Brother , Sister Face Their Future

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I have always loved my twin sister Rose. You would have to look long and hard to find two people who are closer than Rose and myself. We have been exactly what people think about when you meet twin siblings. Somehow Mom and Dad got the son and daughter they always dreamed of wanted in one shot! We were born just minutes apart, but Rose always reminds me she is my BIG sister since she came out first.

It has been so wonderful to have my sister by my side as we grew up. We share absolutely everything going on in our lives with each other. We have great parents, they understand our relationship and closeness, so they just let us face the trials and tribulations of life together. They know when we get stumped we will dump it on their laps!

We are both extremely competitive, Rose is a Gymnast and I am Cyclist. Thank God we chose different sports. Actively competing day to day with each other in the same venue could have been nasty! I have never missed a meet that Rose is in, and she has always been in the crowd encouraging me at my races.

Rose is the perfect size for a gymnast, 5’2″ with a very well defined and toned body. Her legs are the most beautiful I have ever laid my eyes on and I proudly tell her that on every occasion I have a chance to. She still blushes a little when I tell her that, but Rose never wants me to stop saying it to her.

I am 5’9″ and considered a bit skinny. Cyclists just get that way from the long hours of training. I can never get enough food in my body! Rose hates that about me, she works hard at not eating! I have always stayed alert to her diet and made sure she stays nourished. We have spent many hours sitting together on her bed discussing her diet.

When it comes to relationships, neither of us has ever had enough time to really get involved. Fortunately Rose is a very social creature so we have a healthy gang of friends we do things with, but neither of us has really dated any body seriously. Our friends always tease us about being each other’s date when we go out with the group. We laugh with them and prefer it that way.

Rose flirted with the idea of a boyfriend a couple years ago, but all he wanted was sex, he never tried to get to know her and be an actual part to her life. When she broke it off we stayed up all night crying together on my bed.

We were born in August so our parents could have made us the youngest or the oldest in our class going to school. They choose to hold us back and be the oldest. So as seniors in High School this year we spent our time as 18 year olds, honestly Rose and I have liked where we stand, very glad the parents made that decision.

We surprised, or we thought we surprised everyone when we decide to go to our Senior Prom as a couple. Rose was so into it she treated the event as if it was our first date. She and Mom bought her dress and kept it totally hidden from me. Mom then brought Rose with me to pick out my Tux so the two of us would look perfect together.

I have never been very good at hiding my thoughts, so Dad was prepared with his camera when Rose came down the stairs in her dress on our Prom night. I was spellbound, totally speechless, and my face showed it. Dad filmed me the entire time Rose came walking down. So pretty, well so beautiful I could not stop staring at her. Dad had to have Rose go back up and walk down again so he could film her.

That evening was magical from the moment we got in the Limo and arrived at the Restaurant. All of our friends were seated around the table as we were seated. We must have made quite an impression; they all stopped chatting away and made a big fuss over us. Rose grabbed my hand as we walked in and her smile glowed brilliantly. I must also admit I had the prettiest date that night.

We have enjoyed dancing together for years and honestly we can tear the floor up when we get going. We put the entire group to shame once again at the Prom and I have never enjoyed a better evening in my life. Rose is the perfect dance partner, she moves so well and looks so happy.

The slow dances overwhelmed our hearts. I would look into her eyes and we both just melted. We have never been shy about holding each other in our arms, but this night there was a special reason. We know things are going to change this fall. Rose and I both have athletic scholarships and will be attending different Universities. That last dance we barely finished, our tears came gushing out in an uncontrolled fashion.

When it was all over our friends came to us and we had a warm group hug out on the dance floor. They all knew what we would be going through this fall; and they knew it was going to be hard on the two of us. We have never been apart in our lives.

Our parents, David and Lexi, have provided us with a blessed life. We have never wanted for anything, but we were also brought up to do our share to earn the things we wanted. Rose and I have a special place we both cherish, that is the family cabin on Long Lake. We have spent every summer of our lives running, swimming, sailing, bahis firmaları skiing, cooking out, hiking in the woods together, everything you can imagine.

