemed already a part of her. Ian held her hands in his.

“It was my father and brother. They tied me up and raped me several times over the period of a couple of weeks. When my Mom found out, she sent me to a boarding school to protect me,” she said simply, reliving the horror in her mind.

He watched her carefully, seeing the pain and the terror.

“Are you OK now? I mean have you dealt with it?” Ian felt inadequate, an unusual feeling for him.

She smiled sadly, “I think so. I’ve got a wonderful family, a great therapist and a marvelous lover. But I won’t really know until tonight,” she brightened, “until I feel you inside me.”

Ian felt his cock rage. He chuckled. And started to drink his tea.

“You’re laughing at me?” she said in mock indignation.

Ian chocked, spitting out a mouthful of tea.

“No, no,” he chocked out, “I have a raging hard on thinking about tonight. I had to get my mind off sex.”

She seemed mollified. “Tell me what you want to do tonight,” she said seriously. Lynne wanted the words to paint a picture for her.

“How about we go to your room and I’ll describe everything as I do it with you? If I tell you sitting here, I’m afraid I’ll cum in my shorts.”

A feral light shone through her eyes. “Come to my room in an hour. The hell with waiting!”

She left first. Ian had to wait for his erection to subside. His shorts still had a wet spot when he went to his room to shower and prepare.

Lynne knew Ian the lawyer was likely to be on time, so she hurried.

She showered, gave herself two enemas, douched and shaved. She was dressed in an oversized T-shirt, brushing out her long, wavy brown hair when she heard his knock. Instead of putting on the negligee she had intended, she answered in the t-shirt. She’d be naked soon anyway and she felt good about being dressed only in her birthday suit.

Ian stood there with a bottle of champagne, two glasses, a single red rose and a stunned smile. Lynne was gorgeous!

She pulled him inside, throwing her arms around his neck, kissing him with a passion even she did not know she possessed.

Ian put the bottle, glasses and rose on the dresser while returning her kiss. He took her into his arms with practiced precision. Somehow, though, this felt different.

When they broke, wonder and lust danced through her dark eyes.

Still holding her, Ian looked into those marvelous brown eyes. “First, I want to see you naked,” Ian said, remembering his promise, “I want to imprint the image of your body on my heart.”

Lynne gasped, wondering how he knew she needed the words. She stepped back and threw off the t-shirt. She cupped her B cup breasts with their hard nipples, kneading them and lifting them toward her full lips.

When he reached for her, she held him off.

“I want to feel your hands squeeze and caress my breasts while you suck and lick my nipples.”

Her hand dropped to her groin. She sensuously ran a finger along the visibly wet cleft between her outer labia. “I want to feel you inside me, stretching me, making me cum and filling me with your cum.”

Her hand went to her ass. “I want to feel you in my ass, stretching me, claiming me for your own. I want to feel your shaft with my mouth and these lips,” she said running a finger across her lips.”

“Now, I want to see your cock, to taste it, to caress it with my tongue.”

Ian stripped quickly, his cock raging.

She knelt before him, took his shaft in her small hand and looked into his eyes.

“Lick it Love,” he said softly, “taste the cock you will taste thousands of times in our future.”

She licked the shaft from his balls to the little triangle of nerves on the underside of the head, her eyes never leaving his.

“Now take it between your lips into your beautiful mouth.” Her mouth engulfed the head of his formidable manhood. Her tongue twirled around the head in a practiced dance of lust.

“That’s it, my cock sucking woman. Make love to my cock.” Ian moaned at the pleasure, both physical and emotional, watching his cock slowly disappear into her mouth and eyes.

“One day you will give me your throat, letting my cock shoot my cum into your stomach.” Ian had never been deep throated.

Lynne craned her neck, took a deep breath and opened her throat as Shoshana had taught her years ago. Lynne slowly took his entire shaft into her throat, caressing it with her esophageal muscles.

“Oh my God, that’s incredible, Love,” Ian was in heaven.

She pulled back to breathe. He pulled here up and into a long, deep kiss.

“You mean in my throat like that?” she said giggling.

