Brownmailed Ch. 03

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James looked, stunned, at the four young latina beauties in front of him.

“James, meet my daughter Maria and her three friends,” Gloria said cheerfully. “Your first official customers, for Maria’s birthday.”

“Um…” James said timidly. “Aren’t they a little young?”

“Don’t be silly, darling,” said Juanita, laughing with her hands on her hips. “They are all legal adults, and there is no age limit on a beautiful woman dominating a pathetic, weak man like yourself. The greatest domination one animal can have over another is to force it to consume it’s waste, straight from the source.” As she said this she wiggled her broad buttocks in James’ face and let out a deep fart. The girls broke up into hysterics as the humiliation seared through James.

“Now girls, let’s show Mr. Conway what he’ll be working with,” exclaimed Gloria, winking at the downtrodden man.

At least they don’t have huge backsides like grown women, he thought. He would soon find out how very wrong he was. As each girl turned, his jaw dropped; the first three rumps were enormous, each one thicker and fatter than before, finishing with Maria. He couldn’t believe the ass on her; 50 inches of thick, protruding flesh, sticking out at him, teasing him.

“See, James, I have been getting my girls ready for you all weekend. I have carefully selected from Maria’s friends, the ones with the most… talent,” she said with a smirk. “We have been watching their diets the past week. Eating heavy fiber, very high protein diets to really fill you up. Girls, panties off. James, lie down on your back.”

Reluctantly, he slowly lay down, hoping if he did it slowly enough, time would pass and they would move on from him. However, soon he found out what was going to take place. A 2 ft cubic box was placed over his head, with an opening on the top, and an opening to slide onto his neck. An air tube was placed in his mouth. James felt chills go down his spine, awaiting what would happen.

“James, casino şirketleri I have paid for the all inclusive package for my girls. So we are going to play a game. We are going to cover your head in our poop. Once the box is full, you won’t be able to get out unless you ejaculate.”

James’ heart dropped. He had never been able to cum with the smell of shit in the air, much less covering him! He felt obliged to speak up. He started to open his mouth in protest but then saw four tan, perfectly round, fat bottoms appear on each corner of the box. He saw Maria look down and him with mock sympathy, and then smile deviously.

“I’ve always wanted to cover a spineless loser like you in my shit,” she whispered down at him.

He heard a loud burst of air as one of Maria’s friends let out a big fart. He coughed as the stink assaulted his nose. With his head in the box, he couldn’t turn away or cover his nose. The young butts inched closer to the center, pressing against each other, sealing the box closed. James began to feel more hot air being emitted from their rear ends, and suddenly realized his penis was growing hard. The girls giggled as their farts grew smellier and smellier, and James knew what was coming.

“Oh, look at that, the poor pervert likes it!” Juanita exclaimed. “Girls, do give him what he wants!”

He turned bright red, but then saw all four buttocks separate from the center, and saw their anuses begin to expand. Four huge turds began to form out of the thick, young bottoms that were dwarfing his field of vision. Suddenly, the biggest one, from Maria, dropped off and hit him smack in the face. He had never been more humiliated, hearing the young girls cry with laughter as their turds began to pile onto him. The heat was unbearable, as their hot turds burned his skin. He howled in pain, only to have a massive log plop into his mouth, wedging it open. He heard Juanita cheering them on vigorously, telling them to give it all to him and bury casino firmaları him in shit. The smell was enough to make him want to die; it brought tears to his eyes, which were soon covered in poop. It smelled off rotting meat, cheese, fish, and eggs. Somehow, it kept coming out, as he heard a new plop every 10 seconds. The girls moaned with the pleasure of defecating on a grown man, covering his features with their chocolate.

James was in hell; a nightmare worse than any he could imagine. He was trapped, and to make matters worse, Nita had plopped her great rump on top of his cock.

“You will have to cum your way out of this, darling,” she said, pressing his cock down with her bum. He had no idea how much longer it would take for him to be released.

She began pushing her enormous ass back and forth on his cock. As much as he hated her, he couldn’t believe how soft her butt was. It seemed to coax his cock into a relaxed state as she slowly began to milk him. Despite his head being trapped under a huge layer of crap, he was distracted enough by the pleasure of Nita’s soft butt grinding on his penis. He had gone from utter disgust and horror to pure lust in seconds. Suddenly, he felt Nita raise her immense rear end and slowly lower her asshole right onto James’s cock. He shuddered from the pleasure, completely forgetting he was covered in steaming poop.

He felt her anus begin to swallow his cock up. He pressure on his cock was incredibly intense, and he felt her strong ass begin to squeeze his cock harder. He began to shake, as he felt an imminent orgasm approach.

“Cum in Mommy’s ass!” he heard his ex-wife shout, and with that he lost it. His hips bucked uncontrollably as he fired rope after rope deep into her fat ass. He heard the girls laughing at how he jerked when he came. The stink and the humiliation of being forced to orgasm in front of the girls made James cum harder than he ever had, as Juanita moaned as her massive dumper swallowed his güvenilir casino cum.

“Mmmmm, what a good little boy,”

Juanita exclaimed, grinding her bottom over his limp, flaccid, defeated cock. “I think that was the most cum you’ve ever given me. Maybe we oughta do this more often, yes?”

James was having trouble breathing now, as the pile of crap weighed down heavier on his face. Panicking, he began smacking the side of the box frantically, hoping Nita would free him as promised.

“I think he wants to get out,” said Maria. “What’s the matter, you don’t love our poop on your face? You should be honored that you get to be our toilet for any day, let alone my birthday.”

“He seems a bit unappreciative,” said Juanita. “Typical man, thinking only with his cock. Not thinking about the woman and her pleasure, but only of his own pathetic little cock.” With that, she stamped the heel of her foot down hard on James’s genitals. Pain like he had never experienced shot through his body, paralyzing him temporarily. He began coughing uncontrollably, although pieces of crap fell into his mouth. He was choking, and could barely breathe, as he gasped for air under the forty logs of shit he was buried under.

“You have embarrassed not only yourself, but more importantly me and Gloria. You have been selfish and put yourself before the client, trying to rush her and deprive her of what she paid for. Therefore, we are forced to teach you a lesson.”

James felt the girls begin to pull his legs apart, exposing his tired, sensitive penis and throbbing balls. He heard Gloria begin to groan softly, and then heard a loud plop, as he felt a burning sensation on his penis. It was extremely painful in the circumstance he was under, and he struggled hard to break free. He felt Nita’s humongous, firm cheeks settle on his chest, taking the little air in his lungs out of it.

“Shhhh, relax, honey,” he heard her whisper to him, as he began to fade out of consciousness. “You have disappointed us and will not be getting paid for this session. We will count it as training. You will go to sleep and when you wake up, you can make it all up to us…”

He felt one more turd drop onto his balls and he went out.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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