Brother’s Love

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It was Friday afternoon. Taryn hurried home from school today with only two weeks to go until she graduated. She couldn’t wait. Her brother Todd’s last day of college was yesterday. “That lucky dog!” she thought. She loved him very much and couldn’t wait to see him this evening.

She finally made it home. Taryn rushed in and took her things to her room, changed into something more comfortable, which meant it was against the school’s dress code, and went to the kitchen to fix a Coke. On the refrigerator was a note from her mother that read, “Your father and I have run away for the weekend. If you need to reach us, Todd knows where we will be. Oh yes he’s bringing a friend for the weekend. Hope you don’t mind. Love, Mom.”

“I would mind?” she laughed. Taryn looked at the clock and guessed that it would be a couple of hours before they got here. Excitement was exhausting, so Taryn laid down on the recliner in the living room, turned the TV on and soon fell asleep. A warm smile covered her face as she dreamed of the fun they would have this summer, she didn’t hear Todd and his guest walked in.

There was warm breath on her neck. Startled awake, Taryn jumped into a half sitting position. One arm went around her shoulders and another held her head. Before a cry could escape her lips, her mouth was captured fully by another. Scorching heat filled her. It’s flaming tongue singeing her mouth, dancing with her tongue, searing it. Her body melted. She knew it was Todd and he was glad to see her too.

It wasn’t Todd. She could hear Todd laughing now. She fought and the arms released her. Staring down at her was a pair of intensely dark, hypnotizing eyes above the swollen rosy lips that had just ravished hers, now formed into a roguish grin.

The lips barely parted, “helloooooo,” came from the depths of his throat. Taryn could only stare. Once she regained her composure, she was able to utter a squeaky greeting. Todd introduced Taryn to Alan, his roommate. They talked for a while then the guys left Taryn while they unloaded the car.

Taryn, not wanting to waste the evening having to cook and clean up, decided to call and have pizza delivered. “Two large supremes with extra cheese and jalapenos,” she instructed. She hung up the phone and hustled to her room to freshen up before Todd and Alan finished stacking Todd’s belongings from his dorm room into the garage. Tomorrow he would be taking Alan to his home in a nearby town to unload his things.

The pizza arrived and Todd carried it to the kitchen. Taryn fixed Cokes and they served their plates and took them to the den to watch TV. The trio chatted as they scarfed down both pizzas and Taryn, who had been unnaturally reticent up until now, joined in on the conversation. She found out that Alan and Todd had met during the first semester this year, Alan had transferred from another school, and discovered that they had a lot in common. Both had the same major and were taking a lot of the same classes together. Before the winter holiday break they had decided that for the second semester they would get their dorm assignments changed.

Todd and Taryn cleaned up throwing the boxes away and loading the plates into the dishwasher while Alan went into another room to call his parents and let them know he had made it to the Bakers’ home. While alone, Todd asked Taryn what she thought of his friend. Taryn responded with a groan and a gesture that sent Todd into hysterics. He told her that he had a video and he and Alan were going to watch it in his room in a few minutes and they wanted her to watch with them. She told him she casino şirketleri wasn’t sure, maybe later.

The siblings had always been close. Todd, being four years older than Taryn, played to perfection the role of her protector. When Taryn was much younger, she liked to crawl in bed with her big brother on stormy nights because she was so afraid. Todd would rub her back until she fell asleep. As they grew older, they learned to caress each other in different ways that made both feel good. When Todd went away to college for the first time, four years ago, Taryn missed him so badly that she cried herself to sleep for a week. She looked forward to summer vacation when Todd more than made up for lost time. He taught her to pleasure herself so she wouldn’t be so lonely when he was gone again. He also taught her what pleased him though they had never actually had intercourse.

She stood outside Todd’s bedroom door hoping to enter at just the right moment, thinking of just the right things to say. Laughter came from inside the room and she figured this was as good a time as any. She knocked first and then turned the knob and entered. When the men saw the huge bowl of popcorn in her arms they jumped up and took it from her pulling her down on the bed with between them. She couldn’t help but noticed both had stripped down to boxer shorts, both looked really hot in their boxers too. They lay there watching a really stupid pornographic flick in which some blonde with cantaloupe size breasts gets her nipple stuck in the water spout of her jacuzzi and has to call the plumber to release it. The plumber, hung like a horse (of course), needs to be thanked properly, etc.