She strode to the stereo and hit play. She led him to her bed. He picked her up and laid her gently on the sheets, inhaling her fresh scent. He lay beside her.

“I’ve never had a woman take me in her throat before,” he said in wonder.

“Any other fantasies you want to try,” Lynne’s confidence soared, “I want this to be so special today.”

He kissed her in a way she had never been kissed before. He started gently grazing her lips. She wanted more. Her lips parted, her tongue began to explore his mouth while he caressed it with his tongue. Then it was his turn to explore her teeth and palette. His hand found her very wet pussy, teasing open the slit between her inner lips. He began to caress her clit with a gossamer touch.

She ripped her mouth from his moaning loudly.

He dropped his head to her breast, sucking on one nipple, then the other. Lynne gasped and had trouble keeping her breathing rhythm. He captured her clit between thumb and forefinger.

“There,” casino şirketleri she cried out, her body beginning to tremble.

He bit down gently on her nipple.

“Yes!” she screamed, feeling her muscle neurons begin to misfire, “YES!”

He simultaneously slid a curled finger in her pussy, rubbed her clit with his thumb and bit down on her nipple.

“IANNNNNNNNNNNN!” she screamed as her climax exploded in her brain and through her body.

He kept caressing her, biting her nipples and impaling her. She kept cumming, crying out his name.

Finally, exhausted, she pushed his hands from her pussy, lying back in his arms, sweating and trembling.

After regaining her senses, she levered onto her side and looked into Ian’s eyes. She saw a look she’d only ever seen between Michael and Beth.

She slid down Ian’s body, slobbering over the cock head. She took it in her throat while watching his eyes. The pleasure was too much. On the fourth stroke, he started to shake. She realized he was calling her name!

His cock began to spasm shooting copious amounts of his seed directly into her stomach. She pulled back to get some of his semen in her mouth.

When he finished, she sat on her feet, leaned over, her breasts dangling provocatively. She opened her mouth showing him his milky cum on her tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed, opening after to show him her clean mouth.

Despite having just had a massive ejaculation, Ian’s cock remained hard. He knew it was probably the little blue pill he’d taken, but it was also this incredible sensual woman.

“I’m too sensitive to take care of this monster right now, but let’s try something,” she said maneuvering to straddle his cock, facing his feet.

She slowly impaled herself. Fortunately, though Ian’s cock was formidable, it was not as large as Michael’s. There was none of the initial pain Michael’s monster always caused her. She swung her legs atop Ian’s and lay back, trusting him to catch her. He did.

Now back to chest, she swung her hair to one side, his lips close to her ear.

“Now tell me your fantasies,” she said sternly, “Every one of them.”

His hands caressed her breasts and nipples as he spoke

“I want to cum inside you without a condom, feeling our juices mix. I want to stretch your ass and cum in your mouth. That’s a big one with me. I’ve seen it on the Internet, but I never met a woman who’d do ass to mouth.”

“You have now,” she said in a deep, sultry voice. She felt him harden in her tunnel.

“I’d like to see you go down on another woman, making her cum.”

“Can we save that one for tomorrow night? I want only you tonight.” She giggled.

“What about you? What are your fantasies?”

“I’ll tell you later, you haven’t finished. All of them.”

He told her all of them, the threesomes, swinging, sex beneath the skies, double penetration, but it was his final fantasy that imprinted on Lynne’s heart.

“I want to watch our children enter this world.”

They lay joined for a long time. Neither wanted the moment to stop.

She felt his cock start to deflate, “So, who do you want me to lick?”

His cock sprang to life, imagining the scene.

“What about Jessica?” she was the resort entertainment director. Jennifer had medically cleared all the staff as well as the guests just in case.

“I’ll ask her tonight,” Lynne said as she wiggled her ass. She slid off him and took his shaft back in her mouth and throat, “We taste amazing together,” she said in her sensual voice.

He was very hard again.

She went to the bed stand and retrieved some strawberry tasting lubricant. She squeezed some into her palm and handed the lube to Ian as she wiggled her ass by his hand.

She applied the lube to his shaft, he to her puckered starfish. He poked a lubed finger into her ass with gentle care, then two, stretching her nether hole.