We were probably age 4 before our parents decided we really needed to wear swimsuits at the lake and not run around naked! We have to share a bedroom at the cabin but we love our bunk bed. Rose always makes me sleep on the top bunk although she can do a pretty good gymnastics move to bound up there.

Mom and Dad have a wonderful Master Suite with their own bathroom at the cabin; we have to use the guest bathroom where at home we have a Jack and Jill bathroom and bedroom set-up. The lot the cabin is built on is in a wonderland of trees and privacy. The Lake water is warm and clear.

Rose and I decided right after the Prom that we wanted to spend our last week together before we go off to College at the cabin. We informed our parents that we need this time together and they were not invited! We had as much fun planning the food to take with us as we did hugging each other with excitement over our event.

It took us two days to pack everything we wanted. You would have thought Rose was going on a 10-week safari with all the clothes she packed! The girl is pretty, and she knows how to put together an outfit, but seriously Rose it is the cabin I kept telling her.

This morning when it came time to leave, we gave the parents a big good-bye hug; jumped into my car and off we drove. The trip up was full of chatter, giggles, and never a tear. We were so excited. Rose had the music blasting to her favorite tunes and sang along to most of them.

Now as wearrive at the cabin we do not want to waste much time unpacking. This brings up an interesting question as we start to walk into the cabin with our first load.

Right away we look into each other’s eyes, simultaneous broad smiles appear, and without saying a word we decide we are spending the week in Mom and Dad’s Master Suite. Why not, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked before. The suite has a large soaking tub, generous two person shower, a king size bed, and plenty of room for Rose to put away her clothes!

Once we have the food and clothes put away, Rose yells. “Last one in the water is a rotten egg!”

With that I out run her to the Master Suite. In a flash we both strip down naked and start to look for our swimsuits. This is the first time I have ever felt Mother Earth stop spinning on her axis. I look over to my sister as she looks over to me. Not a sound could be heard except a couple of birds chirping in the woods.

Our eyes just stare into each other’s for several quiet moments. For the first time as I see my sister naked: I see a beautiful young lady whom I have always loved and cherished more than anything else on this planet. Rose finally starts to walk over to me with her arms out. I wrap my arms around my naked twin sister and feel the warmth of her skin against mine in a way I have never experienced before.

Holding each other gently we once again gaze into each other’s eyes. Like that last dance at the Prom; tears start to overwhelm both of us. But this time our lips close in on each other. Rose presses her lips tight to mine and the passion we always have felt for each other blossoms into the kiss that changes our lives.

“I love you Rose, I love you more than I can express at this moment.” Are the words I express.

“I love you Scott, you have always been the man of my dreams.” Is how Rose responds.

Our lips slowly melt together once more. I can feel her tongue probing against my lips. I part my lips and feel Rose’s tongue filing my mouth. The taste of Rose in my mouth is delicious. Our fingers glide up and down our naked backs. We have no fears or inhibitions as we kiss. This is my first real kiss and I know it is hers also. We know everything about each other, and neither of us has experienced this close of intimacy before.

“Rose let’s walk together to the beach just like this.” I say in more of a question than statement.

“I would love to feel your hand in mine as we walk naked together Scott.” Flows from her lips.

Feeling her fingers as they intertwined with mine is all the security I need at this moment. It was just like we were three years old again and being naked was as natural as could be. But now I am feeling the skin of a lady next to mine as we get to the water’s edge. We let go of each other’s hands, turn to smile, and then bolt off into the water giggling as loud as we wanted!

Swimming to the drop off we both dive deep and pop up once we need some oxygen. Eventually we swim back towards the beach until our feet can feel the sandy bottom. Instead of wrapping our arms we touch each other; Rose grabs my hand and slowly brings it to her perfect and yes very sexy breast.

“Rose I never dreamed the first breast I feel belongs to the person I love the most in my life.” I say as I lean in to kiss her.

After our kiss breaks, Rose whispers. “Scott I want more tonight, I want more this entire kaçak iddaa week, I want us to make love. Make love the way it should be between us.”

“I want that too my love, we will make dinner tonight, open that bottle of Champaign we snuck out of the house, then lay together in bed.” Is my response.