Todd paused the video and left the room to freshen their drinks. While he was gone, Alan scooted a little closer to Taryn speaking softly, flattering, he told her that her lips must be made of candy and that he would like to taste them again. He began tracing them with his smooth fingers, round and round, so perfect they were. Taryn’s nervousness intensified, she was almost shaking and couldn’t say a word in reply. She could only stare. Alan moved to place his lips over hers. She neither encouraged nor denied. The kiss started out delicate and feathery then grew into a savage feasting. She was shaking now.

Todd returned to the room with the glasses. Alan gently pulled away and reached for his without taking his eyes off of Taryn. Todd took a sip and set his and Taryn’s drinks down excited that his sister and his friend were getting along so well. He flipped the light switch off, leaving them in only the light emitted by the TV set and a single candle burning on the night stand. He reached for the remote-control and resumed play of the video. The three curled up and watched but Alan seemed less interested in TV and more interested in Taryn. Todd reached over and took Taryn’s hand and laid it over his sex. She was stunned and a bit embarrassed at first, then looked over at Alan for his reaction. The rakish grin was back. At that moment she realized this had been their plan from the start. She was scared but if Todd approved it would be all right.

Todd prompted her to fondle him through his shorts. Alan lay on his side, head propped on his elbow, watching her hands on her brother, watching her brother respond to her touch, while he himself grew erect. Suddenly Todd stilled her hand and a concerned expression darkened her face as if to ask if she had done something wrong. Alan knew what was wrong, Todd wanted to make this night last.

With his hands, Todd cupped Taryn’s dainty little breasts and asked casino firmaları Alan if he had noticed how perky they were. He told Taryn he wanted her to take her shirt off and show him. She hesitated at first, then obliged. Slowly she pulled off her tank top and handed it to him. Todd rubbed its softness against his face before tossing it to a chair. He loved the smell of her perfume, Victoria. He had chosen it for her himself. Her tiny breasts were visible through the teeny sheer excuse for a bra she wore. Alan, noticing the clasp was located on the front asked, “May I?” Taryn, already gaining a bit of self confidence, nodded her consent.

Alan needed only his thumb and index finger to open the clasp. He succeeded on the first try. “He’s practiced that a lot,” she mused, then leaned up to shed the unwanted garment from her shoulders. Taryn lay back and Todd turned to her and stroked one breast as Alan toyed with the other. Her nipples stood at attention immediately. Even with her eyes closed she could tell the difference between the two men’s strokes. Todd’s touch was knowingly familiar and routine. Alan’s was definitely exploratory and unique. She was going to like this.

It was then that Alan noticed the sweet intoxicating scent of her. He inhaled deeply and was surprised to discover how much he missed having a woman’s scent next to him in bed. He placed his mouth on her breast and gently flittered his tongue across her nipple. Todd did the same. Both men devoured her areolas. Alan moved up to her mouth as he massaged her breast with his palms.

Taryn felt Todd pulling at her panties. She pressed her knees together in protest but Todd was determined. He had never taken her panties off before, he had only fondled her through them. Todd, sensing her anxiety, whispered, “It’s ok.” She relented and let him slide the undergarment off. Her sweetness was covered with a delicate dusting of light brown hair, slightly darker than the waves that covered her head. He had determined now that they would have to take it slowly or they were going to scare her away.

The movie ended and began to rewind. Nobody noticed. Taryn was more relaxed now as Alan kissed her forehead, her nose, eyes, lips, chin. She felt Todd’s warm hand brushing up and down her thighs finally settling on her virgin’s flesh. His fingers sank in between the folds of her labia gliding up and down. He found her fancy and dipped a finger inside, In and out and in and out. Her legs spread and bent, knees pointing out to give her brother full access. “This must be what heaven was all about,” her only thoughts and she closed her eyes.