Finally, he knelt behind her and slowly moved forward. She tensed at first contact, but immediately relaxed. She gasped when the head pushed through her sphincter. Ian moved slowly, letting her channel stretch and relax.

“Your ass is so hot and tight, Love, it’s incredible!”

“Take my ass, make it yours, ram that enormous cock into my little hole.” Lynne was turning herself on, “I need to feel your balls slapping my pussy, NOW.”

Finally he was all the way in. He tried to be gentle, but Lynne was having none of it. She pulled forward and rammed herself back on his cock. Ian responded, grabbed her hips and began to slam into her.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Stretch my ass! Make it yours!”

After a dozen strokes, he exclaimed, “I’m about to come!”

Instantly Lynne pulled away, reversed herself and took his shaft in her mouth, sucking it ferociously, letting it slide back into her throat. Seeing her throat expand with his cock sent Ian over the edge and into an epic orgasm. String after string of cum shot down her throat. Once again, she pulled back a little letting the last of his semen rest on her tongue to be displayed and swallowed.

They rested, sipping champagne, talking about dreams and hopes.

She told him about her family without names or origins. With his connections, he could probably find out, but she told him that it could do enormous harm to some of them and would mean she would never see them again. Though curious, Ian saw the real terror in her eyes, drowning his curiosity.

He told her about his life. He’d traveled extensively and had spent a year at Oxford, though he was by no means a scholar. He’d toured the States, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Russia, Europe and South Africa, never finding the peace of his native Australia. Lynne world began to grow in his arms, to see the places she desperately wanted to visit through his words.

After a while, they lay in each other’s arms and dozed. Her eyes snapped open. She noticed him looking at her with a strange expression.

“What’s up?”

“I realized I never said it,” he said softly, “I love you Lynne.”

Lynne happily walked through the doorway in her heart from Michael to Ian. Michael would understand.

She slowly took off her commitment ring and placed it on the dresser, “I love you Ian. I love you in a way I have never loved a man before. Please believe that. I can’t explain it, but I love you so much.”

“Now come in my pussy without a condom.”

That evening, Lynne saw the pained expression on Alice’s face and the fury in Beth’s eyes. Neither could penetrate the armor of her love. She wasn’t indifferent, but Ian was now her man and she wanted to be his entire world.

The initial wave of frantic play over the first two days had smoothed into a comfortable atmosphere, making Jessica’s job easy. She planned two parties each night, one at the day visitor pool where she had dancing music, beer and wine. At the private pool she had more mellow music and a full bar. Tonight, she was a bit tired, so she went to the private bar.

She saw Ian and Lynne, now clearly a “couple”. They waived her over to their table. A thrill went through Jessica. While technically not a lesbian, she was close. And Lynne was hot. Had she known the plan, Jessica would have been astonished. Ian was a hunk. Several of the girls had cursed when he attached himself to Lynne.

“Hi!” Jessica said with more energy casino firmaları than she really had, “You guys look happy!”

They looked in each other’s eyes. She giggled. He chuckled. Jessica thought they had that freshly fucked aura about them.

“We made love all day,” Lynne said, getting the elephant in the room out in the open. Jessica’s smiled brilliantly. Lynne continued, “Wanna join us tomorrow night?”

Shock registered in her eyes. She couldn’t have heard that right, “and do what?” in a whisper.

“Let me lick your pussy and have you lick mine. We can go from there,” Lynne said in a soft woman’s voice.

Ian marveled at Lynne’s honest, direct approach to the world. Only later would he discover that it had been copied from Michael’s personal ethics and habits.

“If you’re serious, I’d love to,” Jessica said in a warm voice.

“Oh, take a couple of enemas too. My tongue likes to travel around the world.”

Having secured Ian’s fantasy for tomorrow, Lynne took him to the beach to fulfill one of hers. They began to make gentle love on the beach. In her mind it had been wonderful. Unfortunately, the reality of sand and mosquitoes and gnats ruined it. They finished in her room.

Lynne’s acceptance of Ian’s desires opened a doorway for him to a universe of sensuality. He took Lynne through it with him.