“Rose! I think we forgot to bring towels! I’m going to have to watch you walk totally naked all the way back to the cabin!” I say with a chuckle.

“Then stay behind me and tell me what you think of my tiny little gymnast butt!” Rose giggles back to me.

After ogling my sister’s incredible ass all the way to the cabin with her making sure to shake it as I watch, we go straight to the Master Suite. Rather than jumping into the shower, we fill the soaking tub with warm water and fragrant bubbles galore. We slide in on opposite sides and relax our bodies together.

It isn’t long before Rose spins around and floats on top of me. Feeling her body so close brings shivers to my body. I also can’t help but let my arms go under hers then back up to her breasts. Feeling them in both my hands is more than pleasure. We both feel excitement and her gentle moans mean the world to me.

Rose finally rolls over so her breasts crush into my chest and our lips kiss passionately. My hands roll down her naked back and I grab that incredible butt and squeezed firmly.

“God I love it when you tighten your butt cheeks Rose.” I softly tell her.

“I love the feel of my brothers hands on my body, I want to you enjoy touching me whenever you want Scott.” Rose quietly encourages me.

We kiss and tease a lot while in the tub, but we both want our first time to wait until after dinner. That was the most erotic bath either of us have ever taken. Imagine wanting your first intimate experience so badly you could almost feel yourself inside your lover, but knowing you want absolute perfection and are willing to let the moment keep building. That is what we both want for our evening.

Sliding out we grab towels and enjoy the feeling of drying each other off. Taking special care to fondle the most sensitive body parts, and caress areas we have never touched the process is taking a long time. Needless to say sharing some very deep kisses, many of which on not on our lips. The excitement continues to build to almost an explosive nature.

Once dry Rose tosses on her very tight fitting dance shorts and only a sleeveless tank top. I throw on my running shorts and a cotton t-shirt, one that Rosa had given me a few years ago for our Birthday’s. Comfy and totally relaxed we venture out to the kitchen.

Rose is in charge of the veggies and I am in charge of the grill. My sister can make the best veggie surprises while I will admit I am a superb grill master. Dad taught me well, but Rose figured her cooking out by herself. Mom is more of a rip the bag open and pour it into the pot kind of cook.

While preparing the Steaks my eyes keep wandering over to my sister. I still can’t believe how we have been touching each other, kissing each other, and promising each other what we intend to do tonight in bed. It seems so reasonable that we would talk and act this way given how we have always been so open and close, but tonight’s subject is a bit taboo.

It is such a beautiful view outside on the patio overlooking the lake with the grill smoking away. My mind keeps wondering back in time. I really do not remember running around with Rose naked as a jaybird as young kids. I just know Mom and Dad always bring it up and laugh so much when they talk about the two of us growing up together.

Suddenly I feel two tiny hands gliding down my back. They get to my waist and wrap around my body. I feel Rose pulling herself into my body from behind. Her scent is fresh; her lips on my neck bring comfort and peace to my soul.

“I love you Scott.” Rose whispers.

I close my eyes and respond in kind. “I love you Rose. I hope tonight brings us even closer than we have ever expected.”

I slowly turn and our lips softly collide. This kiss is deeper in thought than just the physical reality of the moment. We have always loved each other. We have always been the most important person in the world to each other. We have always supported each other in everything we do. If not for the damn timer going off and the Steaks being ready, I don’t think this kiss would ever stop.

We have set the dining table for two people sitting directly across from each other. Candlelight and the light from the fireplace fill the open room. Each bite is taken in slowly and quietly as we stare across the table at each other. The mood is filled with excitement, anticipation, and calmness. The Stolen Champaign from Mom and Dad is open and going down smoothly.

Even getting up from the table to do the dishes is fun. We have always done the dinner dishes together; the parent’s just expected us to do them every night at home or here at the cabin. Standing close to each other Rose washes while I dry and put them away. I cannot help kaçak bahis but sneak in a few loving kisses.

With that task complete Rose turns to face and embrace me. Her eyes look up into mine. “Scott, I want you to get those soft yummy thick comforters from our bunk beds and lay them on top of each other on the floor by the fireplace. I’ll be back in a few and I expect to see you laying on those comforters totally naked when I return!”