They changed positions. Taryn tried to sit up but the two urged her to lie back. Todd sat behind her and pressed her to his chest. He watched as his roommate bury his face in his sister’s crotch. Taryn jumped and sucked in her breath. Alan looked up and Todd grinned back at him. He had already experienced the magic Alan could perform with his mouth and tongue and couldn’t wait to see Taryn’s reaction.

The room began to spin. Taryn grabbed Alan’s hair and hung on. She arched her back throwing her head into her brother’s chest, she couldn’t stand it any longer but didn’t want him to stop. Suddenly shockwaves shot through her body, she didn’t know what was happening. She cried out but Alan kept it up. Her body convulsed and she felt surely she would die. Todd watched jealously, he had never shared his lover with anyone before and was having second thoughts.

The torture eased and Alan sat up on his knees and glanced down at Taryn. She had opened her eyes and was güvenilir casino scrutinizing him. Holding her attention, he stepped off the side of the bed and slowly pulled his shorts down. She knew it was time to jump up and run to her own room and lock the door, but she was captivated by the beauty of him. Her eyes were glued to his groin. He was pleased. She sat up half way and Todd urged her to scoot down and take Alan’s steely manhood into her mouth. Taryn shook her head no but Todd assured her that Alan would enjoy it as much as she had.

Her senses must have completely left her now because the next thing she knew she was sitting on the edge of Todd’s bed grasping Alan’s member in both hands. The massage was divine. Alan closed his eyes and held onto the bed post. A shiver crept up his spine as she touched her tongue to the tip of his head. Then she let her tongue run the length of his rod before taking it into her mouth. “Aaaaaah,” escaped his lips and she looked up to see him gritting his teeth as if in pain. She worked him with her mouth, tongue, and teeth, all the while he groaned. Then he stopped her. He too wanted to make this last.

With his help, Taryn rose to her feet. He planted his mouth on hers again and told her how amazing that had been, then whisked her up into his arms and laid her back on the bed. He covered her with his body. Propped up on his elbows, he watched her eyes. She felt his member between her legs and suddenly she knew she was ready, she wanted him, now. She wiggled about hoping he would quit this staring contest and do something. He laughed at her impatience but he too could not endure another moment. He positioned his head at the opening to her womanhood and gently pushed. Her body was resistant at first but soon gave way to his force.

She shrieked. The pain was fierce and unexpected. Tears ran over her face as she cried. Alan fell down on her burying his face in her neck, chanting, “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry . . . ” and “It’ll go away soon,” and it did. She was ok again and he took it slowly. The sensation was like nothing she had ever felt before. All sane thought and inhibitions were lost now. She was delirious. Alan loved her enthusiasm and as he had feared, lost his control far too quickly. He collapsed on her. She held his buns in her palms and pulled him as close to her as he could be. He nibbled at her ears and neck for an instant then Todd interrupted. He had removed his shorts and held his own shaft in his hand.

“Spread Alan’s buttocks as far apart as you can,” he commanded. She, willingly now, did as he asked. Todd spread lubricant on his hardness and on Alan’s opening. Taryn didn’t understand at first but it became clear. Alan pulled her down so that her knees hung off of the bed and bent over to clean her fancy with his mouth. At that same moment, Taryn watched as Todd moved up to Alan and with a single swift motion, slammed into Alan’s ass. Taryn cringed but Alan, braced on his elbows, showed little sign of the impact and continued the flittering motions with his tongue. Finally Taryn allowed another shattering orgasm to overtake her body. Before the pulsating in her body subsided, Todd roared his release and Alan reached for his manhood and stroked it until it erupted across Taryn’s abdomen with a controlled growl that had built up in his throat. He and Todd collapsed beside Taryn and the trio passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Taryn awoke to bright sunshine just before noon on Saturday. She rolled over and found herself in the center of her brother’s bed and abruptly remembered how she got there. A bit embarrassed, she rose to find she was sore all over. She deserved it after the shameless way she behaved last night. She managed to make it to the kitchen, wondering where the two were, and found a note. “You were fabulous last night, can’t wait to visit again. Alan.”

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