Ian moved his things to Lynne’s room for the remainder of the vacation. After a fabulous day of snorkeling and lounging, they went to shower off the salt before preparing for Jessica.

They’d seen her throughout the day, of course, and the sexual tension hummed between them. Having finished snorkeling, Lynne went to shower in the day visitor pool locker room. Jessica saw her go in and followed.

Lynne smiled broadly when she entered. Jessica strode directly to her, slid an arm around her waist and pulled Lynne to her. Jessica’s eyes were aflame with desire. Lips met willing lips. A soft kiss morphed into an inferno of need. Jessica had seen a great deal of sex this past five days and she was beyond horny. Lynne felt her need and dropped her hand to Jessica’s pussy. Lynne giggled into Jessica’s mouth. Jessica was dripping!

Jessica’s lips were on fire with need. It filled her. Coupled with anticipation for the night, she was a wreck.

Lynne pulled her to the dressing room and locked the door. Lynne pulled Jessica’s one-piece suit off her shoulders, pulled it down and off. She pushed Jessica to the seat, spread her legs and knelt on the soft, padded floor.

Lynne attacked Jessica’s pussy like a ravenous animal, licking, sucking and gently biting. Jessica moaned, gasped and squealed her delight. Lynne’s hands kneaded Jessica’s C cup breasts with their rock hard nipples. Jessica pulled Lynne to her clit. Lynne sucked it into her mouth and bit down gently while her tongue whipped the engorged button mercilessly.

Jessica screamed in orgasm, but Lynne continued until several screams later, Jessica pushed her away. Lynne’s knees started to hurt, so she stood and caressed Jessica’s shoulders.

“You taste great!”

Jessica looked up with wonder in her eyes. They smiled at each other and left the room to the showers to get the salt off them, talking about the night to come.

Lynne inserted a finger in Jessica’s pussy before they exited. Jessica still leaked excitement.

Ian waited patiently at the pool, rising as they approached.

“Open wide,” Lynne said inserting her finger in his mouth, “This is what Jessica tastes like.” Jessica giggled, the flame of passion burst bright again.

Jessica joined them for dinner, the spotlight clearly on Lynne. Both Ian and Jessica wanted her and were obviously trying to seduce her. They both succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Jessica and Lynne left to get ready. Ian would give Lynne an hour before returning to their room. Lynne hated to be rushed. Ian wondered if he would fulfill two of his fantasies tonight.

Beth and Kat came to his table. He started to rise, but Kat gently pushed him back into his seat. “Can we join you?” Kat asked with a slight southern US accent.

“Sure,” Ian said apprehensively. He knew they were upset at his relationship with Lynne.

“I want to apologize,” Beth said, “I was angry with Lynne, thinking of my Dad and how he’ll miss her. Don’t misunderstand me, he will, but when he sees her so alive and full of love, he’ll be OK.” She extended her hand. He took it. Kat jumped into his lap and kissed his cheek. “Just be good to her. She’s a keeper.”

When he got to their room, Lynne had a towel around her body and another around her hair. She’d just finished shaving for the night’s activities.

“Had an interesting hour, Love,” she looked at him quizzically, “Beth and Kat talked with me for awhile. Then Alice came over. They apologized for being upset and told me they had never seen you so happy so Michael won’t have a problem. They asked me to tell you.”

She flew into his arms. If Beth apologized, it would all be set right. The guilt that had hidden in her heart evaporated.

He took his shower, shaved and put on linen pants with a drawstring. He was Commando beneath.

When he came out, he was surprised to see condoms on the bed stand. Two fantasies might be explored tonight.

Lynne simply sparkled with joy. She already felt Ian was her husband, her one and only. That didn’t mean they could not share their bodies, but they would never share their hearts.

She wore a thin dressing gown with a sash tied loosely. She was one tug from being naked. Her makeup screamed sex. Her long flowing hair was pulled into a single thick ponytail as she anticipated a good deal of oral play and didn’t want her hair in the way.

They barely heard the gentle knock. Brown eyes met gray in thrilled anticipation. Lynne hit play and music filled the room.