“How could I ever refuse that request from the beautiful sister.” Is my response.

Getting the comforters and laying them out was fast and easy. But now the situation comes down to the moment of truth. Am I really ready to cross the line and make love to my sister. The answer comes quickly; Rose walks slowly from the Master Suite, she is totally naked also, and her skin is reflecting the soft light from the candles and the fireplace.

I gaze directly at her perfect young breasts; her nipples are pink and hard with excitement. She is completely clean-shaven and her skin is soft on the eyes and warm in color. The curve at her waist is gentle and a little deeper than I have noticed before. I stay on the comforters and watch as she does a slow dance like twirl allowing my eyes to consume every inch of her tight body.

She kneels down next to me and I kneel up to greet her. Our nude bodies reach out and gently caress each other’s skin. Rose closes her eyes when my hands reach to fondle her breasts. I gasp when I feel her fingers softly caressing my rock hard shaft. I lean forward and down and place my mouth on her right breast. She responds by stroking my cock in faster rhythm.

We slide down off our knees and lay together. Sucking her breasts my free hand now glide down her body and I touch her moist swollen petals as my sister continues to softly stroke my hardness. I press my lips tight to hers and she instantaneously drives her tongue deep into my mouth. The soft moans of pleasure build to gasps of primal screams. We want each other, we want to share our bodies with each other, we have no more inhibitions about what we desire.

Instinct takes over and pleasure is what we desire. Rose pushes my shoulders to the comforter and straddles me facing my feet. I see here beautiful flower above my face as she adjusts her position. I grab her hips and pull her flower to my mouth. Rose leans forward, grabs my cock and I feel her lips glide over the entire length of it.

Loud moans vibrate through the cabin as Rose takes the entire length of my cock into her warm mouth. My tongue dances across her perfect pink pedals as my hands hold her hips tightly in place. I push my tongue into her flower and suddenly I can almost feel my cock in her throat. She releases it from her mouth and strokes it faster and faster before she crams it back into her mouth.

On the verge of explosion I beg Rose to stop. I want to be inside her when we both feel our first real orgasm. “God Scott you better roll me over then and take my virginity NOW.” With that our athletic bodies spring into action and without hesitation I am laying on top of my sister, our eyes fixed deeply onto each other’s.

Rose slowly widens her legs further and further apart. My totally nude body eases between the inside of her soft yet powerful thighs. I put my weight on my knees and bent arms so Rose can feel the touch of my skin but not the weight of my body. The fireplace crackles and emits warmth all over our nude bodies while we each become totally certain this is what we truly want.

Rose guides my hard shaft to her opening. We both look down as she places the head exactly at the opening.

“Please Scott do not hesitate, I want you inside me. I want to feel my brother’s cock as I give away my virginity.” Passionately spoken by Rose.

“I promise to be gentle my beautiful sister. Your body will always be a temple to me. Take all of me my love.” Is my gentle response.

Ever so gently I push in as we both watch the head of my cock disappear into her flower. I stop and let her absorb the first assault. Rose looks back up into my eyes and calmly smiles in her most assuredly way. I hear whispers for more; I hear Rose begging for more of my cock. I am patient but persistent as I gently glide in but then pull out massaging her perfect pussy.

Rose feels like warm soft velvet tightly wrapped around my stiff cock. Oh God what pleasure is all I can think for this moment.

“Push deeper Scott.” Is her command.

“Yes my love I promise every inch inside you.” I say as exhaling.

“Oh God Rose I’m almost all the way inside you.”

Rose suddenly slams her hips up as hard as she can and forces the last of my cock deep into her no longer virgin body. Our lips join together as well in deep passion. I can feel her heart pounding as our tongues dance in each other’s mouth. I strive to slide my legs outside of hers and then pull her legs back together with my cock burried deep in her tight pussy.

I grab her hands and hold them down just over her head and we start the dance of love together; our bodies find rhythm with ease. I watch and feel Rose’s breasts shaking back and forth as we finally force each other to the limit and then exceed all limits with the passion we have felt for a lifetime.

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