Jessica looked fabulous. During the day, she wore little makeup since she was frequently in the water. Now she looked a flawless, green-eyed beauty. She wore a beach cover-up, thong and beach sandals. She wore her thick, blonde hair pulled into a ponytail.

Ian handed her a flute of champagne. Lynne joined them, “To a night of wonder.” They drank.

Lynne took Ian’s hand and led him to a chair. “You get to watch until we ask you to join,” Lynne said releasing her inner slut.

When she turned around Jessica wore only her birthday suit. Lynne tugged her sash and joined her. Each held the other with one arm while the other hand explored the mysteries of the other woman.

Jessica had almost been a world-class runner until a knee injury had ended her career. She had an athlete’s confidence. She kept in shape in the gym, pools and ocean at the resort. Her ass was well muscled, beautifully shaped and rounded without any cellulite. Her c cup tits were full and topped with pink aureoles and long, now hard nipples.

The kiss ended with Jessica leading Lynne to the bed, positioning her so Ian could see. Jessica took her time, kissing every erogenous zone only women can find. By the time Jessica reached her breasts, Lynne was in a universe of pleasure, her nipples steely while her pussy streamed fluid.

Jessica sucked her right nipple hard. Lynne stiffened and gasped. Jessica moved her right arm until her hand was just above Lynne’s sex. She extended her güvenilir casino index finger with its long nail. She found the opening with the tip of her finger. Lynne moaned and began to tremble.

Jessica bit down on the nipple while dragging her fingernail gently up Lynne’s slit to her clit, flicking it just once.

Lynne screamed as her orgasm exploded through her.

Jessica levitated to between Lynne’s legs and began to suck her clit. She captured it in her teeth and tortured it with her tongue. The incredible sensations fueled multiple orgasms. Lynne thrashed, but kept pulling Jessica to her pussy.

Her leg cramped, pain fueling her final orgasm. “IIIIIIIIIANNNNNNNNNNNN!” and she collapsed.

Jessica helped her knead the cramp, stretching her leg out, toes up. It released.

Covered with Lynne’s juice, Jessica came to Ian and drew him into a very wet kiss. He surprised her, drawing her into a warm embrace as he licked Lynne’s fluid from her face and chest. His hands stayed around her waist and on her hip, but they hummed with sensuality. She looked into his eyes and surrendered her lips to his.

The small part of her that still liked men seemed to grow inside her.

“Hey bitch, don’t try to steal my man!” Lynne said it as a joke, but her eyes were deadly serious. She joined them in a three-way kiss. She tasted her own juice. She dropped her hand to find Ian’s cock. It was hard as steel.

“Jess, do you mind if he fucks me while I eat you?” she looked at Jessica whose eyes showed wonder. Lynne knew that look. “Or would you rather he joined both of us?”

Jessica’s eyes lit up. “Both.” A little part of Lynne cried out, ‘not again.’

Ian was no fool. He saw Lynne’s wounded eyes, but could not think of a way to change the course of the evening.

“Don’t I get my show first?” Ian asked, trying to give him time to think, “I want to watch the love of my life eat you. Then we’ll see where it goes.”

Lynne heard the love and reassurance. He’d offered to forego his fantasy for her feelings. She finally understood how Beth could share her father. ‘I’m being a little bitch,’ she thought.

She led Jessica to the bed. She reached out to Ian and had him sit close. She wanted to put on a good show for him to apologize. As he approached, she grabbed the pull string on his pants. Now they all wore the same clothing.

He sat next to Jessica while Lynne laid on her other side.

“If you want to play with Ian while I’m between your legs, go ahead,” Lynne said, smiling, “you’re going to taste him later, anyway.”

Ian understood. Lynne had defeated her inner demons.

He watched Lynne begin to kiss Jessica, a soft kiss of invitation. It grew into a fiery lip lock. Ian was forgotten. Incandescent need coursed through Jessica. Lynne matched her intensity. Finally they broke the kiss. Lynne pushed Jessica down.

“Get ready bitch, you’re mine tonight,” Lynne growled. She began to explore the exquisite woman. Ian watched his woman in awe of her raw sensuality. By the time Lynne reached Jessica’s pussy, the room reeked of sex. Jessica streamed lubricant and was gripping the sheets, her eyes closed in concentration.

Ian watched as his gentle Lynne attacked Jessica’s pussy with abandon. Jessica screamed as Lynne found her most sensitive nub. Two fingers opened her pussy lips. Ian saw Lynne’s tongue dart inside, her tongue collecting Jessica’s secret nectar. Lynne sucked the woman’s clit.

Jessica shrieked her climax.

Lynne bit down gently, whipping her tongue across her clit.

She came again with another earsplitting scream. Jessica gripped Lynne’s hair, holding her to her labia, grinding her pussy against Lynne’s mouth.

Another series of misfiring neutrons was followed by another, incoherent shriek.

She released Lynne’s head.

“Help me turn her over,” Lynne said.

Ian helped Lynne turn Jessica onto her stomach. Lynne’s face was covered with Jessica’s juice. Ian kissed her with a passionate desperation.


Lynne’s tongue began to work down Jessica’s ass crack, kneading the firm muscles, spreading the cheeks to give her access to Jessica’s puckered starfish. Her tongue finally reached the nether opening.

Lynne’s hands pried the ass cheeks apart and began to caress the pink starfish with her tongue.

Jessica squealed weakly. Lynne looked at Ian, motioning to the lube on the bedside.

Even as her tongue caressed, Lynne began to add a finger to her instruments of pleasure, spreading strawberry lube around and finally in Jessica’s ass.

Jessica moaned. Lynne gently inserted one finger, using it to pry her anus open. She added a second heavily lubed finger.

Jessica came to life, coming to her knees. Lynne motioned Ian to kneel behind Jessica. Lynne lovingly lubed his cock. Ian finally understood. He positioned himself behind Jessica.

Lynne whispered something to her. Jessica shook her head, whispering a reply.

“Pussy first, then her ass, darling,” Lynne said too soft for Jessica to hear. She took his cock and slid it along her inner lips, parting them. Finding her opening, Lynne gently pushed him forward, “be very gentle. No condoms.”

Lynne lay on her back and squirmed beneath, her face inches from Jessica’s. They began an intimate kiss. Lynne didn’t have to watch to see what Ian was doing. It was plainly written on Jessica’s face.

Ian pushed forward a little. Her tunnel clutched at him. She was very tight. He moved forward when he felt her press back. He started to impale her. He felt something. Not believing, he pushed gently forward. His way was obstructed. She was a virgin! He felt Lynne’s fingers on his balls urging him forward.

He coiled and ripped through her hymen. Jessica shrieked her pain into Lynne’s mouth.

Ian pulled back and froze. He felt her channel desperately trying to adjust to his shaft. He’d heard her suppressed cry.

He felt her push back. He moved forward slowly and in tiny increments, each movement waiting for Jessica’s signal.

Finally she was fully impaled. She began to rotate her hips, grinding in rhythm to the music. Ian felt Lynne’s fingers on Jessica’s clit. Jessica danced in rhythm, caressing his cock deep inside her.

Jessica’s breathing became ragged. She lost her rhythm. Ian directed her hips. She began to climb the mountain of her climax. Ian willed himself to wait.

Jessica began to move in frantic patterns, slamming onto his cock. Ian met her passion. Lynne sucked Jessica’s nipples, frantically rubbing her clit.

Jessica let out a primal scream as she climaxed. Ian felt her tunnel flutter than grip his shaft in a death grip. His control failed.

“I’m cumming,” he announced.

Jessica ground her pussy against him, telling him to come inside her.

He exploded inside her. His spasming shaft triggered another violent climax. Jessica collapsed forward feeling Ian’s shaft slip from her pussy.

Lynne pounced and began caressing her leaking labia, tasting the mixed blood, semen and female juice until a weak voice begged, “enough.”

They lay exhausted, Jessica in the middle. Explanations would be for tomorrow, but Jessica looked at Lynne and quietly said, “Thank you, thank you. It was incredible,” Jessica looked at Ian who had wonder in his eyes.

He smiled and pulled Jessica close. “You are incredible. I’m sorry I hurt you, but you are so special. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much.”

Lynne surrendered her heart and soul to Ian that night.

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